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Should Arsenal give up on Frimpong?

Will Frimpong Ever Make It At Arsenal? by AH

Today it was announced that Emmanuel Frimpong will be joining the Championship side Charlton Athletic. Frimpong has been in and around the Arsenal first team squad for a few years now, with injures hampering his progress at the club.

Last season, the defensive midfielder went on loan to join then Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers until the end of the season. However he became injured after only 5 games at Wolves and he returned to Arsenal with a ruptured cruciate ligament, which ruled him out for the remainder of the season.

Frimpong now joins Charlton in order to gain regular playing time as well as experience. It was reported that Wolves were also interested in making a second approach for the Ghanaian; however concerns over his fitness, paved way for a move to London based Charlton.

But will he ever make it at Arsenal? I spoke about this topic last season and then I didn’t believe he could make it at Arsenal for a number of reasons. We already had Song and Coquelin, who I believed could control the 2 CM roles for at least the next 5 years. However now after Alex Song’s departure to Barcelona, suddenly we find ourselves with only 2 real defensive midfielders, in Francis Coquelin and Emmanuel Frimpong. Both are inexperienced and have a lot to show in areas of improvement.

The formation that we currently play, 4-2-1-3, has a vital role for a defensive minded midfielder. At the moment the player in that role rotates between Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere. Both are very attack minded players, however with the qualities they possess they have been able to provide and perform very well in their adaptation to the position.

For me Coquelin is a type of player who can definitely make it at a club like Arsenal, Frimpong’s situation on the other hand is a little more sketchy. He was sent off on his full premier league debut, in a 2-0 loss to Liverpool last season, showing that he has a bit of an attitude, as well as his behaviour off the pitch. For me Frimpong also hasn’t shown the same qualities that many players have at the breakthrough stage and being 20 I think his time is running out to make a great impression.

It will be a shame because like Wilshere and Jenkinson, he is an Arsenal fan through and through and it would be great to have a team with players who wanted Arsenal to win as much as the fans do. However sadly I cannot see Frimpong making it as a regular first team player at the Emirates.

by Ash

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45 thoughts on “Should Arsenal give up on Frimpong?

  1. TKC

    Frimpong is good. He’s only 20, and he, like Coquelin, has time to improve. When he played against City last year, he played very well, shutting Cashri down.

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  2. Frimpongpingpong

    He should be given a chance when he gets back from his loan as he definetly has the quality to succeed.

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    Completely disagree. Never throw away players who love the club, what he may lack in skill now he makes up for in pride and passion. Like you said he is only 20 and under arsene wenger he can make a very strong solid dm in the future!

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  4. tiger

    just read daily mail. wenger will make a personal recommendation to the Arsenal board to improve Walcott contract offer. its up to them three now… kinda give a rough idea who control the money.

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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    BREAKTHROUGH: Walcott moves a step closer to signing new Arsenal deal
    In-form forward offered improved salary and promised increased opportunities to play up front as both parties seek a swift end to protracted contract saga
    Theo Walcott has moved a step closer to signing a new Arsenal contract following a breakthrough in talks, has learned.
    Walcott told the club when negotiations re-commenced in late October that he is willing to lower his salary demands to £90,000-a-week to remain at Emirates Stadium.

    In turn, Arsenal indicated they will increase their contract offer from £75,000-a-week to £80,000-a-week and Arsene Wenger has told the in-form forward he will get opportunities to play as a centre-forward.

    The shift in stance from the two parties is the firmest indication yet that Walcott will sign a new five-year deal.

    A third round of talks will take place in the near future, although no date is scheduled, with both Arsenal and Walcott’s camp hopeful that it will result in the player committing the prime years of his career to the club.

    As revealed at the end of last month, a final round of talks had been scheduled to end the contract stand-off.

    Wenger has remained tight-lipped about the situation, merely saying that the club “have until the end of December to sort this out”.

    Contrary to reports, it is understood that the second round of talks have already taken place, after the England international failed to reach an agreement with the club at the end of August.

    Although a resolution is still to be reached, the tone of discussions has given encouragement that Walcott is not set to follow the likes of Robin van Persie, Alex Song, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas out of the Emirates Stadium exit door.

    Arsenal would lose Walcott for nothing in the summer if he does not agree new terms, as his contract expires at the end of the season.

    Should a resolution not be reached when the 23-year-old comes back to the negotiating table with the club he joined from Southampton in 2006, it is believed that Wenger would rather offload Walcott abroad than to a Premier League rival.

