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Some positives for Arsenal after Walcott injury

Look on the bright side Arsenal fans by Twig

I refreshed NewsNow looking for some cheering Arsenal transfer/injury news, only to find some really shattering story. I didn’t believe it at first, but when the more reputable news media began reporting the story I knew it was true. The story was almost as shattering as the leg breaks to Eduardo and Ramsey.

Ever since Theo returned from his stomach operation, he has proven to be the most effective member of our squad. Just like he was last season, and the stats back it up. Having played 8 less games than Giroud, Theo has a much better goals and assists per game ratio than the latter. In the 13 EPL games that Theo managed this season, he has weighed in with 10 goals and assists (combined) in just 9 starts ahead of Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud in that order.

However, as always we have to look for the bright side in any bad situation.

1) What’s Draxler doing at the Emirates?
I woke up to the rather strange news this morning that Julian Draxler has been shown round the Emirates, revealed on Twitter by Germany based journalist Jan Aage Fjortoft, and that he was suitably impressed. Players don’t just promenade round the Emirates when they feel like it, and I suspected there was something more. Like Jackson Martinez, Draxler has made no secret of his desire to leave his present club for the Reds.

He’s said to be in constant touch with Mertesacker and Ozil about Arsenal, and they have given him good recommendations. Theo’s injury might accelerate the signing of Draxler to Arsenal. One more German, and a bright
one at that, wouldn’t hurt our title charge at all.

2) Serge Gnabry will get games and plenty of them.
Serge Gnabry wowed everyone with his display in Theo’s position against Spurs. He’s a bit more comfortable with the ball than Theo and a better dribbler. He isn’t the finished article though, as evidenced by his 18-year old
error that led to Yaya Toure’s penalty goal against us. However, he’s got a goal and 2 assists for the senior team already. With more games, Serge Gnabry is on his way to be a really top, top player for us this season, and beyond.

3) Now, Wenger must spend
Surprisingly, Nicklas Bendtner’s injury wasn’t enough to convince Wenger he had to open his checkbook this January saying, “It doesn’t mean we can go from Nicklas’ ankle straight to the transfer market” which is true. But now, with yet another forward out injured, Wenger will be forced to spend. We were already a striker short, even before Theo’s and Bendtner’s injuries, so if this doesn’t make Wenger spend then nothing will.

4) Theo’s injury could have come at a worse time
Do you remember when Arsenal had no senior keeper to call upon and the transfer window was closed? Yeah, such has been our injury pandemic in recent years. An initial prognosis of 2 weeks out and we end up with 6 months?

Thankfully, at that time Arsenal was able to call upon an obscure and little-known statute from the FA’s books – reserved for goaltenders only – that allowed Arsenal to bring Jens Lehmann out of retirement for an emergency fire-fighting. Believe me, we should be thankful Theo’s injury coming on the 6th of January and not on February 1st, 2014. I’m unaware of any similar exceptions that could allow us sign Fredrik Ljungberg in place of the injured Theo Walcott.

5) Theo is eligible for a Champions Medal
My first worry when I saw the bad news, was that Theo Walcott might not have played enough games to earn a Champions medal, should we go on to lift the EPL trophy come May. Theo has played 13 EPL games this season, which is more than the 10 games requirement to be awarded a medal. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing Theo receive his winner’s medal after the home game against Newcastle, even if it means Bouldie and Wenger would be at either side helping him up the podium.

Get well soon Theo. Go and win him a medal Gunners!

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71 thoughts on “Some positives for Arsenal after Walcott injury

  1. DanielC1989

    I’m glad he can get the medal. imagine if we won the FA Cup, league and also England won the World Cup. Theo would be devastated

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    1. GunAmbitious

      Now there are two things wenger can do.Either Mandzukic or Reus in January.We have to absolutely win the league and FA CUP.We also have to beat Bayern in two legged affair.Could we rely on Gnabry or Ox for Bayern games against wingers like Robben or Ribery.Now if only Wenger shares my mentality.What do you think fellow gooners?

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      1. Leroy


        I cant see Bayern selling Mandzukic in January they don’t get Lewandowski until the summer and he is there only Striker bar Pizzaro!
        But i would like Mandzukic as he puts his all into a game and can score goals!

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      2. cYphEr

        has anyone heard of leandro moura….he can play both attack and wing ..can be the next neymar ,possessing all of the striker’s quality….can be deployed on wing and cf/st…. not giroud but walcott kind of player….shows potential and can be used in the first team with his current abilities ….would cost “less than 5 mil”. i think we should go 4 him…. on a lighter note-the team lacks brazillians….wat say gooners

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      3. Tristan

        I love arsenal and want those two players, but frankly it is impossible.

