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Should Arsenal raid Man United for this unwanted star?

Manchester United have apparently given the number 8 shirt to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the coming season, meaning that Jose Mourinho looks set to demote Juan Mata for the second time.

The midfielder was Chelsea’s Player of the Year for two years running before Mourinho returned, and instantly promoted Oscar ahead of the Spanish international.

Now the Portuguese tactician is looking to mould the Manchester United squad to his liking, and Mata once again looks set to lose out.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has arrived to bolster the forward line, and Mata looks likely to be the main loser from his arrival.

His shirt number has now been taken from him, in order to give Swedish superstar Zlatan an important squad number, and after much speculation about his role under Jose this time around, looks certain to have fallen down the pecking order.

Arsenal were in the running to sign Mkhitaryan from Borussia Dortmund, before he opted to join the Red Devils, and could now be on the look-out for another option.

Juan Mata has proven a number of times that he can be a creative force, helping Chelsea to Champions League and Europa League glory.

We were believed to be close to agreeing a deal for his signature before he joined the West London side in 2011, but failed to meet his release clause before the date of its expiry, therefore ending their prospective capture of the playmaker.

The Gunners could now have the opportunity to sign their former target, and bolster our attacking options for the new campaign, although his asking price is currently unknown.

Would Mata be a clever coup this summer? Could his creative spark be the perfect compliment to Alexis and Ozil behind the striker? Or is Jose right to dismiss his importance?

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17 thoughts on “Should Arsenal raid Man United for this unwanted star?

  1. AD

    i don’t get it what is our f**k**g transfer policy..are v now looking for japanese and rejected players of different clubs…
    how manu are signing world class players even after they are not in champions league
    what can’t v just spend big amount of cash to get players..
    i feel so sad for ozil and sanchez they deserve better team around them

      1. AD

        its not about whether they will leave or not.. its about clubs intent to win
        when other club are busy buying players we are busy offering f*****g contract to our manager
        v are having shortage of world class players why is the board and manager not getting it

    1. ebemka

      clueless arricles as this makes u realise that some noisy arsenal fans dont even know what they want… like, u want us to get mata???? for real???? maybe nxt article would be on how we should raid sunderland for jermain defoe… its so appauling…hmmm…

  2. Robertthegooner

    Im impressed witj United
    Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic

    This shows ambition

    Im not saying we could Afford the Swede but we could afford mkhitaryan

    I’m Still hoping for a mira cle

    1. rd_gunner

      Another good player but not someone who will make us title contenders- price would be too high I guess.

      And in anyway @ Arsenal the imminent focus is on giving Wenger another contract (the team comes later if at all)

    1. SD

      Yeah, I think we have some stiff competition for 4th place next season as it looks right now…..

  3. jamaican_gooner

    I felt really sorry for mata to be honest.. his career was just starting to evolve into the next level as an elite player in Europe when the snake bench then sold him which effectively derailed his career due to the psychological effect it had on him because he was their best player by a country mile.. watching him at utd it is clear that the old mata is still there but the mental scars he suffered are holding him back.. I personally would love to see him work with wenger who no doubt will give him back his confidence and unleashed his world-class talent on our rightwing

  4. davidnz

    We do need a cover
    for Cazorla and Ozil.
    Mata woud be ideal.
    Not great but decent.
    For 10 mill yes other wise no.
    Wilshere (always injured) +Ramsey
    despite Euro form are both average.
    But both being mid 20’s and home grown mean
    Wenger has no choice but to retain.
    Apparently he has only 2 transfers left so an attacker
    to cover the injured Wellbeck should be one.
    One senses Wenger wants Morata as an
    eventual Giroud replacement and at 23 is a good age.
    He could use Sanogo till February but apparently prefers Asano for the
    money making angle and if he is a loan player will be free/cheap.
    The 3rd should be either a CB or RB depending on Chambers role.
    But then he might bring Jenkinson back and keep Mertz another season.
    There are so many possible ways Wenger could go.

    1. SD

      1. I like Ramsey as an all-around player. He can cover several positions. He doesn’t need to start that often, and if he becomes better in possession, he is a borderline world class midfielder.

      2. I’ve been done with Wilshere for 2 1/2 years. I just don’t see anything special in him anymore, and honestly at his age I don’t expect much more growth either. He has all the skills to be a defensive minded B2B player, but seems to have no interest in defending. He isn’t good enough going forward to displace any one of 5 or 6 other midfielders/wingers, and he can’t stay healthy for more than a few games a year.

      3. I don’t fancy Morata. I think he ends up being bang average as a player. Decent all around, but not a natural finisher. Same way I feel about Welbeck but less versatile and less injury prone.

      4. We don’t need any more cover for that position. Wilshere, Ramsey, Iwobi, and several other promising youngsters (Zalalem, Toral, Gnabry, etc) are fine there. We need cover elsewhere and if we are only buying a couple players again this year, we need help elsewhere.

    2. josh37

      10 million is absolutely dreaming man… There’s no way Jose would risk strengthening a potential title-challenging team without taking them to the cleaners.

  5. SD

    meh. I would be fine with him, but he is no more effective as a winger than Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, or Cazorla. He will always look to cheat towards the middle and is best used as a secondary striker or CAM, and I think we have enough CAM’s and Arsene is unlikely to play someone in a secondary striker role. If we sign someone to play on the wing, I want a true winger with pace that stays wide mostly, or at least stays wide often enough to make fullbacks cover the wide spaces.

    I also think we’d have trouble covering defensively with Ozil, Mata, and one of Cazorla, Ramsey, or Wilshere in the midfield. Wilshere has no interest in defending and the other two just aren’t very good at it. I do think Mata would work well next to Giroud or another target type striker in a two top formation, but I really don’t see Arsene doing that, so I’d rather pass and look elsewhere.

  6. Robertthegooner

    At This stage I would be happy wit lacazette, mahrez, And ashley williams. Even that seems unlikely

    My Ideal dream wish list ; aubameyang, Lewandowski and Hummels

  7. sakthgan

    when we gamble on Takuma!! why not on CYLE LARIN??? he would be a perfect fit.. he can be a goal scoring machine in future… try him

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