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Arsenal activate the option on Mario Gotze

Wenger finally going for Mario? by MP

Hi, I am a half English Arsenal fan living in Spain, and I have been following the Gunners for many years, but I find that the rumours reported on JustArsenal never seem to match up with the news in the Spanish media. At the moment the Spanish press are reporting that “El Arsenal activa la opción Mario Götze” e.g. they are now ready to match Bayern Munich’s asking price for the German international Mario Gotze.

It has been reported for many years that Arsene Wenger has been a big fan of Gotze when he was learning his trade at Dortmund, but Arsenal were outbid by Munich when he finally left the Bundesliga club. His experience so far in Munich has been less than impressive and it would seem that Pep Guardiola is trying to persuade him that his future lies elsewhere, and why not at Arsenal?

Guardiola has already told Gotze that he has a decision to make, and it seems Munich are willing to accept much less than the 37m Euros that they paid to Dortmund to make room in their squad for a more favoured star, and if Wenger is serious about taking him to the Emirates, at a reasonable transfer fee, there is no reason why he could not regain his former fantastic form in the Gunners training regime.

Perhaps a change of scenery with a new club could get his creative juices flowing once again, and he could end up being the winger that we have wanted at Arsenal for many years.

Who wants this rumour to be true?


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57 thoughts on “Arsenal activate the option on Mario Gotze

  1. josh37

    Cazorla, Sanchez, Ozil and Gotze behind whoever’s playing at striker is a pretty sexy thought…
    Waaaay too much candy!

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    1. moneytalks

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      1. josh37

        Haha and you can keep hating on him whether he scores or not. Goals? Victories? Who needs that noise!?!? You’ll whinge regardless

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          1. josh37

            What i’d really prefer is you lend me your crystal ball so I can start making serious bank!
            Or you to stop asking me loaded, ridiculous, assumptive questions.

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      2. moneytalks

        Ok wenger fans have brain of 4 the place mentality.

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      Another pLaymaker!…………… I dunno if gotze is the answer to our DM or ST deficiency, but we definitely need those areas covered…… What the hell is wrong with Wenger?

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      1. eloaking

        Wenger is old. So his hunger for risks and success will not be as sharp as that of a younger manager.

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    3. damochy

      What do we need him for when we have more than enough options in his position and severely lacking in the dmf and striker role?….he will not bring anything to the table we will not get from Ozil, Cazorla Ramsey, Oxlade n co….we should focus on roles we really need fresh blood

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  2. Gigi2

    Saludos Miguel!
    I d still prefer someone with more experience…but hey the guy is a good player and the author of that goal v Argentina in the WC final.
    Not too shabby

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    1. josh37

      Though he’s young.
      Was a core part of Klopp’s squad which won the Bundesliga.
      Proven performer in the CL, helped a lot in them reaching the final.
      Obviously the world-cup moment was huge, but he’s age is deceiving, has a lot of experience.

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      1. Gigi2

        Admit u got a point there.
        But I was referring more to maturity itself.
        But again…valid point.

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  3. soccerboy

    I hope this rumors is true. Every player is linked with us. But I tell you that wenger will do one surprise signing. And it will be of the rumor players.

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    1. moneytalks

      And the surprise signing is sanogo whose loan has been canceled by Ajax becoz he is too busy delivering mail. Lampostman

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      1. josh37

        If Sanogo wants to deliver lamps in his free time that’s his business!! Not sure how it’s relevant to football though 😉

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      2. SoOpa AeoN

        shame a club like Ajax dn’t need sanogo……. But we do……..shame!

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    2. mohawk

      It is likely to be one of the rumored players as nearly every player in Europe has been linked with Arsenal via rumor.

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  4. vega

    well its not what we need but its better than not signing anyone. plus i dont mind the false 9 system, plus we know he can score.

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    1. moneytalks

      We should not play with striker. Let’s sign 10 can who can pass and create.

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  5. moneytalks

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    1. mohawk

      Yep. Those are the only players in the world.

      If this is true there are many good teams filled with crappy players.

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      1. moneytalks

        Top players won’t be sold at this stage. Forget about benzema or cavani. We will sign average player of 4 th place mentality..

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  6. stevenaive

    We’ve been linked with every single decent player in the world so far and we’ve bought nobody. He’s a classy player but I bet nothing comes of it. Like all the other possible signings. Sad as it is.

