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Should Arsenal keep van Persie?

Juventus (possibly) compiling massive £70m package. Deal or no deal? By SV

A couple of days ago, it was reported that Italian giants Juventus had put together a giant package of £70m (including wages) to tempt our skipper to join them, and to tempt Arsenal to allow him to. This supposedly includes a £20m transfer fee for us and a £190k per week pay package after tax for him. I realize that there is a high chance that this story’s total bollocks, but hey, this is a news website and has to report all news. Anyway, here is a quote from the Mirror’s article:

“Juventus are set to launch a stunning SEVENTY million pound attempt to lure Robin van Persie to Italy.

Giuseppe Marotta, the Serie A champions’ general manager, has held further talks with van Persie’s representatives and made it clear they will top any offer made by rivals Manchester United….Van Persie will also be offered a five-year deal worth £190,000 a week AFTER tax….And Juve have told his agents that they will make a £20m offer to Arsenal for his services.”

Sounds like Class A journalism to me. Let’s take a look at it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that Italy is pretty much the same as Britain, in that the very top earners pay about 40% tax. So for RVP to be offered 190k AFTER tax, his salary, before tax, would have to be around £315k…per week. That’s about 50% more than the wage of the Premier League’s highest paid player. Now I ask you, does it seem likely that Juventus are willing to splash that kind of cash on a 28 year old player with a dreadful injury record?

It doesn’t seem likely to me.

No, what I was most interested in, obviously, was the fee which might be paid to us. If current rumours are to be believed, then no bid for our captain has yet topped £15m. Most pundits reckon that £20m is a reasonable figure for his services, given that he only has a year left on his contract.

I think that this is ridiculous. I realize that he may have alienated many of the fans (I personally think he can still have a future with us), but he is still a world class striker who has just been Player of the Year in the hardest league on the world.
He’s about as good a player as you can get. On last season’s evidence, he’s right up there with the likes of Iniesta, Ronaldo and Messi. So, for someone to suggest that we should sell him for £20m – when crap like Modric is going for 30 – is unbelievable.

I could be wrong, but RVP could well be the difference between silverware and failure, so I seriously suggest this: reject the £15m offers, keep RVP, win the title, recoup the 15m in prize money. Simple. What do you think?

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64 thoughts on “Should Arsenal keep van Persie?

  1. stuffler

    RVP needs song n theo as provider..
    He will struggle if he leave

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  2. Blind Love

    Would rather see him stay but if he wants to go let him go for the right price.

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  3. foul mouthed nasri

    i wonder why he is still here.take the money and run!

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  4. abel

    Keep him till next year.wenger has stated dat our strikers won’t be ready for †ђξ start of †ђξ season but if we decide to keep him he’ll be ready  we can carefully ease pod and giroud into d premier league.if he stays fit i see us winning silverware coz he’ll get more supply from cazorla and a rejuvinated gervinho.IMHO keep him  reject any bid below 25million GBP

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  5. Zak

    If we decide to keep RVP, we may want to maintain him as the captain to keep him happy. This is in return might not bode well with his teammates (Remember he basically labelled them crap). This is why it’s in the Arsenal’s best interests to sell him!

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  6. Syed

    Sick and tired..
    We frankly dont care bout him nymore.
    1 good season in 7 and he’s holding the team 2 ransom ?!
    Thank god he’ll never be a legend !

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  7. nate

    U’ve spoken wisely, even £20mil is rather small, considering older players like ibrahimovic(£31mil), xavi & alonso wld b sold for almost/over double that fee.
    Anyway we’ve got 2do wat we’ve got 2do n that’s 2 dump him outta d prem league for at least £20mil.

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  8. syah

    you can talk about rvp until the cows come home… seriously it is tiring… after we sign carzola(hopefully) i wont care much about rvp anymore… it is a player who will complete ARSENAL as challengers of title… assume everyone in the first team stays(walcott ,song etc)…

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  9. DocBrody

    Well if it’s being put to a vote, then I vote YES let’s keep him.

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  10. Dan

    The reason his valuation is around £20m is because of his age, injury record and only one year left on his contract. I say sell him because he’s made it clear he wants out and I think there’s no coming back once a player crosses the line because you know his hearts not in it anymore. He could also easily be injured for 4 or 5 months next season with his record. I think we need 2/3 more players and we’ll be sorted.

