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Should Arsenal pay £8m for this young but experienced DM?

There have been many Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few months linking us with the Dinamo Zagreb defensive midfielder Marcelo Brozovic, and today it is being reported in the Telegraph that the Croatian giants have turned down an opening offer of £5m from Arsenal for the in-demand 22 year-old.

“If someone wants one of our key players, it can only be with a memorable bid, if they knock me off my feet,” Dinamo manager Zdravko Mamic said. “That is my principle, and the numbers appearing in the media do not interest us.”

This memorable bid is being reported to be £8million, which again seems like a reasonable price for me for a player that we need. Add to that that Brozovic is only 22 years old so could have a long and illustrious career ahead of him, BUT he already very experienced, having played over 100 games at the top level in Croatia, and also has six caps for his country.

This tells me that he is definitely not a damp squib but could be brilliant investment even at £8million. If you add to that that Arsenal are actually in dire need of defensive cover then this move would seem like a no-brainer. The rumour mill is saying that other clubs like Liverpool, Spurs, AC Milan, Valencia and Everton are also watching the bidding with interest, so if Wenger likes him enough to bid £5m then why not go the whole way to £8m and close the deal quickly?

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35 thoughts on “Should Arsenal pay £8m for this young but experienced DM?

  1. gooner100

    Never heard of him. Who scored says he’s an attacking midfielder, but can play deeper.

    For me, we don’t need another utility midfielder, we need a specialist who wants to sit deeper, can break up play and protect the back four.

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    1. muffdiver

      yeah hes a box to box.
      i reckon hes coming, too much smoke round him an arsenal and my uncles second cuisins mate dave says he saw him with dolph lundgren at holloway station

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    2. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      Arsenal has been linked to 17 players now? or more?
      Well at least 16 of those are untrue.

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      1. juhislihis

        Actually I just ran out of toilet paper..


        Where’s my tin foil hat..

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        1. muffdiver


          wenger joined the freemasons cos it had the word ‘free’ in it

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          1. juhislihis

            Hahahaha and he also thought he would get Ryan Mason from Spurs for free.

            “Hey Arsene, ever heard of a Freemason?”
            “Whot? Sacre Bleu! Another free midfielder, s’il vous plait.”

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  2. Brada b

    Aw iz not going to sign any1 until the last hour b4 the transfer window closes #panicbuy

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  3. fred cowardly

    I am 99% certain that Wenger will NOT get a specialised DM. Maybe a box2box or versatile midfielder. Wenger is NOT a defensive minded manager.

    Actually, he may have lost his mind all together

    Seriously, I think Wenger is delighted with Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Coquelin and Chambers.

    Obviously, we are not. 🙁

    If it was up to me I would get Kondogbia or Carvalho.

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    1. phil-thompsons-nose

      Wenger hasn’t had the defensive side of our game rectified since 2004!
      I totally agree that we won’t sign the necessary players we need..
      Wenger won’t change a habit of a lifetime
      Sad and there’s no point getting upset..there’s not long to go for his contract to be up ,
      Oh how we wish for a Diego simeone type manager that can actually get the best out of average players by instilling passion and desire throughout the team instead of Passive weak willed diminutIve players content with 4th !!

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  4. Hafiz Rahman

    get gustavo…hes world class…..

    6mths with bayern…

    world class performance for brazil against germany….

    very experience player….usefull when we get hammered by top teams

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      1. muffdiver

        that would be difficult smarty pants- he plays for wolfsburg ahahaha

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          1. muffdiver

            hafiz was being sarcatic man.

            do u ever chill out?
            swear every time i see u on here u mad as hell.

            whats a matter cupcake?

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      2. Hafiz Rahman

        hes just too good for bayern….making the players at Bayern look bad…

        world class…love the game Brazil vs Germany…

        absolutely world class footy from Gustavo

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  5. Tope

    @hafiz, pls tell them. Isnt it funny that the armchair managers here want worldclass dm and in their list you see names like gustavo,calvaho etc. The days of “wenger is a fool for loosing paulinho to totts” is still fresh in my brain. 1 pattern i observed in here is – they wait for the flavour of the month then come insulting arsene for not getting him. This why the names they put up here are the same they read in those useless tabloids even when they havent watch the player for 5mins. Yesterday it was delude arsene couldnt finalise a deal for a 17yr old player. The player came out and said he has chosen us and as expect its we are after a 17yr old why chelsea had signed kramaric(in their dream) and liverpool after shaqiri- gone to inter milan.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Mvilla, Capoue, Diame, Sissoko, Tiote etc… all world class players

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  6. Ks-Gunner

    If Wenger fails to bring any new dm then he should use wilsher in that deep role for f sake

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  7. john0711

    guys have you noticed even the media are struggling to make up rumours about Arsenal transfers this window, it’s always ” preparing a bid”.” Closing in on target”,” ready to make offer”
    We are not signing anyone worth talking about, get used to it, I understand it’s still exciting to think we might but it’s not going to happen.
    And I’m beginning to think it’s not Wengers fault, if the head man Kronkie was unhappy, he would sack wenger or put him under pressure, but he doesn’t because he’s a buisness man and he is making money, so even if wenger goes he will just get a wenger mark 2 , so this is how it’s going to be I’m afraid until for some reason the yank leaves.
    I’m the same as you, I keep looking at news now and goonernews just hoping he proves me wrong
    But you can put lipstick on a pig,and it’s still a pig sorry

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    1. phil-thompsons-nose

      Too right!
      It’s kroenke.. And Wengers his puppet!
      Both content with 4th – money in the bank
      Mediocrity on the pitch..

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  8. alexhare

    Arsenal and United have both been linked with a move for Gundogan for £16M. I’d definitely go for him instead. Always thought Gundogan was quality, and if he’s available for a decent price, why not? Probably take more like £25M to get him though

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    1. muffdiver

      gundogan is absolute class, but its almost same as marco reus level interest if he becomes available- so unlikely hes coming here, hes definitely not dm,
      but its like if isco becomes available -what u gonna say? lol

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  9. badenglish

    why not? Arsenal is a top Club. Alexis Sanchez is the same level like Reus.

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      1. DaveJay

        Let’s see Reus have a better start than Sanchez in the Premiership.

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  10. Twig

    I think Coquelin is our new DM. Wenger has said he has been impressed with him?.So why would he splash money on another DM, when Arteta will soon be back? No signings this January boys! Let’s stick with what we’ve got already.

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  11. Ronny331

    So today I hear us linked with 17 year old and 22 year old mf players. It does certainly seem that wenger is building for the future and trying to leave a sqaud with longevity after hes left. Iam all for this but 1. Are they good enough? Or will they be intergrated slowly by rotating with our current players? 2. Would the money be better spent on a proven more experienced player? A kondgobia, carbavho, martinez. Are these players even available in Jan? Wenger may see that they are not and he needs a solution now. I saw someone mention nkoulou earlier, good shout as we could try to get him for 15m, (covered by the vermalen money? Or has kroneke spent it?). 10m on a lw player, 15m to 20m on a proven dm player. Surely thats achievable in Jan and 25m isn’t breaking the bank too much.

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