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  7. MK3

    I don’t think that we should spend our money and time on Gotze, there is no doubt that he is world class but do we require another No.10 in our squad? Nope. We have Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey and Ox also can play there, even Sanchez can play if we have a number of injury concerns. I don’t think we should sign him for the sake of marquee signing, it may disturb the balance we have in our squad.

    We should concentrate on Striker and a proper DM.

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    1. Arsenalover

      Wilshere is injury prone
      Cazorla is above 30
      Ramsey is inconsistent
      Ox is winger more than No.10
      Gotze is a world class has Messi dribbling + Poldi finishing + Theo pace
      and his age is 23
      bring him Wenger

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      1. BigWilli

        Gözte is known for his bad finishing in Germany. And he’s not fast either.
        But he can dribble and pass.

        Not what we need.

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  8. fred cowardly

    Gotze can play LW, RW, CAM, False 9
    Very useful player and top quality
    Hope it comes true.

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  9. davidnz

    We do not need Gotze.
    Love us to trade Wellbeck
    and cash for an upgrade
    striker but Danny is injured
    and who would have him any way?
    May be loan him when we upgrade.

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  10. davidnz

    After the next round.
    Man U. 9
    Everton 7
    Swansea 7
    City 6
    Arsenal 6
    Leicester 6
    Liverpool 6
    West Ham 6
    C. Palace 6

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  11. moneytalks

    gotze is quality player but we need a striker and dm. How many cam do we need? I want balanced team with 2 wide players and one cam behind the top striker.

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    1. josh37

      But our wide players cut in and we get width from our fullbacks??
      Seriously.. Name me a top team who actually plays with traditional wingers anymore?
      Bayern? Barca? RM? Atletico? Dortmund? Chelsea? City (Possibly the only exception with Navas who always goes outside)? nope.
      Rodriquez, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Isco, Reus, Hazard, Griezmann, Sanchez. These are the modern forwards who play supporting roles to devastating effect

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      1. moneytalks

        Bayern play with Ribery and robben.
        Madrid play with bale and Ronaldo.
        Chelsea play with William and hazard
        Ramsey can’t play on the wing. We need ox or walcott on the right and alexis on the left.

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        1. josh37

          So you’re using Robben?? As an example of a wide player who doesn’t cut in??

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          1. BigWilli

            Doesn’t matter if he likes to cut in. He’s a winger. He stays on the wings until he gets the ball. Unlike Ramsey who’s always in the center of the pitch.

            And yes… No top team is playing with a cm on the wings.

            Only Germany did it by putting Özil on lw But u have to say that he unlike Ramsey stays there until he receives the ball.

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  12. moneytalks

    One question to wenger fans. If we don’t win the league for the next 3 years will u still want wenger to be our manager?

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  13. moneytalks

    I want the transfer window to close soon. I know what’s gonna happen we wont sign any top striker or dm. What a pathetic transfer strategy we have.

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    1. davidnz

      We will sign an attacker
      of some description
      and I hope a decent DM.
      If we finish 3rd or worse
      Wenger should step down
      unless we win the ECL.

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  14. Twig

    As much as I like him (he scored a world cup winning goal after all), Gotze is not a player we need I’m afraid. In fact, I’ll be actually unhappy if we went for him as it’ll prevent us from strengthening in areas we really need.

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  15. all guns blazing (benzema done deal)

    We have tabled a 29.5m bid for gotze. We are looking at dm options as well. One of the players we are looking at is adrien rabiot. #benzyfrenzy

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  16. Cashleycol

    Is Charlie Austin not better than Girororouuud….???? And Wellbz…. Wenger, is under too much pressure… Fans shud give him a break, then kick his ass in January If we struggling n his uselessly slow son has not reached double figas…

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  17. rkw

    Drexler and the pole from Sevilla is a minimum for me both available and affordable … Drexler would be a massive upgrade on podolski (better than wellbeck and Walcott) playing as an attacking left sided player with Sanchez and ox … The pole is a stronger and more classical DM than coq who can bring the ball out quickly … About 45m spent and an upgraded squad … Not sure it could win us title but might consolidate 3rd or better and beyond cl 2nd round

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  18. atid

    3 places available in the 25 man squad, could be 4 when campbell moves and may be 5 if we have signed another dm and flamini agrees to go..