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  11. Sureli

    I would keep him. We need him for the first few games until podolski and Giroud are acclamatized. Who knows he might get hurt as soon as the season starts and realize that he has no takers and decide to extend his contract for less that what was offered to him. Even I he does not get injured an arsenal team with him is stronger than with out him.

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  12. lets be Realistic

    RVP is a World Class Striker…..We are only Pretending if We say we Don’t need Him

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  13. Mike Gooner

    Why would you want to keep someone who doesn’t want to stay.

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  14. Tom

    If he really wants to leave than we should sell him and move on. If the player doesn’t want to be there it doesn’t help anybody. Also you said his proposed salary of 315 k is 50% higher than anybody in premier league? There are few players making over 200 k, yaya makes 250 k. If he wants to leave and we can get 20 mil I think that would be good business for us.
    This whole situation shows that RVP is really only concerned about money. We have showed lot of ambition so far especially if we sign cazorla and suhin. Just goes to show that rvp is not a true gunner. What a shame.

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  15. merkin

    I say keep him if there are no reasonable offers. He maybe one hell of a terrible PR man for himself but he is a professional and he gave his all for this club last year. Even if he just did it to increase his market value he will do it again. We are a better club when he plays, I don’t care who we sign.

    If AW wants to go for broke this year to win the league or the Champions League, the only two that matter for a top club with ambition, I suggest that he signs a DM and cover for the LB. I don’t care how many goals that you score, every top team has to win a few ugly, with defense, in a campaign. Even if he covers one of them with loans.

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  16. Meks

    Remember we bought RVP for 2.7m from feyenoord, recieving 20m isn’t a bad return after 8 years.

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  17. Jon

    It’s time to let him go. He’s had one brilliant season, but there’s no reason to try to keep him. He’ll be done in by age and/or injury sooner rather than later. Even if his 2012-13 season yields similar results, it would make more sense to take the 15-20mil in transfer to get someone younger. Yes, he scored at an insane rate last year, but that’s largely because no one else could (due to ability or to his dominance). Open it up–instead of one guy scoring 30, why not 3, 4, 5 each scoring 8-10 goals?

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  18. cupsui

    I think if we can get 20million quid sell him. But i think this 70million talk is bullsh%t. Why is this the only transfer talked about in terms of wages and transfer fee. its stupid and made up crap.

    Again if we get 20mil sell!! he doesn’t want to be there so its time to move on with people who do! you can’t have a club captain saying things like that. He would have to come out apologise and sign an extension for things to be smoothed over and for him to stay as captain. If he doesn’t apologise and stays and doesn’t sign he should be stripped of captaincy no questions asked

    TV5 should be our captain this season FULL STOP.

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  19. jd

    why not he just stay at arsenal and play with our new guns.i think that this season are ours..hope cazorla deal will materialize today.then we go to lure Nuri Sahin on season loan to add up creative in our midfield, with a permanent basis move to emirates.this is my opinion.hopefully the deal will strike the defence,we really need a big and tough guy such as Sakho.we should consider to him to help our defense because we really need a person that tough just like sol campbell and tony adams.Sakho is the right person to bring to emirates.

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  20. MrMasterShepard

    With Van Persie we’ll have the best atacking side in the league with a lot of tactical options,we have skillful players as well as finishers,and with our great midfield,soon to be even better with possible signings,well have a lot of opportunities.Our only problem shall be our defense,they need to start working as a unity.We are signing Cazorla,but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be getting Sahin on loan to buy him on the end of the season,because he is a great player and he will become even better at Arsenal thanks to Wenger,and if we sign M’Vila we’ll have a lot of options in midfield to if Willshere and Ramsey fulfill their potential and get back in form.This looks like a promising season for Arsenal,and with our youngsters showing a lot of ability the future looks promising too.It is crucial then that we keep Van Persie for he will raise the team’s morale.

