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Will Arsenal really ‘gamble’ with Alexis Sanchez?

The fact that Arsene Wenger is even considering taking a risk on such an important player to the Arsenal cause as our Chilean international forward star Alexis Sanchez just shows how much difference he can make on the pitch.

If the Gunners were not facing a game like the away clash with Stoke City, where we always get a big physical challenge and have struggled to get anything from games in recent years, then I very much doubt whether the boss would think of taking a gamble on the fitness of Alexis.

As it is though, we are coming off the back of another very physical and demanding game away to Liverpool and one in which we were denied all three points with a late equaliser. So this weekend’s game away to Stoke is a crucial one and Wenger will want to give the team as much chance of standing up to Stoke and getting the win as possible.

The former Barcelona man is clearly very close to full fitness anyway so it is not going to be a big risk, more like the Frenchman would prefer to give him a bit longer to really be sure. What would you do Gooners?

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12 thoughts on “Will Arsenal really ‘gamble’ with Alexis Sanchez?

  1. Simon_MrMac

    It may sound like a cliche – but if we don’t concede then Im confident we will win –

    So I’d field a defensively biased starting 11 in the knowledge that we have the creativity, speed, and skill to unlock teams.

    As the original post rightly explains this will be a very physical battle (war) – so I think that is a very dangerous game to bring Sanchez back in on, so I certainly wouldn’t start him, but have him on the bench as a vital asset if we need him

    As you know Gibbs has been playing more and more on the left wing usually to help see out the match – and although we failed to achieve that against a very good Liverpool team, it has been successful on every other occasion-

    So I’d start with Gibbs on left wing, playing Campbell (superb against liverpool) on the right (sacrificing Walcott). With the possible exception of Ozil this gives us an entire team that are willing to fight defensively as well as attack. I also want our leaders and talkers to be on the pitch, so I want Mertesacker and Flamini out there-

    So here’s my suggested line-up:

    •Gibbs *Ozil •Cambell
    •Ramsey •Flamini
    •Monreal •Kolchelny •Mertesacker •Bellerin

    What you think?

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    1. Gooneristic Truth

      You’re somewhat right… I would let Elneny watch on for a little while & not start him. I understand the excitement with him as a new player, but I think that the expectations on him might be on the higher end. Sometimes some folks forget that it takes some adjusting to the English game. Some players do better jumping in on short notice, but others need to have a feel of the pace, physicality, & general flow of the game first before performing at their peak best. And then there is the period of adjustment to how new teammates play, and how psychologically one settles into the actual game atmosphere! However, as much as we’d like to err on the side of caution, I’d still want to see Theo start on the left over Gibbs to give us a sharper attacking edge.

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      1. psytripps

        You can’t pass judgement on Elneny until you can assess how fit he is and how well his first training session has gone. He may not even make an appearance on the bench if he’s not ready. If he does start, we should all get very excited because that means Wenger sees something special in him.

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    2. psytripps

      If Sanchez passes the fitness test, he plays. End of. Risk? He had a strain, if he’s recovered, he plays.

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  2. Koss

    i will take a gamble on elneny first, bring on alexis for the last 30 minutes.

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  3. GoonerLad

    Unnecessary to risk Sanchez against a physical side like Stoke, keep him on he bench and play Campbell who’s been getting better with each game and successfully kept us challenging in the absence of our no17.

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  4. Aussie Jack

    Interesting choice to see Gibbs on the left wing, he`s a very committed player, however there should be a place for Walcott (if fit) he`s toughened up a lot. Expect a yellow for Flamini, this is his game. Not sure about BFG, but then I never was.

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  5. sanmi.marvellous


    “Other clubs never came
    into my thoughts, once I knew Arsenal wanted
    to sign me” —— Dennis Berkamp, the Arsenal Legend.

    DB has once confirmed my belief as the most dedicated player we ever have in the past few decades.
    I like this guy too much.

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  6. sanmi.marvellous


    Thierry Henry on his time at Arsenal :
    “I had to compete with god himself, in Dennis Bergkamp”

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  7. Godswill

    Yes. If Sanchez is fit, throw him in. I’ll prefer Sanchez, Elneny, Campbel and Gabriel in our line up. These guys can rattle Stoke. They are physical, have energy and stamina, then most of all fearless. We need the 3 points. This means dropping BFG, Walcot and Flamini for this game.

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  8. rkw

    Still looking for that attacking option in this window …. Time to move on from Walcott and chamberlain and welbeck doesn’t persuade even if fit …. Wenger missed out on griezman which is shameful and aube was a distraction …. Any truth to the williams rumors? Can’t say I know much but Bilbao players always a hundred per cent committed and he looks like an upgrade on the whippet

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  9. Aussie Jack

    Sanchez? Sounds unorthodox but this could be a game of two halves, or two games if you like.
    Instead of bringing on impact players at the 75 minute how about playing the first half defensively and then bringing on the heavy artillery from the first whistle of the second half in the form of Sanchez. Providing we can be on even terms at 45 minutes we will have got the feeling of the game and adopt a different attitude in the second half. We would still have two players in reserve.

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