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Steve Kean – No Arsenal bid for Samba

It has been rumoured (since January in fact) that Arsenal were trying to buy Christopher Samba from Blackburn, and along with Gary Cahill, Samba was the most likely Wenger defensive buy forecast by all and sundry.

But today it has been revealed (by the Blackburn manager Steve Kean no less) that there has been no been received from Arsenal or anybody else for the big centre-back.

Kean has been overseeing pre-season training with his team in Austria and he is confident that he will have all his players, including Samba, for the start of the season.

He said: “We have had no bids for Chris and we have had no bids for any other player at this stage and we would like to keep it like that,”

“Chris is only a couple of months into a five-year contract, so hopefully the bids don’t come in and we can keep Chris as part of a defence that proved very, very solid towards the end of the season.”

Funnily enough, Gary Cahill’s boss at Bolton, Owen Coyle, said exactly the same thing last week. So if Wenger isn’t ging for either of those two, where is he going to get the “height and experience” that he admitted was needed to tighten up the Arsenal defence at set-pieces?

***Gazidis says he will spend on defence – but who??***

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38 thoughts on “Steve Kean – No Arsenal bid for Samba

  1. Papa

    No bids is not the same as no enquiries. Trying to drum up interest.

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  2. MALIK

    if wenger doesn’t sign a quality CB every1 is going 2 hunt 4 his head

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  3. zak

    “So if Wenger isn’t going for either of those two, where is he going to get the “height and experience” that he admitted was needed to tighten up the Arsenal defence at set-pieces?”
    Sorry to have to say it. He’s going to get the needed height from the “AFC academy kids”. The “smartest” coach in EPL has got it all figured, what do you think! Until the team collapses again around April 2012 as it’s been the case in the last 5 yrs. Gosh, it’s been so hard (almost masochistic) to be an AFC supporter over the last few years. Wonder how many die-hard Arsenal fans have had heart attack after witnessing the epic free falls of the past season (Carling cup final, AFC at Newcastle,…). If you don’t agree on an urgent need for defensive reinforcements after these debacle, you’re either an idiot or dishonest!

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  4. Nickw

    According to Wenger we are working day and night trying to bring in quality signings. Well so far we haven’t managed a single bid for a centre back anywhere so what the hell are these muppets up to. Or is it possible that Wenger is lying to placate the fans yet again? The reality is what Gazidis and Wenger say doesn’t add up with what they actually do. Someone is telling major porkies and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

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  5. MALIK

    it’s funny huh? guys the tickets have sky rocketed n were probably selling cesc/nasri or both 4 around 60m plus our budget that’s already 67m with clichy gone n yet gervinho will probably b our biggest signing n somehow signing a PROMISING striker is gonna solve a MASSIVE defensive problem……..sigh….i smell a trophyless season 7 in the making

    does any1 else feel like all arsenal fans suffer from bi-polar throughout the year (sep-feb i’m so happy then comes march-june i feel like assassinating squid n almunia, hence i’m really pissed)

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  6. realistic tony

    If wenger doesnt get a quality centre back (or two) then he is a lunatic….a lying, senile, dithering over-cautious idiot.
    I cannot believe he hasnt bought one…to get him ready for the start of the season!…
    Last season there was a great temptation to back against arsenal…you had great odds for teams getting a result at the emirates and they succeeded. I couldnt do it…i love arsenal….but this coming season i may just look at the odds and back against them…..getting a little richer is one way of avoiding the pain that is watching arsenal.
    No centre-back -no fourth place…its as simple as that for me

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    this wenger of a guy is toying with the emotions with millions of gunners.hope he knows wot he is doing but i doubt

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  8. ap

    it’s always a bit disconcerting when the official Arsenal page features a story about Kyle Bartley in the midst of everyone calling for a CB, same thing happened in the January transfer window when everyone was calling for a CB an article came out on the website saying how Kosclieny(sp) was really starting to get used to the EPL…however much i hate to say it, i dont think anyone is coming in to fill that glaring need.

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  9. gunnerfromblood

    Thats wat you call working day and night ?? Huh ?? Any of the six will do – cahill samba jagielka sakho verthogen martersaker !! There are so many in the market so Just Buy !! Its better to win 1-0 than to lose 3-2 !!

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  10. segun

    guys i think bartley can step up to the challenge of being and arsenal first choice centre back. he really impressed me at the time he spent with rangers. He can play football, very hard worker, GOOD in the air, good tackler, very good positioning and not to mention he tall and physically strong.
    What do you guys think?

