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Should Arsenal pay €50m for Julian Draxler?

Arsenal have been linked with striker after striker so far this summer, but are yet to actually come up with the goods, apart from Japanese youngster Takuma Asano. Arsenal fans will be hoping to soon be put out of their disappointment on the Arsenal transfer front by Arsene Wenger, who is reportedly looking at a number of top quality strikers. Le Prof, though, is hardly known as a big gambler and is more likely to be seen playing on the no-deposit slot machines!

Aside from Aubameyang, Higuain, Lukaku and Morata, one name that is also on the possible-Arsenal-signings list, is the Wolfsburg and Germany international Julian Draxler. Draxler may not be a conventional striker, having played most of his time at Schalke on the wings. However since his move to Wolfsburg last summer, Draxler has often played up front. The striker has shown promising quality when leading the line and looks to be the perfect fit for Arsene Wenger to turn into a top quality front man, if he cannot find an already established experienced striker that is.

Like many of the names above however, Draxler wouldn’t come particularly cheap, with Wolfsburg unwilling to part with a player they only signed last summer on a five year contract. However the German club would supposedly be willing to sell at around the €50 million mark, a price that Wenger is reportedly willing to match.

To see Draxler at the Emirates would be extremely promising for a number of reasons. Firstly Draxler has all the attributes of a good striker with pace, strength as well as a strong ariel ability. Secondly he is still young and can be developed into the Arsenal style of play. He was a target of Wenger last summer and Arsenal even reportedly made a bid, but it was rejected.

Lastly his adaptability and versatility on the pitch means that he could play a number of roles for Arsenal on the pitch. This could come in handy when the inevitable injures start to kick in.

Draxler would be a costly investment but I think he would certainly be worth it. What do you think about the latest developments?


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36 thoughts on “Should Arsenal pay €50m for Julian Draxler?

  1. 007

    I would definitely like us to sign Drax as his a player of great skills and has a bright future a head of him. BUT should we sign him this summer then he should be followed up with either a Lukaku or Lacazette, throw in Howedes and its party.

    Time to dust that cheque book Arsene, your holiday in France will soon be over.

    1. Peter12

      Personally, I wouldn’t like us to spend that sort of money on Draxler, not because he isn’t a very good footballer – which he is, not because he is a traditionally German style player – which he is. It is simply because his natural position in play isn’t a priority poisition for us, otherwise we’ll have much less money left for priority positions. The argument seems to be at Arsenal that if a player is good enough he can be shoe-horned into playing in any position. My view is, yes any class player can fit into a different position on a temporary basis but it doesn’t mean they like it or find it necessarily natural, can become frustrated. I know Wenger finds it his pet hobby to mess around like this, but it doesn’t normally work (one of the exceptions is our Henry), most players struggle and can give less than 100%. The other point about Draxler being young so he can be moulded into Arsenal style, what I like about a new recruit coming in is the way it can refresh the other players in the squad and adds a new dimension to our player. If I bring a player in it would be precisely because I want to add to extra to our play (surprise element) and not sameness. One of our failings in recent years has been our predictability hence grinding out boring ‘draw’s when completely dominated the game. I would suggest (if there is any substance to the story) Draxler’s best contribution would come from playing like a TRADITIONAL GERMAN player rather that typical tiki-taka Barca style. If I were him I wouldn’t come to Arsenal if that was what was intended. Could it be that, that is the reason why Vardy decided not to join us. Differences in style (though I guess there were other reasons also – ‘more money’, ‘the Leicester Story’, ‘Ranieri’, ‘playing with two strikers’). Having said all that, Germany last night played the tiki-take football with 65% possession and lost 2 – 0 deservedly to France who played more like a typical German team, despite only 35% possession! Mr Wenger please observe. Please note that while you were a spectator to that game and drooling over some of the cream of players you’ll never be able to acquire, your nemesis Mourinio managed to recruit 4 class players. Mr Wenger, Mr Wenger, where are you?

      1. Ozzy AFC

        I have to agree, also are we even linked with Draxler?? or is this more a mixture of supposition and Media speculation?
        Priority is a goal scoring beast of a striker and I dont mean the likes of Lukaku who I feel is massively overpriced and would be a waste of money.
        I cant help but feel that its going to be business as usual with Le Prof as I really cant see him splurging the dosh in what may potentially be his last season with us I mean why would he ?
        He never has yet and he has the ideal excuse with Giroud potentially being a European cup winner.
        He’s already stated that OG will lead the line this next season and I for one dont see that he is lying.

  2. Skandalouz



    Because its a sign to fans players and competitors we WANT to win the league. The fact that this kid has loads of similarities to RVP when i still played in Holland helps his case aswell.

  3. G-Rude

    More like Count Draxler!

    But seriously, Wenger said earlier that he was impressed with Draxler’s early form at the Euros. But is he really worth 50m ?

