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Some GOOD new for Arsenal fans on Alexis Sanchez transfer saga

This latest piece of Arsenal transfer news may not mean that the Gunners are now favourites to lift the Premier League trophy next May, or even to finish in the top four. A lot can happen over the course of a season but from the early stages it certainly looks like both the Manchester clubs are going to do better than we are.

So maybe it does not really matter in the long run whether Alexis Sanchez signs for Man City or not, but I think we are all behind Arsene Wenger in his intention to not sell them our star striker. If possible we would prefer to keep Alexis Sanchez away from all of our EPL rivals but with the Chilean coming towards the end of his contract that may not be possible.

The only chance that Wenger and Arsenal have of affecting this is in the January transfer window, although it would mean that we do not have the services of Sanchez in the second half of the season, but it could be that we are already out of the title race by then and so the news reported by The Sun that PSG could be serious rivals to Man City for the striker is maybe very good news as it would mean that we can sell, get some money and still not strengthen a rival.

Watch this space Gooners.

Sam P.

37 thoughts on “Some GOOD new for Arsenal fans on Alexis Sanchez transfer saga

    1. JPS_AFC1

      Do a part exchange plus cash for either Draxler, Moura, Pastore or Raboit. Alexis plus £10-15mil GBP for either off the 3 above names and i would be happy. Especially Draxler or Raboit, the latter is exactly the type off central midfield enforcer we need to sure up that area off the pitch. If Lacazette starts to hot top form soon we will not miss Alexis as much as we would off anyways. Getting Raboit and Draxler in January would be perfect but going by the way our club does things that sounds like wishful thinking. Can you imagine though Raboit- Cazorla central midfield pairing and Draxler – Lacazette and Welbeck up top . Would be awesome .

      1. Break-on-through

        I like Rabiot myself, when he’s in the mood he can be a dominating sort, he imposes himself on the game, and he’s got a good mixture of strength/speed/agility ..not too shabby on the ball neither. He’s a stronger more complete Ramsey, he’s the perfect height for a guy playing in his position. I’d take him over Draxler, I like Draxler but there are many high quality and potentially top class forwards who’re not yet at one of the big clubs, Liv didn’t do too badly and they didn’t even try and push the boat out. Sorting out our soft centre is more important right now (yes we have been soft/disjointed/unfocused), Rabiot or Goretzka, they have the tools we need to try and improve/fix our all round balance.

  1. AndersS

    Wenger is responsible for the situation. The contract situations with several players have been a clear mess for quite a while. So maybe you can be behind the decision not to sell Sanchez to a direct league rival, but if Wenger and the rest of the management had been more on top this situation, we would never have the problem in the first place.
    Now it has become a choice between 2 evils. . Sell as soon as possible and loose a star player or wait and loose him for free. What a bloody mess.

    1. Jay

      And what makes you think that Wenger didn’t already try to get Sanchez to sign an extension, before it ran down to a year? He can’t just force him to sign it, can he? You couldn’t possibly know, yet you assume the worse, just to have another thing to critisize Wenger with. It’s so painfully predictable.

      Whether you like him or not, Wenger is an extremely intelligent man and that cannot be disputed. If you think that one of the most successful managers in PL history is a complete moron, that just wings it and doesn’t have a clue about how to run a club, then you’re just blinded by your hatred. It really is sad.

      1. Krish

        i feel your post, there is no objectivity in some hate posts about wenger, he does have his fault but they try to show him as a moron when he surely is more intelligent than the most football fans

      2. ThirdManJW


        Wenger is very intelligent, but unfortunately for us, that intelligence consistently gets overridden by arrogance, naivety, and stubbornness. For example, Wenger has selected a weaker starting XI than he needed to do in every one of our fixtures so far this season. In every one of our fixtures he has also had players in the wrong positions. Is that intelligence?

        Of course Wenger, and the others involved in the contact negotiations, would have tried to get Sanchez to sign a new contract. But when he didn’t with two years remaining, Alexis should have then been sold to maximise his valuation. We could have easily got around £100 million in today’s market. Then Alexis should have definitely been sold this summer with only one year remaining, to gain around £60 million back. But now he can leave on a free, our rivals do not have to pay anything, and we’ve kept him against his will. I would say that is the opposite of intelligence. We know Kroenke, and the board love profits, so they would have wanted to sell him, but as long as Wenger already made a profit (by selling Ox), he was allowed to keep Sanchez. So Wenger has to take a lot of the flak for this terrible decision.

        Going to painful in 9 months time seeing Sanchez join City, and we don’t get a penny!

      3. Vish

        Contrary to belief, Wenger does not handle EVERYTHING at Arsenal . You think it’s a coincidence that Dick Law has been kicked out as he is the idiot in charge of contracts as well as transfers . He has been truly pathetic in the past years . Wenger has many may flaws like being tactically inept but we can’t blame him for the contract situation. Clearly he tells the board what need be done and it’s up to the people in charge to execute those instructions.

