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Should Arsenal challenge Liverpool for Swansea star?

Arsenal have let Johan Djourou go out on loan to the Bundesliga club Hannover for the rest of the season, and Arsene Wenger will happily let the move become permanent. That leaves Arsenal with just three proper centre backs, bhecause I do not class Squillachi in that description. The Gunners do have some talent in the under-21s, but really need at least one more quality defender in the squad.

One player who fits the bill and has impressed Wenger considerably is the 28-year old captain of Wales, Ashley Williams. The centre back had another fantastic game last night as Swansea stopped Chelsea from scoring and went through to the final of the Capital One cup. Arsenal will have to pay way over the odds to sign Williams now, but are looking at bringing him to the Emirates in the summer, according to the Mirror.

It will not be a straightforward signing, however, as his former boss at Swansea, Brendan Rodgers, wants to take him to Liverpool as well. As Williams signed a new contract with the Welsh club in October, the asking price is likely to be around £8 million. Williams is a no nonsense defender who learned his trade in the lower leagues, but has taken to the Premier league like a fish to water.

Is he the right man to bring some grit and resolve to the Arsenal back line? He may not be as cultured as Mertesacker, Koscielny or Vermaelen, but he defends as if his life depends on it.

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34 thoughts on “Should Arsenal challenge Liverpool for Swansea star?

  1. Graham

    Do we really need a 28 year old to be our 4th choice cb? I don’t think so. I think our 4th choice should be a young cb that can develop and learn from the ones we have now. Obviously only the good parts of their games. Someone that can come in and do a good job when required, but has potential to become first choice in a few years.

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  2. Lol123

    He would be a great Addition to our defence. We need an organizer to our defence and that is exactly what he is

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  3. Mowember


    Wenger and his wife are going to divorce, reason: wengers wife asked for new shoes, wenger said no they are not from exceptional quality.

    Sad story.

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  4. Gunnerineverylife

    Would he want to come here to be a 4th choice cb from a club where he is first choice?

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  5. Spence

    Ashley Williams is a good player but not an Arsenal Player, its looking like there wont be any signings this transfer window, plus all players that we are supposedly interested in are slipping out of our grasp, Mvila has completed a move to Russia, Mbiwa has signed for Newcastle, There has been a 14m bid for Belhanda from Italy, Adrian is not interested in moving in this transfer window, Villa deal will be difficult to complete by the end of the window, apparently AW has been told that there is no way that gourcroff will be allowed to leave yet, Jovetic, Cavani will be labelled as too expensive as will Zaha at the moment.
    The only likely signing that will come this window if any will be Diame as it is a typical Wenger signing with a rumoured 3.5m release clause in his contract. Did anyone else notice how friendly the Arsenal players were with Diame last night ?
    we may be proved wrong but its looking bleak on the transfer front, on a bright note it was fantastic to see the gunners looking like there old selves in the second half, one word, Lethal!

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  6. Gooner Cape Town

    @Mowember: Stop f*cking around Wenger isn’t married!!!!
    Clearly you are not n ardunt Gooner or you would not make silly comments like that.

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  7. Gooner Cape Town

    Jack butland available for cut price around 3.5m and Stekelenberg for around 5.m.
    Time to move Wenger….
    Any other good news guys??????????

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  8. ivan

    He let mvilla go, let mbiwa one is coming unless is of exceptional quality( messi,zidane,cruyff and the sort) and for not more than 8m and socialist peanut paycheck..i am happy we won last night but am not softening up..out kroenke get the f*@k out of our club..

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  9. craig2500

    I think last night helped clear things up a little for Arsenal

    1) Bradford beating us will be remembered but not as much as the semi final and final so takes the heat off the history books

    2) Chelsea winning yet another cup with another manager would of been hurtful but now we can watch the final and be happy

    3) Lately Swansea have owned Arsenal putting in much better displays of football the fact now they kicked Chelsea’s hinny x2 means they are a good team and its not just us being crap

    4) There was a moment last night 1-0 when the West Ham fans were singing he left cos you’re s*** regards RVP and i was at the point of agreeing with them but we had one leader that pulled everyone up a notch and when people have said we lack a leader we now have one in Wilshire.

    5) Chelsea lost thats always a happy day

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  10. Big Gun

    @Graham Thats what I said when I was given lip for questioning why Djoure was given a contract extension in the first place. We could have utilized someone like Bartley instead, a younger better player and would have cost less overhead. But Wenger goes and gives Djoure a contract extension on 60k a week, he doesn’t end up play one game this season and then we are forced to loan him? Masters in economics my hat.

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  11. Haxxxan

    in this window we let m.villa go, sneijder go, yanga mbiwa, holtby, huntelaar, zaha, ba. all these were good quality. i dont know what wenger calls a TOP TOP TOP player?
    just 6 days are left. the board will be licking their lips seeing the entire 50m still lying in the club’s bank account!