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  21. jon

    you are as good as the team u play with. Without song and theo lets see hw he performs. The guy shld go let hav our peace

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  22. Henryesk

    All this one good season talk is a little off the mark tbf.. Last season he scored 22 Goals and 2 seasons before that he scored 20 and that’s without being fully fit.. I still think it would be great to keep him.. If the Cazorla deal goes through and with Wilshere & Song along side RVP we would have arguably the most creative team in the league.. Not to mention the new power in attack with Giroud and Poldi… Nevertheless no player is bigger than the team so if it is his wish to leave he must leave… ‘at the right price’.



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  23. Jose Mourinho Ruined Arsenal

    Why would we keep him? He doesnt want to be a Arsenal Player anymore is he gonna give 100% on the pitch? I say take the 20 million and invest it in a player who wants to be an Arsenal player and win trophy!

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  24. Anon

    I think your calculation is way off. the 40% tax rate is only on the income above a certain figure. its not on the whole thing. So while his pay would be substantial that’s probably more in the mid 200 range. Also, any chance Italy has some special exception for soccer players? Nobody pays taxes there anyway.

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  25. Gunnerineverylife

    Sell him.He might sulk around and affect player’s mentality.If we fail to win trophy this season again he may repeat the same thing next season,same saga will continue so selling him would be a better option.BUT we all know that Podolski and Giroud are unproven in EPL,it would be a massive risk to expect 20 goals each from them in their first season in EPL.Even if one of them fails to fire then we will be in trouble.So from this perspective we should keep him as regardless of his attitude towards the club he is still a world-class player.

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  26. T2T

    RvP wanted to have a good shot at a title. If Arsenal bring in Santi in addition to Podolski and Giroud, we have an amazing team. We will probably need a better GK to fight it out with Szczesny.
    Szczesny – one of the very best GK in PL
    Sagna – best RB in PL, maybe the world
    Koscielny/Vermaelen – is a top, top CB pairing with Mertesacker, Bartley, Djourou, Miquel as back ups
    Gibbs/Santos – is a very good LB pair but neither is at the very top in PL, our weakest position in the starting XI
    MF – best in the league? Song, Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arshavin, Coquelin, Frimpong, Cazorla?
    Forwards – Walcott, Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, AOC, RvP? only ManC can compete with this quality.
    Our weakness is, except for the starting berth as LB, back up GK and the laid back attitude when we lose possession. I doubt AW will do anything with the LB situation but he may do something about the back up GK and Steve Bould should do something with defending as a team.
    In addition, we have lot´s of up and coming players such as Eisfeld. I am looking forward to next season.

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  27. Abolade Bossman


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  28. Aussie Jack

    For me the die is cast, he can not continue as captain and he can`t be trusted to perform to the best of his ability.
    He made his mind up last season to make as much as he can while he can, then retire. We must now concentrate our efforts on the coming season and the opening match against Sunderland there is no time to play games with Mr. van Persie.

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  29. Charlie

    I’ll avoid the obvious comments about Italy and tax being in the same sentance for fear of being undiplomatic. Just want to say I don’t think any team will meet his demands and I think, once he’s realised that the money on offer isn’t what he had hoped and Arsenal have signed a world class playmaker there’s a good chance that he’ll stay. Would I want him too ? well obviously I would, he’s one of the best players in the world. Belive me fans soon forget what players have said or what wages they’ve demanded if the player is performing well on the pitch.

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  30. poldi

    i have said it before and i’ll say it again, he will sign a contract with arsenal IF we do not sell him in this transfer window, he surely will.

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  31. Charlie

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not getting hung up on him staying. I think he will but if doesn’t and Arsenal sign Cazorla along with the two already signed i’ll be looking forward to next season. Players come and go but the club moves on. Arsenal have lost better players than Van Persie.

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  32. ali

    even if we keep RVP i dont think he will deliver as last season coz his heart will not be at the club. what we are seeing is the true colours of RVP i.e egoistic fellow who does not care and forgets how the club, manager, the board as the fans have been loyal to him and kept faith in him and now one good season and he is holding the club at ransom? pliz give us a break and get us the £20million and look for a world class replacement and i can assure you RVP will regret why he ever left arsenal. coz we will a trophy and he will not and may be he is the reason why we r not winning {superstitious}. Go GUNNERS Go.

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  33. AfiricaGooner

    I am just wondering how on earth RVP chooses Juventus over staying at Arsenal? Is he after money or ambition/trophy bla bla? Why would Arsenal keep such a player?