      4. jon fox

        You miss, possibly by choice, the relevant point. Of course Wenger is intelligent; of that there is no doubt. But surely, the real question is whether or not he is making the best job of any big name manager of running our club, given the restrictions he has from an uninterested owner and son, aboard of football amateurs-including a Chairman who cares more for horseracing than Arsenal- and a CEO who is clearly hopeless and has no real relationship with Wenger. Apart for us fans and some, only, of the players, Wenger is the only influential employee at Arsenal who is devoted to the club. (I exclude Bould from this, as he is not ALLOWED to be influential ) Devotion though, is nowhere near enough; you need modernity in thinking, the ability to be flexible when the game is in play, tactically aware and able and the clear thinking to play players in their most suited positions. On all of these, and much more, too numerous to list here, Wenger clearly fails and has for a decade at top Prem challenging level. There are far more suitable men out there to manage Arsenal and most fans and the professionals-ex-players, pundits, journalists etc all see this loud and clear. But seemingly, not you, which is depressing as you are clearly an intelligent man. Sometimes you need far more than intelligence. You also need to know the job better than your rival managers and on this he clearly fails!

      5. MxwellSmart86

        Jay, theres no doubt he is intelligent, but as some of the most intelligent people in the world, he is disconnected from reality. Sanchez should have been offered that renewal two years ago, letting him get to his final year was stupid. The player has obviously lost faith in the manager and the club.

        Do you think that declaring for months that you would not sell him and changing that stance on the final day was intelligent ? Trying to secure Lemar on the final day was intelligent? Saying that Manchester City only made an official offer on the final day, while everyone read about it during months…was intelligent?

        Sanchez was used as bait to bring new players, but how coiuld a player trust a manager that keeps secret his own contract renewal untill the end, after conveniently winning the FA Cup…helped by huess who…Sanchez himself.

        After the first few matches, do you honestly believe that LAcazette and Kolasinac are the only signings we needed ? The club was offically in a good financial shape, but failed to bring most of their pretended players into the club.

        Wenger’s intelligence keeps him in an alternate world where everything is great.

    2. Lexynal

      You are definitely out of touch- completely outdated. The Sanchez contract talk is one that was started faithfulairly early – all through last season; besides an offer close to 300k per week is sure a show of good intent by a club. But can you now force the player to sign? I expect us to prove that no player is bigger than a club and I am so glad we are showing that in the case of Sanchez.

      1. jon fox

        Lexynal, You are wrong in trying to protect the cluib from badly messing up. Clearly, as is understood throughout the football world, keeping a financially valuable player when his heart is elsewhere and esp when he has also rejected huge money to stay, is stupidity and also financial stupidity. As Third Man LW correctly outlined, Wengers , “arrogance, naivety and stubborness” is widely acknowledged by real football people, pundits , journalists and most Asrenal fans alike and has been extremely evident for many, many years. If you refuse to see this clear truth , you my friend, are deluding yourself and not helping the club you and we all support by maintaining the status quo that is causing us to drift inexorably, further away from our other rivals. Frankly, even a blind man should be able to see this truth.

    3. jon fox

      AndersS, Incredibly, because of the dislikes you have received, there are people who do not agree with you and me that, as you rightly say “What a bloody mess”. I challenge any of these dullards to explain precisely how things are presumably, in their opinion, NOT a mess. Your summation was spot on and any serious Arsenal fan or merely general football fan who is aware of the sick joke “running” of our club can not fail to see, if they are sane, what a shambles the whole club is in and has increasingly been in since David Dein left a decade ago. It is deeply depressing how many dullards and plain low IQ types simply click a like / dislike button without having the nous or vocabulary to actually say anything of their own. If there are any Gooners on here who can actually set out in plain and intelligible English their OWN position, I ask them to come forward now and post some thoughts OF THEIR OWN! I am needless to say, not holding my breath.

    4. James Simmonds

      Little do we understand how what and why this happened but when you look at it this is all the boards fault not Wenger. The board decide the transfer and wage budget, the legal team draw the contracts not wenger gets to say is if he wants to keep the player. Do you thing a load of money men with millions invested in the club would allow someone else to spend their profit each year.

      Wenger is a victim of his own ability to get the best out of teams on a shoe string budget compared to our rivals. As much he is to blame for his poor decisions on the playing field he’s not to blame for the contract renewal of our players and the wages on offer. Take Rooney at Man Utd Messi and Ronaldo the club’s care about winning so much money was no object when offering new contracts.

  2. gotanidea

    Hahaha, you still believe The Sun? I don’t think there will be any club willing to get Sanchez in January, knowing that they could get him for free at the end of the season.

    What will most likely happen is PSG would sell some of their players, not getting a new one. Hopefully Arsenal would be the destination of PSG’s fringe players.

