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Is summer exit a good move for Walcott, Arsenal and England?

Walcott Wenger JustArsenal.comThe next week could prove to be a very interesting and possibly pivotal one for the career of the Arsenal and England international star Theo Walcott. And if it does lead to the 27-year old leaving the Gunners in the summer transfer window, could it be the best thing for the player and the club?

Former England star Ray Wilkins told Sky Sports this week that he believes Walcott needs to move to another club in order to make the most of his career for club and country, as he is just not getting played enough at Arsenal. Last year when Walcott was still in contract talks with Arsenal, it was rumoured that Man City were willing to pay 40million for the Englishman. If Arsenal could still get that price it would be like Arsene winning every jackpot on the bingo slots every day for a month!

City surely wouldn’t pay that now, especially if Walcott doesn’t even play for Arsenal and England regularly. With Roy Hodgson currently having a lot of forward options like Vardy, Kane, Welbeck and Sturridge and with Rooney on the comeback trail, Walcott’s place at Euro 2016 is looking dicey to say the least.

The Arsenal striker’s international career has been largely disappointing and very frustrating despite him making his full England debut almost 10 years ago. He has been overlooked, underplayed and injured for almost every major tournament and so he could well agree with Wilkins if this summer’s tournament goes the same way.

But at the same time his Gunners career has been frustrating for Arsenal fans. He has been brilliant in patches but has never been able to do it on a consistent basis for one reason or another. It might be the case that he went elsewhere and became the player we have all been hoping for but is it time for us to move on too and bring in someone else this summer?

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21 thoughts on “Is summer exit a good move for Walcott, Arsenal and England?

  1. Disturbance

    Walcott at 27 is never moving to another big club when his only weapon is speed. He’ll be wishing that Arsene stays and continues to have endless faith in him, but if Arsene has guts, this summer Walcott will be walking like a number of other failed players at Arsenal.

      1. sevenitti

        If Wilshere stays injured until the end of the season, he has played less than 100 matches in total for Arsenal in the last 5 years. He might be the biggest Arsenal-fan playing professional football, but with an injury record like that, he really cannot play for us anymore. He needs to save his own career, and it looks like it’s best done away from injury-provoking Wenger.

        With all those players leaving, I wonder what will happen.

        Szczesny: Martinez will be promoted
        Debuchy: Jenkinson will stay
        Walcott: Really don’t know. We need a new attacker for sure either way…
        Flamini: Elneny was his replacement I reckon. We still need another defensive midfielder in my opinion.
        Wilshere: Replacing Wilshere is like replacing watered soup in your diet – there’s not much to replace in the first place. Wilshere appearing in an average 20 matches (all competitions) per year, he’s not contributing much to the overall squad strength. Anyway – I think we’ll see Iwobi, Adelaide or Crowley playing those few matches Wilshere would’ve gotten.

        Overall what do we need based on players (hopefully) leaving? One defensive midfielder (who might also count for replacing wilshere), one winger-like attacker, and the ones we already need – a goalscoring striker and a central defender. Having an upper roof on £40M per player in average for the first team players coming in (which we can afford), who do you think we might be able to hook up?

        Defender: Laporte or Varane?
        Midfielder: Krychowiak, Kroos or Kante?
        Attacker: Zlatan, Lukaku, Higuain or Mahrez?

        But realism-mode coming back in – with Wenger and Kroenke managing the money, anyone above £25M would be a big surprise.

  2. CazorlaPogba4no.10

    Good morning, well its morning here in Ghana – Africa.. I am doing a pre review of our players we bought over the last 3 to 4 years season according to opportunities give, price tag & expectations..

    CECH – 11million = 8/10 – Well most younger 11million keepers haven’t been dat impressive

    BFG – 8million = 7/10 – Shaw was bought for 32 & well…

    MON – 8.3million = 7/10 – waited till the end of last season & this season but wow..

    CHAMBERS – 16million = 6.5/10 – He has been very good whn played at CB or DM

    ELNENY – 7.4million = 6.5/10 – So far so good

    SANCHEZ – 35million = 5.5/10 – I think he can be great if only we had a manager to tell him to be a bit unpredictable & learn to driible to his left ..

    OZIL – 42million = 4/10 – for that amount we could hve gotten Mkhitaryan & Mahrez , i don’t see why any team would buy an AM midfielder just to pass the ball around , make sum unique assists & a lot of lucky assists (corners & freekicks) and almost a zero goal threat..

    GIROUD & WELBECK – 9 & 16 million = 7.5 & 7 / 10 – Giroud has scored over 20 goals , for any 9 million striker , dats abt as good u wer bought for.. Welbeck should be doing better as he is 16million but he is impressive so he will do better after we sell walcott and replace him with Higuan…

    1. WOS

      I know you are expressing your opinion but you really don’t know anything about football when you don’t admire the best playmaker in the world

      1. CazorlaPogba4no.10

        Lets stand in the middle for once , IS OZIL really the best playmaker in the world ????
        If u had the chance to assemble a Worldclass team would u rather hve Ozil, Cazorla, Pogba, Goetze, Iniesta, Modric u wld go for ozil ?????