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    2. Archangel

      I was up there with you untill you said england winning the world cup…sorry mate, aint gonna happen

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  2. muffdiver

    alotta if’s and maybe’s mate. until shown otherwise the party hat stays in the shed

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  3. Archangel

    It happened when we didn’t loose anything . I mean, we have a week to rpepare for Villa, to prepare for season without Theo, we won spuds game, se we should be winning next games

    Altough Theo’s pace will be sorely missed it came in a time Rosicky and gnabry play great in the same position.

    There is always a light at the end of a tunnel, we are first, we have time to prepare and we have means to bring new players in as long as players already on the team.

    I wouldn’t say there are positives, but tnot all is lost, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel

    basically, it doesn’t matter who is missing, we have to play our game on without him/them

    hang on Theo!

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    1. rpk

      Yes, I had same thing in mind.We win something for him. If we were Theo, just think he came back from stomach injury and played really well…and suddenly gets injured horribly. I just can’t think about it. But he has to face the situation, he has to be strong.
      When he got injured in Spuds match, I thought its nothing much, even Theo could have thought in the same way because he was not much in pain(smiling!). But when doctor gives him such a news, he could have absolutely devastated.

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  4. Leroy

    ‘Walcott offered ACL hope’

    ‘Two belgian surgeons have identified a knee ligament which they think could revolutionise the treatment of Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries like the one suffered by Theo Walcott’ – Skysports (latest news ‘Walcott: I’ll be back’)

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    1. Archangel

      remember cutch dunt going to beograd for horse placenta or sth? And similar stuff…
      If everything goes as normal, Theo will be playing in september, if not, than he’ll join us in november

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    2. sollygunner

      yeah just seen that

      interesting as i tore my acl in feb last year and still cant run / train properly maybe something i should bring up with physio

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      1. Neilano

        The doctors PL footballers use are not your normal ones.

        For all I know, you are a millionaire to be honest.

        If not, the superb treatment Theo will get will cost more than a house or two. You’re talking about the world’s top surgeons/physios. You may need to fly out to the USA/Germany (I hear that’s where a lot of professionals get treated for this) and stay in hotels for a while too. You’ll probably need first class tickets so you don’t cramp up your knee.

        I doubt any normal doctor could treat your injury in six months.

        Good luck anyway. Nasty injury that one fella.

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  5. Greg

    Great postitive colum! Lets rally around theo for a speedy recovery! Would like nothing better than to see him receiving his winners medal! Coyg!

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  6. sollygunner

    so some bloke has put on twitter that draxler was at the emirates any other proof of that or are you taking his word for it ??

    anyway feeling for walcott hes started showing alot more maturity ,hunger , development over the last couple of seasons even though hes had a few problems with injuries

    we will miss him ,, but as ive said before we should already be looking at bringing in atleast one decent striker as we should have in the summer

    im hoping the divering in the transfer market has stopped now and wenger is on the phone 24 hrs a day

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  7. henry12

    Theo is one of my favourite players at the Emirates I really base my own style of play around him and Jack. I hope we win the epl for him like we did for pires in 02.

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  8. nyc

    I think this time to win the league, even 81 points are enough. Not required to bag 90+ points to win because this is the most competitive season ever and every team is taking points from other teams. We already have 45’points. We need 36 points from the remaining 54. We can afford to drop 18 points (equal to 6 losses) or a combination of (4 losses+3 draws) or any other combination.
    I am seeing it as, we need 36 points ie 12 wins from 18 games. We have 4 relatively easy games coming up. This will make it 8 wins required from 14 games. And let not kid ourselves here, arsenal is going to win 8 out of 14. A little analysis from me to cheer up myself and other gunners after yesterday’s news.

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  9. alonsogunner

    Also I think signing Jackson Martinez could be good for us as I saw his skills and stuff and he seems quick acrobatic prolific and tall.He is a threat in set pieces and corners as well .So if not any other striker I would say we should welcome him to the emirates.

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  10. rpk

    Now Wenger has to do his magic..really needed!. We can’t depend on Ox and Gnabry. Don’t think me wrong, I absolutely like them. but the fact is they are still young. We don’t how they handle pressure in crucial games.
    We have to buy some world class Winger or Striker, otherwise title hope will be in Jeopardy.

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  11. rpk

    Saw news that Madrid supporters booing Di Maria. I would absolutely love at Arsenal.

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  12. satya_p3

    Walcott offered something more than just wing play.He could shoot from both feet,take curling shots and single handedly turn the game around with his pace.

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  13. nyc

    Although bendtner is out, he hardly played any role in our rise to the top. Theo was also missing for 80% of our time we were top, but take it as Theo out, poldi gnabry and ox in. Gibbs was our main player who played a big part, but his absence is well covered by monreal. Just 2 missing links. Ramsey injured and giroud’s backup. I guess his back up is definitely coming this month…. Ramsey should be back in training after the villa and fulham game.

