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Should Arsenal take a risk on M’Vila?

Arsene Wenger has been watching Yann M’Vila for a long time, but has never decided to bring him to Arsenal before. Reports from the French midfielder and his club, Rennes, indicate that he will probably be moving in this transfer window, so it is a case of now or never for Wenger to recruit him as a Gunner, but is he worth the risk?

There have been a number of reasons that Wenger has not made the plunge for M’Vila before, not least of those being the price tag. In the summer, before Euro 2012, M’Vila was one of the most sought after young players in Europe. Rennes were then demanding nearly £20 million for him, because they thought that he would shine for France at the tournament and his price may even have risen. As we know, that backfired spectacularly which is why he could now be signed for less than half that amount.

The thing is, he hasn’t suddenly become a bad player, he just doesn’t want to play in France anymore. He is banned from the international team until 2014 and is not exactly Mr. popular in his home country. It is understandable, then, that he wants to move on.

Another thing that stopped Wenger before was that Arsenal had players in that position already, Alex Song and Abou Diaby. Again, that is no longer the case. Song is gone and Diaby is gone half of the time. Wenger has dealt with problem players before, so that should not worry him too much.

It seems to me that M’Vila has been holding on for Arsenal to sign him, but he cannot wait for long. QPR and Zenit St. Petersburg have made offers, but he is not keen on either move. He wants to play in the champions league, but also in a competitive, high quality domestic league. Should Arsene Wenger just bite the bullet and bring M’Vila to Arsenal?

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124 thoughts on “Should Arsenal take a risk on M’Vila?

  1. Tron

    Agree completely pal…. No other manager in the world cud of kept us in the champs league every year on the budget he’s had since the emirates has been built , I’m with u there !

    My issue is that we are supposedly coming out of this now and there’s money to spend , we clearly need certain positions , defensive mid being the most important in my eyes , but I’m confident it won’t happen ! ….. Why I ask ???

    I have issues with selection of late , Ramsey is no wide man , we play three forward thinking midfielders in the centre , jenkinson looked sharp at the start of the season only to b dropped instantly for a Sagna that don’t look interested ! what’s happened to the solid defence we showed in the first month ??? U can’t tell me the board are making these decisions ? ….. The lack of defensive mid is a management decision and if he isn’t looking to sort this then I question his judgement ! I like giroud , I think he will b a big player next year , problem is we need goals now ???

    It seems to me we are giving up without too much of a fight , I think we hav been patient enough with the new stadium , I wud b happy if I thought we were making every effort to improve the squad whether it was possible to win things with it or not , but we aren’t , we lose players and have to settle for replacements half the age and price , if it is all the boards doing surely wenger wud of had enough of an impossible job by now and left ???

    Personally I believe it’s a bit of both , the board are happy to make money just by qualifying for champions league and wenger has been here too long to really demand things from them , maybe it’s time for a change , only time wud tell if I’m correct or not , but what I do know is we seem to b slowly going one way and it ain’t up !

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  2. Tristan

    It’s risk free. Does Arsene have a proper CDM? No. M’villa is better than all others in arsenal squad. Therefore where is risk coming from?!

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  3. goonerjay

    Losing hope with wenger. Someone wake him up, dont want to end up like liverpool. And the thing is i think even if he doesnt get champions league football the board wont sack him, they just in it for the money, f**k the board! Everyone saying if you support arsenal you wouldnt be mad blah blah blah, well everyone here supports arsenal, but who here supports the board? Hopefully we get battered by man shitty all over the pitch but somehow scrape a win, so wenger sees we need some new quality recruits.

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  4. Briano

    Wenger goes on about signing the right player and then signs no one!!But maybe the right signing is this guy who clearly wants to play for Arsenal!!!

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  5. ivan gazidis

    buy him and push mikel forward and santi on let wing with poldi upfront

    man, wenger is ruining poldi, rosicky and artetas career

    i feel so sorry for arteta. he choose us and took a pay cut just so that he plays in the so called “big” teams and cl and gets his dream spain cap….but wenger is playing him out of position and spainalona is choosing that biscuits shits and craps over him.. really he would do way better in everton with a cool manager like moyes

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  6. Charlie

    I’m pro M’Vila. Arsenal need a defensive midfielder and he is a player with great stats for winning possession and completing passes. I want to see Arsenal topping the possession stats again because teams can’t score if they don’t have the ball and this lad seems to be the man to make that happen.

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  7. dilla

    5 reasons m’vila would be a perfect arsenal player

    1. can’t get injured from the french team because he is banned
    2. adds steel to our team as a beastly dm and can pick a forward pass
    3. out of favor at rennes and looking for a move
    4. wants to play champions league football
    5. he is french (wenger) and only costs 8 mil

    Too bad everyone sees this except Wenger

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  8. Ed


    Are you aware of what Wenger has spent in the last 2 transfer windows? 97 million pounds sterling!

    The man is a fool and I will never cease to be amazed to the blind devotion that the Wengerite faithful have in the man.

