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Swansea v Arsenal Review – The Three Stooges starred in tonight’s comedy

The more things change, the more they remain the same. by Abel

At kick-off tonight against Swansea in Wales, most Arsenal fans were buzzing with excitement at the prospect of watching our new Armenian acquisition Henrikh Mkhitaryan play together with Ozil and Lacazette. The high was also partly because Sky sports and other media outlets were reporting that Aubumeyang was at Arsenal training ground this evening to finalize his long awaited move. Arsenal were very short odds on favourites to win, and the big gamblers that had used the Pinnacle Promo code 2018 were relishing the chance to make some easy money against a Swansea team that were bottom of the Premier League table.

Well, that all dissipated as soon as the match was underway as it soon became obvious that the 11 players wearing Arsenal’s new away kit all had their minds elsewhere. The offensive players didn’t seem to have a plan to score, while the home team where looking like the more accomplished of the two teams.

Arsenal should have been a couple of goals down in the first 20 minutes if not for a combination of luck and poor finishing on the part of the Swansea forwards who were running the defense ragged. When Arsenal took the lead via a sublime looping cross by Ozil which found Monreal unmarked at the back post, it seemed the tide had turned. But barely 2 minutes later, in typical Arsenal fashion Ozil lost the ball in our half after initially miscontrolling a pass to him and Swansea capitalized via Sam Clucas and the scores were 1-1.

At that point it was obvious that Arsenal were either going to need to change things up or risk losing the match. Well nothing changed, and Arsenal were soon a goal down via another defensive blunder, this time in comical fashion, starring the 32yr old Spanish international, Nacho Monreal, The 25 year old German international, Shkodran Mustafi, and the 35yr old Czech international. It looked more like a comedy skit although I doubt any Arsenal fan would have found it funny.

well, that wasn’t the end of the show as the three stooges managed to hand Swansea a third goal from absolutely nothing.

I’m beginning to feel pity for the two new January acquisitions who must be wondering what type of circus they have joined. The Arsenal defense always finds new creative ways to concede goals regardless of the personnel within the defense.

Every aspect of the game from an Arsenal perspective was poor including the coaching.


39 thoughts on “Swansea v Arsenal Review – The Three Stooges starred in tonight’s comedy

  1. Quantic Dream

    I think guys you were expecting too much. Prior to the game, our record with Swansea since 2011 stood at a dubious W8 D2 L5. We literally stood a 50% chance of winning, to be exact, 53.33% chance. Add onto the fact we are barely winning away from home, Swansea is a bogey team, Swansea beat was always going to be a tough night. Glad I didn’t put any money on it I was feeling a draw but Wenger out did himself with a 3-1 hammering.

  2. AndersS

    Yes, defense was bad, but the real problem is Wenger can’t organise the whole team to defend, when the opponents have the ball. This has been our problem for more than 10 years, and it puts too much pressure on our defenders and our goalkeeper even when we play bottom teams. It has happened so many times, it is unbelievable.
    Yesterday we played Lacazette (forward, not really supposed to be defending), Ôzil (can’t/won’t defend), Iwobi (has never been coached to defend) & Ramsey (is all over the place). If we were organized they front players would be our first line of defense, but with Wenger coaching and a lineup like that almost any team can play straight through our midfield and get time and place to create chances. There is our problem, and it will NEVER be solved with Wenger in charge.

  3. gotanidea

    If Wenger is fired today or tomorrow, I don’t care whether Arsenal would sign Aubameyang or not. Aubameyang could have the same problem as what Giroud and Lacazette have, not enough supply.

    When Ozil came, we expect him to create perfect through balls to Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez, but it did not happen. Then Lacazette (one of the best French strikers with 50 million plus price tag) came, but it does not work either.

    I predict the same thing would still happen after Aubameyang comes, if Arsenal are still under Wenger’s system. Instead buying another expensive striker, I prefer Arsenal invest in explosive inverted wingers that can penetrate from the wings and a mobile defensive midfielder that can read the threat well.

