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Something positive for angry Arsenal fans to think about

It has been harder than ever to muster up something positive to say about Arsenal following the defeat to Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday. We have taken just three points from the first three games which leaves the Gunners down in 16th place heading into the international break. That is not the whole story either, as the manner of our loss to Liverpool was so abject that most Arsenal fans are feeling anything but positive about the new season.

But every club has a silver lining and all that and I reckon we could all do with some positivity shining on the club in these dark days, so here goes.

According to reports we have agreed to sell the Ox to Chelsea and there are still a few days of the transfer window left. If Wenger was in any doubt whether he needed to spend some more money and make new signings he must surely have been convinced as he sat on the bench at Anfield. So we have lots of money and should see a fair bit of it spent before midnight on Thursday.

Secondly, as Wenger said in his post match press conference, any side can go to Anfield and get beat and the stats show that of the eight times we have lost by at least four goals in the EPL, four of them were away days at Liverpool. So maybe we should not get too down about it all.

I also think that for once the international break could help us after a bad result. You would normally want to get right back into action but I think that everyone connected with Arsenal needs time to take stock. And finally we should remember that the Gunners do tend to come back strongly after heavy criticism and we have a home game against Bournemouth next, so in a few weeks things could be looking much more bright for the red and white.

Sam P.

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57 thoughts on “Something positive for angry Arsenal fans to think about

  1. mark

    Yes of course we SHOULD buy new players, but will he?

    And it’s not the fact we got beaten, it’s the MANNER in which we were beaten.

    The team had a bad attitude, and it was embarrassing.

    Unless we sign 2-3 decent players, there is little to be positive about.

  2. ZA_Gunner

    When are you going to stop defending Wenger and the institution that allowed him to sign another 2 years? So you are saying suffering four heavy defeats is acceptable for a big club, when do we ever learn? This is not the ambitions of a winning club or one that wants to win trophies, sad really you’d think this way.

    Don’t hold your breath for it for new signings Sam P. and even we do get any it will definitely be either last minute panic buy or having to spend over and above the means to get someone as no club would want to sell their players now.

    “Gunners do tend to come back strongly after heavy criticism”, clearly we missed the memo because I’d thought losing to Stoke prior to Liverpool defeat was motivation for us to prove ourselves and do better, but of course this is Wenger’s team and they will never learn. I just hope the international break will not soften the fans stance on the serious problem our club faces nut instead carry on with the stance of protests and discontent at how the club is being run. I bet Wenger and the board is counting on that as they have been way too quiet the last couple of days after ther defeat.

  3. rellends

    Exactly what has happened in the 48 hours since Anfield leads you to believe we have a coherent transfer strategy? We endure this fiasco every summer only the 2017 window is the biggest fiasco yet. I’m actually enjoying this as it means I can tell fellow supporters “I told you so”.

    1. RSH

      You’d think after embarrasing ourselves last year the people in charge would sit down, put together a cohesive transfer plan to make the club compete again. Instead, Lacazette, great! Then… chaos. Spend two months making bids below Monaco’s valuation of Lemar, randomly decide to get rid of Mustafi, wait until the end of the window to get rid of Ox and Sanchez, keep useless players like Wilshere… This club is a mess and it’s a joke. How can anyone be this incompetent. And this does not all come down to Wenger. Kronke clearly doesn’t care about this club, and the Gazidis and the board are just there to give out nice statements once in a while. Complete chaos, and Arsenal deserve this for giving up their club to a dinosaur and letting him virtually run everything, and expect things not to collapse. This was a LONG LONG time in the making

    2. steve

      What a load of rubbish. There is no excuse for being thrashed 4nil to Pool. (could have been double this too)
      Wenger needs to go, his tactics are rubbish, his player positioning is undefendable, his attitude is arrogant.

      Stop looking for positives where there are none, what drivel.

  4. Gone-R-Goona-days

    Why can’t we have a good start for once and maintain it, oh you need a good squad for that.

