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Serge Gnabry looking forward to more Arsenal first-team opportunities

The young German Serge Gnabry has been very impressive in a couple of recent appearances for the Arsenal first-team, and he is keen to start some games and is expected to get another chance in tonights game against Reading.

The 17 year-old is hoping that he can surprise opponents who won’t be familiar with his game. ‘Defenders and other teams do not know about my game or my style of play, and perhaps that may help, but it is up to me to play my game and take advantage of that,’ he said.

‘I like to play on the left side of the pitch, but I can play on the right or in the middle.

‘Anywhere the manager asks me to play, I will play and give my best.

‘I know I am still young and have much to learn, but the faith that the manager has shown in me has given me a big boost.

‘I’m looking forward to more opportunities to play for the first team so that I can make a real contribution.’

‘I was just happy to get the chance to get on against Norwich and try to help the team,’

‘Like all players, I prefer to start games, but when you watch from the bench you become anxious to get on and play and do something.

‘It was the same against Schalke and that is why I felt comfortable.

‘I enjoy football and so a chance to play for Arsenal was one I was eager to take to help the team, but also to show what I can contribute.

‘I have a lot to learn and improve on and one way is to play games.

‘It is a big challenge, but one I am enjoying and the fact that the whole team helps me makes it easier.’

It looks like Wenger has decided that Gnabry is to be the next youngster to be fast-tracked into the first team and perhaps he is giving him extra game-time now in preparation for him to take over from Theo Walcott if he decides to leave?

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8 thoughts on “Serge Gnabry looking forward to more Arsenal first-team opportunities

  1. Adekunle Johnson

    Keep it up oh boy but u are not a replacement for walcott if he leaves oooooo….

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  2. jk

    eisfeld looks very promising reminds me of lampard the way he plays looks like he could score 15-20 a season from midfield, if he is not going to be used we should send him on loan to championship for a season it will develop him much more than playing under 21s.

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  3. leo

    arsenal’s future looks great only theo now has to sign there is final set to be held hope wenger for lewis holtby he is available for free next summer

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  4. GDL

    Hope walcott signs n we buy falcao also if walcott does leave hppe no not lets buy james Rodríguez

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