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Should Arsenal go for another FREE transfer with Barca star?

Arsene Wenger does like a bargain, as every Arsenal fan knows all too well, and getting a quality player without having to pay a single penny, or Eurp as the case may be, in transfer fees is certainly a bargain, so I reckon that the Arsenal boss will be having a good long think about the news, reported by the Spanish Catalan sports paper Sport that FC Barcelona are willing to let their Turkish international Arda Turan go for nothing.

Just like the Gunners it appears that Barca are currently more concerned about seeing certain fringe players leave their squad before the end of the transfer window, perhaps with a view to bringing more in. Whatever the reason, the 30-year old Turan appears to be available, but should Wenger bring him to north London.

He is a creative attacking player who plays on the flanks as well as through the middle and we know that Wenger was trying to sign that sort of player in Thomas Lemar. Turan was doing great things at Atletico Madrid but his move top the Nou Camp has not worked out, but that does not mean he has lost his talent or forgotten how to play.

What do you think about this one Gooners?


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21 thoughts on “Should Arsenal go for another FREE transfer with Barca star?

  1. John Ibrahim

    why do we need an ageing and lack of pace 30yo??

    Fans will be demanding a replacement at the end of season

  2. ZEN2OH

    No, No, No and No……We do not need another liability that will command another huge wages. Draxler for 32mil is a bargain

    1. Quantic Dream

      But will Draxler leave a champions league club to play in Europa? Yep, I didn’t think so either.

      1. Arsenal_Girl

        Ibrahimovich did.
        Lacazette did
        Kolsanic did.
        Mktharyan did.
        Van Dijk did
        POGBA did.
        Mahrez and Lemar were happy to come to us too.

        Champions League is not everything

        1. karonito

          Just for the record,Lacazzette didn’t, Lyon aren’t in the UCL. Don’t know which champions league club Kolasinac left for us,cause it definitely wasn’t Schalke 04

    2. Finding Dory

      Forget about Draxler. Forget about Mharez, Lemar, Llorente. Forget about Goretzka, Van Dijk, or Seri. We aren’t signing anyone anymore.

      We are keeping Ozil, Sanchez, and Ox.

      And please I’m tired of reading that Arsenal is getting Benzema or Ascencio. We just aren’t getting anyone of high caliber.

      Transfer business for Arsenal is over.

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on m e.

        1. Finding Dory

          There is not 1 single story in the media that is based on any real fact. All the transfer rumors pertaining to Arsenal are pure conjecture. Draxler is a pipe dream. Benzema is dependent on Alexis leaving or being sold (he is not; he has no choice. If the team won’t sell him, he’s stuck. He has a contract). Sanchez can’t force a sale or transfer. He just cannot do it.

          So there’s simply no credible story that Arsenal is getting anyone. Nada. Let’s face it. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. But there is zero smoke on every Arsenal rumor.

          Sad to say.

  3. Gerry pall

    Look you aint getting any new players arsene says squad is too big ? when did he find that out when he found out he might have spend money to buy players why does he want keep players who no longer want to play for the club and let them go for nothing when buy selling sanchez and ox he bring in close.100m and buy v dyke lemarr and seri or draxler and still have money left from the so called.170m war chest he supposed to been given

  4. Andrew Ken Reyes

    Wenger may buy a top quality player next Summer . He has no interest in buying in this window again . It stands to reason he has no interest in winning any important trophy .

  5. gmv8

    Kroenke likes a bargain, not Wenger. Wenger was never stingy before Kroenke. Kroenke is the modern day version of Scrooge, although far stingier and meaner. He even buys his suits from a second hand shop, as a new one will only depreciate in value. Wenger must’ve fought tooth and nail to keep AS, so it surprises me that he hasn’t bought more players, as he seems to be going for all or nothing.

  6. Omar Khadine

    Oxlade Chamberlain is a charity case. In the six seasons he has been at AFC he has missed 154 games due to in jury. That is 4 full seasons. out of 6 ! and he has been paid handsomely throughout. If your wife had headaches for 4 years every night in 6 years of marriage , she would be sent packing out of the door. While other 1st team players drive in their Bentleys and Farraris to to the club Ox and Wilshire get chauffeur driven in Ambulances ! Time to usher the Ox to the door and boot blighter out !

  7. Jan

    Ok….how should I put this…and not be rude..?
    Why the f**k we go for Arda or even Mdf**kn Brozovic or that Golovin sh*t guy…we have Clamsey Flopslade Wheeler LOLcott…why add another deadwood?

  8. Imran

    May be Arsene waiting for bargain. But how difficult the decision is to offload Walcott and welbz and bring in Draxler and mahrez. Wages of both can be easiy manageable. Don’t know why Wenger doesn’t go for a CB and CDM? Why can’t he see that? Why don’t he sense he need both of that positions? I believe still we have chance to win both EPL and Europa league by having strong 25 players. He must have 6-7 players for whole season which are irreplaceable and they must be regular for EPL and Europa league. He can rotate 4-5 players. In my opinion strongest XI and formation must be:
    Van dijk Kos mustafi
    Bellerin/Ox CDM xhaka/Ramsey saed
    Ozil Sanchez

    It will be 3-4-2-1 and in some cases 4-1-3-2 to punish small teams:
    Bellerin Van dijk Kos/mustafi saed
    Iwobi/Ox Ozil xhaka/Draxler
    Lacazette Sanchez

    6-7 Players who must play only EPL and Europa league are : Sanchez,van Dijk, lacazette,saed,mustafi,CDM and xhaka
    For rotation we can have remaining players.

  9. amb98

    I know Arda Turan is on the older side now but he is a brilliant player. At Barca he was stuck behind MSN. When Messi was injured for a couple of months, Arda came in and was outstanding. If his wages are reasonable then it would be a good deal because alongside fantastic technique, Turan has amazing work rate, you don’t start for Simeone’s Atletico Madrid team if you do not. Tired of seeing Walcott near the team. However Turan is not an essential signing. We need at least one centre back, 2 central midfielders and a replacement for Ox as it seems like he’s leaving.

  10. Henry Nwachukwu

    If Turan is truly available I suggest we should go after him and offer him one or two seasons contract with option of renewal if he delivers. Man United did it with Zalatan last season and even Barca has just signed on 30 year old Paulinho from Chinese league to replace Nemar. Any player that can strengthen the team is welcomed.

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