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Should Arsenal bid MORE than £25m for Higuain?

If this story is true, it should certainly leave Arsenal with no competition for one of the biggest transfer targets Gonzalo Higuain. Juventus are believed to have been going toe-to-toe with the Gunners for the signature of the Argentinean striker, but they were baulking at paying anything over £20 million, so the Madrid president may have sent them packing for good with his latest statement.

Florentino Perez was speaking about various transfers this summer, both in and out of the Spanish capital, and he is clearly annoyed that any player they want seems to rocket in value, while they struggle to get any decent price when they sell. Maybe it is the fact that Madrid regularly spends silly money, has made the top four record signings in the world, had a team called the Galacticos and once paid almost £140 million for two players in the same year. Perez certainly seems to think that Higuain is worth more than the papers are saying, though.

He said, “With £25 million, it’s better they don’t come.

“Let’s see if people ask us for £50 million for everyone and we sell one of ours for half that.”

Real Madrid have still not appointed a manager to replace Jose Mourinho. They wanted Ancelotti, but PSG are reluctant to release him. Perez has said that he thought he was free to leave but was mistaken, which seems a little careless. Maybe the president is playing for time, hoping that the new manager will want to keep Higuain. The striker has declared his intention to leave, however, and that weakens Madrid’s position considerably.

Arsenal and Wenger must now consider their options. Whether to offer an amount that Perez will be happy to take, although that could be around £30 million, enter a solid bid of less than £25 million and say it has a time limit, or simply wait and see what happens. What do you think Gooners?

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119 thoughts on “Should Arsenal bid MORE than £25m for Higuain?

  1. Dixon still a Gurner

    If Higiuan didn’t declare that he wants to leave maybe he could be worth 30m pounds +, but with his declaration i think madrid just wanna make it hard for him to leave. Remember Higuian specifically stated that madrid would be making a profit from selling him! People here saying that they would prefer Lewandoski over Higuian for me they fail to see the whole picture…Yes Lewandoski is a prolific goal scorer same his Higuan, but Lewa is not a loyal player at all…he could have 1 good season in the PL with Arsenal and decide to jump ship again. Whereas Higuian is a very loyal player even with many broken promises with madrid he continued to stay for few seasons, guess now he just had enough. I will pick Higuian over lewandoski anyday bcos Higuian could be a legend in Arsenal while Lewa has symptoms of a traitor already…COYG

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  2. harvy

    Buy higuin and pay the extra 5 million. Stop being tight! After all arsenal fans have already paid for it with the highest ticket prices in the premier league!! Time to stop pussyfooting around and match other teams not only on the pitch but off it aswell! Take note arsene and the greedy board!!

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  3. adaminho

    just say 30 million take or leave. we always go in low and then it takes all summer if at all to get a player. better to pay an extra 5 mill and have him onboard early

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  4. TRM

    Underrated for a 24yo who is in the top 5 best strike conversion in the world.
    He is a goalscorer. He is a hard worker. His best is ahead of him. He is worth close to £25m so I expect if we want him, we would bid what would be considered

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  5. Uduak

    This is the tym to proof we hv the money to spend.ivan stop talking.act

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  6. albanian-gunner

    They can fuk off 25 milion for him you guys sound very confident about him thats what we thout about giroud gervihi arshavin and they are waste if fking space for that money I would gi for roonay any day

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  7. LoCkAy

    Yes we should… Enough of the penny pinching Arsenal…!!

    We need top class players and Higuain is a top class striker.

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  8. vibes

    considering that we got nearly the same amount for RVP and he is 3 years younger I believe it to be good value for money. Let’s not forget RVP only had one memorable season.

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  9. kleef

    I would not pay more than 13 million for him. is he as good as Henry, Berkamp, Adams, Viera? We need to be going for talented players with the potential to be as good as the invincible s. We have set the bar, so lets sign players worthy of wearing the Arsenal crest and stop signing Micky Mouse deadwood, It’s uneconomical and drives me nuts when I see these pretenders play.

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  10. jperiod

    I believe that if Higuain is at the top of their hit list, that is he has been identified as a player that can make this team a contender to win the league, they need to get him here even if it cost a little bit more. Arsenal cannot keep losing out on the players that they want to teams higher on the table than they are. If they do, they will always be looking up from below those teams.

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  11. Josh

    Firstly the comment @Haxxxan made on this post is the best comment I have ever seen on this sight and don’t you guys think we would all love Lewandoski but its never going to happen even if we offered him 180 000 a week and united offered 90 000 he is always going to choose united over us.

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  12. jarsenal

    we would be better off getting jovetic for 25 mil. better player with better potential.

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  13. pmjgunz7

    this is just ridiculous, how fans raise their expectations of the caliber of signings they want, from from a man whose whose highest signing is still value at below 15M.
    Wenger will always go for 3average (but with good potentials) players than get a superstar anyday. pls don’t tell me about Arshavin cos he wasn’t one. I can still remember an interview which Wenger was expressing doubt over Arshavin Arshavin( before he signed) warning fans that the must be a reason nobody heard of Arshavin till he was 27yrs, because dis days 16-22yrs when stars are plucked.
    So I’ll bet my balls that if Wenger is actually gonna break his transfer record, it will be between 17-21m not 25-40M.
    In essence, I only see Wenger breaking that 15m record with the signing of someone like Jovetic for 18M ( I’m assuming that fiorentina will rather sell abroad than to Juve and also assuming chelsea aren’t interested).
    Else, we are more likely to see 2players below 25yrs within the 9-14m bracket, and that will be all for the market. my guess Grenier or Aubameyang and an unherald dmc.

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  14. Johnno

    Cannot believe that we have not been linked with Gomez yet. He’s a selfish player, but jeez would he be a good signing. But yes, I’d go as high as 25m for Higuain. He’s a world class striker. He still has a good five to eight years of top level football, he could become a legend.

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  15. No10

    I am amazed – so Giroud got 17 goals in his first season in the PL,is this that bad? He will score more.

    If Higuain comes and takes a year to adapt will you be saying you want him out too? I think we need a great striker, the responsibility will be shared next year and I can see Giroud as an impact sub trying to bully tired defenses with his physical presence.

    We need a main striker – I think Higuain would totally fit the bill but for god’s sake GIVE HIM TIME. The PL is quicker and you have no time on the ball.

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