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Should Arsenal fans be excited about big transfer betting move?

Arsenal have had their odds slashed on signing Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid, but is there anything to actually get excited about?

The Gunners moved from 10/1 into 4/1 in the betting market to be the French international’s next club, but it remains to be seen whether there was a splurge of bets on the market, or whether the bookmakers made the judgement on Alexandre Lacazette’s comments.

The Arsenal striker said that he hopes to tempt the Atleti superstar to join him in North London which appears to have forced the odds change, but the comments may well have excited some Gunners fans into jumping on those tasty 10/1 odds, but I think I would have saved my cash.

I know our club will have to make a statement in the transfer market next summer if and when Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil decide to quit the club at the end of their contracts, and their departures will leave a nice sized gap in our wage budget which we could fill with a big arrival, but Griezmann looks too likely to join one of the bigger sides.

Of course I wish we could be the side he joins, having earned the right to be considered as one of the best players in the bracket below Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and would most certainly be on every big sides wishlist should he look to become available.

Chelsea and Manchester United have previously been linked with big offers to bring him to England, while I find it hard to believe that both Spanish giants and Paris Saint-Germain would allow us to land him unchallenged, and they have all shown much more willing to pay the highest of wages in world football, and also have proven over the years that they will strive to challenge for every trophy. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for our board…

Do you believe we have a chance to sign him next summer? Will our board go all out for a superstar when Alexis and Ozil both move on?

Pat J

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3 thoughts on “Should Arsenal fans be excited about big transfer betting move?

  1. Jeremy

    For those who managed to deceive themselves by declaring Kroenke and his gang are the way going forward, time to open your eyes and see for yourself how many people out there hated Kroenke’s reign.

    Even Arsenal Fan Trust is against Kroenke owning the club. That says it all, we don’t want Kroenke.

    There is no time to talk about shitty transfer because no money will be invested.

    Pro Kroenke fans, wake up now. Fight for the club now.

  2. Wenger

    Griezman would never sign for Arsenal at the moment, he’s also a long time Madrid and Man utd target. I think he is more suitable replacement for Benzema at Madrid, working closely with Zidane would be his dream.

    Kroenke isn’t going to let Arsenal go, EPL is at a bubble, TV money, inflated market is still rising each season. I think the clubs need to figure a way to take this Murican out of Arsenal.

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