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Should Arsenal risk ‘unfit’ Ozil against Leicester City?

Thanks to the ever increasing power over football and the English Premier League in particular that the TV companies possess, Arsenal are due to play the first match of the new EPL season on a Friday night. This coming Friday we play host to Leicester City and with the way the fixture list has turned out we really need to get off to a good start, but Arsene Wenger has a few selection issues to sort out, not least of which surrounds our brilliant but often questioned playmaker Mesut Ozil.

It is clear that the German international is not fully fit or up to speed, as he was not even on the bench for Sunday’s Community Shield victory over Chelsea, and on the boss explained what the problem was with Ozil and the other Gunners who were not involved.

Wenger said, “I left them all out because some are short of preparation like Alexis. Mesut got a kick on his ankle and it’s swollen so he couldn’t play. He couldn’t practise yesterday. We’ll see but he has a little chance of playing on Friday night. Aaron Ramsey has a chance of playing but I think he could be short as well with a small calf problem.”

Following on from the Foxes Arsenal’s next league game is the always tough trip to Stoke, before an even more difficult away game against Liverpool, so you can see why all three points against Leicester could be massive. The Foxes will be well drilled and up for it and in that sort of game it could take one bit of brilliance to break them down and make the difference.

We know that Ozil can be a frustrating player but we also know that he has that extra quality and so I would take the risk of playing him in this vital opening game, even if it means not having him for Stoke and Liverpool. Do you agree Gooners or do you think it is more important to make sure he is fully fit when he does play?


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28 thoughts on “Should Arsenal risk ‘unfit’ Ozil against Leicester City?

  1. ozil10

    “Should Arsenal risk an unfit Ozil against Leicester City?”
    Answer- NO
    Reason- We played better without him in the community shield

    1. muff d

      classiest bottler ive ever seen

      will 360 backheel nutmeg u , then reach the box and one on one with the keeper try an cross it to yaya sanogo


      1. Jan

        I dont see wrong setting some sitters for others but real problem is that those Yaya SanogoS you can’t score!

    2. Nayr

      Ozil and sanchez are both fit and can play.

      but they both wont play until they sort out their futures with the club.

      solid tactic being used by wenger.

    3. Frank

      Özil is a liability in defence and only makes a assist or goal every now and then. I would have him on the bench.

      1. Frank

        He has been very average for almost a year now. His last good performance was against Chelsea at home.

  2. The Wizard of Ozil

    On Friday:
    If Arsenal win – will be at the top of the league table.
    If Arsenal lose – will be at the bottom of the league table.
    If Arsenal draw – will be joint top of the league table.

  3. Uzi Ozil

    If he is fit, he starts. If he is not fit, he shouldn’t start.

    What I love about our performance against Chelsea on Sunday was I saw players fighting. I wish we play every game with such passion and desire. There are some games that you will draw or lose but you see a team fighting hard. Some fans won’t be vexed with that. What pisses some of us is seeing the team not playing to their potential.

    1. Frank

      His form on the back half of last year and in the friendlies doesn’t warrant a starting place.

  4. Quantic Dream

    Fit or unfit Ozil rarely has any influence in our games so Id happily leave him out of the match and play someone else like Iwobi.

  5. Hackinubee

    I think it will be good if he can just start on the bench then le prof can introduce him in the second half, but as we all know, the coach’s decision is the final say but I’ll love for ozil to have an impact on the game

  6. Jan

    We should always play our strongest 11.
    You dont risk playing with injured players.
    You dont rosk playing players out of their positions.
    You dont risk playing same tactics for years.
    You dont risk waiting last minute transfers.
    You dont risk buying deadwood players to stuck up with.
    You dont risk extending contracts with expensive players to leave on free.
    You dont risk with low offers for player you desperatelly need.
    Etc etc..
    Things are changing in modern football…if you cant handle it JUST QUIT!

  7. Shortboygooner

    Ozil is not needed to be honest. If it is 3-4-2-1. Theo, iwobi, ox, rambo, jack wheelchair and welbeck can all play through the middle if needed. Same in 4-2-3-1.

    Also shows very badly for the players and club.
    1. It shows ozil and others we are reliant on him so why should he fight for his place and perform and why should we not pay him stupid money
    2 . Why should players like ox and iwobi not have their chance to prove them selves
    3. We have alot of games this season and will have to get used to rotation and games without ozil Sanchez etc. Why not start now

    1. Jan

      You are really suggesting that we keep Ozil on the bench and play one of those 6 players instead??
      Aaand I would rather rely on Ozil or even nobody than them.

      1. Shortboygooner

        Worked against Chelsea. Last season’s champions. A top perm league team. So why not. If I had to choose. Ozil all day everyday but he ain’t so important I don’t think

  8. Budd

    How is Ozil unfit while Kolasinac or Holding are fit? Weren’t they all in the preseason and Ozil even skipped the Confederations Cup? Not like I care, I like our game without Ozil, strong defending and direct passing.

  9. Jack reacher

    Shouldn’t need him for Friday,don’t get me wrong it be very hard game against Leicester but reward Sunday’s team that won cup I’d go cech in goal , 3 cbs holding merts and Montreal left win has be da bodybuilder sead kolisinc rev has be ox 2 cms has be elneny and xhaka and iwobi cam role while I’d go 2 up top French connection Giroud and lacasette,hold welbeck for 70 min if we need goal or injection pace

  10. Hass

    Not a huge issue. So our forward 3 will be welbeck, giroud and laca? Maybe Theo for welbeck? Will be short of creativity I guess but be a good game for xhaka and ox to be given more responsibility ??

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

        Lucas Perez is still an Arsenal contracted player. Play him as No 10 role, rather than risking Ozil. He has great experience in this role and we might be pleasantly surprised!

  11. ruelando

    Ok it is me again the Ozil hater, before I even start again on Ozil, i will say the main providers in this 3-4-3 formation will be our LWB and RWB, from what i have seen so far it should be Kolasinac and Ox.

    Now, first game of the season Ozil and Sanchez is slated as injured, QUESTIONABLE! I will not discuss the Sanchez issue, but in the case of Ozil i feel in this 3-4-3 formation the team becomes less dependent on Ozil providing chances and that benefits the team, because with Ozil out of the 11 we will not look like we are playing with 10 men

  12. Simon

    Not sure if Ramsey’s fit – really like to see him play in the more advanced role – think he’s a genuine challenger to Ozil-

    And last match showed a good shape with 2 defensive midfielders

  13. Georgy

    My team for Friday: ………….. Cech
    Holding Mertersaker Monreal
    Ox Kolasinac
    Elneny Xhaka
    Lacasette Welbeck

    Mustafi (if ready),Bellerin,
    Ozil(if ready),Niles
    Presuming that Alexis and Ramsey are injured.

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