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  11. ap

    I am sorry if my comment seemed to disregard Bartley as a quality player, in all honesty I haven’t seen him play at all so I can’t judge, but he’s young still and we need someone like Samba who might lack some techincal “Arsenal” skills but will get in his teamates faces when the chips are down.

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  12. wurie

    It’s seems Mr. Wenger is not desperate to booster our leaky defence that gifted goals to opponents last season. Wenger should abandoned his stubbornness and bring us dependable defenders. This season is your last chance Wenger!

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  13. matt

    TV, Djourou, Koscielny > Samba, Cahill. Fact.
    I find the hype around these two guys incredible! Yes they both have height and are decent defenders but they are also slow, and are hardly word beaters. Arsenal play a high-line defensively, which is very effective if you look at the stats (goals conceeded during open play), and they would not be effective in this system. Plus we already have the afformentioned 3 CBs that are better and younger!
    So please people get a grip, find something better to do with your time rather preach about players that are simply not worthy of our great club. How about supporting the players we have for a change? TV is our best defender and our defensive leader, he was out for 95% of last season. Any club in that situation would struggle or at least be less effective. Think about Barca without Puyol, Chelsea without Terry, Man U without Vidic etc. Catch my drift?!? For that reason alone I think our defence will be better this season. And I for one am actually excited about the prospect of Kyle Bartley staking his claim this year.
    The only CB that I think would be a good signing for Arsenal would be a Lucio type of player. Infact Lucio would be perfect. Experienced, won shit loads (everything I think) a workhorse, and just flat out good. Anything short of that would be pointless in my opinion. Not sure how much he would cost, but I read an article recently that he sees the prem as a challenge.

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  14. D-az

    we just need ONE CENTRE BACK!!! KYLE BARTLEY IS EMERGING, KOS WE BE BETTER NEXT SEASON AND DJ IS A FINE BAKC UP (not a regular starter) them three and CAHILL will be ideal for CB. VERMAELEN playing LB

    Eboue Bartley DJ GIBBS


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  15. D-az




    F*** MATA

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  16. JEL

    Some of you fans sound like little girls crying because your crush didn’t call you when you wanted to. Wenger promised activity before the window closes, and the window is nowhere near closing yet. So therefore, he has NOT broken any promises. Some of you fans need to learn some damn patience and stop acting like spoiled brats! Even the CEO said that Arsenal’s transfer activity is far from over…

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  17. Manish Dave

    Have patience guys!!! even Lille said that Arsenal have not made any offers for Gervinho, and a week later Gerv was at Arsenal.

    U guys are quite short of memory and patience…

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  18. antarchile

    Hopefully ‘the genius’ is looking the Copa America.If so , he’ll realize what we southamericans know.The true ‘garra’ belongs to Uruguay.You can be absolutely sure that any 50/50 ball , the uruguayan player will win it.Arsenal needs players like them . Diego Lugano , Diego Perez , Walter Gargano…they have the true grit, and should play for Arsenal.

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  19. alex

    We don’t need a CB, Kyle Bartley + Vermaelen is enough addition to that position. We need CDM to cover songs, a striker to cover van persie, pacey and tricky wingers to terrorize opponent deffense, provide killer passing and crossing, shots from outside the box, and burst into box when we attack. Then our opponent will think twice before they try to apply passive football, because they know we will score somehow. And when they try to attack us, we will kill them surely. Then deffense won’t be our concern anymore.

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  20. Nickw

    I haven’t seen much of Bartley is he good enough for the 1st 11?

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  21. zak

    There goes the hype machine! Bartley who? You’re again banking on a debutant to carry the defence of a top-4 team of the most brutal football league in the world. Surely, we’ll never learn at The Arsenal, the manager and the fans alike! Come March-April, when the going gets tough, we’ll have nothing left but our eyes to cry, we’re used to it anyway!

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  22. aliu ezekiel

    You hear that!Wenger won’t sign these players.he just make a mouth.Do you think we will be in top 4 season?I,dont think so.

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  23. Hanenyo

    There are spin doctors at Arsenal. They talk the talk so as to fool fans into buying match tickets. I’m very sure by now Wenger knows who is playing where this season. With what Gazidis said many fans will keep expecting more signings. But if we read the statement and understood it he wasn’t promising any new signings.