    1. Gunners

      I said it during friendly matches that our poor start is due to us not playing our best team together during friendlies! We don’t have any rhythm, and by the time we have it, we are out of contention!

  5. Howard

    I can’t believe it. So you people still believe in the French man? He lost it long ago. Let’s get rid of him before he takes through Brian Clough route.
    His incompetence has been apparent long ago. His contract shouldn’t have been renewed. He will destroy Arsenal before he leaves in two years time because he’ll insist that he will honour his contract.

    1. ozil10

      only way to get thru to them is to hit them where it hurts…their pocket…u guys have the power. don’t show up to games and ull see

    2. Yossarian

      For the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of similarities between the sad demise of Brian Clough and the way Arsene Wenger is going. It’s a real shame.

  6. COYG_CA

    Wow! Exciting to see all the incoming transfer action going on! Oh, of course that is for other clubs, not AFC . . . .

  7. RSH

    How can one be so deluded? I know I’m being pretty rude, but I just don’t get how anyone can seriously be positive about this club right now. We are guaranteed two more years of this garbage. And don’t expect top 4 anymore like we used to.

  8. Vish

    Everyone one of us has conflicting feelings about Wenger’s tenure at Arsenal , some would still want him to stay and others feel he should have stepped down with dignity 5 years ago . unfortunately Wenger does not care about the feelings of the masses of fans and is completely oblivious to how dangerously close this club is to becoming irrelevant in the premier league . Wenger wont accept advice from anybody with regards as to how this club needs to heal itself so as fans what we do to help ?

    Wenger stating in the post match conference that we fans need to stick by the team in these trying times , which I agree to a certain extent but when a manager is so clueless that his team is falling apart and his 21year tenure as a manager lay in ruins due to pride then I have no sympathy or encouragement to extend . there were rumours of a bust up in the dressing room an hour before kick off , which would explain the lack of cohesion and lacklustre performance on the pitch to a degree .

    so we have a manager that has lost the belief of certain players as he has given too much attention in satisfying the needs of a select few individuals who frankly don’t deserve it . Oxlaide Chamberlain , Ozil , Sanchez , Xhaka and Ramsey seem to be the favoured players that will get away with murder in this squad without any repurcussions .

    so what do we need to do in order to salvage this season ? Wenger wont leave and the board wont get rid of him unfortunately .

    1. address the problem in defence ie revert back to 4 2 3 1 or 4 3 2 1 .
    purchase 2 centre backs to galvanise the defence or give a chance to Chambers and Holding with Mertesacker and Koscielny for guidance (recipe for disaster )
    Sahko , Van Dyk , Evans , Tyrone Mings ???
    Kostas Manolas , Benadekt Howedes , Jerome Boateng , Koulibay

    2. sort out the issue with no central midfielder to anchor the team . Ramsey and Xhaka love to play out of position which leaves us exposed in the counter attack
    Ranato Sanches is available from Bayern . tough tackling defensive player who can pick a pass and knows how to maintain the team shape .

    . change the toxic atmosphere in the dressing room and get rid of the complaceny that has set in. too many of our players aren’t held accountable for their mistakes , as stated by many ex Arsenal players , Wenger would say something philosophical on the bus and not lay into the players or play the match again on the bus drive home to expose exactly who was at fault and show these bunch of menstruating prima donnas how pathetic they performed .

    change the tactics for each match by analysing your opponents and anticipating what their game plan would be as Liverpool did to us . Wenger and the team trained all week for a team that presses high with no time or space to play in yet they did the opposite which led to the clueless Arsenal players left dumbfounded .

    get a psychiatrist to work with these fragile individuals to make them believe we can actually win titles as well as not to bottle it against the big teams .

  9. AngryGunner

    There is NOTHING positive here to think about (Except maybe , Giroud , Laca and Coquelin being awesome together).

    London based fans need to start a Facebook Page to call for a rally and in the next match we should stay OUTSIDE the emirates stadium chanting : #KroenkeOut , #WengerOut.

