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SkySports confirm that Arsenal are chasing French defender

Toulouse Left-Back claims Arsenal interest: by SV

After the Sunderland game on Saturday, Arsene Wenger stated that he was looking for a midfielder and defender to add to his squad. Now, as any of you who know Arsene’s ways will testify, this could mean anything from us signing a defender and midfielder, to us signing two midfielders, two defenders and a striker for good measure. In other words, we can’t be certain as to exactly what Arsene’s plans are for the rest of the transfer window. Personally, I think/hope that we will complete the imminent Sahin signing, and follow it up with the acquisition of a CDM and a versatile defender.

So I was given some hope when Sky Sports reported that Toulouse left-back Cheick M’Bengue has claimed that we are interested in signing him. The report said as follows:

Toulouse left-back Cheikh M’Bengue claims Arsenal are interested in signing him and he would be keen on a move to Emirates Stadium.

He told L’Equipe: ‘Arsenal’s interest? To be honest I didn’t expect it. When such a big club is thinking about you, it is great pleasure, but you are above all surprised. It is really flattering. Moreover, the Premier League is the league where I would like to play.’

Asked if he had talked to either club about the situation, he added: ‘Not at all. I am only focused on the pitch. My agent is managing that and I believe he had talks with Toulouse’s chairman. I didn’t forecast I would be leaving, I have 2 years remaining on my contract, but it would be difficult to accept to be forced to stay,’ he said. ‘Indeed, I am a key part of the Toulouse squad. I have no agreement to leave or any clause on my contract. But you cannot refuse Arsenal, if everyone can benefit from it. I hope if there is an exciting proposition, the chairman won’t block me.”

“You also have to consider a player’s interest. Arsenal would be great.’

I’ll admit, I have never seen M’Bengue play and so have no idea how good he is, though Toulouse look unwilling to sell him, with their chairman saying that no one else would leave the club this summer. This is bad news for us not only because of M’Bengue, but also because it will make it more difficult to sign Etienne Capoue, Toulouse’s CDM, who is said to be one of Arsenal’s main midfield targets.

In any case, the report from Sky Sports does bring good news as it tells us that, even if we don’t sign M’Bengue, Arsenal are definitely in the market for defensive cover.

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40 thoughts on “SkySports confirm that Arsenal are chasing French defender

  1. gunshow

    I hope he doesn’t buy this guy and try to play him out of position. I would prefer Van der Wiel

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  2. Smiley

    I don’t mind Gibbs at LB he has defiantly been improving but his injuries may be a problem (Along with Santos) so maybe it would be good, much prefer a CB that is versatile to play LB/RB now that Bartley left and Miquel possibly going on loan or staying in reserves.

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  3. Flame

    Wenger shd jex get sahin,mvilla nd a gd defender, i blv ds z our season..

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  4. Tedy

    Van der wiel is good for Arsenal. Jenkison was good at Sunderland game. Gibss too. But if we sign this dutch man is good. But don’t sign M’Bengue.

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  5. cliffy

    Hmmm if toulouse wants to release only 1 player out of capoue and the leftback I think the leftback should come blocking any epl team from bidding for capoue while we take mvila and strengthen our team bcus Santos from the look of things might be plying his trade in the loving this

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  6. james

    Ángel Rangel from swansea city is a good fit for arsenal cover for sagna and can be cover for gibbs so a great sub.
    if mexes comes in as well defence is sorted. also next to no money spent mexes for bentener and rangel for about 4m. sahin on loan so only 2m loan fee there. just hope we use the spare money for a second striker(if we can get rid of chammak) or m’vila (if diaby is seen as he should be a waste of space.)

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  7. th14

    vanderwiel is soooo overated hes nothing n wenger knows this probably y he aint bothered

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  8. Briano

    Id be very suprised if Wenger signs this guy,Sahin and MVila.Even tho rumour has it Sahin isnt joining now because Mourhino said if he did go to Arsenal he’ll never play for Madrid again so read what you will into that!!Does Mourhino really hate Wenger that much!!!

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  9. George ibude

    Which one is correct? Inside Spanish footbal reported this morning that we have completed Sahin signing but some british newspappers are stipulating that it had it a snag.

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  10. Frank

    Wenger wont buy him. I like Gibbs, he is quick and can deliever a killer ball into the box.

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  11. GUN

    He have history of dangerous tackling and got suspension for 10+ matches twice

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  12. NigerianGun

    Van der wiel is much better option despite the Van pur$€¥ induced “Dutchiphobia”.