    97 Million is less than 4 million less than UTD in the same time and we are nowhere close to UTD at the minute, look at the point difference in the league and definitely not a mere 4 million behind them.
    You think Wenger is so great and a transfer window genius? OK then choose any player to the value of 4 million and tell me we would be on an equal footing with UTD?

    Wenger is a fool who has rode the wave of early success from a scouting network.
    All top clubs have a good scouting network, Wenger never adapted to that and his failings as a manager have been highlighted now he can’t get the jump on competitors for new talent.
    8 years of constant decline and missed opportunities.

    Wenger out!

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  9. VM

    This was what we have been waiting for! Why we waiting now? THe guy is a beast! Abou Diaby is NOT a DM! We need this guy as he won’t be off for international duty either! We could have him moulded into a player that can sit deep down and break attacks!

    If you see his videos, he can provide assists too! We really need this guy. M’Villa it should be!

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  10. papercutz

    You know why most of us are being negative because the spuds are as close to us more than ever and they are strengthening while we are just chilling! This is our worst start to a season ever! Wenger is not changing much of course we worried and negative!

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  11. S.H

    Capoue is much more agile and versatile than M’vila. The latter is simply overrated. I actually prefer Biglia who has so much more skill than Capoue and MVila put together. You just have to watch him play. He’s a diligent worker and is 100% comfortable with the ball at his feet. Arteta is not an incisive passer. He is Mr Boring and Safe. We need more creativity in the back to midfield. Biglia will provide this and add more versatility. He’ll be interchangeable with Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey, Frimpong.

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  12. S.H


    Don’t know where you get your figures from but if you’re keen on a live debate, I invite thee. Warning: Facts provided might make you look stupid!

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  13. Hademe P

    If M’villa is a risk,what about Capoune, Briglia,Yanga and Belhanda. These player are good and cheap. Wenger is shrewd,it is not the personality of M’villa but the shrewdness of Wenger.He will wait till the end of January and say there is no quality to buy.

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  14. Tron


    97 mil sounds a bit much to me buddy , not saying your wrong just not sure tbh , even if u are right I guarantee we have probably earned about 140 in sales during that period which is the point I was making ! …. We sell big players on and replace them with cheaper youngsters …..

    Think the fergie comparison isn’t a very good one either , utd fans hav been crying out for investment in midfield , but fergie has hold off because he has a loyal bunch who goes wen he decides , apart fromthe odd player coming in cant remember any big outlay they’ve had apart from rvp that they have had to make ??? ….. That ain’t because fergie is cannier in the market it’s cuz he hasn’t had to replace anyone !

    Look I can tell your obviously part of the ‘wenger out ‘ brigade , I even said I’ve come round to the idea myself of sending him upstairs ,I didn’t fully understand your question about the 4 million pound player thing but what i will say is , if all arsenal had was 4 million to spend on a player I wud much prefer to put wenger in charge of that signing over anyone else …. If I knew he wud actually spend it !!!

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  15. Top Gunner

    Buy Biglia and Pato. Forget David Villa(31), Jan Klass(29), and Reina (31).
    Wenger should plan on selling: Bendtner, Diaby, and Santos

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  16. FDon

    BUY, BUY, BUY,
    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR WENGER???????????????????

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  17. Goonergrez

    If he is anything like most other French players it will take him the rest of the season to get into the flow and pace of the EPL so I wouldn’t expect any immediate impact from him IF he comes

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  18. Richard

    Wenger get this man or GO!!!!!!!!!!home.We need to start winning games. We (fans)love this club and for once you can hear the voices of the people who make makes the club rich. No more excuses you got money utilise IT!!!!!!!!

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  19. Randy

    We still are best players then buy weaker players Viera no replacement Fabregas no replacement Nasri no replacement are best player Robin van Persie no replacement who Theo what a joke all we do is buy players and play them out of position I think it’s time for a change if Wenger doesn’t buy in the transfer window it’s time for him to leave cause there ain’t no leaders on the pitch for are great Arsenal team

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  20. Randy

    Lets buy a goalie and play him as a striker what do you think AW no champions league next season because of you and your Ramseys Gervinos arseshavins maybe as you leave your leaving the club as you found

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  21. Arsenal1Again

    People keep thinking Wenger handled Vieira, he didn’t, Vieira handled himself bevause of intelligence and also other players. Wengers method of dealing with players is to send them on loan like Bendtner, Denilson, Chamakh, or refuse to play them, like Chamakh before his loan. All punished for not being able to adapt to new posions. If he can, Wenger sells players instead of loaning them. Toure, Gallas, Anelka, Adebayor …. NONE OF THIS IS HANDLING PLAYERS, it’s called ignoring them until a solution comes along and can be seen as sweeping under the carpet.

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  22. okey joseph

    MR. MAN WHAT IS THE RISK? If buying an above constant injury and performing M’Villa is a big risk, what will you call keeping an injury prone Diarby as main CDM, What will you say of operating without a REAL CDM for more than half of the season, forcing Arteta to struggle with that role and depriving Us of Arteta’s free flowing ball distributions those defense splitting rocket shots when he is on prowl remember our match against M’shitty last season. TELL ME WHAT IS THE RISK IN BUYING YAN M’VILLA OR EVEN CAPOUE?.

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