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Sterling DOES want Arsenal transfer! But is it mutual?

There seems to have been an adverse reaction to all the transfer speculation and things said about this situation from those connected with Arsenal as well as the fans of Raheem Sterling´s current club Liverpool. But is that enough to put us off completing his transfer to north London this summer.

I may not agree but I can fully understand the anger and frustration of the fans and former players of the Anfield club, who clearly feel that they have been let down by the young England international and his desire to leave. I am not going to get into it all in this article other than to mention that he was actually a youth product of QPR and they probably should have given him a new and improved contract last summer.

The issue for Arsenal now seems to be whether we view Sterling as damaged goods, too much of a risk or simply not good enough to spend a big transfer fee on, because the Daily Star has reported that the Gunners are the club he wants to play for.

There have been a lot of things written and stats trawled out to claim that he is not that good and does not produce enough to be seen as a top player, not yet at least. I do not buy it though. Why are they so bothered about losing him if he is just an average player?

I remember a couple of years ago when the Theo Walcott contract saga was ongoing and Sterling was mooted for a possible swap deal. Back then I thought it would be a bad move as he was too young and unproved but he has come on leaps and bounds since then and still has a lot of improving to do and Wenger has a great track record in developing talent.

So for me, Sterling would be a great transfer for Arsenal. How about you guys?

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43 thoughts on “Sterling DOES want Arsenal transfer! But is it mutual?

    1. Champagne Charlie

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      1. josh37

        Peoples memories are so short…
        Theo’s last full season with a completely new attack (Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud) he managed 20+ goals and 10+ assists. He stepped up when we desperately needed him to with the loss of RVP. Says a lot.
        Care to quote me the current player of the seasons stats this season while he was their designated penalty taker as well??
        Sterling has talent, I don’t think anyone who knows the game would dispute that. But for 40-50mil+ and 150k a week+ there are sooooooooooo many better talents out there.

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        1. Champagne Charlie

          The notion Liverpool will get 50mil is complete nonsense, as are the 150k wages – pure tabloid spin to drive a story which you’ve latched onto as fact I see.

          As far as Theo goes, I think you’ll find it’s more a case of fans being unable to conjure a non-biased opinion when comparing a player who wears the Arsenal badge vs someone who doesn’t. We’ve seen it before with fans claiming Giroud is world class or Song as being top drawer, but the evidence is there….Giroud should be a quality plan B St while Song plays for West Ham and earns a good review for 6 weeks of the season. Theo had a wonderful season that year, but outside of that he hasn’t hit double figures in 7 other seasons with the club in the league…..7.

          So why is Benteke, and the like, hit with the “one good season” line but for Theo (or any other Arsenal player) they get that one good season used as reason for their worth? Funny old way of looking at things.

          I know this after Theo’s 9 years with the club:
          He’s rapid, can finish, but is poor in tight spaces, isn’t strong on the ball, no physical presence, doesn’t track back, is injured a lot of the time, can’t dribble his way through players, and he’s a passenger in many a match.

          He’s a quality impact player but he is NOT good enough for the Arsenal first 11. Strikers we had like Henry, RVP, Adebayor, Eduardo are the grade, and Theo isn’t anywhere near them. One of the nicest and most grounded personalties we have, but he should be no more than a top quality OPTION along with Giroud. The fact that after 9 years with us there’s even a question about his quality says it all.

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          1. josh37

            No, no it isn’t. City and Chelsea need to up their English quota. He’s the best English talent that will be available. It’s supply and demand. It’s not about his talent level, it’s about that he’s English.

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            1. Champagne Charlie

              I know how supply and demand works. Only City would realistically have a place for Sterling, Chelsea can sell Cech and buy a John Ruddy to hit quotas.

              Yes there will be a premium because he’s english, but Raheem Sterling is not going for more than 35 million – he’s not Alexis + a premium. He’s a 25million pound talent + the english premium. This 40-50mil is absolute fantasy.