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    1. atid

      I think u are missing the point whilst theo may have missed 80% of our time at the top he has still returned our best figures of goals and assists combined.

      With regards to draxler I recall a report saying that they were interested in Fabianski and podolski. There could just be some mileage in it especially if Schaller agree to letting deadlier come now but we keep podolski until the summer

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  14. Leroy

    I would go for Di Maria, Real Madrid fans are a disgrace!

    I cant stand Real Madrid,Every year comes in team someone “better”(which means more expensive, like the ‘monkey’ they brought in the past summer) and the already existing roster is being downgraded(like Ozil who was the best player in 2012-2013 RM team).And that’s why Barca and Bayern are better teams.Money doesn’t win cups.

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  15. nyc

    theo left with a bang. his 2nd goal vs mancity is voted the goal of the month and theo himself has been voted as arsenal’s player of the month for december. well done and get well soon!

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  16. leo

    New ligament injury treatment could help Walcott return quicker, suggest Belgian surgeons

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  17. Leroy

    Lets just hope he recovers well for the future, because apparently most people who tear there ACL have problems again in the future (Abou Diaby example) lets just hope he recovers fully 100% and has a bright future at Arsenal, as he has great potential and is still young!

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  18. PatLloyd

    I did my cruciate when i was 14, odd thing is it isnt painful, i just couldnt bend my leg.
    The problem is the injury may affect his pace in the long term, the good news is that it isnt a recurring injury like muscle damage or some other ligaments, once its healed FULLY its healed

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    1. sollygunner

      i think it depends on the level you damage the ligament

      mine was very painfull and i could not move / walk ect for 4 months then crouches for further time

      and was told theres a very good chance it can happen again

      apparently its an injury that ruins alot of athletes careers as it reoccurs

      so lets hope theos and oxs isnt too bad

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    2. Archangel

      R U kidding? I did mine when I was 21, playing basketball, I screamed like and idiot on the ground, hurt like a mutherf00cker!!

      Since than I had 3 surgeries, gained 30kg, slowly but surely destroyed the other knee too, so thats that for me

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      1. luvdaguns

        i have same story as you, now both going bad, but technology so much more advanced now, i did mine kicking my 80 pound dog outta my bed

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        1. Archangel

          And the difference is, Theo will get fixed right away, while I’ve waited over 6 months for my op

          My knee is still unstable, after 11 years, from time to time it wiggles and hurts like hell…I did try and play football again, but after I fell down in agony couple of times, which ment 2 weeks on crutches + several punctions of blood and water out of knee, I gave up

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    3. jt

      depends on the severity, theres no blood supply to the ligaments so the acl cannot heal independently, surgery may be required if its worse than expected.

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    4. QueefyGunner

      Not true, Rossi suffered two ACL tears in his right knee. Twice in Villarreal. Luckily his recent injury isn’t as serious

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      1. PatLloyd

        I was in cast etc for 4months, no surgery. So i suppose based on you guys if its worse then its rather fragile? aha

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          1. Archangel

            never heard the fact that women have weaker ligaments than men and never heard that cast heals torn ligaments…

            sprained maybe, since leg has to be still, torn, never

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    5. Aaron

      I’m no specialist but the injury Theo got is an ACL injury, he tore his ligaments. These injuries are very bad and are recurring ones, it’s not being talked about much but, depending in the severity it will surely come back to bite a few times in the long years he has left in the sport. Tearing a ligament us what ended Shearer’s career, yes he was old but still…
      We will find out in the coming months how bad it was and how it will affect us and more importantly Theo in the short AND long term

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  19. muffdiver

    unless the belgians did a stint at hogwarts im not holdin my breath

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  20. gunnerspride94

    if we get jackson martinez we would win the league easily, who cares if he is cup -tied, the league is the most important thing for us this season

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Real “Gunner Pride” means going out there and trying your damnedest to win every cup campaign your in. They are all equally important…

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  21. leo

    According to reports Wenger has the full backing of Kroenke and the board should he “wish to make any major moves in the January transfer window

    arsenal have approached klose 4 laon move
    Allegedly madrid traveled to their game against Celta Vigo WITHOUT Benzema after waiting a while for him, which has caused a stir.

    lot of madrid players are unhappy these days

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    1. Gooner Cape Town

      Then get us Costa or Reus in Jan, AW. We have best chance of winning league in a long time so let’s make it happen. Both would fit in sooooo wel and we can get Draxler in summer. Guess we will also need a CB and a DM in summer, pre-agreement with Gundogan and Draxler and see whether we can get ouma now or July.