    1. Ogban

      Don’t agree. By the summer when Sanchez is a free agent, the scramble for him will be tough. So a smart move might be to get him on the cheap in January

  3. haule jrr..

    let him lot on the bench till the end of the season and he leaves for free,i bet he gonna end like ALEX SONG

  4. In your face

    On again about the same old BS that Wenger is responsible for player’s contract negotiations? Ignorance can be cured with a tiny weeney bit of education and a dash of common sense, it is fans like you who with careless ill conceived notions like “Wenger is responsible for contract negotiations” that ultimately turn the fan base stupidly against itself fostering an avoidably toxic atmosphere around the club. Lemme guess, Wenger negotiated the naming rights to the stadium too? Perhaps, he was responsible for restructuring the stadium debt too, you know since he’s an economist and all? He also personally signed RvP’s, Fabregas’, Nasri’s walking papers, in fact, he tried smuggling Alexis in his coat to Guardiola waiting with £50 million at the gate until his coat zip gave him away, Gazidis was alerted and returned the player to the training ground before calling a press conference, triumphantly announcing “we showed ambition by keeping Sanchez”…the theiving Wenger! Phew!

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Wenger is a control freak; it is apparent he delegates very little and was very vocal in not wanting a Director role to assist in contract matters.

  5. Ivan

    Time will tell if not taking the money was a good idea. I understand that this is The Old Man’s gamble hoping we can get back in the Champions League and the extra £30mil plus this brings. All will be well if this is the case but if not the failure to bring in the £100mil plus for Sanchez and Ozil will hit our finances hard and after they leave our squad will not be reinforced with quality players because of reduced finances and we really spiral down under our “leader for life”. So it is a straight fight for 4th between us, Spuds and Liverpool. Let’s hope it’s us!

  6. Sarmmie

    Get Lemar or draxler, and let Sanchez rot on the bench. What are the things we achieved in his presence that we didn’t get before he came? Top 4?, FA cup?, community shield? UEFA Round 16? Cazorla will be back by January and if wenger gets a winger, our 2nd half of the season should be better than the first. I would like to see Sanchez on the bench with the players doing well on the pitch.

    1. Break-on-through

      Liverpool already troubled us with that Lemar situation, it looked like he might’ve went there instead of here at one stage. That’s what it seemed from the outside it must be said. One season from 20 without the CL spot but it seemed to make a difference. We need Alexis to help us get a Draxler, maybe even Lemar depending on some of Liverpool’s situations. We need to get back into the top four, or go the full way in Europa. We stand a better shot by using (arguably) the most dangerous player in the league, he’s the only one we have that matches up to Hazard, Eriksen Mkhitit and the likes, players who can whip up a storm from out of the blue. Leaving someone of Alexis’s calibre on the bench, with our hostile fan-base, sure you may as well hand Wenger a rope while you’re at it.

    2. MxwellSmart86

      Sarmie, you are more intelligent than Wenger and haule jrr combined !

      Keeping your best player of previous season (prize awarded by the club itself) on the bench is a smart move…keep him happy, let his value go down so you can get even less money than before…smart, really smart. Like benching him agaisnt Liverpool last year !

      Sanchez almost never missed a matched in three years and now Wellbeck is better than him ?!

  7. Break-on-through

    Good news??? You talked about Manchester clubs certainly being better than us, then said how we’ll likely be out of title race before January, all whilst talking about who grabs our best player. Phew!, that’s a relief.

  8. Xi_gunner

    Best scenario: FFP gets strict PSG and some other big clubs are banned. ARSENAL PLAY GREAT and WIN.

    He can’t resist staying.

  9. The barrel

    When Wenger sell good players the fans complains, but when he try to keep them we complain too. What is Wenger supposed to do

  10. The barrel

    Ozil and Sanchez are dropping their values with their approach to the game. Let them sit on the bench until they so that their value can drop even further. Arsenal is paying them, but they play as if they don’t want. Wenger should be hard on them. Give a chance to those who are hungry for success. These two guys were in a team that finished fifth last season, so who do they blame for not in top because Wenger sits on the bench. If they done win games, they should not look for scapegoat

    1. MxwellSmart86

      Dear Barrel

      Arsenal made 77 goals last season, Sanchez was involved as scorer or assist in 34 of them or 44%…yes you are right he shouldnt look for a scapegoat for not being able to get us into the top 4.

  11. nosa

    just leave him on d benchc yet he collects his weekly pay and will leave for free, so who is on d losing side, Sanchez I guess

  12. peter

    benching players after xmas who do not renew. World cup next year, 5 months on the bench will make them think. and buy a draxler or similiar in jan and give some younger gunners a run.

    So what if we only finish 5th and qualify for losers cup (europa) again. We will then have buckets of cash without having to pay Sanchez and ozil wages to next year buy a couple more (who weren’t at world cup so they can start next season fresh) as well have blooded many younger players.

  13. James Simmonds

    I made a comment above to some of the fans who dont understand how a football club works.

    Arsenal have the most greedy self indulged board of all the top clubs on the planet Arsenal is a cash cow for an American sports franchisee to fund his other ventures.

    Wenger does not Set wage and transfer budgets
    Wenger does not negotiate contracts
    Wenger does not decide to sell a Feabregas, Nasri, Viera and RVP when a decent offer comes in. Why would a coach want to sell his best players it makes no sense

    As much as his decisions on where when and how to play is playing staff are solely down to him and he’ll admit when he’s made mistakes and he’s made plenty. The financials are handles by greedy money men who want their annual pay out. Why would they let another person spend their money.

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