    Juventus have registered their interest in the wide forward, while Liverpool, who regard Walcott as a possible answer to their dearth of attacking options, and Manchester City are continuing to monitor developments.

    Walcott has been locked in contract negotiations with Arsenal since the back end of last season and had been hoping for a significant upgrade on his current £60,000-a-week deal, which has just eight months to run. revealed back in April that the 23-year-old had been holding out for a £100,000-a-week salary that would now make him the club’s highest earner.

    Although Arsenal have made it clear they will not be held to ransom by the player, the club’s willingness to increase their package for Walcott from £75,000-a-week to £80,000-a-week demonstrates a desire to keep the player.

    Crucially, sources have said that Wenger is willing to partially accommodate Walcott’s desire for the centre-forward role that he has been denied in his six-and-a-half years at the club.

    “It is a case of having trust in me up front,” said Walcott in September. “I was signed as a striker and it is about time, I want to play up front. I have learnt my game on the wing. When you look at what I did last year I think I can do even more. Hopefully I will be given the opportunity. I am desperate for it.”

    However, Walcott’s camp are mindful that Wenger has told the player every season that he will get chances to play the central role he craves, and it has not happened.

    Due to injury and the contract stand-off, Walcott has started only six of his 15 Arsenal games this season, but injuries to Gervinho and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have forced Wenger to turn to the England international in the last fortnight and he has responded in some style.

    The 23-year-old, whose 11-goal haul was bettered only by Van Persie last season, leads Arsenal’s scoring charts with nine in all competitions this term.

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  6. Gunnerineverylife

    I disagree.He will be the perfect foil for Arteta/Wilshere to go forward.If he can play well then we can also have the option of having two playing two attacking midfielders rather than one box to box midfielder and one attacking midfielder.He can also bully other players,remember Nasri?and one of the major thing is he loves Arsenal unlike others.

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  7. Christian Ethiopia

    No. I love this guy’s attitude, and he’s one of our few loyal players left…yes, he’s not a natural passer like Song, but he’s more of a destroyer…I’ll be real sad if he goes.

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  8. Mo-Gunner

    unless we buy m’vila or Xabi Alonso or Bastian Schweinsteiger or Daniele De Rossi or Sami Khedira or Esteban Cambiasso or make Diaby come back from the dead (in all cases U WISH!), we should shut up and keep the lad

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  9. DrPepper

    Frimpong has one of the worst attitudes I have seen at the club, even though I accept he loves the club and all that.

    But why does he spend so much time selling Tshirts, making an ass of himself on twitter and being friends with Z list celebrities.

    He should do what Wilshere, Shez and a few others have done – come off twitter and concentrate on his football.

    At the moment he is more famous for shouting DENCH, than what he can do on the pitch…

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  10. Mistyque

    I know that i will upset some of you, sorry if i do, but i really wonder what you guys see in Francis Coquelin? I don’t see any exceptionel talent in the guys, hence i don’t think he is a real Arsenalplayer. Can you please open my eyes and tell me what is good about him?
    Frimpong on the other hand, could be a real Arsenalplayer. He should be played as a CDM, because he has the power to stop strikers, counters etc.. If he has a good tackle, o my… He would STOP everyone..
    Again, sorry for complaining about The Coq

    Arsenal for life

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  11. abel

    1. Santi on the ball
    2. Sp*rs foul Santi
    3. Santi Down
    4. Sp*rs sigh relief
    5. Santi gets up
    6. Sp*rs WTF
    7. Santi crosses
    8. Sp*rs pick ball from net

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  12. S.H


    Mate feel free to write an article and submit it. I’m sure admin will post it. Your blog is a good one, even though I’m more inclined to wanting to see Walcott leave. Regardless of the outcome, if Walcott can continue his current form then that can only be good for Arsenal. I’ve seen this hype build up around him so often, and each time, he then reverts back to his old ways – that is being inconsistent. I hope this changes and we see more of a significant improvement. He really needs to work on his first touch (which Wenger says is very important for a striker to create space and control), dribbling, keeping possession, taking players one on one and decision-making. That’s a lot to improve for a professional football player at 24 who has been playing at a high competitive level for 6-7 years. Bale is 22. Look how good he is. We want to win trophies yet we are happy to settle with mediocre players. I don’t get it. You do the same thing, you get the same result. What changes?

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  13. Gunner

    He’s only 20 and has been ravaged by 2 bad injuries. At 18 when he was playing he was far better than Alex Song at 18, far better.

    With patience and the right guidance he can become a monster. And one with a great attitude too. We need more true Gunners like him.