    I’m located FAR AWAY from England , But English fans need to do it , please SAVE OUR CLUB.

  10. #Tiredofthis

    Sam you are having a laugh mate, you must be the one supplying what they’re smoking at the emirates!!!

  11. satanK

    Ian Wright said it. Wenger isn’t holding players accountable for their errors, when they make them. He won’t even sub the obvious underperformers and flops.
    Wenger is the problem. Give him Barca or Teal, he’d make a mockery out of those clubs.
    The level of not being bothered about the man’s incapability to command a squad, that the board is showing is incredible.
    I think they’re intentionally sinking the club into the EL region of the table, whete you can generate a lot by spending next to nothing.

  12. Olatunji

    I don’t blame the board or AW, I only blame the fans for still buying ticket and showing up at emirates stadium… we saw this coming. We knew AW has lost it and past it.. the board knew too but they are only after the money.
    The best thing we need to do is boycott some matches both home and away, to let this selfish board and stupid old, specialist in failure man realize he is lost it and no longer needed here.

    I really fear for arsenal still manage by AW for the next 2years or so that is IF he doesn’t extended it self. How can a coach has power more than the board. Arsene rules everything at Arsenal

    1. RSH

      thats another problem. Not matter how bad things get, will Arsenal really boycott games? Emirates is a lot of business people and families in attendance, neither of which will really boycott games, but money is the only language this idiotic owner speaks and he is the only one who can get rid of Arsene.

      1. Goonerbri

        Boycotting games does not hurt arsenal in the pocket! Most seats like mine are bought and paid for before the season starts. So it’s nonsence asking fans not to go. Also, I may be a wenger out man now but arsenal is still my club. I’ve been a fan when we’re poor 35/40 years ago. But still went week in week out. Rant n rave in places like here. Sing your outrages at the games. But all fans must still get behind the team. I understand everyone’s anger, as I feel the same anger. But we’re still gooner!!! COYG

        1. RSH

          Youre right about most tickets already being paid for, forgot about that. And sorry but no, fans need to start getting more aggressive or nothing will change. This season is already a bust, let’s be honest, so we should be using it as a catalyst for change instead of cheering on a failing regime.

        2. RSH

          And also remember that although seats are already paid for, Arsenal is still losing matchday revenue by not having anyone in the stadium buying stuff, and that does contribute a lot as well. To get a message through, you have to hurt Kroenke the one place he cares, his wallet. It wouldn’t be pretty but nor would two years of wenger.

    2. jonfox

      Olatunji, You are clearly right to say all fans should boycott attending and hit the cluib financially. But you also and foolishly say “I don’t blame the board or AW.” I must point out to you that we, the fans, are not to blame for never having replaced with a new Viera type in central midfield. We don’t play square pegs in round holes and we don’t buy top new players and then bench them for inferior players at Liverpool. The fans have not mismanaged the club. The manager and board have helped by an absent uncaring parasite owner. If you cannot see this truth , perhaps you might like to start using Wenger’s famous lie which is, “I didn’t see it, ” as your new catchphrase. You either see the clear truth or, as in your case, you don’t or won’t!

  13. waal2waal

    one of the issues arsene now has to face up to is that he cannot serve his master kronke and then continuously disregard the importance of fans – by continuing to insist on anymore cheap rhetoric the manager and club integrity will eventually come to the fore and when the proverbial sh** hits the fan those complicit in deceiving the arsenal faithful will find themselves alone without a hope in hell of receiving an ounce of sympathy. the ‘fans deserve far more than what we’ve been getting’. there’s the start-point.

    *It follows on from this that you’re either part of what’s the problem or you’re part of the solution. The solution now is change.