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    2. inapropriatetelletubbie

      Liverpool is the best club for him to remain at for the moment. We have an abundance of attacking speed and skill on the right and through the middle Sterling Wont bring anything special apart from being a ‘Super Sub’. The problem with young English Talent is that there is a tendency of making ill advised decisions on whats best for there careers (take for instance Jack Rodwell) Now if he was to come to us guarantee he will get playing time but not to the similar extent he did at Liverpool, Go to Chelsea he will likely end up ‘surplus to requirements’ (Like Marko Marin, Lukaku, Mo Salah, Kevin de bruyne etc), Go to City well how do you think the future of English football Jack Rodwell is doing, Move to United with Van Gal in charge the boy will end up playing Left back. Point being if you appreciate young English talent, and as much as it pains me that we don’t have him, him moving to any team within the next 2 years would be the dumbest decision he will ever make.

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      1. Champagne Charlie

        “we have an abundance of attacking speed and skill on the right” – last 7 games Ramsey has been RW. Kind of says it all…

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        1. josh37

          Whoscored rating of 7.2 on the right. I think that says more??
          Goals and assists but blahhh ‘he’s not a winger!!’

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          1. Champagne Charlie

            Really? where on WhoScored does it show how narrow we get with Rambo on the wing, or how cluttered the middle of the pitch is because he can’t go on the outside? It doesn’t….if you think Rambo RW is a good fit good luck to you. We haven’t scored at home in 3 of those 7 games, but Rambo got a 7.2 rating so I suppose things are peachy.

            To me it says everything that a CM gets played instead of actual winger(s) at the club. Clearly the wingers aren’t as good as some would have you believe on here.

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        2. inapropriatetelletubbie

          @Champagne Charlie …There is a £50 Million pound question burning here, where do you play him? You do realize we would either have to change formation (which will never happen) to 4-3-3 to get the best out of him or if everyone is fit drop either Sanchez, Ozil or Carzola. Merely pointing out the obvious here guys, we will have to loose one of our great stars of the season of have an expensive toilet seat cover (Bench Warmer)…….

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          1. Champagne Charlie

            A) it’s not a 50mil question.
            B) why the change of formation? he takes Rambos place as RW

            At varying points in the season the 3 you mention have been very good, but are you going to tell me Cazorla hasn’t been average the last 4/5 games? or Alexis wasn’t droppable in his 11 game barren run? or Ozil hasn’t been in and out of games the majority of his Arsenal career so far?

            I really don’t see the issue with a signing like Sterling. At present Rambo plays RW when he should be competing with Cazorla (replacing him at this moment IMO) for B2B. You’re trying to protect a players position in the team which is the quickest way to achieve nothing, if a good player has to hit the bench then tough sh1t….work hard, play well, and you’ll get in/stay in the team.

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    3. dragunov762mm

      50M pounds super sub? Are we insane? L’pool teach the kid well about how to get ransom. LOL!

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  1. jib

    I think he is a good player, and could well become a great player. Although I personally don’t see him offering anything that the ox can’t provide. I don’t think he’s an upgrade on the OX, or Theo for that matter. If they’re selling to a rival club like us I expect the price to be a silly inflation. I’m confident Theo will sign on, and we can put that money elsewhere.

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      Why whenever Sterling is mentioned do people retort with “Ox is better”, “I prefer Theo”….why can’t we ditch 100k a week Podolski and simply upgrade the team?

      Bored of the Sterling is hyped/overrated nonsense. Sterling is the best english talent around, he’d be a revelation in THIS team with genuine stars to learn from. Ox has crazy potential but Sterling is better currently and far more productive, Ox has 6 goals & 7 assists in the league during his 4 seasons with us while Sterling has 18 goals and 14 assists in his 3 seasons with Liverpool. This season alone Ox has 35 chances created and Sterling has 75. Now if you go ahead and tell me Ox has played in 10 fewer games I’d advise against it because that just brings us onto their durability, and Ox isn;t winning awards for that any time soon. Their both amazing talents…why can’t we have both?