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    Walcott brings so much more to the squad than what you se he is, he wants to be at arsenal! Can’t you see he is starting to mature into a classy finisher with our right pace. Bale is a no better player than Walcott as they offer the same attributes on the wing: pace, good crossing and the ability to suck defenders out wide. Bale has been tested in the middle and it was a nightmare!!! Walcott adds great depth to the squad as he can play anywhere in the front 3. WALCOTT IS NOT MEDIOCRE PLAYER, he is finally proving he is world class and a player we need to keep hold of if we want trophies.

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  15. James Munga

    If we need to rest Carzola, then Arteta can move upfront, Wilshere and Frimpong be the 2 DMs. Frimpong is the type of a DM who can scare strikers away.

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  16. Travis Bickle

    Off topic, but worth a mention.

    I am sure most of you who have glanced on this morning noticed Arsenal U21’s defeated Norwich U21’s 4-2 last night, with EISFELD scoring 2 goals.

    When Eisfeld came on against Reading, I was watching him very closely. It was the first time I had really seen him play, and I firmly believe, he and Giroud changed the nature of that match. Eisfeld has now started 9 matches in the U21’s, he has scored 6 goals.

    He deserves a call up, and I think he should replace Ramsey in the squad. When Rosicky returns from injury (which he is doing LIGHT training), he can learn from his idol and could improve further.

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  17. S.H


    Even though Bale is a spud, I do have to honestly admit that he is SO much better than Walcott. Technically he is sharper, stronger, taller, better defender, can take players one on one UNLIKE Walcott, dribbles well, keeps possession UNLIKE WALCOTT and much more versatile. Mate I’m sure if gooners can be unbias for one moment, most would admit Bale is a better player overall. And he is 2 years younger! Really think about it LOL

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  18. Dave

    keep him, hes on low wages and loves the club. better yet hes played with jack since he was 9. send him on loan to a prem club in jan then phase him in next season as arteta will start needing to rest a bit more due to age. Anmd if his friendship with jack keeps jack at the club for his whole career then hes worth every penny

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  19. Gunnerineverylife

    @S.H. I did not write the article mate,I just copied and pasted it from because admin had not posted any article about him.Yeah I agree he needs to improve his frist touch.He definitely does not possess the ability to be a lone striker currently but who knows what happens in the future.

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  20. green gunner

    At the moment we need a mature, finished article of a DM. Stick him out on loan. Look at what that done for Wilshire!

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    I do agree with you that Bale is a better player on the wing but walcott offers a greater value to squad depth as he is very versatile and can play anywhere in the front 3. For me walcott is a better finisher a side of his game that is really improved. He is seriously underrated in my opinion and a will become a real world class attacker, someone we must hold onto.

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  22. AJ

    lol. How many games have you seen Coquelin play? I think none. He rarely plays, thanks to wenger’s son ramsey.
    ‘Frimpong on the other hand, could be a real Arsenalplayer. He should be played as a CDM, because he has the power to stop strikers, counters etc.. If he has a good tackle, o my… He would STOP everyone..’
    Frimpong has played only a handful of games, had his best against liverpool when he also managed to get sent off. Rest of his performances weren’t noteworthy at all, including the one against Reading. You clearly have no understanding.

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  23. Lol123

    Guys get your facts Right! Walcott is not 2 years older than bale but just 4 months

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  24. Big Gun

    @Travis Bickle I agree whole heartedly. Although I haven’t seen much of Eisfeld, from what I have seen and his stats he seems like a very good prospect. Ramsey had his chance last season and he did not come to the party. I feel sorry for him but Arsenal can’t put up with mediocre players anymore. He must either step up his game or let someone better take his place.

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  25. snakeoil

    @NZGOONER – I might have to disagree with you on your statement to “never throw away players who love the club.” Ramsey loves the club but he is not at all making the leap from ‘promising talent’ to ‘proven commodity’ – just the opposite he has morphed into ‘disastrously disappointing’ and continues ever downward on his spiral to lower division mediocrity. Love for the club does not equal success.

    As for Frimpong, he is definitely the type of player Arsenal need so it is probably worth the effort to groom him for success (loan) – will it work? – who knows – predictions on future player success are as often as not wrong.

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  26. Gunnerineverylife

    @snakeoil I think the problem with Ramsey is on the mental level like Torres,yes he has lost a bit of pace due to the injury but still he seems like rabbit staring at the headlight when other players try to press him.He seriously lacks composure.

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  27. ArsenalZeus

    I love Frimpong… he has the sort of grit that a lot of Arsenal players lack.

