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Seydou Doumbia keen on move to Champions League team

Arsenal target Seydou Doumbia has made it evident that his current season at CSKA Moscow is almost certain to be his last as the Ivory Coast international goes looking for Champions League football.

Having made a mockery of goal scoring records in Switzerland and Russia over the last few seasons, 24-year old Doumbia is desperate to prove his worth at the biggest stage. There is plenty of global interest in the man who hammered in 38 goals for his club this season, with clubs in Italy, Spain and England set to compete for his signature.

In an interview with Corriere dello Sport, Doumbia said, “I’m not closing the door on any team. I could be interested if the project they’re working on convinces me. I want to make the next step in my career.”

Doumbia added, “I want to play in the Champions League. But it doesn’t make sense to join a club that plays in the Champions League one year, and then doesn’t even play in Europe the next season.”

Doumbia’s statement of intent has made it perfectly clear that he is looking for a top European club where Champions League football is pretty much taken for granted, not one that is battling to compete in Europe. This should help give Arsenal a clear selling point ahead of most clubs competing for his signature, especially their arch-rivals, Tottenham.

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34 thoughts on “Seydou Doumbia keen on move to Champions League team

  1. lol at Spurs

    @ Admin

    I know that adverts make you a lot of money, but can you not add an option to mute them? Really does ruin your website….

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  2. JW87

    Refreshing news, having scored so many goals in Russia and Switzerland, we must first see if he can cut it on the big stage… The EPL takes no prisoners ask Chamack, moving frm the french league he just cant find the net like he used. If we get him he will to get into the swing of things quickly.

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  3. peter kenya

    Wenger hallo!

    Am hoping you are not going to surprise us this time around.
    Do seroius signing, get this chap on board and sell the lot that keep warming the bench ie chamakh,denilson, and the like. we want to see a bench that is equally up for the task and not filler materials.

    no 3 and 4 are for the minnows so wonder why you celebrate when you reach there..for 7th goodness and the margin btn 2 and 3 is crazy.

    Funs also deserved the best,value for money spent to watch, just as you enjoy your dividends.

    in waiting.

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  4. lumia

    I think bring in doumbia will bring back the best of gervinho.. Gervinho need friend who can understand him like moussa sow. Remember the partnership between him moussa sow at Lillie??

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  5. Bob Dylan

    Doumbia is class and in my opinion a lot better than giroud, powerful striker and would be a great signing

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  6. Simon

    Too much money, we will never get him, let’s first focus on keeping everyone… (difficult enough)

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  7. Leite

    Having scored goals for fun In switzerland and russia,he just needs to expand his horizon and come to the premiership @ arsenal,15M isnt much

    so tired of all this rumour

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  8. Al Bundy Weed

    Seydou Doumbia is a fantastic player, buy him Mr. Wenger.

    I stand and think damn what Awesome young talent Wenger,

    for the Carling Cup fa cup.

    Wojciech Szczęsny

    Jenkinson- Koscielny- Ignasi-Miquel -Kieran Gibbs

    Wellington Silva–Jack Wilshere

    Andrei Arshavin

    Alex-Chamberlain—-Joel Campbell—-Ryo Miyaichi

    wow hahahaha what fucking awesome team, everyone will be world class, and all are under 20 years, except for Arshavin, he is their father he needed there, for those of others self-confidence

    hallelujiha love you arsenal i do ooooohhhhhh arsenal i love you hahaha


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  9. lol at Spurs

    @ Benji

    The fringe players at man city seem to be happy. Some players will always end up disappointed, but you need a squad to win titles

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  10. KickuPtheArsene

    @lol at Spurs says:

    Agreed. Please add a mute function. (I mostly iPhone this site – with my volume muted)

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  11. leo

    don’t need him he isn’t much of a proven player this rvp saga really sucks if he leaves replace him with llorente & get oliver giroud don’t need doumbia he is good in russian league but it is not the same as la liga or french league we need established players doumbia is a big risk at 15m & besides he prefers napoli

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  12. leo

    doumbia better than giroud oh come oliver giroud just top scored & helped his team win the league title he is already ahead of benzema in starting line up for french national team as for doumbia he just had one good season in russian league besides 15m is too much for an unproven player i bet most of you never heard of him till we got linked just 4 days ago so how can most of you say he is class based on youtube videos enough of experimentation if try to sign russian messi,german rvp,swiss rooney or whatever we are not going to win anything next season even rvp has said he wants quality players no more unproven players think about it