    Guys let us remember the days of the invisible , we need a powerful ,tall , strong midfielder , like William Carvalho of SPORTING CLUBE DE PORTUGAL , Éber Henrique of maritimo, Vincent Pajot
    of Saint-Étienne, pliz WENGER , . AND YOU GUYS WHO DELIVER THIS MASSAGE TO HIM DO IT BEFORE THE DEAD LINE DAY THEIR WE WILL COMPETE . we guys in Africa we are watching but it is to embarrassing

  15. MPDwn

    The problem now though is the manner of the defeat. We looked terrible with no fight or desire. There is clearly a negative air around the club. So the main question is who is going to want to sign for us!?

    Also would you trust Arsene with that money!? Its so bad that jonny evans is being linked…

  16. justforlaugh

    BBC reported Arsenal sold Gibbs to West Brom for $5 million. With Gabriel gone and Mustafi going inter, time is running out to bring in a centre back

  17. Bobbyraz

    Lmao, just finished reading this crap, u see dear Arsenal fans there is no way we can move forward with fans like this, who think loosing by 4 goals isn’t something to get worked up about since their lord Wenger says it’s normal,
    1, Bayern 10 – 2
    2, man u 8 – 2
    3, Chelsea 6 – 0
    4, city 6 -3
    Which other manager in world football will be allowed to stay after such heavy defeats.

      1. JJPawn

        “1, Bayern 10 – 2
        2, man u 8 – 2
        3, Chelsea 6 – 0
        4, city 6 -3”

        Why is anyone surprised with this? Arsenal play these teams with an attacking philosophy, and lose badly.

        The quality of players do matter. If anyone here think that Arsenal is a top three side, they are delusional.

        Attack all those who can tell you that money matters, but Arsenal is about where it should be in an extremely competitive market.

  18. jonfox

    Sam P writing that there is a “silver lining ” to the massive Liverpool defeat, since it means Wenger will now spend some money, totally misses the point. Others on this thread have shot his foolish comments down and so will I as follows: Sam, my deluded fellow Gooner, the whole point is that Wenger must go NOW. Better still, a decade ago but we have missed that chance thanks to a useless and timid board and an absent uncaring owner, who cares ONLY for the money that Wenger’s inability to make a TRANSFER decision has saved Kroenke over the years. You, Sam, and your foolish ilk, who make excuses and clearly want Wenger to stay are THE WHOLE PROBLEM. YOU are the ones who have held our club back from vital change , of manager, plus owner and board. It IS NOT NEW PLAYERS UNDER WENGER WE NEED BUT NEW PLAYERS UNDER A NEW MANAGER, NEW BOARD AND ABOVE ALL A NEW OWNER. Your inability to see the clear truth shows you have a clear perception problem.

    1. bran99

      He is an AKB who doesn’t feel shy a little, he likes what’s going on at the club as long as Wenger is happy and keeping his sweet job for 2 or more years

  19. peanuts

    The manager seems to have lost his tactical nous, I don’t know if that has anything to do with age…but he seems bereft of ideas. The article points out that Liverpool have consistently whooped us heavily, yet the manager played 3 defenders at the back, one of whom is a young inexperienced lad who should not have to handle proven and experienced goal scorers like sadio and even monreal is no match for the speed of salah. We should have used our best back four to handle salah and mane. Especially given our antecedents with a team like Liverpool. The fiasco on Sunday was a tactical blunder by Wenger. Any elementary coach is expected to study and counter the opponents strengths, but it seems Wenger did neither. There have been too many bad decisions taken lately at the club and the management need to confront the truth and do the needful.

    1. Paul P

      Trouble is Wenger insists on full backs bombing forward. That, combined with two holding midfielder s
      who can’t seem to stay in their own area, means that the central defenders are left isolated. Doesn’t matter who he gets in Wenger’s tactics will stay the same. Sadly, job done.

    2. Hademe

      Thwn of course it is aging problem,he can’t think aright,how can a sane manager play Montreal and Bellerin at odd positions despite having Saed,Mustafi and even Metasaker on bench? Why selling Paulister and possibly Mustafi and yet playing Montreal at central defence? I am sad,so sad to see Wenger still inArsenal.