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  12. craig2500

    besides Ashley Williams may want to play in the final for Swansea, i would if i was him and leave a decision until the end of the season.

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  13. Kayboy

    Its good that we won against westham. yet its not enough to conclude that we have a good team. wenger must change his attitude or else our struggle continues.

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  14. gooner23

    lets just wait n see what the gaffer does at the end of the window then judge bcoz we dnt know what’s goin on now…the media cant reveal everything you know. wenger will buy quality mark my words

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  15. loud goonner

    @spence.. what is a arsenal player then?? We havent won shit in 8 years ashley williams can only make us stronger! We cant get any worse! I hate it wen people say that certain players aint arsenal type players! Coz thats a load of bull! Our type of players dont win shit! And plus he is on the verge of winning a trophy! He is exactly wat we need a cup winner! All beit a small trophy but a trophy nun the less! More then wat our current defenders have one! So wat ur sayin is that he aint an arsena coz he gets into finals???

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  16. LoCkAy

    I see that some fans can still keep a clear mind and analyse the win truthfully and objectively.

    Obviously you have the other section ( fans section ) who are already talking about winning the FA Cup and destroying Bayern Munich…!!! Well, those ones are the over passionated ones and clouded judgements ones.

    First of all nobody is destroying Bayern Munich unless they play with 9 players ( well even then I am not too sure )…

    We were all thrilled with the win yesterday, but we all forgot that it was A MUST WIN GAME. The performance was for once of Arsenal quality… Can they reproduce something like that until the end of the season? of course not…

    Our biggest problem has been consistency and you can see what a couple of days rest ( Podolski ) can do to a player. Cazorla is on his knees and need a serious rest.

    I don’t know if I was watching right, but Ramsey did a good job as a false defensive midfielder… !!! Is that his true valued position?

    Giroud again performed ( even though there is still septic people, I have never seen an English player leave to France and succeed there. Clive Allen scored 33 goals for Tottenham in one season and disappeared into oblivion at Bordeaux ).

    Wenger seems to have been seduced by Williams ( CB Swansea ) which is normal as he is the best CB in the league right now and would be first choice ( guaranty ) if he was English.

    I don’t know if you heard, but the coach of Hannover has qualify Djourou as something else but a footballer. he said that he was ( for his first game ) the worse performance he had ever seen from a professional player. He hoped that Djourou would work hard and show something different.

    Anyway, last night performance was encouraging and I will hope that we will get better and not comfortable because we have serious challenges coming.
    Brighton is a good team.

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  17. mr lean

    one week to wait for this nightmare to be over,come on wenger earn some of your 7m and sign 2 players at least

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  18. 7

    Fouth choice CB? Are you having a laugh, The guy is quality and would go straight in alongside TV5. Pay what it takes Wenger. 7

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  19. El Blaze

    Gunners on this forum are like a woman madly in love with a cheating lover who cheats and lies to her again and again, but she still hangs on to him hoping he will change some day, clinging to his sweet lies even though deep down she knows he is lying. This site is full of crap, 90% of the transfer rum ours on this site have all been made up stuff. Yet most you guys keep coming back bcos its what you want to hear, even though deep down you know its bulls***. I have said it time and again Wenger is buying no one this transfer window, take it or leave it. The most he will do is buy Diame who i believe is not the right man we need as a holding midfielder. He pushes forward too much and leaves gaps at the back. What we need is hard tackling defensive minded holding midfielder who will sit back and provide cover for our defense. Now you can thumbs down all you want!

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  20. bastard wenger

    Arsene wenger is a big fo.o.o.ol . For letting Rvp,fabregas and song go. Sack this man down now. No more arsenal supporter in my street again. F.u.c.k down wenger

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  21. jp

    @Bastard Wenger

    So people down your street stopped supporting Arsenal because of Wenger?!

    Woah … your street has got some issues dude.

    So who they all supporting now, City, Utd or Chelsea? lol

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  22. N21 gooner

    Does this baffle anyone else: AW speaking about Kyle Bartley

    “I could not promise to play him much because of the number of centre-backs we have and, as sometimes happens with players who go out on loan, he didn’t want to wait when he came back to us.

    “He has not played much for Swansea because he got injured, but I know he has the quality — that’s why I signed him when he was 16 from Bolton.”

    OK, so we sold him for $1mill, now we are looking to bring in a 4th choice CB for how much? What about squad rotation – maybe we could have kept him and played him in Capital One/easier FA cup ties and the odd PL game? Shame.

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  23. joe

    hes better than mertrsaker an kocsicelny and proven in the premier league, no brainer sign him up !!!

    ashley williams

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