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  34. TheArsenalboard sucks

    Van Persie is being our captain. Remember what his wife and
    Mother said??he loves the team and wants us to make world
    class acquisitions..If the board and AW make more world class
    signings then he will stay and win trophies with us

    You want him to be sold and get who?? Some Gooners need to
    wake up. We waited a whole season long to replace Fabregas
    (with Cazorla hopefully). Imagine how long it would take to get
    a player of RVP’s class..we all know our board doesn’t like to
    spend. Its not like we were empty handed last season but we just
    didn’t want to buy world class. He wants us to have a stronger team

    He’s clearly a fan..The minute he signs, its the very minute Arsenal will stops their business in the transfer market

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  35. DonMadt

    Keeping Robin van Persie’s a bad idea cos his presence in the locker room would be a bad influence on other players. Wenger had faith in the Lad for 8 years and he only produced one good season because of injuries.
    Since he’s decided to repay poor Mr Wenger in the wrong way, the best thing’s for him to leave. Besides, no one is greater than a club.
    We’ve lost Henry, Vieira, Fabregas and co and still survived so who is Robin van Persie?

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  36. ABK

    its a noo brainer of course we need him, if we didnt have hin last year we wouldnt have got fourth spot

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  37. Amol

    looking forward….
    rvp is good option to cash on…
    coz ffp will put into action
    no crazy negotiation can b carried out by some oil earning crazy billionaires

    so its like this transfer window, this crazy billionaires might spend knowing they can’t from next season.

    wenger has already signed podolski n giroud
    n cazorla signing simply means he’s preparing seriously this time.

    rvp not signing a new contract with arsenal
    creates an unwanted n negative atmosphere in dressing room n in players

    any player who doesn’t wanna b part of the arsenal family should b allowed to leave…

    there’s still time…so expect late offers for rvp with increased bids

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  38. Malik

    well tell u what, if he leaves after the signings of giround, podolski and carzola then he doesn’t care about ambition he bcares about his wallet, so we should sell to whoever offers the most to repay the favour i.e. Malaga, PSG, Real Madrid f*ck where he wants to go

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  39. smith

    van persie is a world class striker no doubt about it.with his talent he deserves a champion league trophy. Lets not forget all his magic on the pitch for arsenal.we should pardon him and give him a chance to prove his love for arsenal this season. As soon as the deals for cazorla and sahin/affelay is completed, van persie will sign for arsenal again.

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  40. RVP is a traitor

    Off course we shouldn’t keep him! When you have a weed in your garden do you say ‘awwwwwww that looks pritty, shall we keep it’ only for it to destroy the rest of your garden? No!

    Wenger needs to deal with this long line of Judas players. Fabregas saga went on for years and got us nowhere in the end. He needs to stop this happening again.

    RVP does not love this club. He loves himself so please just let him go and love himself elsewhere!

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  41. lalas

    To me whatever van persie says let’s bring in more world class players once d carzolas deal is done let AW bring in M’villa nd sahin nd probably RB cover for sagna with these our team will become a trophy contending team nd am sure rvp will want to staw we should no forget that he has always being an Arsenal fan before he started as a professional,nd considerind his age and achivement he needs silverware nd if we work towards that by bringing right players he ll stay

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  42. gooner4ever

    keep rvp.we all know that if we sell him the fee received will just be used to pay off the signings we have already made.after cazorla deal is tied up i dont see us making anymore major signings but if we can keep rvp and get wilshire back to his best quickly we may go close in not overly convinced about the current man u and man city teams and chelsea only seem alot stronger than last year because they spent big on unproven players.dont forget rvp is prob the best striker in world at the moment,certainly in the bpl.

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  43. Arszeal

    I say use him aslong as we can. He will give his best if not for team then for himself. £20m wont hurt in long run. And if we title (wid him more chance) then we can recover that as price money and more with other endorsements.

    Keep him till his contract runs out. Who knows he might even have a change of heart!

