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Sothampton made Arsenal look ordinary – Top Four?

Southampton 1 – 1 Arsenal, a woeful performance

I’m in utter shock. After our 7-3 thrashing of Newcastle on the weekend, I was sure we’d get a solid result at St Mary’s today and really put pressure on the likes of Tottenham and Chelsea. But yet again when the going got tough, we bottled it.

We started off the game really well surprisingly and were forcing Southampton into making quite a few mistakes. However, we didn’t make it count and for the 30 minutes it was all Southampton. They were all over us thanks to terrible performances by Sagna and Podolski particularly.

We were punished for our complacency. It started off with a bad pass from Podolski which ended up with another bad pass by Sagna that gifted Gaston Ramirez an easy strike at goal that beat Szczesny. It was frankly embarrassing how we transitioned from attack to conceding a goal. 1-0.

We somehow equalised late into the first half. A free kick was awarded to us that was whipped in well by Walcott and it ended up being an own goal off Del Prado. It was completely undeserved by us but I wasn’t complaining. 1-1.

The second half was no better with absolutely no urgency or passing rhythm to our game. Wenger made substitutions but they did nothing to affect the game. The most telling bit of the entire game was that we got our first shot on target in the 78th minute. That is shocking.

In the end we were lucky not to lose the match and Szczesny is the only player that can be accredited for a decent performance. Everyone else was absolutely dreadful with special mentions for Podolski, Sagna and Cazorla. These are big players struggling against Southampton.

It really is starting to look like Arsenal will need some big signings in this window to get top 4 this season.

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204 thoughts on “Sothampton made Arsenal look ordinary – Top Four?

  1. RT

    I am torn between 2 mindsets at the moment:
    Part of me wants us to fail to attain our imagainary 4th place ‘trophy’. Maybe then the money-hungry goons will notice that to make money you must spend money. Yes I am aware every season we need to make a profit of at least £15-20mil to pay off our stadium debt, (I am still determined this is the reason Song was sold, he did not want to nor need to go..) but Chelsea actually made money last season after their CL win. I’m not jumping on the ‘spend loads of money and who cares’ bandwagon, just a bit more money on players that are definitely worth it. I for one am tired of signing ‘nearly’ players. ”Oh he’s nearly as good as RVP”. ”He’s nearly a Cesc Fabregas”. WE SHOULD REPLACE LIKE FOR LIKE. It is disgusting for our Arsenal to ever be out of the top 2, a few years ago I’d of cried myself to sleep at us ever lying 7th in the table. We lack some serious determination and if we must hit the shareholders in the wallet for them to realise then so be it. If we can buy Isco for £17.5mil why can we not? Why must they choose a cheap option from a random Serie B team?!?! Why when Manure just bought RVP do they still wish to persue Lewandowski? I’m sorry to have to say it, but that is the difference between us. Their desire for success.

    Part of me wishes constantly for realisation NOW before it is too late. I REFUSE to be a 4th place team, what the hell I refuse to finish below Sp*rs and I refuse for us to be constantly laughed at by the ‘new top 3’!!!!!! THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. Why is it that all us Gunners, for Gods sake even the media can identify the problems yet the people causing them cannot! That means that they do know, but they don’t care. Silent Stan can not be our majority shareholder, I know times are made harder by our very recent stadium plans and it’s hard that the move from Highbury was needed (I wish we could have just somehow expanded Highbury I loved that place :() but profit should not be put ahead of PLAYERS in a FOOTBALL CLUB.
    Also Wenger must invite change to the club. It must be hard building a legacy then people calling for change, but it has built up too serious now and it is essential for our clubs progression. I want to be feared again, I want our Arsenal back.

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  2. KK

    Agreed… that it just was not good enough for arsenal, where’s the heart lads. On the other hand being in Southampton’s position in the table they are really fighting to stay up, lets face it who wants to get relegated and not play prem football so i guess Southampton had more heart and more determination on the day, and being a big club, small clubs always want to do well against you.

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  3. jeff fernandez

    I agree with the above comments…but Arsene is the problem. He is too stubborn to listen to anyone and the fans least of all. He treats us like village idiots.
    But more important for him to ponder on, is the fact that he has always improved talent but lately he has also destroyed players who had real potential. Arshavin was a great player but he failed to kick on…as well as Djourou Senderos….Bendtner…ok Bendtner is stretching the truth…but is he losing his touch to either spot talent that will improve? I think possibly so…Either that or his powers to motivate improvement in players is going. He needs to reflect on this.

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