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Study shows Balotelli would be a better buy for Arsenal than Aubameyang!

As the January Transfer Window nears a close, I thought you might be interested in this statistical analysis which has revealed who Arsenal need to sign in order to deliver Champions League football next season.

The Bookmaker bwin has analysed over 2,500 January transfers from the last 10 years to reveal the profile of player that a top 6 club needs to sign in order to score more goals and improve their defence.

Attack ­ what to do and avoid

Target a striker rather than a creative player ­ 36% of top 6 teams who sign a striker score more goals.
Avoid wingers – ­ wingers fail to improve the the goals tally 67% of the time.
Target youth over experience ­ 46% of players signed between the ages of 21 and 23 resulted in a better goal difference.
Avoid players over the age of 30 ­ players in their 30’s fail to improve the team 71% of the time.
Target French or Italian ­ over half (56%) of French signings have improved the team’s goal scoring threat.
Avoid English or non-European ­ 82% of English signings haven’t improved a top 6 club’s fortunes.
Target Ligue 1 or Premier League ­ 44% of players signed from France or England see more goals scored.
Avoid La Liga or Bundesliga ­ 83% of recruits from Spain and Germany fail to improve a goals ratio.



Defence ­ what to do and avoid

Target full backs rather than goalkeeper ­ an upgrade at full back sees a top 6 club concede less goals 42% of the time.
Avoid signing a goalkeeper­ – a new pair of gloves fails to improve a leaky defence 70% of the time.
Target potential over the finished article, 43% of players signed under the age of 26 resulted in a better goal difference.
Avoid players over the age of 27 -­ 69% of older players don’t improve a top 6 club.
TargetEnglish defenders -­ 70% of English defenders have seen a top 6 club concede less goals.
Avoid German or African defenders -­ 78% fail to improve a club’s fortunes at the back.
Target Premier League -­ signings from the Premier League improve the defence 48% of the time.
Avoid Bundesliga ­- 79% of defenders from the Bundesliga fail to improve the team.



Transfer targets ­(players to sign)

Malcom ­- the 20 year old at Bordeaux has been linked with London rivals Tottenham and Arsenal already
Mario Balotelli -­ only 6 months left on his deal at Nice and the Italian from Ligue 1 is a perfect fit. Could a return to the Premier League be on the cards?
Danny Rose -­ the full back is out of favour at Tottenham, switching with Ben Davies, and could be looking for more regular first team football to guarantee his spot as England’s first choice
Luke Shaw ­- the full back returned to form in the absence of Ashley Young and has only 6 months remaining on his contract at Man Utd.

Transfer targets ­ (players to avoid)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ­- the stats are heavily weighed against the African striker from the Bundesliga.
Riyad Mahrez -­ the Algerian winger may have played in the Premier League, but the stats suggest he might not make the step up.

So who thinks Arsenal should go for Ballotelli instead of Aubameyang???

18 thoughts on “Study shows Balotelli would be a better buy for Arsenal than Aubameyang!

  1. gotanidea

    Hahaha… Statistics could be very misleading. Xhaka is one of best passers in the Premier League so far (1973 passes), but we know that most of his passes are backpasses.

    Ozil is one of Arsenal’s kings of assists and produced hundreds of “chances”, but most of his assists came from set pieces and most of his “chances” cannot be converted by Lacazette (one of the best French strikers today) and Sanchez. Sanchez has scored seven Premier League goals and produced a lot of through balls, but we know how many times he had wasted his shots and misplaced passes.

    Balotelli might have a very good statistics, but he lacks Aubameyang’s work rate, speed and willingness to do physical duel in the air. I would be surprised if Aubameyang comes, but Wenger can still play Giroud and Lacazette together.

    1. John Ibrahim

      De Bruyne and messi pass sideways and backwards

      not every pass has to be forward

      the only negativ part of xhaka is his defense…hes very weak in marking and tackling

      1. Break-on-through

        Xhaka misplaced more passes than anyone else in the league or else in the top clubs, that’s what I read a few weeks back. I agree with John, passing sideways and backwards, all the best passing teams do this to tire defenders and move them around so to open up some gaps. It’s the players movement in front that’s making us over do it a bit because there’s no point having a gap opened up or a ball hit over the top if none of our forwards can get at it before the other team.

        1. Sven Knows Best

          No,the most misplaced passes in Arsenal’s 2017/2018 season was Alexis Sanchez. Check facts before posting.

  2. barryglik

    Study shows 92% of these articles
    are aimed at getting 67% of football
    fans reading the article 23% of
    the way through before 76% of the
    male readers look a the adverts 92% of which feature young slim attractive
    women with seductive smiles, off the shoulder tops and super white teeth. 🙂

  3. Jeremy

    The day such analysis works, whoever wrote these logic will probably be god.

    Human beings are predictable in some way but not 100%. Only actions of robots are a sure thing.

    Seriously, such articles don’t deserve our time.

  4. COYG_CA

    Balotelli? I know some say Auba is a character that may cause some issues, but he isn’t a complete CLOWN like Mario . . .

  5. Will

    Nope, I see you are ignoring one massively important stat – goal scoring record! ?‍♂️

    Why do I get the impression that some fancy and articles are spamming us with articles about why we shouldn’t get Auba so that it softens the blow when eventually our manager and board bottle the deal?

  6. Wasiu Ige.

    Major problem with wenger and his employers is that, they always fail to “make hay while the sunshine”. This is the right time we need an attacker of higher agility that can help us winning Europa Trophy or secure UCL spot for us. So let forget balloteli, Emerrick Auba is a perfect addition to us now, he is a perfect taker of both free and spot kicks, a good ball header, has an excellent running. It will be of great advantage if we have him alongside with Lacazete upfront for Mikhi, Ozil, Xhaka and Wilshere.

  7. Roy

    Off topic
    I bet we haggle how much we pay the cleaners,window cleaners,coach drivers,waiters chefs in other words EVERYBODY who works at the Arsenal.Every transfer is a f***ing saga.If you want the player for **cksake pay up and stop wasting the supporters time.

    1. John Ibrahim

      just like Fifa18?

      just spend?

      200m here and 500m there?

      restart and enter the cheat codes and there will be unlimited funds…..

  8. Break-on-through

    The Bundasliga has only really been looked into since Germany became a force again. Before that I don’t recall too many German league imports. Also the goal improvement statistics, not all forwards are brought in because of their goalscoring ability, some teams need creativity, sure Ozil would be a massive flop going by the stats that I’ve just read. So am not sure how reliable this is by betwin, some players are brought in to fit a certain niche. Target fullback over a GK because 42% of the time a fullback entering the club will see an improvement. What if you have great fullbacks but have a s**t keeper, also do they not allow for coincidence, timing of form and such being coincidental to who arrived when. What if the manager is rubbish, etc.

  9. Maks

    Jesus, what an article? I hope its an effort just to get clicks otherwise is totaly without any notion of reality. Somebody said well… FIFA 2018 thinking

    1. Sven Knows Best


      Luke Shaw or Danny Rose?????????

      We already have 3 (!!!) players who can play at LB – Monreal, AMN, Kolasinac. But only 3 decent CB, so if we play 3-4-2-1 no one can be injured for the team to have defensive confidence.

      But let’s anyway buy Danny Rose or the overweight Luke Shaw. lol

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