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Should Arsenal rest players against Blackburn?

Arsene Wenger has a bit of a dilemma to deal with, as Arsenal are fighting on three fronts. He does not want to risk aggravating any injuries in the FA cup and Champions league games because of the close battle with Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton for a top four spot. The Champions league is the really prestigious competition, and it brings much more revenue than the domestic cup competition, so the temptation would be to field a weakened team against Blackburn Rovers on Saturday, especially as they are very hot favourites to win the game with MyBettingSites.

The fact that Rovers are a championship side who have got their own concerns in the league as they try to fight their way into play-off contention, may give further encouragement to Wenger to rest a few key players. I hope he resists, however, because the FA cup could be hugely important. If there are players with injuries, then Wenger should perhaps not risk them, but I would not make too many changes to the side that has been doing well for us.

Firstly, there is the small matter of going eight years without a trophy, should we fail again this season. This may not be as important to Wenger, but it will have a big effect on the fans and the players. The team will be buoyed by some silverware and that winning mentality could pay dividends next season. Wenger has spoken about the pressure on the team at times in the Emirates, but that would evaporate with a trophy.

The team is finally showing consistency and is playing with confidence. If Wenger makes too many changes and we struggle against Blackburn, all that could be lost and we would face Bayern Munich days later with more self doubt than self confidence. Plus, a draw would mean an extra game we don’t need and a hostile away crowd.

It seems as if Wilshere and Koscielny are doubts for the game anyway, so they should be rested until Tuesday, but in my opinion, Wenger should pick as strong a side as possible from the fit players. It is a bit of a tightrope he is walking, so what would you do Gooners?

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39 thoughts on “Should Arsenal rest players against Blackburn?

  1. Bradster

    Play the frindge players. The likes of Miguel, Jenks, Yennaris, Rosicky, Gnarby and even Eisfeld. I would however suggest giving Diaby and Pod a run out for more game time under their belts.

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  2. Darren

    At this point in the season, both matches are of equal importance and I don’t think that anyone who isn’t injured should be rested. We need our best team out for all matches. There’s no proof that resting anyone is going to make it any easier when we play Bayern. It’s all a matter of confidence from here on end, as it’s always been.

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  3. Arsenal till I die

    I’d say :
    —Sagna mert miquel nacho–
    ———Ramsey Diaby———-
    —–chamberlain arshavin—-

    Subs : rosicky eisfeld yennaris akpom gnarby bellarin fabianski

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  4. Ergs

    Yeah we should rest players if our fringe boys can’t beat Blackburn then we might as well give up on our reserve team!!

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  5. o_0

    Play Arshavin, Gervinho, Rosicky, Nacho and Ox. Rest Wilshere, Cazorla, Theo and Giroud. Bring them on if needed.

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  6. Santi Claus

    The team i’d like to see:

    Impact subs: Giroud, Cazorla and Walcott.
    Rest Koscielny and Vermaelen for Tuesday night.

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  7. expresion

    jacky sud rest and probably thoe and zanti as well. But ramsey rosicky gervinho ox gnabry an d eistfield should be involved. my worry however is the lack of physical presence in there.

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  8. Craig


    Sagna Miquel Verm (if fit) Monreal

    Rosicky Cazorla Arteta

    Walcott Giroud Oxlade

    Sry if it looks weird. I would go for a 433 formation, and after about 50-60 minutes sub Verm for Kos (if hes fit) and sub Monreal for Meade. At 80 min I would sub Cazorla for Diaby.

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  9. yann

    I would play quite a weak team. Not too strong as we should rest everyone for the Bayern game.

    Sagna Miquel Vermaelen Monreal
    Diaby Ramsey
    Chamberlain Cazorla(off after 50) Arshavin(poldi on)

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  10. Shah95

    Either concentrate on the fa cup and try to end our trophy drought, get knocked out of the fa cup to concentrate on the league or both

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  11. mudah

    rest only: jack, santi and theo but santi n theo should be on the bench shall in case

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  12. Danny

    I would most definitely rest players as Blackburn have their own problems away from this cup. I would like to see this line up.

    Gervinho – Podolski – Chamberlain
    Arteta – Eisfeld
    Monreal – Vermaelen – Miquel – Ramsey
    Subs ( just incase there’s a weak link or to rest some once the jobs done hopefully 60 mins)) Giroud, Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky, Sagna, Mertesacker, Mannone.

