Should Arsenal worry about Wilshere’s temper?

I fear that opposition players will start to target Jack Wilshere, niggling him with small fouls and winding up because they think he might retaliate. Wilshere can have a devastating effect for Arsenal, but he is no use if he gets sent off, leaving us with 10 men, as happened at Old Trafford when we were finally showing signs of getting in to the game.

Wilshere has been compared to another of England’s great players, Paul Gascoigne, and does seem to have the same capacity to get booked at the minute. He was only on the pitch for less than half an hour for England last night, but he picked up a yellow card. There has always been a debate about players like Wilshere, Rooney and Gascoigne whether they should try to calm down, or whether they would lose an edge from their game if they did so.

Maybe Jack has been away for so long he is overflowing with enthusiasm. In his breakthrough season with the Gunners in 2010/2011, Wilshere made 35 league appearances. His disciplinary record was not great, picking up seven yellow cards and one red. Wilshere was obviously unhappy with his treatment by the referee last night. He was clattered a few times and thought that Ibrahimovich should have got a yellow, but he cannot take the law into his own hands.

We badly need his talent, drive and attitude at the moment, but maybe should have a quiet word with him and point out that players will target him because he is so good. He needs to take a leaf out of the book of Lionel Messi. When he is fouled, get up, smile and punish them with football skills. What do you think, Gooners? Am I worrying unnecessarily?

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26 thoughts on “Should Arsenal worry about Wilshere’s temper?

  1. Pat Rice

    I love Wilsheres attitude. He truly cares about Arsenal, and he can’t help but fight for this club. I know its bad but i love it when he fights, do you remember when he squared up to Dani Alves? he is an absolute BOSS

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  2. Somtee

    Hahaha he is still young that how most youngstars behave.It happen to Fabregas and Jekinson and look how good they are now

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  3. Robin Van Payslip

    The kid got booked again? OMG OMG OMG he is out of control. Lets make an article about this…………………

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  4. jiiith

    We need these fighting attitude from more players.
    Can never blame jack.
    Anyone who is a true gunner and loves arsenal will get frustrated with this teams pathetic performances.

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  5. synsix

    @Pat Rice yup i just hate those overactin barcelona sissys and Dani Alves is the queen of their lady theatre/Jack did good

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  6. leo

    we need players with ruthless agression not mild mannered players that is what made arsenal sucessful from 97-05 players liker winterburn,adams,gilberto,lauren,lehmmann were amazing but the real deal was kewon who took on van nistelroy or viera who took on keane we need those kind of players players who will giver everything for the club plays with passion & wilshere i believe has it he is a future captain

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  7. leo

    dude don’t talk about barca here is a quote from balotelli when asked he wants to play for barca he replied i don’t want to play with girls lol

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  8. synsix

    Jack should not try to behave/Otherwise he’l lose the edge he’s known for/we need some1 who can stand up to the man in yellow shirt or the Opponents wit feather glass legs with penchant for theatrics

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  9. leo

    lol the edison cavani rumors are back with italian jornalist saying he is available for 25m come on wenger sign him please

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  10. synsix

    n did anyone say Messi.. oh u must be blind if u missed Messi’dramatic performances on field/ he takes hell lot advantages of the LadyBoy look he has/Bloody Bunch of Barcelona Ballerinas

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  11. leo

    Top 10 Players very nearly signed by Arsene Wenger: Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Mata, Yaya Toure, Eto’o, Drogba, Alonso, Makelele, Cech and zidane

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  12. DwayneW

    You call it temper, I call it passion. Paul Scholes, Zidane, Rooney, Vierra and Roy Keane. These are the type of players that we need, not the lovable Santos types

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  13. the king

    its not temper its possion.

    he tries sometimes to hard to get the ball back
    we need someone like that in the middle he will get a few red cards in his playing days but this is football, its part of the game

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  14. Travis Bickle

    Szczesny is due to start in goal against Spurs on Saturday.

    Rosicky and Gibbs have resumed LIGHT training and are unlikely to play, though some think Wenger COULD risk Gibbs (ill-advised given his injury track record).

    No news on Diaby…

    Walcott, Oxe both fit.

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  15. mohawk35

    Are you Serious? What Temper? Wilshere got sent off for trying to do too much. He gives it all.

    There was no temper involved – only a young man who has not been able to play and who feels a passion to win.

    He is neither ill-tempered nor out of control. Please.

    This is a non-story.

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  16. don habs

    love to see rosicky back..especially when it is against spurs..he is the best attacking midfielder i have ever seen…rocky to the fullest..and i love wilshere’s style of play…gunners to the grave..

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  17. James

    “I’ve been at this club for 10 years and to come through the academy at Hale End and break into the first team is a great story. It’s a dream,” Wilshere told the Daily Mail.”Cesc wanted to go home. Home for me is Arsenal.” !!
    Arsenal should not worry about wilsheres temper without that drive and ambition he isnt the same player ! We need 10 more players on the pitch with the drive commitmet and attitude and love that Jack shows and gives too Arsenal Fc. Wilshere For Captain !!

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  18. Mudah

    Remember even bergkhamp was doing deliberate fouls when we were under pressure?? In addition the best football match of the recent time is EL-classico why is it more excited??…coz of dt fights I think

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  19. carl

    Wilshere is arsenal through and through why would u want to calm him down u wouldn’t of changed Vieira or keown s game play, scholes or Rooney even cattamole for Sunderland I would have at arsenal.People always talk about how arsenal can play quality football but when it comes to games like stoke or teams like that people talk about arsenal bein a bunch of tarts we have a few hard tacklers they just need to start doin to others what we get done to us let teams no that there playing arsenal n they will get back what ever they give out. Arsenal will with known sat 3-1 n do well I the league with a cup.

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  20. stephen187

    Its rare to find a player with the ability of wilshire that stil has that drive and ambition…future gunners captain going to be raising the team when times are tough.

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  21. SellYourGoons

    It’s passion, it was Wengers fault he got the red he pretty much got 2 last warnings against Man U, Fergie took off Cleverley who was in the same situation.

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