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THREE players that give Wenger selection headaches for Arsenal v Aston Villa?

A selection headache is one of the best problems for the manager of a football team to have, and the Arsenal players coming into the side for the FA cup win over Brighton on Sunday have certainly given Arsene Wenger that with their performances.

Okay, Tomas Rosicky may not have just returned from injury but he has been injured this season and has only started six games – and only three in the Premier League. I’m not sure what more the 34-year old can do than run the game, set up one goal, score a fantastic winner and get the Man of the Match award, but I still think he is probably the least likely of our three goal scorers to start against Aston Villa at the weekend.

Wenger knows well enough what Rosicky can do and the Czech Republic legend proved that he is fit and ready to perform. The other two scorers, however, are more likely to start, not because they are likely to play better, but because they need the game time to sharpen up.

I was impressed with both Ozil and Walcott in Brighton. Both took their goals well and played well apart from that, but both still looked a bit rusty, slightly off the pace and they both ran out of steam. With a north London derby and the Champions League knockout phase around the corner, we need all of our best players firing on all cylinders and so I think Wenger needs to give these two Gunners another game on Sunday to help get them ready.

Do you agree?

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15 thoughts on “THREE players that give Wenger selection headaches for Arsenal v Aston Villa?

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    Rosicky should be rested for Spud game….

    let him rest and recharged at 34yo, he should be used wisely

    Ozil can be used as a sub….

    Dropped Ramsay, play Oxie as CM and field Walcott

    or stick with Ramsay as CM and Oxie on the RW and Walcott as super sub

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    1. Jogon

      I dont think there should be any selection problems, Ozil has just returned and Carzolar is on form and i dont think Walcot can ox’s place right now because he does not contribute defensively on the flanks. My main concern is Ramsey, if there was a player to replace him and show him how central midfielders play instead of running like a headless chicken wherever he wants then it would be very interesting. i would really be happy if Wenger signs 2 dominant central midfielders in summer. We are good to go for now for the remainder of the season

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  2. Darlingbudsofarse

    I would say: Play your best team always and therefore would stick with the same team that did so well against Man City! The FA cup offered a few of them a well deserved break. They would have been refreshed enough to come back into the team to play Villa who are also now growing in confidence especially after dispatching Bournemont with some ease in the FA Cup. And Bournemont are no mugs!!!

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  3. Robin Vanpayslip

    Ozil did well but still looked rusty. I don’t think he is even close to being able to match Cazorla yet.

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    1. akthet

      I agree with you, but he needs a game time to sharpen his form. I think Cazola will start ahead of him.

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  4. Arsenal 1st Knight.

    TR7 should rest against villa , Aaron should start along Lacq in the middle why Oz11 &Theo14 should come in as a sub when we are leading with reasonable goal margin….

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  5. Aussie Jack

    When ever I had my doubts about the outcome of a game on would pop up Thomas Rosicky.
    The tempo would change, the attitude would change and his very presence would give the team a lift. For me he would have captained Arsenal years ago.

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  6. kia_SA

    Every season, Rosicky seems to have a patch of amazing form, and it tends to be at this time of the year in the latter stages of the season. When he hits this form, there is no doubt that he is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League! I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot of him from now until the end of the season.

    In my opinion, we need to embrace this patch of brilliant form and let the Arsenal legend play!

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    1. junweiseah

      Yeah, Arsene should let him retire at Arsenal, and he will always be one of our club legends.

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  8. ikrajb

    Bellerin – Per – Kos – Monreal
    …….Cazorla – Ramsey

    Roscicky and Walcott to replace Ramsey and Ozil at 60 min

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  9. 007

    Good headache to have for the club for once.

    My preference against Villa would be:

    – Ooooooooooooospina: For continuous improvement and much needed game time as our new number one. Plus I want to hear the chant of his name at home.

    – Bellarine: Better all round player at RB than Chambers at the moment. Still a young lad and the more games he can get under his belt the more confident he gets

    – Mert: Apart from captaining the team on the day, his the best CB along with Kos that we have at the moment (all wait, we only have these 2 actually till “Gabby” come’s along).

    – Kos: Best CB we have. Enough said

    – Gibbs: He needs game time to retain his form. This game can be used to access whether he should get the nod away to spurs or not. Monreal could use some rest too.

    – Le Coq: Best CDM we have. Enough said.

    – Ramsey: Am abit skeptic about this selection though if the manager can whoop him up to form it would be highly beneficial for the team as we enter the traffic month for our club in recent years “February (lighting effects in the background and a scream)! His not been at his best in the previous games so lets give him atleast 60mins top to show what he can do. If we flops bring in TR7 and maintain TR7 for the spurs game as he is in top form.

    – OX: Should be fresh for this game after taking a break. Depending on how the game goes, Theo to come on at 70th minute.

    – Carzola: Best number 10 at the club. Need I say more (up for debate, heehe). Ozil to come on depending on how the game is going to rest magical Santi for spurs.

    – Sanchez: Best winger/ striker/all round player at the club/goalscorer/etc. Need I say more

    – OG: His hold up/ build up/ and combinations in the final third is sublime lately. Even though he doesn’t score atleast his all round game is positive.

    Subs: Chambers, Super Tom, Akpom, Ozil, Monreal, Theo, Szc, Flamini

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  10. fred cowardly




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