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      1. leo

        for cb we are in for fabian schar & zouma

        while tv5 is wanted by dortmund & napoli

        arsenal should keep him & in summer cash + tv5 = reus

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        1. QueefyGunner

          Vermaelen is out for two weeks, and if it really is two weeks, then I say that;s “good” for us. Many teams won’t want to sign an injured player and that will force him to stay with us. He really wants to make it to the WC, so he’ll definitely work hard.

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          1. Archangel

            no way vermaelen goes, injured or not. He’s the team captain and even if he doesnt play, he needs to act like one! We are on top of the league, pleagued with injuries aos what we dont need is players giving hard time to wenger and destroying teams harmony.
            Stay put and work harder and you will get your games and the chance to lead the team and lift the trophy!

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      2. ergs

        How are we supposed buy them when they don’t want to leave there clubs this January!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        1. NY_Gunner

          Thank you for the common sense injection.
          Some people need to switch off the FM14 or whatever game they’re plugged into.

          Tottenham just dropped 100+ mil pounds on world class players(some of which many out here were screaming for AW to buy) who can’t even cut it in the EPL.
          Yet, we’re supposed to believe that buying a 30/40+ mil player from outside the EPL is going to guarantee us instant trophy success .

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      1. Twig

        Ramsey was the form player before his injury. Then Walcott stepped up and filled his shoes. Hopefully, Gnabry (or the OX or any other) will rise to the occasion and step into Walcott’s shoes.

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  22. Greg

    Theo is a huge game changer , we will miss his pace and deceptive runs! Coyg!

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  23. Matt

    Arsenal reportedly in talks to sign Glen Johnson from Liverpool as a replacement for Sagna. Source- TalkSport. Wouldn’t mind that to be honest.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Johnson is the weak link in Pool’s defense, yet you wouldn’t mind having him in ours?
      Rethink dude…

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  24. Matt

    If that news about the ACL breakthrough on SkySportsNews is true then who knows, Theo could even make the World Cup? Fingers crossed.

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  25. Neilano

    Draxler is the nuts.

    Hopefully, this isn’t hot air. It actually seems true that Arsene has had a chat with him and shown him around the place already. Release clause is around 37m.

    That’s a lot of dosh. He’s worth it though.

    I predicted about 12 months ago that one day, he will win the ballon d’or.

    As long as he doesn’t become injury prone, I stand by that.

    Let’s have a nibble in January, even though it seems no deal is possible until the end of the season/world cup.

    On Theo, I’m gutted. He’s become a really dangerous player nowadays.

    Hopefully, young Serge can step up. He hasn’t let us down and he’s got a goal in him and is built like a power lifter at the age of 19. He’s quick as well.

    Get well soon, Theo. Hopefully the team can go on to glory this season.

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  26. calarsenalfc

    This came as a bit of a demoraliser if you ask me we were on such a high and this has brought everyone down a little. I think villa is crucial and I think 3 points is vital, along with wengers interviews. If we win I will have hope that we can just get back to winning without theo but I think a win will lift everyone. The interviews given by wenger I think will have a massive impact on how the majority feel for most of January. If he comes out saying “theo is out for a long time but we hav podolski fit giroud nearly back and bendtner back soon, so I feel no investment is needed.” I think we would all be on quite a low. If he says something like “we need to strengthen because of Theo’s injury” I’m pretty sure everyone at the club will be on a real high. Just hanging on to a slight hope that these Belgian doctors have found something that can help theo. Get well soon theo

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  27. AvWijk

    Wenger would tell the players if he’s looking to sign or not I’m sure, that would be smart to do anyway, keep morale up that he’s working on every situation.

    Anyway, Wenger is busy and I’m expecting something big, just feel a Costa, Draxler or Martinez type of deal is going to happen soon.

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    1. ergs

      Bang on Tristan £10 million cya Podolski in comes Draxler & Diego Costa plus a defender maybe 2 depending on what happens with Sagna.
      All in the summer tho.

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  28. Georgeb

    Sorry for Walcot. But I really hope that wenger gets us a good striker

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  29. yiznezrk

    I think if possible; 1. Di Maria and Jackson Martinez would be perfect. If not, either Rooney, Costa, Manduzic, Benzema

    Its all up to Wenger now. What he does or does not do will determine whether we win the PL or not
    If he doesn’t sign anyone, we will be unlikely to win
    1. Walcott is out
    2. Can’t rely on Giroud and Bendtner (who are also injured)
    3. Even though Ox and Gnabry are good, Gnabry is quite young and Ox is coming back from injury

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  30. yiznezrk

    Off-topic, but Akpom scored a hat-trick in the youth FA Cup. Dan Crowley made all of his goals and scored 2 goals. Future looks promising with Akpom, Crowley, Gnabry

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