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  28. Johnno

    Frimpong, keep him for now. Give him a new contract, but certainly not a big one that’d make it impossible to sale him. Then loan him out next season to a PL side and see how he goes. Loaning him to Charlton won’t prove much, will it? Playing a step down.

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  29. DrPepper

    @NZGOONER & @S.H

    Bale is better than Theo on any level. Since Bale has been playing on the wing (2010 season up until now) he has scored 28 goals and supplied 18 assists.

    Theo in the same time frame has score 31 goals, and got 25 assists.

    Bale has played more games and been the focal point of tottenham, so really he should have better numbers.

    Bale isn’t even on Theo’s level, @NZGOONER I agree with you we need to keep him he is going to put himself in the world class bracket this season – with 25+ goals

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  30. jackie

    Listen if the boss ain’t gonna give up on Rambo, then why would he give up on Frimpong. Remember the games against Boca, Udinese, Liverpool & City when he was fully fit, Guy showed at the very least that he’s fully committed to the cause. We need those players.

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  31. mark

    theo is shit guys. just a fast guy who crosses the ball well. no skill, no intelligence, no development…a very incomplete footballer.
    he doesn’t deserve a pay rise to be honest. i couldnt care less about the numbers. he detracts from the team with his weaknesses. i dont see him becoming a great striker and i dont think he has a future at arsenal with the other prospects we have such as afobe.

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  32. DrPepper


    Congrats, you have won my idiot of the day award!

    I sincerely hope you’re saying stupid things on purpose

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  33. mistyque

    I have seen coq more often than gnabry and i rate the latter higher. ..
    I asked you what he is good at and you didnt even answer. Frimpong has the physical presence we need in midfield! Thats what i was talking about.
    No offence mate

    Arsenal for life

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  34. S.H


    As I’ve always said, stats don’t accurately state how effective or important a player is to the team. Ramsey had one of the leagues highest completion rate for passes, yet he is one of our weaker players. The difference in goals and assists you’ve provided in Bale Vs Walcott is not too far off. I guess you and I have a different opinion in “player quality”. You like to refer to stats, I actually watch the games.

    Could you ever picture Walcott dribbling the ball and keeping possession over half the field holding off 2-3 players, looking for runners? NO! Well Bale did this and he also managed to score with his weaker foot! Hey don’t get me wrong I’m no spurs lover, but if there was a trade of Walcoot for Bale, I’ll take it anyday!

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  35. DrPepper


    So what your telling me is you would rather Theo ran blindly for 3/4 of the pitch and then do nothing with the ball?

    Because that is what the stats suggest Bale does, he may take it passed 3 or 4 players but he isn’t scoring or assisting goals.

    The stat with ramsey can be easily explained, he is making sideways 5 yard passes to other players – thus a high pass completion. The same cannot be argued with Bale and Theo the whole point of a winger/forward is goals and assists – which Theo is suppior.

    You offer a passive arressive insinuation that you watch the games and I don’t, how many spurs games have you watched this season and how many Arsenal games?

    Walcott is by far the better player, I suggest you have fallen prey to a tottenham centric media – Redknapp – both Jamie and harry, Hoddle, klinsman and Pleat all being prominant in football media.

    If you actually watched games, you would see that Theo is the better player

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  36. AndrewArsenal

    Just to point out Frimpong isn’t actually an arsenal fan. against man united last year he stated on twitter how horrible the situation was and that he couldnt compare it to the feelings of a real arsenal fan

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  37. ERG

    Attributes wise Frimpong has the ability to be a very dominant deep lying midfielder he is a brute brave and strong in the tackle he likes a strike from distance to his decision making and passing must be improved on but i would keep him personaly aslong as hes happy with around 20k a week.

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  38. Rasta

    frimpong at his age has played more first team games than diary and Song did. Was very good for wolves. i thought he was a number 10 thats how good his on the ball skills well. he controlled their midfield and surprisingly his injury weakened a seemingly stable team who had finally started putting results together. Ask wolves fans

    coquelin spent a full season on loan at lorient as part of the koscielny. He was impressive. I dunno why arsenal fans are obsessed with having a black strong dude in dmf when the last 3 winners have had Barry Carrick and Ballack as their starting cdm. Doesn’t matter if you are strog or not. Tiote has 40 yellow cards for newcastle and is overrated. Arteta and coquelin are cleaner and more effective in hat role. just because the don’t dive in and make reckless fouls doesn’t mean we need a cdm. If the team was balanced as it was before west ham. you would see that arteta is as good is not better than anyone in europe

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