    1. Skills1000

      We need to do the most important transfer. Send Emperor Wenger back to France. Get in Luis Enrique. The guy is available and has coached Barca before. Only Emperor Wenger thinks Xhaka is a Pure DM. Every top team in Europe have a very mobile, tough tackiling DM. Barca have Paulino.(also Busquets) Real Madrid have Casamero. Man United have Herrera and Matic. Man City have Fenadinho. Chelsea have Kante. PSG have veratti. Spurs have Dembele, Dier amd Wanyama. We have Xhaka. The best quality for a top DM is his ability to use both feet. Xhaka is one footed and slow. Xhaka is suppose to be a Carzola replacement(deep lying playmaker) Pay 35m pounds for Nzonzi. Teach Bellerin how to cross the ball. Play a midfield 3 of Xhaka Nzonzi and Mkhitaryan. Front 3 of Ozil Lacazette and Aubameyang. Teach the team to defend collectively as a unit. Sack Emperor Wenger now. Appoint Luis Enrique. Emperor Wenger is the problem. Not the players. The top DMs We can sign for 35m or less are Veratti, Mikel Obi, Nzonzi. These are proven. Emperor Wenger has yet to find a balance between offensive and defensive football. We have conceded more goals than Burnley. Sack Emperor Wenger NOW. Welbeck should have been sold and not Giroud. Giroud is a better player than Welbeck.

    1. Bur

      And how easy does he get it!! His incompetence is so plain to see it’s unbelievable. Swansea played in the cup at the weekend we didn’t but our guys looked laboured, it’s embarrassing. It’s residuals. If weegor had any love for this club he would go. What’s wrong is he has no balls nor respect.

  4. McLovin

    Oh and Cech is a JOKE. He should never wear the Jersey again.

    But Wenger has his favorites: Cech, Ramsey, Giroud…

    Took 4 years for Giroud to lose his place.

    It will take another 4 before Cech is replaced.

  5. McLovin

    Oh the arrogance of Wenger, he’s a straight quote from him:

    on whether he will be sad to see Olivier go if he does leave tomorrow…
    “Yes. I have personally, of course, taken him from Montpellier and he became a strong, regular international player for France and we have gone together through good and bad.”

    So he PERSONALLY took him from Montpellier and made him an international player. Taking credit here huh.

    So this is the reason why he played so much.. Wenger wanted to make clear to everyone that HE PERSONALLY made Giroud the player he is. I guess this is why Iwobi and Xhaka plays so much, so Wenger can prove everyone that Xhaka is not a flop and he PERSONALLY made Iwobi the player he is.

    1. annoni

      Lets not forget how many times Lord Wenger reminds us that he has been on the job for 20 years in every press conference.

  6. Phil

    The whole performance was spineless.Every Away Game is now like Groundhog Day.Teams know how to set up against us as we are completely one dimensional with no other tactic other than to try and retain possession.Yes Sanchez was guilty of continually giving the ball away but at least he was trying to make things happen.Its the same with Ozilwho would always try to make a pass that is incisive as opposed to our frustrating trait of sideways and backward keepball.
    Against Swansea we had 76% possession and never once did we look the dominating team.
    Gotanidea is correct when he says we need explosive wingers.We need natural width and pace before we can even think about getting the best from Lacazette and (hopefully)Auba without Wenger playing one of them out wide.We continue to allow defences to dominate us by stopping us playing wide and we are forced into the crowded area outside the box trying to thread the ball through an eye of a needle.
    We have no Plan B no variation of tactics and it seems no intention to change.
    The change HAS to start with the manager otherwise NOTHING will ever change

  7. reddb10

    The surprising thing is that some of us are surprised. We have been spineless for over a decade with no leader on the pitch or on the bench.
    Its time we all prepare ourselves for when they renew this deluded old mans contract.

