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Arsenal are GREAT odds for next years title!

Arsene Wenger and just about every single Arsenal player has come out and forecast that the Gunners are definitely improving enough to be real challengers for all the major trophies next season, and there is absolutely NO doubt that we will quickly become one of the favourites if Wenger brings in more quality players this summer. Just imagine if Petr Cech, Geoffrey Kondogbia and Jackson Martinez are signed before the start of the season….

So I thought it was worth a look to see how the bookies rated our chances right now before any purchases are made. Well, obviously Chelsea will also be active in the transfer market and are currently favourites at a best price of 6/4, with Moneybags Man City second best around 3/1. I certainly wouldn’t fancy them as their squad gets older and older but we can expect more stars going their way this year.

Arsenal are third favourites usually between 4/1 and 5/1 but with some bookies going as high as 11/2 for us to finally usurp our rivals. This looks like very good value if we can keep our winning form going into the start of next season. And this will definitely come down when Wenger starts bringing in his marquee signings….

The Champions League Final is coming up this weekend between Barcelona and Juventus, but can Arsenal improve enough to get a peek in next year? I’ve been reading up all the betting tips for the Champions League and the usual suspects (Barca, Madrid and Bayern) are favourites for next years trophy. Arsenal are far from fancied, being priced at 20/1 right now, with Chelsea, Man City and Man United all at shorter prices, and that seems very generous to me if we get our top transfer targets…

That may be worth just a small investment, but the price for Arsenal to win a third FA Cup in a row is even more generous as we can get as high as 8/1. Oh wouldn’t it be sweet to hold on to that AND win the League next year. I can’t find a price for us to do the Double yet but I’m sure they will be excellent odds.

As for the League Cup, we are best-priced at 7/1. If we have my forecasted new arrivals and we keep our full squad fit, we must surely have the best second string side in the competition. It is a bit of a lottery though but an early win in the League Cup will give us a boost in our fight for the other trophies. Chelsea certainly seemed to enjoy winning it this season.

So, from my research for this article it definitely seems worth betting on Arsenal to in the League at 11/2 as that price will come right down before the next campaign even starts….

30 thoughts on “Arsenal are GREAT odds for next years title!

  1. YingYang69

    Might put a few dinero down on an Arsenal league and cup double and with Sanchez to be player of the season.

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    You sure do love your gambling admin 😉
    Try these for the champions league final. .

    Half-time Juventus
    Full- time Barcelona

    Barcelona to win 4-2

  3. mike1977

    Anyone noticed how all the top players suddenly are available with Arsenal their preferred destination. Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Lacazette, Martinez, Sterling etc. I’d settle for a couple of those. Gone are the days of selling our best players and winning nothing. It all looks rosy for us next season, so long as we keep Diaby, obviously.

  4. Greg

    I really want us to dig deep and make a serious challenge for the title next season! Coyg!

  5. No Giroud, I'm happy

    Pedro signs new contract with Barca … Gladly, that rumor will cool down …

  6. KickAssFan

    NO EXCUSE NEXT SEASON!!! I’m not gonna bother myself about what Wenger does or doesn’t in the market. NO f****king excuses NEXT SEASON.

    1. No Giroud, I'm happy

      He got one already in Sanchez being missing the start of the season …

      1. KickAssFan

        Personally, I think what cost us most was poor tactic and wrong team selection, last season (u know this thing about favouritism at Arsenal: the sacred lambs).

        Imagine we could have lost Le Cock for nothing, had the injury gods not touched Arteta.

  7. Tas

    the only reason we are challengers for the tittle is because of new players in the team like Sanchez, Coquelin, and even Hector Bellerin and even with them we come 3rd, Chelsea the title winners are strengthening their squad even with the announcement of 1 billion in dept, ManU will be spending heavy, Liverpool have already started bolstering, City for shore they will spend

    for me we need two players to stand a chance of EPL trophy but if we are to challenge CL we would need at least four w/c players

  8. Twig

    IMO, the only thing stopping us from winning the league is ruthlessness in front of goal. Sanchez scores thunderbolts, but he’s anything but consistent. Welbeck fancies himself as a no. 9 but it’s clear to see why he has spent most of his career out wide. Walcott can probably get 20-25 goals if played up front, but can he stay fit???

    1. moneytalks

      100 percent agree with you. We are missing a quality 30-35 goals a season striker. Giroud is
      terrible against quality defenders. Even Henry struggled against quality defenders despite being a quality player. Just imagine how Giroud will perform against quality defenders.