        1. sevenitti


          Cazorla doesnt have the pass nor vision, Pogba doesnt have the pass nor vision, Götze doesn’t measure even close to anyone on this list of yours, Iniesta probably has better vision, but pass? My biased opinion on Iniesta says no, but he probably does… Modric doesn’t have the pass, nor the touch.

          However, all of these (except Götze) have other qualities that Özil lack, making it a bit silly to compare them (except for maybe Iniesta and Modric)

          Özils statistics speak for themselves really – especially considered how awful Arsenal’s general finishing game is.

  3. muffdiver

    a summer exit for theo is a great move.
    a fantastic superb move

    il get ya’ bags.
    has anyone checked the bus routes to the airport?

    1. Budd

      I am very neutral to Theo Walcott. Actually I used to like him until three years ago when he did the obvious : play a cracker against Newcastle and getting his 100k a week. I was very naive back then and welcomed oppinions that he should stay. But immediately realized he dropped and do the usual Walcott. And then the injury and coming back from injury same saga.
      I said many times before: Theo Walcott represents everything that is wrong at Arsenal. No loyalty, no fight, no guts. Hence no glory. Just cashing in. Amazing fact is that he actually cashed in at Arsenal not at City or Chelsea or United.
      Him moving somewhere else? I don’t care. Yeah, yeah, he may score the winner playing for City. I sincerely don’t care. It is not a temporary form eclipse, it is the norm when we talk Theo Walcott. I was so naive.

      1. Midkemma

        If you wanna talk norm for Theo then why not mention how he has a good season then a bad season?
        Why not highlight that Theo has played for a decade on the right even though he was promised that it was for his education as a CF and then thrown out on the left this season where he has never played before?
        Why not look at how Theo has never been trusted as a CF and never given enough time to settle into that role while Giroud has failed us countless times.

        If Theo isn’t good enough then Ljungerg was never good enough, the most he ever scored was 17 in a season while Theo has beaten that with 21. Both Theo and Ljungberg have only scored over 10 in a season 3 times…

        I’m not saying Theo is the best RW in the world or some silly claim like that but what I am saying is that Theo is a decent RIGHT winger and if he gets his def work up then he would be a very good right winger. When he is in form then he is a starter but when not he is a bench player… a bench player that will scare any defender when he comes on with fresh legs and they all have tired legs.

        Is he worth his wages? I don’t think Ozil is worth his wages.. no footballer is worth that kind of money. If Rooney is worth his wages then I do think Theo is worth his wages and Alexis should be given a payrise…

  4. Sam, need a striker

    It’s absolutely a good move for Arsenal … But who is gonna take a headless chicken which cost a 140k/w !
    We definitely need at least 2 top class attackers (ST and LW/RW) add to that a CB and DM … But first Wenger has to go at the end of this season …
    Walcott, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Mert all needs to go this summer …
    Giroud (obviously not my favorite) can stay only as 3rd option, offload him is even better …
    I am afraid that Wilshere will become a new Diaby …
    But hey, the stubborn one will press ignore button as usual … He needs to go …

    1. Midkemma

      Only 1 attacker, no need for 2, I guess you are only happy with Alexis and Ozil… the big name signings. Something tells me you want big name signings everywhere…

      Campbell has done alright on the right, Iwobi is a good enough squad player and will only get better given the opportunity to get game time… something which is unlikely if we listen to people who only wants big buys…

      We do not need a CB atm, we have enough of them and that money could be better spent in other roles.
      We have currently; Koscielny, Per, Gabriel, Chambers. That is 4 CB.
      Per may be slow but so was Tony Adams and I never hated on him for that, it is stupidity that says a slow player isn’t good enough for the EPL. If the player is smart enough and can read the game well enough then they are good enough. Gabriel has had some dodgy parts recently but he has all the attributes to be another Kos. Chambers may be young but I haven’t forgotten the MOTM performance he put in as a CB against City… which we won ^.^ Chambers is young and is developing.

      I get your fear about Wilshere, he could be another Diaby or he could turn out to be a loyal RvP… I think Wenger is allowed 1 player who is a bit of a gamble, we just need good enough squad depth that it doesn’t hurt us.

      I’ve seen Wenger buy players when it was needed, it just hasn’t been with Silent Stan in charge of the club. It was when Dein was on the board and worked closely with Wenger. A new manager will not be given all the cash to spend and told to go nuts, that is not the Silent Stan way.

      I do not think Wenger is perfect, he has his issues BUT no manager is perfect. I do fear what will happen to Arsenal if Wenger leaves while Silent Stan still wants profit, the next manager will be told to make him profit like Wenger did but will that manager keep us towards the top?

  5. Tas




    how can i put this NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Arsen all is forgiven,
    and if the board is trying to scare us it worked Arsen you can stay

  6. Bigvalbowski

    Yes Theo should be sold in the summer, but other than the Chinese Super League what club in there right mind would pay his exorbitant weekly wages. #14 is destined to be the EPL’s most expensive benchwarmer.

    Just a couple thoughts on Arsenals summer ins and outs.


    Quite a haul exiting the Emirates but are any irreplaceable ?

