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Stop this Alexis Sanchez madness! Transfer window MUST SHUT before season begins

It seems that just about every club in the Premier League, including Arsenal, are having their pre-season and opening games disrupted by players that are under offer from other clubs or blatantly declaring their wish to move on, and have mysterious ‘injuries’ like Alexis Sanchez, Phillippe Coutinho and many others. So why do we have to go through this transfer madness a full month after the season starts?

The good news is that we may not have to endure this from next summer onwards, as there will be a motion at the next Premier League Managers meeting to discuss cutting off the transfer window before the actual season gets under way, which would be a lot less stressful for both managers and fans.

The Swansea boss Paul Clement admitted that it had been discussed at the last meeting. The Swans have Gylfi Sigurdsson waiting for a move to Everton, and their opponents Southampton had Virgil Van Dijk on the sidelines waiting to move out too. Clement said: “There’s frustration here and I’m sure Southampton are frustrated, too. That’s why I think if the ­window is shut before the season starts everything is sorted out and we can get on with the football.

“At our managers’ meeting at the Premier League last week, we spoke about it. The majority of clubs are in favour, but maybe all have to be for it to go through.”

It certainly makes sense to me, and to most fans too I think, even if it only affected sales between Premier League clubs. It would be a good start and hopefully the other Leagues would follow suit eventually. Jonathan Barnett, the chairman of leading football agency Stellar Group, is also in favour of the changes. “It makes sense and could make clubs more focused to do their deals early, but there will still be a deadline which creates panic,” he said.

“People will still be unable to make their minds up and clubs won’t be agreeing deals. The selling clubs will still think they can get a bit more and hold out for more money.

“I don’t like the idea of last-minute pushing and shoving, but even with the deadline being brought forward there will be ridiculous things happening before the ­window closes. It doesn’t seem to affect other countries like it does with England.”

So do Arsenal fans agree with this proposal? Wouldn’t you like to know right now who will actually be playing for us this season instead of this will-he-won’t-he nonsense surrounding Alexis Sanchez?

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23 thoughts on “Stop this Alexis Sanchez madness! Transfer window MUST SHUT before season begins

    1. Remember Resource?

      OT: My friend/source understands that arsenal are hesitant to make solid moves for players. Same old arsenal in the window, you might see panic buys as usual or nothing at all. Perez will be leaving the club. back to deportivo… Same old. It might be to begin to accept that we won’t ever compete with the big clubs like we used to. Unless management changes.. We will probably be outside contenders every now and then and a few cups with some champions league quarter finals and rare semi final appearances over the life of the club.. We will run a profitable club and a good business. We will have a fundamentally strong club and yeah!

  1. Kostafi

    Isn’t there a PL meeting about it today? Anyone know the outcome? I would much rather see it close before the season starts. I read Watford were against this- prob because the Puzzo family moves players in and out of their clubs at will. I hope majority carries and it does not require a unanimous decision.

  2. Roachie

    The problem with this proposal is it would only apply to English clubs so a european club can still buy your players and you would be unable to replace them. Unless it was worlwide it woul just put British clubs at a disadvantage.

    1. COYG_CA

      Your assessment is accurate. This would only apply to English clubs concerning buy/sell between English clubs, however, yes, other leagues would still be able to offer and purchase players from the EPL. The concept is a good start, however, I believe the EPL clubs must also agree to NOT sell to other clubs outside of the EPL when the domestic widow closes. Other clubs outside the EPL could bid all they want, but if the EPL clubs all agree to impose their own no-sell (to anyone) prior to the day of the EPL kickoff, this would be a very good and welcomed change imo. Unless all of the major leagues get on the same league schedule, which they will not, the EPL clubs would need to agree and follow the no buy/sell rule prior to the 1st game day.

  3. ZA_Gunner

    If works in favour of some clubs and works against for others I believe. If you have the money to just go out and do your business early then it weighs in your favour. If you like last minutes panic buys at reduced prices then a longer winger perhaps suits for those clubs. It could also put the Premier League in a disadvantage in relation to other leagues having a longer window because they can afford to wait out and buy the players in the later part of the transfer window. It could also be an advantage for the Premier League as having a shorter window means having buying power and selling club may not want to lose out on a good offer hence selling their players early. The gain or loss of a shorter transfer window for clubs all depends on demand and supply of players and the ability to pay for those players which can either work for or against the buying or selling club. At the end of the day it matters little in terms on advantages since everyone in the Premier League will then have to abide by the rules, which creates a level playing field.

