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Should Arsenal go for Adrian Lopez or Fernando Llorente?

Should Wenger go for Adrian Lopez or Fernando Llorente? by KJ

News has started to pick up on the transfer scene with Goal publishing an article that talks about strong interest from Arsenal for the services of the 24 year old Spaniard, Adrian Lopez. Generally, I’d call this unreliable but many of the Twitter ITKs have sworn that Arsenal are definitely interested in the Atletico Madrid striker.

My question is – do we go after Lopez or after Llorente?

Lopez is only 24 years old meaning that he still has at least 3 years to hit his prime in the Premier League. He’s a small, versatile and pacey striker. With Walcott’s contract situation still very much in the balance, it could say a lot about what will actually happen come January. We could easily see the Englishman leaving the Emirates with this renewed interest in Adrian. Adrian supposedly has a buyout clause of £15 million which isn’t too bad for someone of his quality.

Llorente on the other hand has reached his prime and is now a 30 goal a season striker. He is in the last year of his contract and Arsenal have the opportunity of buying him outright in January for about £10 million or give him a pre-contract in January which will allow him to join for free in the summer. However, the one problem is that he seems to be quite similar to Giroud. A target man who is very good with his feet. We sometimes need diversity when putting on another striker in thee dying minutes to get that winning goal. Adrian can offer that, Llorente might not.

It’s a very difficult decision as both have their positives and negatives. However, I feel like Adrian is the right player to get at this moment. We have heaps of experience in the first 11 now that we can afford to get younger players to bed in and make that difference without pressure.

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41 thoughts on “Should Arsenal go for Adrian Lopez or Fernando Llorente?

  1. George

    Get Adrian Lopez. Like you said he is a small and pacey striker he will do well with out quick wingers. Also Fernando Llorente is a unrealistic transfer. Arsene Wenger wont be spending 20+ million a player sorry to say.

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal shldn’t go for any one unless no one is scoring goals and theres a major crisis

    can anyone 100% confirm Llorente and Lopez do not need time to settle and will automatic bang goals for fun????????

    what happen to squad of 25?

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  3. afchearted

    Sorry admin think i’ll side step this speculative tripe and comment about a real issue like how it looks like rosicky and diaby are gonna bank another years salary while spectating from the sidelines yet again. Just seen the latest injury news ahead of the norwich game on and the way news on those 2 was left to a line as a footnote on the page just screamed here we go again. I for one am fully done with them and i dont mean to be nasty but my patience is done. They are 2 extremely gifted footballers who very rarely make it onto the fball pitch and on their wages their nothing but a luxury now. I say afc should be working on their full replacements now either from within or bought, and if and when their fit ship them out or give them bit part role. Personally i would flog them and get them off the wage bill and free up that money and positions for players far less fragile. I cant be the only one whose had enough can i.

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  4. shane

    If Theo leaves, Lopez. Llorente would be too similar to Giroud and Lopez can play across the front 3

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  5. SuperNas

    (I would say) Ofcourse Llorente!! He is a complete and proven striker..
    BUT! Wenger, is a manager that can spot an unproven talent…
    I would say 40% yes to Adrian because of my trust in Wenger and 60% yes to Liorente because of his current abilities. And I really can’t imagine what an already proven player can acheive under AW

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  6. bhatty

    Lopez dont want to leave. Why buy a Player we maybe have to sell or WHO wont adapt cause of homesickness?!? Anyone agree?

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  7. bob6543

    Lopez is the right man…but AW will go for the cheaper, it has been so from the time he became the Arsenal manager and it will not change now…one that comes to mind is….he could have got Demba Cisse, but he went for the cheaper in Park…. and we all know how that turned out.

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  8. MMHgooner

    seriously, reported on this, to paraphrase what Jeremy Clarkson said about a certain automobile, that’s about as reliable as an Italian bus driver’s Austrian pacemaker.

