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Spurs finished above Arsenal last season – but who won a trophy?

Tottenham fans were acting like they won a top trophy when they finished above Arsenal for the first time in 22 years. St. Totteringhams Day was cancelled for the first time under Wenger, but the fact is that Arsenal went on to beat Chelsea to take the FA Cup (you know, a REAL trophy) back to the Emirates for a record 13th time. This was Arsenal’s third FA Cup in just 4 seasons.

So when pundits and players start saying that Tottenham have taken over as the Kings of North London, Petr Cech refuses to take that seriously especially as their only achievement so far this century is on League Cup! Cech (who incidentally has won 12 Domestic and 2 European trophies since 2004) was asked if there was now a power shift to Spurs. “No. I don’t think so.” Cech said. “There is always one odd year where things can change. They’ve been there in the last few years so now I think they have to make sure they win something to show the progression. They have young, talented players as well as experienced players. Their team is very well balanced. There was always something missing but I would say the difference was when Pochettino came.

“Success is ultimately winning trophies. We were under pressure the last couple of years, people talking about winning trophies, obviously we are disappointed not to have won the title but we won FA Cups. Although the season was not always what we wanted, we always had a trophy at the end of it.”

“The most important thing for us is competing against the other teams for the Premier League title and for the glory,” he told Sky Sports.

“We are not competing against Tottenham Hotspur. Two years ago when we finished above them we were disappointed because we didn’t win the title. Our target is to win the title.”

So, basically, Tottenham fans should put up or shut up! Yes this is an important derby, especially for bragging rights for the fans, but it is simply one more game that can help in the quest for yet another trophy for Arsenal.

Let’s count those trophies again!

Darren N

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21 thoughts on “Spurs finished above Arsenal last season – but who won a trophy?

  1. Tg

    Oh and success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose wich makes Spurs very successfull.
    I must be successfull I won a trophy on holiday for table tennis you know the one everyone wants to really do there best and win a bit like the fa cup you know the one every team plays there best sides because it means so much! Hahahaha.

  2. Drew Loves Arsenal

    I think that our players and manager like to reference past ”successes” and not what is currently happening ! Currently, tottenham are playing much better than us and are more likely to get into the champions league than we are.

    1. Simon Says

      Wenger will reference anything even if it’s economic with the truth to justify his job and make himself look better mate

    2. TH14-TW14

      Yes. We played better than Man U and Chelsea over the years and they were the ones winning the league and cups. How many people said Oh Arsenal plays much better so they are the better side. We were rather condemmed for being more concerned about “entertaining than winning”. Now it is Tottenham entertainment has become more important than winning. The hatred for Wenger and Arsenal will kill many.

    1. Ray

      At International level they are played in their “right” position. Unfortunately, Under Arsene Wenger they are played where he sees fit, or, unfit?

  3. barryglik

    Both Spurs and Arsenal
    played well last season.
    Both are pushing for top 4 this season.
    Both are through to the knock out stage in Europe.
    Both clubs have lots to look forward to this season.
    The derby game has huge significance for both sides.
    A loss for Spurs will end their title aspirations.
    A loss for Arsenal will make top 4 hard to achieve.
    Managers reputation players reputation fans hopes all on the line.
    C’mon ye both teams 🙂

    1. TH14-TW14

      “A loss for Spurs will end their title aspirations.”

      This is laughable. were Spurs or any other beyond City in the title race before? City is much better than everyone else and is already 8 points clear of second place with the league less than halfway line. How people rate Spurs like the second coming of the invincibles is beyond me.

  4. Mark

    The my cock is bigger than yours blogs are arriving from Arsenal ‘fans’ so it must be NLD week or actually just a usual day when they desperately cling to the hope that they are still a club with a purpose. Re-writing of history is a favourite as well. Completely ignore the staggeringly OTT celebrations 2 years ago when Arsenal ended above Tottenham. Scenes that made the Chelseas, Man Citys and Man Uniteds (forgetting Tottenham for a moment) absolutely piss themselves with the realisation that Arsenal now solely existed to end above Tottenham. I remember thinking – there’s no way they will challenge next year and sure enough …….
    Re-write history part 2.’Tottenham fans were acting like they won a top trophy when they finished above Arsenal for the first time in 22 years.’ When was that exactly? It was obviously going to happen from about November. The only time we realised it was actually going to happen was because every Arsenal blog was writing about it; stating that it didn’t really matter because it was a one off and would never happen again. Concentrate on what is happening at your club – not a lot apparently.

    1. S-P

      The amount of deflection, moving of goalposts and obfuscation is staggering, isn’t it!

      Since they obsessively began claiming the finishing below Tottenham just didn’t matter, winning a trophy meant they had a better season anyway, and the Spurs fans (allegedly) celebrating like they had won a trophy, I have asked every ArseAnal fan I have come into contact with one simple question: when Spurs won a trophy in 2009 did the ArseAnal fans desist from hysterically overstated celebrations of their pathetic, and completely reinvented, St Totteringham’s Day crap? No! No they didn’t. You can file they attitude at the end of last season, carried through to this, under “hypocrisy”!

      They should concentrate on their present reality, where Spurs have a better, younger squad, all happily on long contracts, a better youth set-up with better youth players, better training facilities, soon a bigger, better, more modern, more fit to purpose and better designed with a view to atmosphere, stadium, a better, younger manager to be moving forward, a better chairman in a united boardroom, with greater stability running right through the club. Instead they would rather buried their heads in the sand while mumbling to themselves and one another reassuringly that they won the Cup so nothing has changed. As of at the moment they still have greater finances, so as a Spurs fan I suppose I should be grateful that they continue to delude themselves by saying they just squeezed above us, or in the latest incarnation won the Cup, so nothing has changed ?

  5. Ray

    If there ever was a game to prove you are still the Kings of North London, this is it!

    The time is now. This team have to stand up. Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and Co need to pull their socks up!! Start JW. He’s got the passion to do something against the Spuds!!

    It might just be the catalyst we need this season because a loss might just turn things too sour!


    1. Simon Says

      You’re so right, I get what some people are saying that it’s only one game but it’s against them, we have to win, I can’t bare to think about the grief I’m going to get if heaven forbid we lose, I hope Wenger and the players are feeling the same.

  6. nosa

    its not about wining a small cup its about progress, spurs players are worth Ibillion in today’s market can’t say same for arsenal.if real Madrid have the option to choose from khan,alli,Erickson,tripper,dembele,son,ventrogen,alderwield or chambers,mattersaker,coquine,monreal,Walcott,welbeck,holding, or xhaka. who do you think they would go for. or pochetino or asene winger . arsenal is average to me while spurs is becoming a football word power.don’t mind my English am not english

  7. Kenny Rolfe

    How come all these Spurs fans are our website, we had a chant on the North Bank in the sixties/seventies, “STAY OFF THE NORTH BANK” and they did

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