    At this stage I would be happy with 2 signings, but I am still being greedy and want more.

    Wenger says the transfer market is not a supermarket, where you simply say I want this please and get it. Yet Mark Hughes has managed to do exactly that 12 times this window!!

    As for gotze, with wilshire and rosicky struggling I say get him, cos next window someone else will. Sure we might look at Ramsey ozil and cazorla and say we don’t need him, but he is better than Ramsey and 7 years younger than cazorla. If we could land a rock of a dm we could go 4141 with gotze cazorla ozil alexis playing as the 4 with chamberlain wilshire Ramsey Welbeck as the back up. OK I know that would leave Walcott and giroud as the striker options, but if it’s giroud all he would need to do is hold the ball up to let those 4 in, if it was Walcott it would be a matter of pace over the top. There are options there.

    I wouldn’t mind if wenger decided on Gotze and a DM. Where is Java Martinez?

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    1. andre88

      oh man what a sweet comment… 100000% agree with u this time
      yeah i think we should get gotze. cause 1 thing u need to remember . wenger buys player using brain, not frenzy panic buying like van gaal . wenger will buy player with exceptional skill + world class who will really usefull. i say its ok to buy gotze since some player in our squad will getting older and some allowed/forced to leave. and he can play in left right / middle. if we didnt get gotze this transfer windows im really sure madrid / barca / city / or big rich club will get it next transfer windows.

      for dm position. i think we should be more patient, i know we really need cdm , but if there’s no very good /wc option on the market. if i was wenger , surely i prefer wait until next january and see who is world class cdm availlable to buy. than panic buying now and its waste / not usefull / not good enough. and its ended up fans saying what a waste buying, etc.

      be patient guys. be smart.

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      1. vega

        I agree with the @atib totally, but @andre88 I dont 100% like the last part of what u said. The fact is that wenger had the whole summer to look for world class cdm, if we didnt get vidal, carvalho etc. then we were not trying. Now till january wont just magically forge world class cdm, whats out there now is whats gonna be there january. Plus i thing a lot of the options out there are more than good enough.
        Exactly what I am sayings is we must get a dm and if we cant sign a proper striker we should get gotze. If people can say welbeck was an investment i donno what they’d call Gotze.

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        1. andre88

          yes @vega, i just hope wenger selling player whos not usefull , imo like flamini,rosicky,sanogo,campbell,etc to earn some cash for later use..

          for me welbeck is not a investment , i cant see him improving skills + performance since join arsenal ,
          yeah i know . if this transfer windows i hope wenger can get sergio busquets from barca it would be very nice, since busquets is wc and experienced ,krychowiak (sevilla) , or carvalho they has proved good skills and performance for me.
          the problem is i dont think barca ready to sell busquets since they get banned for doing transfer till 2016 ( what i read from some article) . but i still got confused how they can sign arda turan. hehe and krychowiak got injured for two month if im not wrong. im feel sad too wenger didnt bid for vidal, he is ideal rype of what need, considering his age already 28 , 2years before getting 30 (affecting stamina, pace, etc) and his bad attitude (drunk) maybe thats why wenger didnt bid for him . after seeing schneiderlin performance at man utd. i think he is standar good player so not worthy enough to spend £25m on him. haha

          lets just hope wenger + team doing the best to strenghten the squad.
          what i mean for ” be patient and be smart” is because now i get what wenger thinks ( maybe) and became more admire him.
          every penny that he spend must be worthed. i mean calculating club financial (cash in+cash out loan player sell player ,wages ,buy player,release player etc)
          and considering from many perspective (skills/age/performance/consistency/behaviour) to start bid some player .

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    2. mohawk

      Javi is injured – again. Shocking. He is often injured. If he came to Arsenal he would become Diaby.

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  19. Gooner Craig

    I could imagine it would be a Wenger move that’s for sure. It wouldn’t surprise me to see us bring in a player like Gotze, Draxler, Isco or someone like that.

    Javi Martinez could possibly be attainable?? That to I could see as a Wenger move. Not much speculation and then boom: marquee player

    Also with RM getting Kovacic do ya reckon that would make Isco or even Illaramendi available? I like Isco but haven’t seen much of Asier though!

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