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  13. kas

    (think he’s fit)

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  14. luke fisher

    I would quite like to see a similar team. with Jack out, to have maybe eisfeld given a chance in his place. also give podolski a crack down the middle.

    sagna merts miguel(injury dependent) monreal
    arteta diaby
    walcott eisfeld cazorla/chamberlain


    Lets get straight into quarter finals and press hard for the FA cup

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  15. Adam

    Definitely play like likes of rosicky for experience, but I’d like to see a few younger/fringe players get a game as they’ll want to impress Wenger and will be up for the game. I think that’s where we fell apart at Bradford. I realise they’re all professionals, but I doubt the likes of cazorla envisaged playing at Bradford on a cold Tuesday night.

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  16. Wise_Fortune

    Coq sanga mert monreal
    Rosicky Eisfeld
    Ox. Gervinho. Ashavin

    Bench…Carzola poldi gnabry giroud Walcott mannone miquel

    In my opinion this is the best team we can field with Tuesday in mind. Not to mention we will have a powerful bench. Carzola Walcott poldi and giroud are four top class options in reference to a Blackburn team. Any three of those four players can shred Blackburn in 20 minutes or less, with the consideration that they might need 10 minutes or so to adjust to the game tempo…

    And I like eisfield in midfield with his Dortmund uncle/hero rosicky. They can both pick passes and they don’t need Siri to know where the oppositions penalty box is…Ramsey have impressed of late. Almost to a point where in a month or so he might be preferred to arteta or poldi being bench and santi to the left wing to make room for Ramsey in that holding role…which won’t be a bad thing cuz then arteta can be box to box instead of being back there passing the ball side to side.

    Ashavin will drift in and monreal will eat the space vacated by him. Gervinho according to the boss was the best player at the ACON. Well he saw some highlights and he was very positive and was oozing with confidence. I think he will torment the hell out of Blackburn. Not to mention the ox..

    Ps monreal can’t play in UCL
    Jenkinson had a red card last game
    V5 jack and kos not fit

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  17. TRM

    FA Cup always gives ‘smaller’ teams the hope of playing with freedom. Blackburn have a new manager, players and coaching staff want to impress.
    Can notafford to slip up.
    Play rosicky, rest Wilshire. Play Monreal, Jenkinson, Ox, Gervinho

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  18. John Legend

    Why won’t he rest players???

    With CL midweek and PL at the following weekend, he obviously will want to rest players.
    If he can’t use a weaker team to win against Blackburn at the Emirates, something is wrong.
    Arshavin, Rosicky, Gervinho, Miquel, Monreal, all will almost definately not start against Bayern, Ox, Ramsey will likely not start as well. He should be able to pick a good mix from these players.

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  19. Robin Van Payslip

    The real question is should Blackburn rest players against Arsenal.

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  20. Doc

    Needs to rotate a few but also needs to be careful not to overdo it. Obviously put santi and jack on the bench put oxlade in maybe play theo a half and girourd the other half.

    Personally id like to keep podolski sharp for the Bayern game id play Pod up front against Bayern but I can’t see us doing it.
    However to be fair we only judge the team to be picked wrong if we loose, so we need to give credit for the times picked correctly.

    Things have improved and lets hope they continue.

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  21. BARRY

    as I’m a rovers fan and will be going to the game… and thinking about the score the last time we played, I would respectfully ask that you rest the lot and give us a chance! Our midfield is abject, especially with the addition of Danny Murphy so any help you can give us poor northeners is always appreciated! COYB!!!

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  22. Donald

    Put out a full strength team against Blackburn. We’ve got to win the FA Cup this year. We’ve got no chance of winning the Champions League. Bayern, Juventus, Man U, Real, and Barcelona are all far too good for us at present. And even if we get past Bayern we are bound to come up against one of those other teams. United play us for fun nowadays – we are easy pickings to them. But I can see what is coming. The same happens every year. He’ll stick out a reserve team on Saturday and take the chance of being knocked out. Blackburn are on form and should not be counted out before we play them. How many times in the past decade have Arsenal been in the latter stages of a home cup competition and got knocked out because Wenger put out a weakened team? Nearly every time. The Champions League has become so predictable in recent years that it is boring anyway. The same 4 or 5 teams can win it and the others are nowhere.

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  23. GreenieGooner


    Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Wilshere, Poldi, Giroud, Walcott (plus a youth player like Eisfield)

    Wouldn’t rest Shez. Goalkeepers have it easy!
    Sagna has to play as Jenks is suspended.
    Vermaelen is 50/50 for Bayern. Koscielny needs to be rested just incase. Merts has to play alongside Miquel.
    Ramsey, Ox, Rosicky get some much needed game time. Diaby works his way back to even better fitness. Start Gervinho and Arshavin to rest Cazorla/Giroud etc… Have a strong bench incase it hits the fan and we need to turn it around.