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  13. leo

    there is an article in sports campus regarding doumbia by people who have seen him just take a look at it before giving your views he is not worth at 26m or even cut price 15m would however want him if he is avaliable at 6-8m not worth more than that

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  14. kamlai

    Ahaha, payed with him on fifa 12 and I was scoring 40 goals a season, with insane pase and great power hes a walking lion,gwt hm Arsen hes good quick tacticly aware and is good at tackling…

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  15. batya224

    i watch russian league every week and have watched him he is even better than podolski. He is like hulk from porto fast and athletic

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  16. NigerianGunner

    He’s much better than giroud though. Giroud is kinda injury prone too. He will do as well as papiss cisse and bemba ba. So he is a quality signing. One more tin,why is van persie saying too much about juventus?

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  17. andregooner

    hahaha @leo I think you dont know what football is all about. you said that doumbia had just one good season?? what about giroud??? Just look who have scored more goals this season or previous or the previous. you are disgrace really. i hate those people who talk about some things and know nothing about them.
    2008-2010: Switzerland(bsc young boys) apps:78 ; goals:57
    2010-2012: Russia(cska moscow) apps:58 ; goals:45

    2008-2010: France(Ligue 2, Tours FC) apps:69 ; goals: 38
    2010-2012: France(Montpellier) apps:86 ; goals:39

    And Doumbia is one year younger!
    Its up to you to decide who is better.

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  18. JJW

    hope on him the very young and physical fit ivorian star to join emirates wenger should not sleep this time.

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  19. andregooner

    and giroud is never ahead of benzema for french national team!!!!!

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  20. Gooner Cape Town

    IMO Giroud is still better playing in better league and better all round player, anyway he is on way to us.(I Hope)

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  21. Gooner Cape Town

    Come on guys, it’s a bank holiday there and you all sleeping? @Cj, Paul and Bill where you guys? Just got in from work. Any updates since lunch guys? Hoping to hear something positive about Affelay/Giroud and defender. What’s your preference Martin or Affelay?

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  22. ayjay

    have any of you guys seen doumbia play? I don’t rate him too highly and he seems to me to be exactly the sort of player we don’t need- one who’s far from confident in possession. At 24 I’d expect him NOT to be making mistakes such as the ones in this video:

    there are positives and negatives but Giroud seems a more complete package to me.

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  23. Jason

    Doumbia is a beast, and he hast been a beast for quite a while. the only reason he hasn’t moved to a more prestigious team until now (recent rumours) is because CSKA have always put a massive price tag on him…massive, always over 20 million. I don’t see him coming to Arsenal, but maybe…no never mind, I really don’t see him coming to Arsenal. There are other players out there that can play just as good or better for a more resonable price.

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  24. MBBB

    I never knew about Doumbia till I played with Ivory coast in fifa 12. He was beastly in the game. Then I took a look at some videos of him in real life and this guy is quick,strong and has a real eye for goal damn. I dont think we need him at Arsenal but he deserves to play at the next level.

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  25. leo

    @andregooner i don’t know who is better but one thing paying 26m or 15m is too much he would be a great signing but will wenger & the board sign him i doubt it besides he wants to go napoli & chelsea are interested so the question is why waste time when he is not interested in coming to the emirates go for players who want to play for arsenal

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  26. MattAFC95 (Nigerian version)

    I can see Dumbia being the next Drogba if he came to the Premiear League ( hopefully for Arsenal) also being the new Drogba for Ivory Coast. ABSOLOUT BEAST!!!!!!!
    Would be an excellent addition, playing 3 up front next season would be top quality with RVP (if he stays), Podolski and Dumbia!!! I would orgasm if I saw this upfront for Arsenal next season

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  27. bob

    he actually is better than giroud trust me, and he is insanely fast, on par with walcott, he is an all round striker, quick, strong,good finishing,good heading, good passing and work rate, would for us to sing him, afellay, m;vila and mbiwa and we will be title challenging

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  28. andregooner

    @leo i agree with you, but if we can get him for around 13m i would be pleased. 20m is absolutely too much. besides that it is not me who decide who will we buy. I just want some quality singings and dont care whetever is doumbia or giroud coz both are good enough. if rvp leaves we should buy both.

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  29. richard

    dream on; arsene will never sign any of them. dont forget ricky alvares and mata

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