      1. Ozzy AFC

        Giroud IS NOT THE MAN for the job, I rate him quiet highly but he has no consistency and he really is not the beast we need. I read that Kondogbia is now linked to s as well which would be a great acquisition and Id really like to see either Benzema (my first choice) Higuain (my second choice) or Lcazetta (Third only due to his lack of big game experience) but the way things go with AW we’ll not get any of the aforementioned as they will be snapped up by other teams while AW is on holiday and swanning around wherever he swans around during the majority of the summer.

  9. moneytalks

    We are very close to winning BPL and challenge for UCL. We just need to get rid of injury prone and few deadwoods and few fringe players and sign just 3 quality players. GK, CDM and ST.
    Cech Bellerin Mertesaker Koscielny Monreal Coquelin Kondogbia Cazorla Ozil Sanchez

  10. kam

    Every year the same thing, at the end of the sason everybody say, “with the right signing next year we will win the title”, the season began the same story continues and at the end of the season everybody say, “with the right signing next year we will win the title” and the cycle continues.That is something you assign for Liverpool but sadly it has also become the culture of Arsenal as well because of all the talk from the manager, players and the supporters.Lets do less talking and more of action please.

  11. kamn288


    By the recent comments made Giroud,Wilshere,Walcott they have made some decent contribution to the side which is very low as per a title-aiming team. Giroud states he does not want competition which will surrender him to subs bench by the Monaco,Chelsea match showed.

    Wilshere is starting to become nuisance to the team which reflects on his stats have been also poor and those solo runs he made to loose the ball.

    Walcott thinks that few matches make him a permanent fixture in the squad where he values himself as a lone-striker which is stupid and considers the internal competition as adequate.

    1. Ozzy AFC

      I have to agree I like Wishire but he is in himself a chav and he cannot stop acting like a tw@tt . any of the incidents he’s been involved in on their own would be classed as a bit of a laugh but he always seems to be the one who makes a pr!ck of himself. He need to grow up and start acting like the future star he potentially is rather than a pamperd idiot.
      Welbeck is in my mind ONLY ever going to be a good squad player he doesn’t have the killer instinct needed in fron of goal and if he aint got it now he wont ever, its telling that Wenger would have only had him on loan and that Man Poo were more than happy to let him go.
      Walcott is NOT the player HE thinks he is, ok he’s got some touches of genius but equally he fluffs things on a regular basis like giroud and all this malarkey surrounding him wanting 150k per week and a garunttee of a start just proves that he has a higher opinion of himself than he deserves and that means NOT a team player. Plus he does not have the physical attributes required to make him a beast in front of goal. If he did he would already be THAT player
      Our opposition in the PL have PROOVEN goal scorers we at this point DONT its also telling that if our strike force was THAT feared why are other clubs not being touted around looking to buy them from us?? I know there’s some talk about Walcott but that’s just because he’s almost out of contract NOT cos he’s considered gold real estate.
      We need to striker that is purely a goal scorer who cares if he does nothing else on the pitch we have players to cover all that what we don’t have is an out and out 30 goal a season striker that puts the living sh!ts up all other defences in the league and that’s what we need to win the EPL next season.
      Wont get one though old tight ar$e has already stated that he thinks OG is up to the task.

  12. AlanFrank

    I’d say Chelsea will be favourers next season. They will probably strengthen their squad But we’ll have to see if new additions will improve them?. They kept most of their key players fit all this season that will be important for them again. Terry had one of his best years surprisingly how much longer can he keep that up for? Also they have a great spine but with Terry being their only old spine player left once they lose him will they have the same passion from the new players. That will be difficult for them to replace.

    Man city with players like aguero, silva and Toure they will always be title contenders but they seem to have moved backwards slightly in the last couple of seasons. Not great buys and some better players leaving I.e. Tevez and Negreado. Lampard and Milner will be a big loss to them next season. They need English players. I’d expect them to spend and be up there but I don’t see them as as bigger threat as Chelsea.

    Man U have big money to spend they seem to want to make a statement with the players they buy their squad looks a little bit unbalanced to me see what that look like at the end of the summer. Possible title contenders but I also feel they’ll drop too many points.

    Liverpool I felt sorry for Brenda a little bit this season pundits will say Gerrard was there best player but he’d lost a lot of quality and to me it looked like he was picking him just because he had to. I think they’ll be better next season but I think they’ll still finish outside the top 4.

    Arsenal I think we’ve got far better balance in the team now not just Le Coq every player is working harder to defend. If we bring in a couple of players and injuries improve then in my head the title battle will be between us and Chelsea.