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  9. jdjufj

    I watch a lot of spanish football and can tell you llorente isn’t similar to giroud, he won’t be beaten by any bpl defender for strength or Ariel ability, for ten million that’s a bargain

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  10. gooner

    None. Firstly, I think we should keep Walcott and play him as a striker for at least 20 minutes in some games and the cup games.
    Giroud is much better than most people think. He has 4 Assists and 2 goals and a lot of footballing sense! and his instinct seems natural, much like Klose.
    As for a back-up striker, I think we should look at signing someone like Darren Bent on a half season loan (I heard he isn’t happy where he is) and get Henry for a month again.
    Then in the summer, make a move for Stevan Jovetic!

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  11. koolio

    afchearted, Rosicky saved our asses last season, he is the reason we started that 8 game run, he added flair to the game. What if cazorla is injured, who do u want to take over, Ramsey? Hes great, but not the same type of player who can make things happen. Rosicky can.

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  12. dilla

    get Adrian Lopez. Why buy a player that is similar to Giroud in almost every way? That’ll ruin Giroud’s confidence and he’s starting to come good. He scored against Spain-some of the best players in the world haven’t even done that. Trust in Wenger

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  13. leo

    both adrian lopez can play on right wing in case theo walcott leaves + llorente in place of chammakh sign both adrian lopez & llorente

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  14. S.H

    2 months away from transfer. We might not go for any of them. Rumours are rumours. There are probably 20 unknown names on Wenger’s wishlist. Whilst we do our scouting on youtube, Arsenal’s 6 scouts around the world actually watch future talent play. I’ll just leave it to the experts. Next week we’ll hear of new names and the cycle will continue. I’m more focused on keeping players fit, the team to build more chemistry and then ridding of unwanted players first. Our midfield is so crowded.

    It’s becoming more evident that Arsenal might have a big change in the defensive department with Sagna, Santos Squillaci, Djourou and Miquel possibly leaving. Many gooners are calling for a striker in Jan, but if a few of these defenders leave, then it’s more vital that we concentrate on replacing them. Our backup players for striker or midfield are stronger than our backup defence.

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  15. S.H


    Yeah we’ll just spend all our transfer money on Falcao, then only afford to pay him $10 per week. You are a genius. How come no one else thought of buying Falcao! I hear some kid called Messi could be a cheap buy. Lets tell Wenger to go for him!

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  16. con-kamp

    @S.H…so your suggestion is since our defence is looking better than it has in many seasons..we should be looking to bring in a defender rather than a striker???phewww
    Anyway..haven’t watched much of either lopez or llorente but heard lopez is a pacy attacker..we definitely need some one with pace because I cnt take watching a striker with no speed get beaten by a defender..we need an attacker who can frighten defenders with pace as well like the agueros,tevez and balotelis.that’s the problem I have with Giroud,his lack of pace,he is good but cnt beat some defenders for pace..cnt imagine getting another slow striker.

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  17. randomguy

    Get none. Give youth players a chance, if not there is no point in setting up an academy. If Walcott is thinking of leaving in JANUARY, then get Gnabry to start training with the first team/getting ready NOW. He will need time to gel anyway, and by signing Lopez/Llorente, they need time to gel with the team, and will need about 4 weeks b4 they start banging in the goals. That is the time when we need to focus and steam thru the remaining part of the season. Any mid-season additions should be for the future.

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  18. S.H


    So are you saying Wenger should only think of the present just because our defence is good? What happens when a few injuries happen? There goes our defence mate! We should always be looking to improve not stagnate or be happy with what we currently have. Big teams always look to improve. Look at Man city, even with the players they have Mancini still wants to spend more. Their defence was best in the league last season and this season it’s terrible with the same players. Go figure. Our defence has improved but it’s still not as strong nor has it enough depth compared to our midfield. We have Gervinho, Walcott, Chamakh, Podolski and Giroud who can all play share CF. Yes i agree we still need a quality striker, but that will only happen if one leaves. More likely Bendtner. How many experienced backup players do we have in defence? What happens if there are 2 injuries in our main CB pair or Jenkinson gets injured? Gibbs is injured now.