    Giroud does score goals and I applaud the passion and heart he displays on the pitch but his age and style of play makes him expendable and Arsenal really deserve a Lukaku, Morata type leading the line

    The collection of elder statesmens( flamini, arteta, rosicky, BFG) have been good servants to the club over the years but it is time to move on to greener pastures in the MLS of on the sidelines in Europe. The wages paid for these players must be reinvested in youth or applied towards acquiring the necessary talents to complete the squad

    The English core @ Arsenal collectively has been a grave disappointment, highlighted by never ending injury spells and lack of player development. Other than one season for Theo, a cameo against Bsrcs from Jack and a few flashes from Gibbs what exactly have each of these players accomplished over there countless years @ the Emirates. Not enough in my opinion to keep any of them on the Arsenal generous payroll.

    IN: One of each
    Lukaku, Morata, Icardi, Lacazette, Reus
    Krychowiak, Wanyama, Carvalho, Kante
    Guerrero, Criswell, Chilwell
    Van Dyjk, Stones, Minolas

    I concede the above spending spree will never happen, but Arsenal NEED to cut there losses with the English Core, OG and the deadwoods and sprinkle in a few of the above mentioned players. However with sales of Theo, Jack, OG, Debuchy, Gibbs, and OG, the additions of Lukaku, Krychowiak, Minolas(Roma) and Guerrero could easily be ascertained for under $100M

    Krychowiak….,El Neny

    Bench: Welbeck, Ox, Chambers, Gab, Campbell, Coquelins, Ramsey, Schez, Guerrero, Santi, Jeff R, Jenkinson,

    Dream away

    1. Midkemma

      Go play Football Manager.

      Why has Coquelin been demoted to the bench?? He is a beast. Do you even watch football?
      Coquelin and Elneny together looked amazing and what was scary about it was the fact that they are a new partnership and could only get better.

      Then you have Cazorla on the bench as well…

      You do know that our title hopes fell apart when we lost Cazorla to start with and then Coquelin loss was the final nail in the coffin so to speak. We lost the ability to build an attack from the CM.

      Ox isn’t good enough for the bench atm, he needs loaning out or something, his performances have not improved since his arrival. He has flashes and that is it. Not bench material yet for me, for me Ox is someone who needs a loan spell to get regular game time.

      What is Ramsey doing on the bench?
      Do you like a CM who leaves gaping holes instead of defending?

      Oh and you can not have 12 players on the bench during the game.

      1. Bigvalbowski

        Let me enlighten you just a touch on Arsenal FC, since your red and white colored glasses have obviously polluted your rather elementary football brain.

        FQ provides a necessary defensive presence and attitude in the middle of the pitch but his inability to facilitate play from D ot O is a liability and nedds improvement. There are better DM’s, look no further than Kante @ LC

        Santi is a great player but 31 and coming off a major knee injury. His play @ times drives the Arsenal engine, @ other times he goes missing when the physical style of play overwelhms his technical contributions. Best days are sadly behind him

        Ramsey over El Neny? LOL. In a few appearances the Egyptian has displayed the necessary understanding of what a true B2B should entail, not the headless chicken, King if back heels who selfishly sees himself as a goal scoring priority. I personally would sell him to whatever club gullible enough to offer his specilative transfer fee.

        Anything else you need help with?

  7. Midkemma

    I think there are other players who should look at the door before Theo.

    The Ox? It looks like people want to buy him and we could get a better price for the Ox over Theo due to Oxs age. Theo contributes more to us than the Ox does currently.

    I have defended this guy and if he learns how to defend again then I will be backing him 100% but currently he is being too selfish and leaving gaping holes in the midfield because he wants to go forward… Team game Ramsey, learn to be part of a team or GTFO.

    This season he has shown that he is nothing more than a bench player, he has the attributes but he is idle! When his place in the team is secure he will then go on a dry spell and not score for freaking ages, once he is dropped and another player is making the most out of their chance upfront then Giroud will come back with a bang and make us all go “Wow, maybe he can do it for us”.

    Anyone remember Ljungberg?
    If Theo puts his foot in a bit more then he will remind me of Ljungberg, a direct threat from the right and a player who enjoyed scoring. That is Theo.

    Also Theo suffers from 1 bad season, 1 good season… 1 bad and then 1 good. 1 bad then 1 good.

    If this is his bad season then why sell him when it is nearly over? Why not give him 1 more season and see if he performs and if he does then we could look at getting more money for him and that season could be enough to get people interested in him.

    I don’t disagree that some of the settled players could do with a scare, selling some players could do the other players wonders, I just hope we don’t get rid of too many in 1 transfer window and leave our team acting like a bunch of strangers on the field.

  8. Twig

    I think we should keep Walcott. He has many qualities that we could use, such as finishing and pace. He’s a great squad player to have. You can’t have a Mesut Ozil or Santi Cazorla in every position of the pitch you know?

    1. sevenitti

      “such as finishing and pace”… Aaaaand… ? I really cannot come up with anything else he has, and it’s not like his finishing will be missed, nor his already diminished pace. He’s about the same player as Aaron Lennon right now…

      Ox is the man to stick to in the future, although his future is in a rather thin thread as well.

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