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Stats show that Arsenal defence IS good

Lots of the talk about the Arsenal game against Sunderland was about how well the makeshift defence did in keeping Sunderland at bay once Jenkinson was sent off. It seems as if we had turned a corner and finally got the defenders organised and the rest of the team defending from the front.

Statistics show, however, that Arsenal have one of the best defences in the Premier league, so we should not have been surprised at the clean sheet at the Stadium of Light.

Only Chelsea and Manchester City have conceded less goals than the Gunners, and we have the fourth best goal difference in the league, 21 as opposed to Tottenham’s 14 which could prove important. In statistics provided by, Arsenal compare well with the other top seven teams. In factors such as total tackles made, tackle success rate, ground and aerial duels won and interceptions, we are as good or better than most of the others.

The Gunners have made an astonishing 17 successful last man tackles, the next best being Everton and Tottenham with five. The one glaring inconsistency for Arsenal, and the reason we are not higher up the table, is the defensive errors. With 34 errors made, Arsenal are top of that table, with the average of the rest being 19. We have conceded 13 goals from defensive errors, while Chelsea’s total is just three, Spurs and United’s is five and City’s is six.

A punishing 45 percent of all goals conceded by us in the league this season were caused by Defensive errors. The good thing about this is that we seem to have got over that problem and are playing with more belief. As long as we keep that up, the future looks bright, the future looks red and white.

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35 thoughts on “Stats show that Arsenal defence IS good

  1. Chief keef

    We have the highest goal difference because weve raped teams like 50 nil. Have you even watched any arsenal games? Those stats mean nothing.

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  2. landi

    Stats don’t tell everything

    Our defence looks shaky and makes to many individuall errors.

    Sagna against sunderland showed us what we have missed for a while, he performed like a true world class cb.

    If he can keep that then he should start as a cb and we should get a top class rb.

    Would love a big CB but what about coquelin,frimpong and aneke then ? So for me in the summer A worldclass right or center back and top class forward as we are 1 man short there.

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  3. Greg

    Its definitely showing some improvement but we will have to dig much deeper against a rampant bayern side!

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  4. k

    The thing is, when we score 6 we will keep a clean sheet. But when we score 1 and need to hold on, we will concede. That’s our problem, keeping small leads, too many draws aswell.

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  5. Kosio

    We must forget the past and put a strong performance to put spuds in their place! Hope Wilshere and Vermaelen are back soon. If we keep up the clean sheets and improve a little our finishing we will be in top shape!

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  6. Bob Dylan

    Yh does seem that must of our goals conceeded are through defensive errors, we really let ourselves down sometimes, we could easily be 3rd/2nd if we made less mistakes

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    sagna played outstanding against sunderland! him and vermaelen could b hidden gems 4 next season if we can buy 1 more defender(sakho looks the best option being only 22 and already a top clas CB) seeing as they can both play as wing backs and centre backs buh vermaelen being more proven.
    jenkinson needs a loan spell out seeing as he was clearly the worst arsenal on the pitch, loan him out next season & buy an up and comer! BUT WE NEED 2 GET SAGNA TO SIGN THE CONTRACT!!!!

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  8. Joe

    I made a comment on here a few weeks ago saying that against all the top 7 teams this season only spurs have scored against us and probably deserved to score. Every other team if we cast your mind back we gave them goals from either defensive errors (think vermarlen at OT or sagna at Everton) or we conceded from set pieces (Evra at OT, Lescott at Etihad 2 against chelsea at the emirates). Teams don’t ever play through our defense we just give teams goals from mistakes or set pieces if we can cut out these mistakes then we could be very solid defensively. At the start of the season we were all raving about how solid our defense looked our defense still is sold especially with our first choice back 4 but individual errors are costing us.

    If we cut them out then we will finish 3rd because going forward we’ve been impressive all season.

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  9. Gunners

    So title says: stats show arsenal defense is good. But we make the most defensive errors so it’s kinda contradictory

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  10. Gunner

    People you can’t blame Ramsey for the Pope, Horse Meat maybe, the Pope, no way.

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  11. rhys

    these stats tell me we need a LEADER and THAT CB to partner vermaeleen!! its NOT mertesacker!!

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  12. Aaron

    i didnt even bother reading the article, our defence is our weakness, if you take your eyes of statistics and watch our games you will see.

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  13. KIng

    Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamack, Denilson, Djourou, Frimpong, Santos, Squillaci, Park.

    9 players. If you even put their salaries at 40K average, that’s 360K. For that you could have 4 excellent players on 90K each!