    My main point is in midfield and the forward pack we have more experienced or proven players to turn to in case of injury. In defence, we don’t have the same depth. What happened last season when many of our defeners were injured? It almost cost us the CL spot!

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  19. Hasibullah

    keep walcott, buy a LB, a tall center back to fight against set pieces and sell the deadwoods.

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  20. Rodrick

    We need a proven goalscorer who can score goals week in week out so the answer is Llolente no doubt.

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  21. con-kamp

    @S.H..I agree we should look at the future as well but totally disagree with your earlier comments about having stronger back up when it comes to striking..let’s look at defence..gibbs out-santos in..decent..vermalen/koscienly-mertesacker covers..sagna-jenkinson..
    Let’s look at strikers..giroud..who hasn’t yet proved he is the our only recognised striker…he is out and guess who covers..chamakh..wenger said it that he doesn’t want to destabilise the balance on the left wing so podolski is out..the other guys u mentioned are wingers..gervinho fluffs his lines when it matters the most..(Mancity)..
    We shall just have to disagree on that one..u say we have more cover in the striking department..I say we have more cover in the defense..because among the names you mentioned for cover in striking..there was only one recognised striker..and that was chamakh..that says a lot..really..chamakh But all the names I mentioned for the defense are quality players..or atleast getting there!!santos,jenkinson,koscienly..all good cover

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  22. S.H


    Remember – In any sport defence always wins championships not offence. Stopping goals is harder than scoring them. If you look at the past results of EPL winners, 99% of those teams played solid defence in their winning season. You can disagree all you like but conceding 49 goals last season is a really bad result for the Gunners. Why do you think we came 3rd and Man City, who boasted the best defensive record in the league ended up winning it?

    We play attacking football. There are more than enough chances created with or without a world class striker like RVP. This season so far has proved we don’t need him. I’m not disagreeing with you that we need a striker in Jan, of course we do, but our defence lacks depth and should be solidified especially with potential players leaving in Santos, Djourou and Sagna. So we might lose our 1st choice RB, backup LB, and 4th choice CB. Yet you still continue to argue that we need a quality striker more urgently, especially when Wenger normally plays 4-2-3-1. Let me enlighten you there is only 1 striker position available. We have 4 players that can slot in there. Gibbs is injury prone, and we don’t have a natural LB in Santos. SAgna is reaching 30 and will probably complain of pitch time and chances of representing France. Jenkinson has played brlliantly, but what happens if Sagna leaves and where is our quality proven-player backup?

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  23. con-kamp

    At one comment,you emphasize about how rumours are rumours..and how we are 2months away from the window and thus shouldn’t get carried away by all the transfer talk..then afew mins later..u base your argument on rumours about our players leaving like the santos rumours of turkey..
    I say let’s deal with the weaknesses we have now first..otherwise we are doing well defensively this season..we have one of the best records let’s fix the weak link..striking!!!

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  24. sammy

    I’m a fan of Llorente since last year but the coming of Giroud who is similar to him leaves me with no choice than to pick Lopez ahead of Llorente.Away from that, pls Wenger should sell Djorou and squillachi to fund a better CD.

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  25. Uche

    Adrian Lopez seems more realistic and the fact that everybody is talking about it makes me feel that we have moved quickly to secure him like we did with Podolski. Plus he has a release clause so once we trigger it, they can offer no resistance. That is the easiest way to buy these players. Once you meet the release clause, their clubs don’t have a choice. Demba Ba is another cheap and clinical striker with premier league experience.

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  26. ERG

    Would love to see walcott swap deal with daniel sturridge
    and lopez brought in aswell in january.

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  27. Somtee

    @ Arun Lopez scored 19 goals last season and Navas scored 15 goals last season,get your facts right.

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