  20. bran99

    AKB at his best.. I really hate all these AKBs, you the ones making Wenger feel like God. Even obviously he is nowhere near an average manager let alone a good one.

    Mourinho is a genius and very right to brand this old f**l as a specialist in failure.. 2 or more years of similar bullsh*t, AKBs on the mooon at the moment

  21. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    the fact that we let this Shiit go on till last season were we still had a divided house which resulted in wenger getting his 2 years deal, shows how we as fans have failed this football club. someone here just said “we don’t even expect top four anymore”, Manh that’s the kinda thinking that got us here..not wenger not kronke it’s us fans. we created this comfortable atmosphere by buying into their illusion, to the shiiit dey selling. and as long as we keep pushing blames on other people we might has well just get use this.

  22. Nassan from uganda

    Wenger has no ambition any more… never blame anybody apart from him coz he destroyed the arsenal free flowing football, we are in for a hard time

  23. AB

    I am quite amazed by the Wenger devotion of this author. Here is my prediction for an article by Sam P if arsenal does not qualify for Europa league end of this season or gets eliminated really early this year –
    “Chelsea and Leicester won the league without European football, now it’s our turn” and then he will add the great ideas that his God is thinking of.
    I am not sure how you can make statements like, “surely wenger realizes we need new signings” after all these years. I really hope we don’t do panic buys as we will land up with more deadwood.

  24. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    Manh u missing the whole point…free flowing football ain’t going to win your games without passion, heart or desire none of which we have anymore. sure wenger/kronke caused this, but we gave them the power to. but you right on the hard time ahead

  25. Sol

    What are you talking about!!!? Club is incapable of doing anything right now! This is worse that 8-2 against Man UTD, atleast that time I supported Wenger saying we had crap players, but now, it’s even terrible, we have good players and still that result is an embarrassment. Tell me another top team which looses with such a pathetic score line as we did; 8-2; 6-0; 5-1; 10-2; 4-0; for F sake this is not basketball.
    Wenger has been poor Technically and Tactically for years now. He only knows Wenger ball and teams have figured how to stop that. Even Braca had to change tactics and they play the best passing game,.. but nope Wenger will still keep doing what he firmly believes is right. I’m sorry to say this I true am please leave the club old man!

  26. Gooner14

    OT … This has to be a joke right? Sky sports are saying we are offering sanchez plus cash for sterling? Surely media taking the p

  27. Ivan

    It does not matter who we sign if we don’t get rid of the Specialist then the same mad decisions will happen.
    I would like us to sign more players but for me if we signed nobody but sacked Wenger I would consider this the best transfer window since we signed Bergkamp back in the 90’s.

  28. Nassan from uganda

    you are right but barca plays free flowing football, they just add a little bit of passion,desire,fluency, efficiency and determination but the problem is the instructor( at Arsenal) coz he Wenger lost the vigor to put in our players any more…just imagine it is the same Wenger who coached ,veira,bemkamp,pores,Freddie,Henry..

  29. Trudeau

    Most of you folks leaving comments need some lessons in reading comprehension. No where in the article does Sam P praise Wenger. He’s simply trying to look at it as a glass one quarter full rather than three-quarters empty. Not a crime even though expecting Wenger suddenly turn into a wheeler dealer at transfer deadline is kind of like expecting Trump to turn into a diplomat. Ain’t lolly to happen but I for one thank Sam P for having a go.

    1. Sol

      It does not matter what Arsenal article you read Wenger will be center of it as long as he is Arsenal Manager, and even after he is gone for what he has done Good/Bad.
      And well I don’t expect Wenger to do anything (Transfer marker nor in League not even in Europa) THAT IS THE PROBLEM here. We have seen the maximum what Wenger can offer now it’s downfall. And been that way since may years now,.. we could have changed it 2-3 seasons ago and could have pushed into true elite team,.. but nope, here we are.

  30. king

    you are mad for defending that man called wenger….Arsenal will continue to go down consider wenger is still the manager……

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