      But as I mentioned before to reduce this to a comparison misses the point entirely…..

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      1. josh37

        Yes, obviously Podolski’s wage could be spent better elsewhere.
        People aren’t using the Ox, Theo better argument as in we shouldn’t buy another attacker. Don’t kid yourself, City and Chelsea need English players and will blow significant money to do so. You’re correct he’s one of England’s brightest talents. The transfer market is supply and demand, his demand couldn’t be higher at the moment so whatever goes on between him and Liverpool won’t affect his 40-50mil+ price-tag not to mention his wage. If we manage to lure him what do you think would happen if Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott outproduce him which is a very likely scenario in his first few seasons?? Do you think they’ll be content with 80-100k?
        Sterling is nowhere near world-class at the moment. Seriously nowhere near it. For that kind of money there are much, much better options that could have an immediate impact which we need. Not another flashy youngster with bags of potential…
        Have you watched the German league?? Some serious talents for half the price…

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      2. dragunov762mm

        Well said. But he ain’t worth 50M pounds by any mean. I prefer Pedro by far. Golden age, prolific, has wide experiences at highest level, and a lot cheaper. Most of all, we already know what ex Barcelona man can bring to us.

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      3. inapropriatetelletubbie

        Remember he achieved a majority those stats by playing with Suarez and Sturidge in a 4-3-3 false 9. Now we may have someone you is Suarez like in Sanchez. But Giroud is nowhere as mobile/quick footed and versatile as Sturridge and of course because Wenger Loves Giroud he wont drop him and can’t play in a false 9 formation. Not to mention Liverpool wont let him leave on the Cheap so were looking at about £50-60 million on a person who manages “18 Goals and 14 Assists” Over the course of 4 years and were going on the assumption to tell us he can “potentially be good” You don’t need an Economist to tell you what a bad return on investment that is.

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  2. Greg

    Honestly with sterling, the ox and theo, it would give us great options! Coyg!

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  3. ArsenalGenes

    On the other note. . Picking the line up is one of the most difficult decisions wenger has to make this tym around. Anyone can influence the match aat any point of time.
    And if we bring sterling, i am not sure he will start ahead of ozil ramsey cazorla chambo or even walcott.

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  4. zhord49

    If he’ll be available at a reasonable price, I’d like us to get him. Would rather splash £50M on Reus than Sterling.

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  5. Twig

    If Sterling comes one of


    would have to leave. Don’t forget we also have Podolski and Miyaichi as well.

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  6. Mick The Gooner

    I really hope we don’t get Sterling. Would cost way too much money and isn’t really worth it. Liverpool are desperate to still show their fans they’re a ‘big club’ and keep their pride. They’ll charge a steep price to anyone who wants Sterling. For me he’s not worth that price. Where would we play him? Walcott can barely get into the team at the minute, plus we have Ox and Welbeck on the sidelines too.

    Sterling isn’t good enough to start for Arsenal, therefore not only is he not worth the money, he’s not worth getting at all if he’s not going to improve the team. Spend the money on someone that would make us better.

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  7. davidnz

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    1. jib

      You do talk some shite, but well done, you’ve outdone yourself this time mate!

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      1. YingYang69

        Davindz, you yourself is of African descent, you do know that all mankind can be traced back to Africa. Sort of makes your argument seem doh ya dont say.

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    2. northbankgooner

      @davidnz your comment is fckn racist. Now fck off from whatever stone you crawled out from under.

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      1. dragunov762mm

        You aren’t only skeptical about Arsenal dude, but a racist too.