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  14. jack

    And there was I thinking we had a poor defence liable to some terrible misakes… Oh but the stats suggests otherwise #moraldilemma

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  15. gunner39

    i don’t know why i turned not trusting vermaelen these days, plz guys, somebody give me an answer .. why sagna isn’t our captain ? … i think this had bothered him one day

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  16. A Goonersville Citizen

    When you’re high on the list for most LAST MAN TACKLES in addition to that many errors, you must not be pressing teams hard enough further up the field. Conceding MANY goals is not our problem, it is HOW we concede them that has been infuriating… and then not doing enough to make up for it offensively. In the Chelsea (2), Man U, Man City, Swansea, Norwich, we gave away stupid goals through errors that a top team like ours shouldn’t. Stats don’t ease too much of our worries any more than Santos’ departure would. I’d take an Arsenal that wins every single game by 1-0 & grab a trophy, than have a team that hit 6 goals & win in one game, then lost 1-0 the next. Inconsistency is our main issue!

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  17. Arsenal1Again

    Look, we could lose every game 1-0 and with your logic our defence is good because it is the THIRD least of goals conceded.

    It’s about points, not about how many goals we have conceded.

    How many of those 0 points could have been 1 point from a 0-0 draw. Worse -> How many times have the 3 points in the bag become 1 point because of the GOOD defence. How many times in the first half has the game been an uphill struggle to get just a point because of the defence.

    The Stats mean nothing … so this article means nothing. Well it means your site gets your advert hits because it’s rigged with so many pop-up stuff, but to Arsenal fans, it means nothing. Many more articles like this will be a statistic about your role in the reduction of readers. I bet we don’t see those ones.

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  18. Gooner4Life

    Stats mean nothing here. We have lost valuable points throughout the season because of defensive errors – against Manure, Everton, Liverpool etc. Just because we’ve hammered relegation zone teams doesn’t mean our defense is great – but it is improving, as we have our second clean sheet in a row!

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  19. CUT

    Manure defence is worst than ours,only difference is that they have been putting away chances created at the other end and as such winning matches and all thanks to RVPrik

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  20. mohawk35

    @Joe: You are absolutely right.

    Arsenal drew 2-2 with Liverpool as Arsenal dominated the entire game and Liverpool only scored because Sagna fell down and later because Santos was “helping” Mert defend the other side of the pitch.

    After this game, I read many reports that Liverpool had found their mojo with a very solid performance vs. Arsenal – a complete and total mischaracterization of what happened on the pitch. Arsenal mistakes gifted Liverpool – Liverpool EARNED NOTHING in that game.

    I can only surmise that the media assume no one is actually watching these games so they can just invent whatever they please.

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  21. ripple

    Gunners biggest away defeats: Lost 2-1 vs. Chelsea and ManU. That is it – 1 goal.

    After losing to the Satans by one goal, the TV and print media called it a humiliating loss and proof that Arsenal are a complete disaster this season.

    And remember, the 1st Satans goal resulted from Verm tripping and falling to let RVP free to poke it in. Otherwise it is an away draw to ManU – not good, but hardly a “disaster”

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  22. Haxxxan

    the only stat that counts at the end of the day is the POINTS earned! Unfortunately we are 5th in that stat.
    stats like possession and shots on target etc is nothing, for eg today liverpool had 70% of the possession and 25 shots on target as compared to 2 from westbrom, result: liverpool 0-2 wba!
    so the bottomline is stats means nothing! arsenal defense is poor!

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  23. manorhouse

    Some stats are relative & prove little. However! That defensive error stat is very telling indeed.

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  24. S.H

    Most of Arsenal’s goals conceded were from terrible player errors. We’ve allowed other teams to score. I think the worst display was against Liverpool – a game we could have easily won. We’d be 2pts off Spuds if it weren’t for that.

    Good to see West Brom beat scousers 2-0. That keeps them off our backs. March will determine our fate. As it will for both Tottenham and Chelsea.

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  25. bofderby

    The issue with Arsenal’s defence is highlighted within your stats. Why do we have 17 last man tackles? The answer is that our overall defence is too porous. We have no midfield enforcer(s) who can stop the ball before the last third. Consider Barca, their midfield pressurize the other team and swarm the ball; they usually intercept the ball much higher up the pitch and as a result begin their attack in a more advantageous position. We have shown glimpses of this type of pressure, but not enough. If we can apply this type of pressure consistently during a match, then we will improve our defence and as a consequence our attack will be enhanced.

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  26. GP

    We are capable of beating anyone because of our creativity and attacking ability.
    But we are also capable of loosing to anyone because defensively we are awful.
    You should have more belief in what your own eyes tell you
    rather than stats.
    The number of early goals we conceed also shows a lack of defensive discipline and concentration
    We have players that play in defensive positions but no real defensive minded players like the old days.
    It would be cheaper to sort out the defense than it would be to make fantasy signings like Cavani and Falcoa.
    We dont need players like that.
    We need no nonsense defenders that will not take chances and clear their lines.

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