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  13. KickuPtheArsene

    Before anyone thumbs me down, just hear me out –

    What’s Song has said about Barca, this guy is saying about Arsenal. Things along the line of feeling honoured to be asked to play for us, and, it would be hard to refuse an offer. Song basically believed that he was in the same situation with Barca – being able to play with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta. Yet a lot of Arsenal fans have a go at Song, but think its totally fine that another player would adopt the same attitude about us (in turn doing to their club what Song has done to us). It’s a little hypocritical.

    To be honest, if a player would rather be elsewhere, good riddence. I would like to see players that are totally committed to our club, and aren’t looking for a better deal, or opportunity elsewhere. We are Arsenal, and if we can just get a team that believes we are the best in the world, then maybe we will become it.

    Gooner forever.

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  14. Bob Dylan

    Can someone do a article of all the ins and outs of arsenal this summer and values of transfers please? Thanks in advance if you do

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  15. realist

    Yanga Mbwia plays rb cb lb and dm add him to sahin and dempsey while off loading park squillaci chamakh and bendtner. 4 out 3 in brings the numbers down to 25 bang on the money.

    if we can get mvila he can still come at the expense of eastmond or lansbury. finally if theo dont sign swap him for adam johnson.

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  16. Genesis o .

    Wenger should sign a good defender, midfieder 4 covering Alex Song position n one striker, doing these we make Arsenal to be a force to recom with dis season. Let kep faith, hope that wenger can bring out d money . Gunners 4 life… One luv..

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  17. true goon

    van der wiel is average as shown during the euros wat r u people talking about,wenger’s havin a laugh if he thinks he doesnt need another striker aswell as dm an defender.utd and city have 4 top strikers how many do we have?u expect us 2 realisticly challenge on all fronts?lol.lets get real.Y is it alrite 4 wenger 2 be best paid manager in premiership but not 4 his players 2 be?very strange.btw this article is about 3 days late.

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  18. Mohd.H

    would be a disaster, the kid is wild, in his collection of achievements he has broken two legs and set the two out for a whole season. not to mention his honourable 20 match ban……

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  19. TeFeCe

    Toulouse being my club, i can assure you Cheikh is talented. How2ever i don’t think it would be wise to wenger to get him as the African Cup of Nation gona be this year and M’Bengue is going to play for his country. So what is the point. If any player should go, that would be Capoue, a player which has been rated by all the journalists and pundits much better than M’Villa (Who is is going to Scums anyway). Finished last season as the best CDM of the ligue, well ahead of M’Villa, and has a better spirit, better attitude on and off the pitch than the Rennes player

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  20. Iwodi

    a gud defender wil b needed nd if possible dempsy wit sahin 2 bcom a gunner.

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  21. Dan

    Apparantly he’s big and can play LB or CB. This would mean we’d have cover for Kos, Verm and Mertesacker and you never know he might challenge Gibbs for his first team position.

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  22. Gunner all the way

    Skysports claim athletico bibao manager said that there are 2 premier league teams interested in llorente one from Manchester and one from London….God I hope arsenal is that London team and they beat their Manchester competition to the signing of llorente!!!!
    True gunner 🙂

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  23. Barry

    Pls Wenger should buy Marouane Fellaini, he is a beast. Did anyone noticed how he muscled out all the Man U players yesterday?

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  24. Eddie

    Don’t buy that. Arsenal are not short at left back. Right back is the side I am worried about while Sagna is away. Jenkingson appears to be all heart and low on intelligence and defensive awareness

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  25. Ben

    Richardson wouldn’t be a surprise and wouldn’t be a bad signing, but I’d probably expect he’d end up at QPR or something. He’s decent. He can play at the back, he can play midfield and he can even score goals up front. He wouldn’t be a bad squad player to add a bit of depth. He was one of the best on when we played them.

    I haven’t seen this fella play. I still think Sahko is a no brainer. He’s a beast, he’s young. Can play at CB, LB and DM. He’s vastly experienced and has leadership stamped all over him. Leadership is a great quality for a big centre back to nature have. We need a Vidic/Kompany-type defender to battle with the Stokes and West Ham’s of the world.

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  26. jermaine

    aint it a co insident he has the same agent as mvilla sakho and mbiwa i feel this story is fabricated just to generate intrest into the agents assets

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  27. Brian Masibo

    fellaini!!!! did u see this monster against manure!?? holy shit, thiz guy is lyk zidane!!!

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