  4. davidnz

    Arsenal is a veritable
    ocean of attackers.
    Giroud Wellbeck Sanogo
    Akpom + the Jaguar can
    provide a torrent no an avalanche of goals.
    Sanchez Walcott Chamberlain Campbell Iwobi
    +Adelaide are wing men of the highest order.
    Ozil Wilshere Ramsey Cazorla Elneny Zelalem
    are expert midfield maestros orchestrating
    symphonic footballing synergy
    18 top top attackers.
    So why would we need to waste 40 mill on Draxler?

    1. stubill

      Agreed, Sanogo will out score Zlatan, Kane, Aguero, Vardy and Lukaku added together.

    2. Peter12

      I don’t think we should only because it would be a luxury as we have many similar attacking midfielders of various quality – too many fairly similar players. Instead we should fill in the gaping holes. Where I disagree with you is your optimistic view of our goal scoring talent. Ignoring your joke about Sanogo(or Walcott or the Ox), I don’t think our way of building slowly, deliberately from the back reaching their 18yd box some considerable time later is conducive to scoring many goals against parked-busses. So, no we won’t be scoring many goals; in any case lethal finishing is not our forte – is it? We have never had a lethal finisher since RVP left, sad to say.

      1. stubill

        Agree Peter, our system of pass, pass, pass,pass, pass, try to draw opposition out, pass sideways, pass back, pass 3 yards forward, 7 yards sideways, try to move forward, lose ball, regain ball, go back to the start of pass, pass, pass. If we get in the 18 yard box there’s another 5 of 6 passes before we lose the ball and have to start again.

        This happens every game, we my score the odd brilliant goal but ultimately, it’s frustrating and gets boring. Where’s our pace, our imagination our shots from 15+ yards.

        I don’t care if we have 60%+ possession if I’m bored rigid, I want to be entertained, that’s what I pay extortionate season tickets prices for. If I want to sleep, I can go to bed, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

      2. 007

        With due respect to your opinion Peter12 but….

        Draxler >>>>>>>>> Theo, Ox, Iwobi, Campbell, Gnabry, Ramsey, Jeff, and Jack on the right so saying we have players with similar attributes is out of the question.

        The listed players lack imagination, skill and stamina to hold down that 1st team spot to take us to the next level. I know I might be unfair to Iwobi, Jeff and Gnabry being young lads but the rest have been tried, tested and failed, time to bring in an upgrades.

        To me finding a goal scoring tricky winger in the mold of Draxler or Mahrez should be treated with the same respect as getting a WC ST and CB ( meaning 4 players in total for the 1st team, Xhaka, CB, ST, RW or LW).

        I’m loving Drax understanding with Ozil already. With Sanchez, Ozil and Drax playing behind a quality striker, wet dreams all the way.

        1. welcome@vardy

          I like that.
          But I think we should not sign draxler as a striker but a scoring midfielder along with a new prolific striker.

  5. 007


    Cant believe no big team is seriously looking into the Mahrez issue, it seems the Euro has made people forget how influential he was in winning the EPL. I would think Arsenal of all teams would be looking at him to replace Campbell or TR7 in the squad.

    Instead of looking at Vardy we should have gone for this guy in my opinion and then a striker too.

  6. Mark_K

    I don’t think he’s worth that kind of money.

    Watching him last night the two things that I remember most about him were that he tried to get past both Evra and Sagna by running around the outside of them and he didn’t have the pace or strength to get past the two aging fullbacks.

    I think his decision making isn’t great and Lord knows we’ve already got a few players who can’t make the right choice when it comes to it!

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    As long as we buy a proper striker as well
    Draxler should play winger

    Get Lukaku, Lacazette or Higuain too


    1. Mark_K

      The problem with signing Draxler or another winger is that it will harm Iwobi’s first team prospects.

      I’m all for strength in depth (especially given our well established injury problems) but we obviously only have a certain amount of money (having spent the best part of £30M on Xhaka) so is another winger a priority, or should we concentrate on a new centre back and striker?

      1. 007

        A big club like Arsenal should be able to buy 4 first team players at once, especially considering we haven’t been spending much in the past.

        It seems we the fans are used for settling for less now, I don’t hear City fans going like Nolito will block Sterling, Man U going Mhki will block Lindaguard (sp) or Zlatan Marshal, Lei City going Musa will block Mahrez, etc. Iwobi is still miles away from getting to Drax level and the two can learn a lot from each other while rotating. Lets face facts we have passed on players like Grienzman with similar attitude believing in Theo and Ox and look where that has left us.

        Xhaka/ Drax or Mahrez / Lacezete or Lukaku / Koulibaly or Howedes and we are ready to go.

        1. Trevor

          In fairness, Mourinho takes allot of flak for undeveloped youth players. And by the same token, Arsene gained himself a great little reputation in this area for the longest of times. But yeah, if they do well, fans won’t care too much, you might get some but not many.

        2. Mark_K

          But a winger isn’t a priority.

          Let’s sign a top quality centre back and striker.