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  44. Dereck

    I thnk cazo wil do somthng fo us. But wenger plz sell chamak arshav and ol thos buggag. Wat about vertong ganso. Plz man do us a favour

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  45. tyler b santos

    fellow gooner lets stop lyng 2 our selves. Even with carzola, sahin, giroud and poldi we still need vp. If u luk at the 2011-2012 season. U will realise how much rvp is needed at a club that seriously want 2 chalenge 4 titles. Poldi and giroud need time 2 adoupt in epl. And if u heard wat aw said they are not fit enough 2 start our season. With a team consisting of players like vp-sagna-verm-kosc-song-arteta-wilsh-theo-rosicky-giroud-poldi-sahin-carzola-per and etc we will surely turn into a serious title contending team. Wat is vanpersie leaving arsenal on a free and we have epl on our hands. Its worth a try. Wat do u think.

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  46. Sir Black

    Y’al make me laugh… Spurs can refuse to sell their players.. Bt we can’t.. Every summer our star players must leave bcos they want to?.. A big Club sticks to their players whether they want to or not.. So why sell him cos if we do!!… Next season they would come for Song..Wilshere.. Etc.. So we should keep selling cos they want to leave?.. I say let’s make a statement.. THAT WE ARE NOT A SELLING CLUB!!… #IMO

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  47. TRM

    Reports in today’s media suggest juv are close to wrapping this up. I think the closer Arsenal get to Cazola, the closer Arsenal are to letting RVP go.

    An exchange of Polki, Giroud & Cazola for RVP. I think this is a transfer window well done

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  48. sulyman olayinka

    Pls leave Rvp alone,his stil our Man,every Body desarves a second chance,lets give him Anoda chance so dat he can have time to apologise,We need him alot.

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  49. sulyman olayinka

    why u people are usin signin of carzola to trow de best strika in de best leage in de Hole wold out,have to all santi is not a strika a attackin midfida, is not fea,wenga pls let him stay i still love him.

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  50. dozie

    rvp should not go out of arsenal because their can not help his the way arsenal use to used him in playing football pls rvp u have to be in arsenal00

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  51. dozie

    Sell him.He might sulk around and affect player’s mentality.If we fail to win trophy this season again he may repeat the same thing next season,same saga will continue so selling him would be a better option.BUT we all know that Podolski and Giroud are unproven in EPL,it would be a massive risk to expect 20 goals each from them in their first season in EPL.Even if one of them fails to fire then we will be in trouble.So from this perspective we should keep him as regardless of his attitude towards the club he is still a world-class player.

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  52. gunner

    guys if we get m’villa, sahin and cazorola then i can see podolski, giroud and RVP scoring at least 20 goals each next season and Premier league will be ours, full stop.

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  53. arsenalheart

    he z nt aftermoney guys i thnk van10 haz smethng in hiz head he wants mr.wenger to go in transfer thats why we still can forgive but what he wants is wenger to buy qualities player like he did(pod&giroud and then cazorla and mvilla )then you will see him sign a life contract then be a legend
    pllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz gooooooooooooneeeersssssssssss on behalf of him forgive him

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  54. xolani

    van persie will nt go dnt u all c dis at da last minute rvp will sign a new contract his jst w8ng 2 c hw many gud players arsenal sign n if we sign 4 he wil extend his stay bt if we dnt den he wil join anada team.

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  55. Louis

    Wenger should convince Van Persie to stay like he did to his girlfriend. If he stays we shall win trophies BUT if he leaves i doubt whether we can win any silverware this season. Dear fans let us not only look @ the negative side of Van PERSIE , he is the one making wenger to spend and we need to thank him for that but if he wants to go, lets wish him the best. 2014/2015 season Arsenal tour to UGANDA. We shall gun down MAN U, MAN SHITY, CHEALSEA, SPUDS, ETC

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  56. youngmurad

    We should keep RVP I wander why always Arsenal keep selling star player especially when the player are getting better and much better I understand that its part of business but they should knw wht’s Arsenal mean and think about fans we are not here to just play games what we need is to win trophy if we keep selling players like last year ARSENAL WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING I hope they will not sell RVP bc of money let the player play and show their experience and leave some legacy and earn what they deserve it

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  57. Samuel usani

    I suggest we sell him if he refuse to sign a new contract else we might tend to lose him for free at the end of the season. And i also suggest the he be given a long term deal if eventually he agrees to sign so dat the likes of man .u., man city and other clubs who like trowing money at players would not come near him again.

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