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    3. josh37

      wow david, wow.
      If Arsenal was run by the KKK you may have a point.. But we’re living in the 21st century so comment is just offensive.
      Walcott, Chamberlain, Welbeck, Akpom, Sterling – ENGLISH you twat!
      Gnabry, Sanogo – German and French.
      Literally the only thing you are judging these players on is the colour of their skin which is the epitome of racism.
      ‘White quota’?… You’ve outdone yourself. Stop these comments you complete buffoon

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    4. lalitsyal

      And you need money to arrange an appointment with a psychiatrist……!!

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      1. davidnz

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        1. josh37

          You’re making sh$t up!!!
          Yes the world is evolving and racism is becoming less and less of an issue.
          You start your comment by ‘it’s not racist’ but then go on to section different races and their involvements in sports.
          The point is that it’s non-existent now. Sportsman in most countries are judged on their abilities and performances. Nothing to do with the colour of their skin or where they come from.
          When you start saying sh$t like ‘white quota’ which is f#$king nothing to with anything except in that deluded head of yours it’s offensive to people who aren’t complete idiots!!!
          Theo Walcott’s of Jamaican descent, so’s Ox’s dad which is technically nothing to do with Africa.. Silva’s South american, as is campbell and Sanchez. So you’re lumping them in with a completely different continent. Hmm wonder if and why they’d find that offensive?
          You say African but what you’re ill informed, tiny brain is really saying is you’re judging by the colour of their skin.

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        2. NY_Gunner

          First off dude, unless humans evolve into some higher life form, we have hit our evolutionary ceiling. Second, the reason why “Negroes(which I prefer over the color Black)were absent from most major sports was due to”racism” which still has a huge influence on our world today, not just in sports.

          One of the main reasons you don’t see many or any “English Asians” in football is, culturally for them it is frowned upon to aspire to careers in sport(save cricket or tennis) over academic careers, which they perceive as being more stable, lucrative and hold more prestige in society.

          You see I didn’t try and pull the “Race Card” on ya. Because I felt your intentions were good. You just got caught up in your explanation and over thought how it would play out. I guess…
          Much respect for speaking your piece and standing by it without having to go “full nuts” on some of the replies to it.

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  8. josh37

    I like Sterling. But I still get the feeling he’s a project. With the ball at his feet he’s capable of brilliance but his final product is still questionable. (Cough, Cough, Ox, Cough)
    But with the new home-grown rules set to be implemented, and City and Chelsea looking in dire need to fill that quota, don’t kid yourself that Liverpool don’t know they have one of the brightest English talents and he will be sought after. Liverpool will get upwards of 45mil and he will demand 150k+. This is Ozil and Sanchez money…
    He is at best a slight upgrade on a few members of the squad currently. We have youngsters with bags of potential aplenty. For that kind of money there’s only a handful of players on the planet you couldn’t lure. Why not spend it on someone established?

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  9. lalitsyal

    Sterling is a very good player, it’s not that he can’t play for us, but its not the right time for him, he should move to Bayern, I think…….just to a different league I mean to say, I feel it will be good for his future……..this might be hard on him, but tough conditions require hard decisions…….!!

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  10. josh37

    Goetze, Draxler, Isco… I would guess anywhere between 30-50mil. Good chance at least one of them will also be available. All of their final product is leagues above Sterling’s with equal if not higher ceilings.

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  11. stubill

    I just don’t understand the hype over Sterling!

    What has he ever achieved, when has he got hold of a game by the scruff of the neck and changed it? This is what I’d expect of a £40 million + player, not someone who runs fast (like a girl) but has very little end product. He has achieved the grand total of nothing so far, yet he’s demanding £100k + per week, plus the guy is toxic, the way he and his agent have gone about trying to engineer a move from Liverpool is disgusting, and how long until he would be banging on Wengers door asking for more.

    He’s a toxic little worm, whom I don’t want anywhere near our dressing room, I’m no fan of LFC but the way he has treated them is typical of a jumped up little gobshite, no respect for anything or anyone.

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  12. No10

    I’d rather have Isco who can play CAM or wing, he would be the ideal replacement for Santi in a few years.

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