          As for Draxler vs Iwobi, well Draxler hasn’t set the world alight at the Euros, he’s been around for a few years and no one has taken the plunge on him and if he’s valued anywhere over £30M then he’s WAY too expensive for what he would offer.

          It’s typical of our fans who get into a frenzy when a player they’ve heard of and have seen on TV is linked to the club, we all want to sign them straight away.

          I would much rather we tried to sign Mahrez if we’re in for a winger and willing to spend in excess of £30M.

          At least we know that Mahrez is proven in the Premier League.

          As I mentioned earlier Draxler didn’t look physically strong enough against Evra or Sagna. I’m also far from convinced about his end product.

          1. lugdush

            Evra and sagna are vastly experenced defenders…both times he tried he couldnt pass them only because of that…if u think mahrez or even cr7 could win them everytime u are wrong my friend…draxler is used tobwin those one on one on the wing and broke defenses…look at him at the other euros games…i like mahrez, but i like draxler too and i think he is more an attacker while mahrez more an creator…today we need more attackers

      2. Trevor

        I think we’d need to cut free of Walcott and Oxlade, then have Iwobi and Adelaide as understudies to Alexis and Draxler. At least one would have to be cut you’d think.

      3. quantic dream

        So what about Iwobi? I don’t remember him saying his mother’s name is Arsenal. If Arsenal making big signings mean some players will get benched and have their careers killed then so be it! We pay to see Arsenal win titles..not develop players.

      4. welcome@vardy

        There is one thing that is giving me goosebumps, how can alexis be valued at 25 – 30 million[?? Juventus’ bid] and then draxler 50, lacazzete 43 and then morata at 70.?, who is better?

        1. jonm

          It all depends on the source of the rumour. In morata’s case RM probably do want to sell so are briefing journalists with a very high price to talk up his value. In the case of juventus, if there is any truth in the tumour they have briefed the journalist so it is a low bid as they are the buying club.

          But it could all be made up. For example the express said that arsenal would listen to offers around £34m. There is no way they can know this, to the best of my knowledge arsenal do not brief journalists on transfer dealings. Wenger and arsenal give nothing away when it comes to transfers.

  8. kamn288

    So this is it, Arsenal getting linked with players like Draxler and Wenger will surely now give Sanogo a chance with him back in the squad.

  9. Trevor

    Id like to get Draxler, but am not sure if he’s that prolific goalscorer who can offer what Alexis offers on opposite wing. I don’t think he’s nearly prolific enough to play striker up top, in future who knows, but it wouldn’t be smart trying it next season, we’d need an awful lot of luck. He is very talented though, and I like that he’s not a whippet. Are their similarities with RVP, I used to think so, am not sure now, I suppose there are some. The thing with this though, I ask myself – if I can see Wenger and co paying 50m for a player he could of gotten for 35 the previous season, and 25 a season or two before that one, when we were rumoured with this dude like wild-fire.

    I think prices have gone up by ten mil on average, the better players have gone up higher than that, I wonder if Wolfsburg realise this. I’m pretty sure they do, look at how they valued De Bruyne, I think they’ll want more than 42m pound (50m euros).

  10. Dr. David Banner

    I am thinking IF we got him IF. Wenger might be thinking to mould him into a striker. He’s tricky on the ball and can shoot a bit like Van P. Then you’d have:


    1. Trevor

      Would rather…….


      Or Turan might be an idea. Reason why I didn’t mention one of four certain strikers is because I’m trying to be serious.

  11. rkw

    the truth is that we didnt have a first 11 or squad to win in a weak league last year…so far chelsea and the manchester clubs have invested in big changes …and almost certainly for the better … spurs and leicester (if they keep konte and mahrez) can build on their foundation of last season ..even liverpool likely to improve though am not sure about them … that means arsenal cant tinker their way to a title on the cheap … need first and foremost quality attacking options draxler a step up ..of course he is… enough? no …need another strike option plus rodriguez at LB…sell walcott, gibbs, campbell and loan out ox …iwobi and adelaide included …. and perhaps a solid CB on the cheap or (my preference) sell mert and invest

  12. Simon_MrMac

    Drexler is a no brainier – if we can get him for that kind of money. I realize it’s not cheap, but in today’s market, for that talent – it’s a fair price.

    Giroud been great during the Euro’s as some commentators have pointed out he thrives when he has players overlapping from midfield, or a tricky nimble striking partner to work with-

    Sanchez, Drexler, Ramsey breaking from midfield (or Jack) is compelling attacking package- And in the event of injury, Drexler takes the top spot. Or Wellbeck when back

  13. ruelando

    I think wenger has been attracted to DRaxler because he reminds him of RVP and see him moving from a wide player to the forward position, similar to RVP.

    I is obvious Draxler is a Talent and can take teams apart, if given the space, i feel its important that if we actually by Draxler we should still get a forward.

  14. pco

    Every one calm down and breath for a minute!!! Draxler 50 mill Pogba 100 mill on last nights performances those players are never worth those fees.

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