    1. Ozzy AFC

      Totally agree with you and do you know why they will finish at the top next season?? or at least above us?? because their owner and their Board and their manager and their team WAT to win it. the attitude at the club is all about the winning mentality. With us its all about top four and keeping the ship steady.
      its beginning to show more than ever. If Wenger gets the players we need this summer then Ill stand corrected but thus far I see NO forward movement in the now open transfer window and I’ll bet my Ar$e that it’ll be cheaper and less than what we need.

  13. ljungberg8

    Can’t see us putting any emphasis on the League Cup. It was indeed a boost to Chelsea (though they hardly needed one) because they hadn’t won anything the previous season. But it’s meaningless for us.

    Even a third FA cup, unprecedented though that would be, would leave a slightly sour taste if we don’t also achieve at least second in EPL.

    Next season, it’s all about the leagues.

    1. AlanFrank

      League cups a strange one Most league only have one domestic cup and the FA cup is a far bigger competition so is the priory cup competition. We usually field a fairly weak team, youth players with a few first team players. But with the strength of our squad much improved if our players remain injury free and some players aren’t getting as much game time then it could be a good opportunity to field some of those players. The league cup is good for small clubs to generate revenue but a bit of a pain in some ways for bigger clubs. I always think if you reach the semi final then take it seriously because then you have a good chance of some silverware but it’s never worth risking key players for the league cup.

      With the FA cup not starting for us until January then you can always see where you are in other competitions to see how much you prioritise it. But it would be good to see us win it a third year in a row. I agree the league followed by champions league is the most important next season.

      1. ljungberg8

        I agree – and sometimes the League Cup takes on great importance. That 2010-11 season where we lost in the league cup final – well, that was the game that defined our season. We fell to bits after that. It was a minor trophy, but for us it became a huge game, it destroyed us. The damage carried on for the next two seasons.

        But still, I’d say that for us it’s less critical to get “silverware” next season than it has been for a long time. We’ve proved to ourselves and others that we can win cups and that it’s not a fluke. What we need to prove now is that we can frighten our rivals in the EPL, right to the very end of the season. Preferably nail it OF COURSE, but for me a convincing second plus say CL quarterfinals would still feel like progress.

        1. goonerwineverything

          the league cup is a fantastic breeding ground/step up (from the reserve leagues) for our youngsters to get the big game experience, and show wenger they are ready to take a top spot in the first team, sooner than later the further they advance the more impressive they will look, and they get a decent trophy for all there efforts.

  14. fred cowardly

    We will have a great chance if we purchase a top striker and top DM.

    If Coquelin get injured I don’t see Flamini, Arteta, Wilshere saving us to be honest. Diaby is always injured. Bielik and chambers need more experience

    With Giroud injured I don’t have much confidence with Welbeck and Akpom (for next season at least).
    I think Welbeck is much better as winger. We also need to find a striker who is as good or even better than Giroud

    Also every season we ave several players missing at the same time. So it’s possible to have Coquelin, Giroud, Alexis, Koscielny etc missing at same time so increasing depth can only be a good thing

    My hope is for
    1.,Vidal, Kondogbia or Schneiderlin
    2. Lacazette, Jackson Martinez, Benzema or Benteke
    3. Cech if we lose Szczesny
    4. Young LB

    That’s all. We can easily afford this especially if we lose a handful of players that are not of top quality or are not needed.

    1. Bigvalbowski

      It just seems incredibly naive for Le Prof to genuinely believe that when fit the current squad can legitimately challenge in the EPL and Europe.

      Although I rate OG as a valuable member of the squad, THEO in the FA Cup final against the Villans exemplified how pace upfront can terrorize defenses. I concede that it was against a relegation threatened side, but the fast paced threat going forward and ability to run behind defenses is IMHO the style of Futbol Arsenal should always play. The hold up, physical attributes of OG do have merits but Arsenal will NEVER consistently beat the likes of Chelsea, Bayern, RM, Uefalona, Juventus, etc with him leading the line upfront. He has scored some fantastic goals @ critical times in his career but to play to the strengths of Ozil, Sanchez, Santi, Ramsey, etc Arsenal need to improve with pace @ the position. Lacazette or Benzema would make this attack one of the best in the world. Adding Kondogbia and Cech would solidify the Gunners as one of the best sides on the planet.

      Get it done Arsene, probably your last chance

  15. Ozzy AFC

    For me it would have to be Kondogbia, Benzema or Higuain and Cech then we could be odds on to win the epl but only if we buy a striker

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