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  24. Arsenal1Again

    All that means is that Samba and Cahill aren’t first choice targets. They will at most be back up targets if we fail to get the ones we’re after. Much hinges on the sale of other players. Buyers are dragging their feet. The sale of Bendtner might be ear-marked for the purchase of the defender, like the sale of Cesc is ear-marked for the purchase of Ribery. Somebody will bought, but at the moment there’s lots of haggling going on. Teams like Man City and Unted or Chelsea just meet the prices wanted by sellers. That’s because they can. Arsenal can’t do that because they need every penny. Not just to buy players but also to pay for the wages. For example, Bendtner could be sold purely to pay for the wages of Ribery. Or the 22 Million paid for Ribery may include an extra 5 million on top put aside for his wages. We only hear that we paid 22 Mill when in fact we’ve paid 27 Million for the player. This is real like, not FIFA on the X-Box. There are millions of pounds being moved about. I’m not at that stage worried. I think there will be a signing by the end of the month with another or more on their way before the deadline.

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  25. hollyweed

    lmfao @ we don’t need centre backs,every single person in the world knows what we need n you telling me batley?
    do me a favour;get the f*ck outta here,cb is a must,not one but two you idiots,what a bunch of 4th place chasers

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  26. Gigi

    We need center backs replacements.
    If not them, someone, can you imagine injuries to Vermaelen and Djourou at the same time? Nightmare.
    This is a do or die to quote another commenter in another blog, a do or die year for Wenger.
    Gazidis and Hill Wood and ll the others should remember: a team that does not win but is so close to, does not sell shirts and caps to kids. Business no good then.
    They have been warned.

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  27. JOSH

    Well, I want us fans to be calm untill the transfer window closes, if wenger and the ex.director did not fullfill their promises of adding to the team then we will have to react harshly! As for Bartley, if he has improved and the boss think he is ready for first 11 why not! after all he played for rangers last season. CB is not just about age, smailing is not old neither phil Jones that Man u just bought! But whatever happens arsenal fc must make sure they make thier fans proud come next season!

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  28. Scott

    Samba, Is well over rated and now over priced – its never going to happen. Yes!!!

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  29. andy bishop

    Who really believes we are in for Cahill and Samba..hands up!! Who really believes we are in for Ribery?, Who really believes we need Oxelade-Chamberlain when Wenger has cultivated Vela and now Myaichi. Get real.. stop believing that spending 50 million will solve all problems. We stopped buying world class players when Dein left. Stop dreaming.

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  30. Dan

    Hangeland and Mertesacker – please
    Vertonghen and Sakho if you think we can afford it

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  31. zak

    @andy bishop
    Then AW has to stop telling us we’ll be playing to win 4 trophies!! The predictable and epic scale of our collapses in the late part of the season make AW a major embarrassment to himself and to AFC.

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  32. Scott

    Anyone that can handle top flight Scottish football at such a young age,especially a defender,is tough enough to handle the EPL. Traore as well.,not sent to Spain where nobody tackles,but to Italy where the game is based on defence. It is not coincidence that Wenger sends players off on loan to leagues where they can improve where they need to. Unfortunately,most of you think managing a club is as simple as jumping on forums and whinging.

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  33. OPG

    Samba is overrated as our saviour because he’s big and powerful in the air, he isn’t that good a defender andc lumsy. At least Cahill has big potential, mobile and and he’s good in the air. Cahill has 1 year left and apparently wants to join us or a big club, however Coyle said there was no bid 2 weeks ago. Jagielka is probably the better defenders of them all despite lacking in height and he’s experienced.

    Bartley is unproven and it’s unwise to gamble on the defence already as it is especially if Wenger is so adamant not to buy a LB because it ‘kill’s’ Gibbs chance. Out of all our defenders though they are good (apart from Squillaci) but not all that reliable or consistent in the end. There needs to be more PL or top level European experience and leadership but it needs to be of the right quality.

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  34. awerderbremenfan

    You can have Mertesacker. Give us like 8-10 millions and we’ll fucking carry him to London on our shoulders.

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  35. andy bishop

    @zak..absolutely..last season was the worst for attitude I can remember for an Arsenal team. Our captains heart is not in it and this reflects through the youngsters. Birmingham beat us in the cup final because they ran until they dropped. The two centre halves could hardly walk at the end but stayed on the pitch..we bought our best striker off..for what? to save him for more important fixtures?. Losing a four goal lead at Newcastle indicated something is seriously wrong with attitude and tactics and the ability to defend. But nothing improved, in fact things got embarassing. I like many others are fed up with Wenger saying how good his squad is and setting them unrealistic targets just to boost their confidence.

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