    Make no mistake. We shouldn’t take Blackburn lightly. This is a massive opportunity to win some long awaited silverware.

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  24. Jathusanthegunner

    I think we should put Cazorla ,and Podolski on the bench. Look at the squad below :
    Sagna Vermaelan Mertesacker Monreal
    Diaby Arteta
    Walcott Gnabry/Wilshere ( if fit) Arshavin
    I think we should put Walcott and Giroud on with Gervinho also going on the bench.

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  25. T2T

    Assuming Vermaelen is fit, Wilshere, Koscielny and Gibbs are out while Jenkinson is suspended:
    Yennaris, Mertesacker, Miquel, Monreal
    Ramsey, Rosicky, Coquelin
    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Arshavin

    Subs: Sagna, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Diaby

    Keep Squillaci as far away as possible…

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  26. studz

    the line up i would use in this game just to give our team some much needed rest is

    jenkinson Sagna-Mertesacker Monreal
    Chamberlain Rosicky Gervinho

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  27. ripple

    Over the past few days some fans have entered into the land of pure fantasy.

    Fans are now proposing that Ramsey is a successful RB. He played RB, sort of, for a few minutes of 1 game with an extra man behind him (often Walcott) for cover most of the time – and suddenly he is a RB. Wow. Unbelievable.

    Not to mention that in a moment of childlike incompetence Ramsey also nearly gave the game away when he sloppily gave the ball over to Sunderland in a dangersous area and they would have scored but for Fletcher’s bad finish. And this is some fans’ idea of a defender extraordinaire.

    I don’t want to call names but this delusional thinking borders on literal idiocy. Childhood is over. Start thinking with you brain instead of fantasizing in the land of teen idol worship.

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  28. snakeoil


    I do believe, however, that the Blackburn game is the perfect situation to give Ramsey a solid chance – start him in Center Midfield to see if he can perform or not. That is his often cited “natural position”

    He would undoubtedly surprise some of us one way or another

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  29. ripple

    Wenger often tells the fans that Arsenal have at least 2 quality players for each position. Accordingly, if this is true, Arsenal should be able to start all backups with good results. I have my doubts.

    As many of you have reasoned, a mix of backups and 1st team regulars is the best option.

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  30. summerbreez

    We can rest players and have a good side out we could have a midfield of rocsky diaby and queclen
    we still have chamberlain gervinho walcott gerou ramsy

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  31. Teg

    I would like see our full squad to play blackburn with consideration of the injured player and freshen up the key player this line up should be work schecz bac miquel tv5 monreal lecoq arteta rosicky cazorla giroud podolski subs mert diaby theo arshavin ramsey chambo

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  32. Jeff

    I feel both teams will rest players considering their league positions.

    I think we should have the likes of arshavin, gervinho gnarby in attack with a decent midfield and young defenders. I don’t think jenks can play so Sagna mert miquel monreal should be our back 4 considering monreal cant play in champions league anyways. Maybe swap Sagna for one of the youngsters so he will be fresh to face Ribery??

    Off topic but I’m really glad to see myachi return from injury at wigan. I think he will be class in a year or two

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  33. Jeff

    On a positive note… Totenham won and so did Chelsea… That’s the best thing for us. The more games they play, the more we benefit. Bale hit 2 amazing free kicks but spuds look like a one man team without him. Let’s hope he gets hurt for a few games but I don’t think they have a chance at beating us in the league. We have danger everywhere now. Much better than last year imo

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  34. Kevin

    lts face it guys,,w can not win the champions league,,our best hope of silver wear is th FA…goo ol out AW….

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  35. Arsenal1Again

    Play best available players for maximum strength and best chance of winning. Against Bayern, play the best available players for maximum strength and best chance of winning. If the same players cannot play against Blackburn and then against Bayern in midweek then they are not cut out for football at the highest level. They are paid vast sums of money to perform duties for the team.

    If you are talking about leaving players out of Blackburn in case they get an injury then the article has a misleading headline. Shielding players is like boxers dodging certain fighters so they can prolong their run of money making fighrs. It does not show desire to be a champion.

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  36. Blackbody

    The desperate need of a silverware is desired by every arsenal fan. The best opportunity we have is in the FA cup. Lets play a stronger team and end this trophy drought. COYG!

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