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Should Wilshere replace Alexis (not Ramsey) against Liverpool tonight?

No matter how much Arsene Wenger is hoping things will change, the fact is that all Arsenal fans know that at the moment Alexis Sanchez is more of a liability in the side rather than a possible game winner, and think that should spend some time on the bench until he sorts his head (and his feet) out.

Interestingly, it wasn’t that long ago that Wenger told us that Wilshere should be used in a more attacking role for the Gunners. In fact his exact words were: “I think the new system suits him. Because for me he is in the position between wide and completely central, or in that area behind the midfield. Because he turns the game forward well, he can chip a little ball, he can pass people in the short space. That’s why I think the system suits him well. He’s a little bit in conflict in this position with Ozil and Alexis.”

So obviously Wenger thinks he can play there, and surely he couldn’t play worse than Sanchez is right now? And strangely enough, today on Wilshere himself admitted that he looking to play more alongside Ozil, and he could easily do that with Lacazette as the target man. He said:  “I’ve said before that’s where I want to play,” he told Arsenal Player. “I like playing through the middle, whether it’s deeper or it’s in the number 10. With a player like Mesut, we’ve been playing next to each other, it makes it easy. 

“If you make a run, he’ll find a ball for you and with Granit sitting in behind it’s working quite well. We’re looking to build on that, we can improve definitely, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

So here is what Wenger could do. Play Coquelin alongside Xhaka, and put Wishere beside Ozil, and leave Alexis on the bench!

What do you think?

Darren N

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44 thoughts on “Should Wilshere replace Alexis (not Ramsey) against Liverpool tonight?

  1. kev

    Coquelin with Xhaka is a mistake.This simple lineup will finish Liverpool easily even with Mr. Liability in the side.
    Debuchy Koscielny. Chambers. Kolasinac
    Maitland-Niles Wilshere
    Ozil. Sanchez/Welbeck
    I want us to play 4-3-3 so that we can match Liverpool in the midfield as I don’t want us to be overrun.Xhaka can’t defend and he should not start this match and if possible all other matches for the rest of the season.Coquelin’s tackles has caused us to score some goals every single season he’s been here and I think we’ve missed that this season.I just don’t know why he’s been left on the bench because if paired with the right partner can be used in a very defensive sense to great effect.Our team is so poor tactically.

  2. Shortboygooner

    Wilshire should not go anywhere near the wings. Welbeck should start ahead of alexis. Welbeck has been in good form at the start of the season and scored on tuesday. No brainer. Stick with current formation. Bring in le coq if he is fit for xaka. And wilshire keeps his spot. Easy. 3 pacey players infront of ozil and wilshire. Someone to defend for them. Also kolasinac should start and possibly debuchy

  3. Mitch Connor

    No. Even Alexis not at his best is still better than alternatives.

    Xhaka may have cost £3 million more than Alexis but Xhaka is not good enough quality to start and certainly not worth the cash spent on him. Play Coquelin or Wilshere instead

    1. Mitch Connor

      ……………………… Cech
      Debuchy Koscielny. Mustafi. Kolasinac
      ………………….. Lacazette


        Welbeck has been really disappointing after the injury… I would rather play Iwobi, Walcott or Nelson.

  4. Robin Vanpayslip

    No idea but really Wilshere should be in the 2 in the middle because he is more dangerous from deep. IMO Ramsey, when he is back, should replace Sanchez because the dude is good but he is already gone and Ramsey is a good option as he can score.

    1. sanmi.marvellous

      Imagine if Wenger has the members of this forum as his advisers with conflicting opinions on selection to
      beat just Liverpool.

      What will they do if Arsenal is facing Barcelona, Madrid, PSG, Bayern. Only headache to Manager

  5. Kenny Rolfe

    Ridiculous to replace Alexis with Wilshere, they don’t even play in the same position, anyway if we’re going to get a result tonight we need Lex. Right, off to the game.

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        Thank you very much Sue, just got home, Wenger again gets it all wrong, Mustafi should have started and Monreal back to left back, very impressed with Maitland- Niles but he’s not a left back. Iwobi should have been dragged off in a disastrous first half and replaced by Niles. WE could have been 3 down before the break but thankfully showed tremendous spirit in the second half

  6. Declan

    Team been announced and Alex’s plays and also looks like 4 at the back. Good looking team apart from Xhaka playing!

  7. Mitch Connor


    Xhaka. ..ramsey
    Iwobi. .Ozil. .Alexis

    Kolsanic, Mustafi on bench

    1. Mitch Connor

      Yes. Kolsanic is a LB specialist. He was one of the best LB in bundesliga last season. He should be starting. And i agree about Niles. Niles has experience as a RB not LB. Similar thing with Ox. Wenger played him on left wide back instead of centre or right. He may have stayed if Wenger had not kept on playing him on left.

      Wenger must be smoking something again lol

  8. winnie

    Nothing against Xhaka personally but if you really track him when our defence is getting smashed he is usually not in position , or too slow and cannot tackle to save his life. His passes alone are not worth anything. So i am unsure what he brings to the table. Coquelin should have played this game. Liverpool forwards are way too fast for Xhaka , Maybe Welbeck should also have started for Iwobi. Kolasinac should be starting as well.

  9. Gunners

    We always lose these games due to Wenger’s naivety , playing off form players and players off positions. a good lineup is like below;
    Coquelin. .Wilshere
    Welbeck/Nelsson. .Ozil. .Iwobi

    With Wenger against big teams we get beaten before even kicking the ball!

  10. Mitch Connor

    I would have played Koscielny and Mustafi at CB
    Def Kolsanic at LB
    Probably would have tried Debuchy RB
    Dropped Xhaka for Coquelin

    I think Liverpool may have a field day with this defense. I hope im wrong. But we definitely could have put out a better defense than this

  11. HA559

    Lineups are out. Arsenal will lose because Xhaka and Wilshere are so slow, they provide close to nothing interms of protection for defense as well. Liverpool will be devastating in counter attack.

  12. Eat Pie

    Play a proper CB,
    Monreal at lb or Kolasinaic.
    Coq in place of xhaka
    Walcott or Welbeck instead of Sanchez, even Niles on left in place of Sanchez

  13. sfgunner

    interesting question on alexis, wenger really screwed up keeping him in the summer, he is a cancer in the club house, 4 league goals on the pitch, i just wish we sell him to paris for cheap in january, i want him out, if you don’t want to wear the shirt, especially the shirt that pulled you off peps bench in barca, then get out…

  14. Mitch Connor

    I agree with Sue. Its almost like Wenger wants us to lose. I know he doesn’t but why would he play Niles at LB instead of Kolsanic or Monreal? Also Mustafi is a specialist CB. He may not be wc but still better than a LB specialist. Its highly incompetent management. Mindboggling

  15. Me

    Wilshere is a cripple.
    Wenger is a dinosaur.
    Arsenal are a joke..
    And Liverpool are winning – no shock there at all…

  16. Kane

    How can you bench kolasinaca beast and play Niles a kid agaisnt a rampant Liverpool? This is why Arsenal will never win the league until wenger leaves. Dumb idiot. Foolish old man, stupid and makes me so angry ???

  17. Me

    I am just laughing.
    In a match where we should be raising our game, working hard and trying to win.
    They are doing f*ck all tonight.
    Arsenal are a disgrace.
    But as usual there will be no inquiry and the blame will never be laid at the managers feet.
    I’m not bothered if they lose.
    Arsenal don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Liverpool.
    Not even one f*cking shot at goal…

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