  4. Viera Lyn

    Don’t blame the process for the Sanchez situation, blame Wenger & Gazidis for not getting their business done earlier and/or not following through with the promises they have made to their high priced talent and their devoted fans…someone please give me an example of another supposed “top club” allowing their top player to go unsigned before the final year of their contract unless they were severely injured or the club was planning on selling said player prior to their final year…on a side note, Wenger might complain about the transfer window closing so late but just think about how problematic that could be for our team which usually waits until the last second to make deals…on the one hand we might have less “panic” buys, whereas on the other hand those same ridiculous purchases might just have come weeks earlier…Wenger will find excuses for his ineptitude in the transfer market regardless of the deadline date

  5. Roachie

    If our transfer window had shut before the weekend and now Barca are wanting Coutinho who then puts in a transfer request and could maybe refuse to play for Liverpool the money recieved is useless if they cannot buy a replacement.

  6. Karis

    Coutinho is right next door and Wenger is all over the world looking for a top top world class midfielder. Plz…

    1. Mobella

      So you think that is feasible. Liverpool will just hand him over to arsenal the way many here agree to Wenger hand over Alexis to man city at any price. Is it your hatred for Wenger that made u write that or u can’t just think thing through..

  7. GB

    I agree Roachie and well said. I agree with the proposition but must apply to all of Europe otherwise it will be infair.

  8. mark

    It is ridiculous. Unsettled players and clubs cannot plan properly due to players either leaving or coming in.

    Pre season becomes a bit pointless if your squad is not settled.

    It needs sorting.

  9. D mc

    Where are the 2 guys claiming lemar was a done deal?? Can’t see anymore signings now at all . Wenger says he’ll only buy better than what we have already so all the buys from others so far none of them would get in the arsenal team cause there not better than the likes of elneny or Walcott

  10. John0711

    by the way im surprised more clubs have not been interested in Patrik Shick, excellent technically and quick

  11. Uchman

    @ viera Lyn ” tell me one top club in Europe that will allow their top player enter the last year of his contract” like seriously r u kidding me or u r not informed @ll? The greatest player in this present generation Lionel Messi of almighty Barcelona was allowed to enter the last year of his contract before just signing after his wedding!it’s a pity the way we just moan about every thing here! It’s quite appalling for real,its just the start of the season and every one is moaning like we r already struggling for relegation,its just a pity for real

    1. Viera Lyn

      use your head, do you really think the situation surrounding Messi and Barcelona was anything like the one created at Arsenal…apples to oranges when comparing the clubs or the situation surrounding the players involved…slow your roll buddy because you are in way over your head…stick to making generic comments about people moaning, but make sure you don’t change your tune if the window closes, nothing changes and things implode before Xmas…my comments are carefully considered and I never flip-flop on a weekly basis regardless of a win, tie or loss…furthermore, if you don’t like to read honest opinions about the club you pertain to follow, stick to getting your info from the club owned and operated site

  12. Chuks

    it will only make sense if adopted by all European countries.if other countries can still buy from English clubs after d window is doesn’t make sense.

  13. Uchman

    We won and dominated man city with xhaka and Ramsey Manning our midfield,we won and dominated man u with same combo,we won against Chelsea twice with xhaka,ramsey /elneny in our midfield,we v won our last 11 of 12 competitive matches with those guys in our middle, buh the way we underrate them is terrible, am not against bringing more faces buh destroying our players or ridiculing them just to make a baseless point is pathetic,i will call this window a huge success even if we failed to bring another player if we can manage to keep all our key players this season,making our defence stronger with sead,and our attack more potent with lacazette is great,i just pray we kip our key players fit,our players r not as terrible as u guys r making them look,lets learn to appreciate what we have,constant bashing of them can never bring positive results! Let’s pray for a positive season!

    1. DarkGunner

      Well said !

      I think this season is about the team spirit and if the players keep their motivation , we might have a shot at the title. We fans should also make a positive environment for the players.

      I’v been a fan of Arsenal for 12 years , when i became an Arsenal’s fan , Arsenal didn’t win the premier league even once and have seen Arsenal getting wrecked badly by teams like Man utd and Chelsea , but also in these times i have seen beautiful football from Arsenal that no other team can play and this year’s squad even without Alexis is the strongest Arsenal squad i have seen since i became it’s fan.

      So i understand the fan’s frustration for wanting a change but constant protesting would only do harm as we have seen in recent years , Arsene Wenger will be with us for only 2 years , we should be positive in these 2 years so After Arsene retired the change in the Management doesn’t hurt Arsenal’s Squad so it can help the players to see it as a beginning of a new era rather than an ugly end.

      So lets stay positive and not get in the protest mood after every defeat. Please 🙂

  14. ruelando

    This new closing time for the transfer window is ridiculous, until all the football federations have the same transfer closing time, this is like several shops on a mall hours being 7am to 7pm and yours being 7am to 4 pm

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