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Start of a good run for Arsenal?

Arsenal 2 – 0 West Bromwich Albion. Finally. by KJ

It’s been quite a bit of time since we’ve won at the Emirates in the league (the 5-2 win against Tottenham was our last) but we’ve finally got the much needed win today. It was fortunate to say the least but we aren’t really going to complain about it considering the luck the likes of Man Utd get.

We started out pretty well and piled on the pressure. Gervinho was very impressive attacking but his final ball like usual was terrible. He really is a handful for the opponents but he constantly lets himself down with his final product.

Eventually, the pressure paid off with a penalty awarded to us in the middle of the first half. It was very fortunate as Cazorla did dive. It’s a shame that he resorted to that but I’m not too angry as it’s a massive part of the English game now that is instigated by the British contingence (Bale, Young, Rooney etc.). However, the media won’t ever concede that fact. Arteta as our penalty taker stood at the spot and took it comfortably to give us the lead. 1-0.

We dominated after that and never really were troubled by West Brom in the first half. We dominated possession and used it in effective areas. However, Giroud was disappointing as he yet again proved his lack of ability on the ball. He doesn’t open up the game enough for me when attacking and this forces the likes of Gervinho and Chamberlain to overcomplicate their play to get into the box.

The only other notable chance of the half was a well drilled Gervinho cross that should’ve been scored by Wilshere but he managed to hit it wide.

The second half started and it was more of the same. We were dominating possession and the chances. It was a lot more purposeful than the last few games which was definitely a positive.

Eventually, we were awarded a second penalty in bizarre circumstances. From where I was standing, it looked like Chamberlain fouled one of their players to get the ball on the edge of the box but was allowed to carry on before being hacked down inside the box forcing the referee to rightfully award us the second penalty of the afternoon. Arteta again took it and dispatched it for our second goal. 2-0.

West Brom finally got into gear and threatened our goal but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. Eventually the game finished with us the winners, but Podolski also managed to miss an extremely easy chance. I was just in awe… How did he miss that?

It was a very good game for the likes of Wilshere and Chamberlain. They were both brilliant. Wilshere was a lot more direct and risky with his passing; he was being responsible (which is astonishing for a 20 year old). Chamberlain similarly was very direct but he finally has learnt to stick on the wings rather than moving to the middle. It was a problem in previous games as he couldn’t take people on – something he is brilliant at.

It’s a very good result that should hopefully start a good run for us. I’m not fully convinced as we should’ve won the game 4 or 5 nil. We were slightly lucky as two referee decisions went for us.

I wanted to see more from Giroud. He really has been disappointing in my opinion. He needs to be doing more to score goals. I’m not questioning his commitment but more his abilities. I just can’t see how he’ll be the 25 goals plus striker that every top team needs.

Anyway, very happy with the win and I can’t wait for us to hopefully beat Bradford on Tuesday. Maybe we can still make something of this season yet!

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40 thoughts on “Start of a good run for Arsenal?

  1. Dave

    I thought we controlled the game and defended pretty well tonight, big improvement on that since recent weeks. We lacked clinical finishing though, and I think I saw Gervinho put in 1 cross all game, why does he try and beat his man every single time? Giroud should be frustrated with him.

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    if we stop playing ramsey, santos and make gervinho a sub yes .. a real possibility of a recovery.. jack and cazorla played good football.. rosicky is back and we look like a decent team..

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  3. poli

    Wasn’t very impressive. WBA didnt turn up, they didnt press us. We played a little better but 3 shots on goal(2 pens) just isnt good enough.

    Glad to see Rosicky at the Emirates again.

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  4. poli

    If we are looking for another box to box player (Strootman has been mentioned several times in recent days) the we should really consider Honda. He ll come cheap because of his last year on contract.

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  5. Malik

    simply put arsene’s right our team must have been exhausted cause they definitely were up for it and i’m guessing it was cause of the rest but honestly if we want to get into the top 4 we need to buy some players, they don’t have to be expensive but they must be purchased

    first of all LOAN RAMSEY so he can regain form and fingers crossed gervinho wins the AFCON and comes back with confidence and a FINAL BALL.

    sign zaha, adrian, henry (on loan) and Diame

    that’s only 30m to make us a top side again, to get guys competing for places, to keep the fans happy

    and if we can sell the players that we aren’t using i.e. squid, chamakh, arshavin, santos, diaby exc. it will be even less

    sagna vs jenkinson, verm vs kos, mert vs djorou, gibbs vs meade, coquelin/frimpong vs diame, rosisky vs carzola, wilshere vs arteta, adrian vs the ox, giround vs walcott, gervinho vs zaha

    What a difference that would make, it’s so simple can’t believe arsene didn’t do it

    sagna vs jenkinson

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  6. adaminho

    yay no ramsey but we need no gervinho either the game would have been dead and buried if he could shoot pass or cross the ball.
    everyone else were good and we totes controlled the game plus easy next 4-5 games, lets not get too excited but see where we are in jan b4 calling for wenger’s head or saying we can win league.

    to be fair though city showed in europe they are not good and united man for man are a joke on 3-4 years ago so we shouldn’t be scared of anyone.

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  7. mikegooner


    Why Diame? If we have money to spend im sure we can find someone better than a 3.5mill option….

