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So the Arsenal injury problems begin to mount up again

Danny Welbeck succumbed to a severe groin strain after playing just 5 matches of the season and he will be out for some time according to Arsene Wenger, but why he calls it a “good” injury I have no idea! “He has a groin problem. I don’t know how severe it is but it looks like a ‘good’ groin problem, not an easy one.”

Danny certainly didn’t look very happy when he was being taken off, so I hope it turns out to be not as bad as Wenger thinks it is. He is our top scorer of the season so far.

We also have Mesut Ozil who missed the game with a problem that Wenger doesn’t seem to want to disclose. ‘Mesut Ozil is injured, [Alexis] Sanchez is close to his best,’ Wenger told Sky Sports before the game. He trained on his own the day before the match, coincidentally on the same day that the rumours about the German wanting to join Jose Mourinho at Man United surfaced. Again we can only hope that it is not too serious and not a completely different problem. At least Alexis may be approaching fitness again, but does he have the motivation? It wasn’t too obvious against Chelsea…

Of course we have also lost Francis Coquelin to a hamstring injury and he is expected to be out for another three weeks. It will weaken our chances to rotate in midfield, but with much easier games coming up we should be able to muddle through without him.

Of course we all know that Santi Cazorla is extremely unlikely to be fit before Christmas, if ever, but should we worry about our growing injury list so early in the season?

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10 thoughts on “So the Arsenal injury problems begin to mount up again

  1. John0711

    I have to be honest although Welbz works hard i eel as though technically hes not good enough, if sanchez or Lemar had started sunday we would have won the game.

    1. neil

      Some players just seem to get injured all the time.. ! I dont remember Henry Bergkamp etc as injured as Welbeck. Also a lot of the Young English players seem to always be injured… is that an Arsenal thing or English thing …. my theory is because they are not as good as many of thr international players they have to try harder to match the skills and perhaps over extend themselves… plus Arsenal always seem to get injured players !

  2. John0711

    And personally i feel we are no worse off without ozil, i actually think Ramsy could play there with a DM behind

    Xhaka/Wilshire new DM

    Sanchez Lacca

    1. Maks

      Ramsey is a limited slowminded player who have his sparks now and then but overoll his in Arsenal just cos his british. Othervise he would play for Stoke, or Maximum Everton!

  3. gotanidea

    – Welbeck: Just a groin problem.

    – Coquelin: Just a hamstring issue.

    – Ozil: I suspect he is fit physically, but not mentally. That was why they said he has a “problem”.

    – Sanchez: Still looks very creative, skillful and adventurous. Despite his fighting spirit diminishes a little, probably because he is thinking of his career after this season and the World Cup.

    – Cazorla: Still injured, but he is a natural talent and technically gifted, so I wouldn’t worry about his skills after the recovery.

    So it is not bad actually. Arsenal still have Lacazette, Iwobi, Nelson, Wilshere, Bellerin, Kolasinac and Monreal.

    1. Jaydawg

      Don’t jinx it. Injuries as usual are slowly building. Don’t forget Dead got a massive knock as well! I wouldn’t put it past Ramsey getting injured now he has a run of games, most probably hamstring injury.

      Let’s just hope our big squad can step up

      Sead (knock)

  4. jonfox

    In fact, and contrary to this article, our injury situation is not at all bad. No key player has a long term injury, EXCEPT Cazorla, whom we have got used to being without. Our key players right now in my opinion are these: Koscielny, Cech, Kolasinac, Lacazette, Sanchez and, right now Ramsey. Ozil is totally unreliable and in my opinion is not worth a big pay rise. I would sell him in January for whatever we can get. You don’t build great sides on someone so undependable, however talented on his day(about one game in four , on average). Which other players are that valuable right now? I say no others and all the ones I mentioned are fit. Therefore , unusually, we are not badly off with injuries right now

    1. Nothing changed

      Looking at the number of starts Welbeck got so far I think Wenger might disagree with you. He seems to think Welbeck is pretty key.

  5. Nothing changed

    Might get thumbed down for this but when are we going to become pragmatic? Our road to mediocrity is paved with the injuries of players we relied heavily on or players who took up valuable squad space and payroll load. (RVP, Ramsey, Wilshire, Diaby, Santi and now Welbeck).

    We can’t keep players just because their potential is so great. There is a price to pay for players who only are available for a few weeks and they are gone for several weeks and then need to re-find their game rythm etc.

    Carry one of them? Perhaps? But right now we have Welbeck, Wilshire and Santi all injury prone all taking roster spots and all collecting good salaries.

    Personally, I don’t think we should have blocked a roster spot for Welbeck. Part of being a professional football player is earning your salary on the pitch, not on the bench. So, yes it is tough for these type of players but business is business and we are not talking about one unlucky injury with these guys.

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