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  8. TKC

    The lead up to the second penalty was clean. The Ox didn’t foul the West Brom player, the West Brom player dived… Really disappointed that Cazorla dived to get the first goal… He also dived against Swansea (only he didn’t get a penalty). I don’t care if any other player dives, someone has to talk to him.

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  9. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    We need strengthening in January

    Lb= bedimo 28yrs old or mbengue 23
    CDM- Mohamed sissokho on loan so when diaby gets back and coquelin is more mature we can send him back
    St-lewandowski, falcao, aubameyang, jovetic

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  10. vickie

    I just can’t tolerate divers and it was something i was proud of in arsenal players till cazorla came. Please stop diving cos we are a club with pride, we’d rather die on our legs than live on our knees.

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  11. Hafiz Rahman

    @ mikegooner

    its about signing the right player to suit the team and not splashing enormous amount of money

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  12. Badfan

    Cazorla didn’t dive. It was a slight touch and he took advantage at it. All of you would have done the same thing to secure a win for Arsenal.

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  13. Hafiz Rahman

    Gervinho is way better playing on the left…he needs to improve on his finishing though

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  14. ams

    obviously,we need a proven striker…agile and quick…
    can take every chance….we wasted a lot of goal scoring opportunity…

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  15. gary stringer

    i think giroud is doin ok but i think we need to play to his strengths a bit more tht way we can get the best out of him

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  16. Theman

    Gerv’s problem is that he can’t hold his head up and that is a big negative for a wing man he only sees the obstacle infront of him that’s why he can’t put in an early cross or pick up a man breaking off on a counter

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  17. mrinal

    wow man .. jack and ox dominated the game .. we had much expectations from them .. and they proved it yesterday .. and guys our doubt came true whenever ramsey don’t plays .. we win hahaha .. i think gervinho should be sell .. he is very bad

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  18. leo

    Arsenal are close to agreeing terms with K-J Huntelaar according to the Sunday edition of L’Equipe
    acc to german media arsenal are trying to agree terms with bayern 4 luis gustavo dias for around 8-10m

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  19. ripple

    @poli: Sometimes when it looks like a team “didn’t show up” like W. Brom today, you have to give some credit to the other team.

    Arsenal’s good, energetic, controlled play made it very difficult for W. Brom to get anything going today, I would say. Shane Long was completely frustrated and they were forced to defend their butts off.

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  20. mohawk35

    You Gunners and Gooners, at least for today, I love you beautiful bastards.

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  21. roth

    Relax guys,the flaws were still present in the game,not being able to trouble opposition goalkeepers is becoming a cancer in this poor arsenal side,I think mike jones gave us a helping hand today because we won’t have won without the double penalty decision.the pressure has been lifted off wenger but I know he’ll be under pressure again for most of the remainder of this dreadful season.

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  22. Gunerineverylife

    @leo In the last January L’Equipe reported that Hazard signed for us.

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  23. Kunle

    D problem giroud is facing is wengers fault playing cazorla behind giroud,whenever giroud heads d ball he expects cazorla to follow d ball looking at it cazorla is nt an attacker,lets say wenger uses chamak or podoski behind giroud,definitely we will have enough goals scored.wenger needs to look into dis,chamak needs to be on d bench.wenger should stop playing cazorla behind giroud,a striker plays behind a striker.look at manu,man city,newcastle.In manu-rooney plays behind Van persie,man city-tevez plays behind dzeko or aguero.why dont wenger try giroud and walcot or giroud and chamak.wenger needs to buy a right footed attacker( Ba),to me Ba will be a better choice than huntlar becos Ba will be able to feature 4 arsenal in champions league and he is an epl proven striker.wenger should buy ba,very good in d air,physically strong and has eyes 4 goals,dat is d quality we need in arsenal a goal threat attacker.

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  24. dude

    An overall good team effort and a much improved defence.AW please don’t be a cheapskate ahole and buy a decent striker, gerv is a winger not a striker.

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  25. dilla

    If we got wins against Fulham, Villa, Everton, and Swansea, we would be tied with City for 2nd place with 33 points. CONSISTENCY!!! If we can be consistent, and buy a few quality players in Jan., then we’ll win trophies this year!

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  26. Chachi

    We all hailed gervino “Rick James” at the beginning of the season but now we are all over him…give him a chance to come back from his knock and get fit…we do need CDM ( screw forever hurt diarby) and a back up for Gibbs other than verminator…cause santos is shat…I love the way giroud holds the ball and wins every header but we need more venom in our attacking midfielders

    Stop selling our players to those catilan barca bastards

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  27. gunner

    team vs bradford

    subs:mannone-santos-angha-gnabry-rosicky-podolski-walcott(if fit)

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  28. arshavin

    This is our real problem one win and we think the problems at the club are over.Manager is still our problem,still does not show enoug flexebility,still keeps injury prone players and wastes his money on s*H*I*T like Gervinho.

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  29. arshavin

    @Chachi what are u smoking? u really hink gervinho is not playing well cos of any knock?He was having trouble doing anything before he got injured and thank go he did,and arshavin got us 3 points against qpr.What goggles is wenger wearing these days?If he thinks that Gerv*s*hit is better than Arshavin.

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