  8. Aussie Jack

    The English Premier League is the most demanding in the football world. It takes special players to bound together. I would say, at a guess, there would be no more than two hundred currently playing in England who have the professional quality and tenacity to play at this level, as such, only the wealthiest clubs can afford them. Those who can afford the luxury can make up a team on paper with the help of computers or other means then start to fill the blanks.` The Dirty Dozen`
    A defensive pattern, a mid field pattern and an attacking pattern, where possible you buy the pattern not individuals willy-nilly. Starting with defence, and you stay with it until the balance is right, before moving onto the mid field. With a firm defence and a creative mid field blind Freddie can score goals but you still buy the best strike machine and make them all know who`s boss. No prima doma`s.
    Were it that easy?

    1. John Ibrahim

      very demanding..

      and worst our first 11 hardly play together in a string of 10 games….needless to say for our defence…there is always someone injured

    1. McLovin

      I guess we just have to start scoring 4-5 goals when we concede 2-3. Only way to win with this defence and non-existent midfield.

  9. OxInTheBox

    tactically we are a joke for the last 10+ years. until 2011 we at least had good players and played good football. since we lost fabregas and nasri we looked bad, with a 1-2 months of a good run getting us to 4th. last season and this one we don’t even have that, and the team is falling apart.
    our squad is a joke and will take 3-4 years (and a desire we lake) to build a decent one.
    but even with that poor squad we could do better, even with the bad tactics, if wenger played the best players every game.
    we should forget about top 4, we need to put all of our energy into re-building.

  10. PIRES

    a bad season can happen.Even Man U finished six last year…..we seems to rebuild a good squad if we sign Aubameyang,we can push for the title next year.

    1. McLovin

      Hahah, “next year is our year”, sound familiar?

      Top 4 finish is a good season, finishing 6th is a bad season. Admit then that title challenge is not even in question?

    2. Rkw

      Jesus … Wake up and smell the coffee .. Just accept that you need to kick the habit and prepare for cold turkey … Bonding with Krish n chips who has been waiting for next year for the last 10 years ain’t going to make it easier … Anyone with any knowledge of the game could see that a team comprising xhaka elneny Iwobi Ramsey and mustafi is a mid table outfit and therefore vulnerable to losing any game .. My gran saw it coming and she’s been dead for 30 years!!!

  11. Ackshay

    Not going to defend that worse than Sunday football performance( they gives 100% more) but is no one gonna talk about the deliberate way Swansea have made their pitch unplayable agsinst both arsenal and Liverpool. Even pep barca wouldnt have been able to play tiki-taka on this awful pitch.
    With all this millions premier league clubs get they cant complain they dont have the means. Just send them a warning about a fat 7 digit fine incoming and see that pitch magically transform.

      1. Ackshay

        Sure they can as they train on it, watch the amount of passes that slowed down before reaching target, it slowed our build up play but it is no excuse for players not working through the difficulty like professional. Man city players are getting hacked down brutally like sane vs Cardiff or de bruyne vs Tottenham but we dont see them stop playing.

    1. stubill

      Are you serious about the pitch! There was torrential rain all day in Swansea, nothing to do with how they prepared it.

  12. Break-on-through

    The defending, speechless.
    Personally I thought changes should have been made at half time. Ramsey was only back and he wasn’t feeling it, he should not have finished the game. A fit Ramsey could’ve been helpful to Lacazette, but I would have brought Giroud on for Ramsey to get amid the backline much earlier than 75min. Iwobi should either have not started or else he should have been withdrawn at half time too. Elneny should not have come off, he should have been told to play higher up pitch and try to cut out source in CM. Defenders should have been wise enough to not play around back there in those conditions, and in general we should have been instructed to play more direct, sit in and encourage the other team because last ditch/man defending on a night like that is always going to bring mistakes. Have any of them ever played in this league before, they should know things tend to be different on a wet cold away day.

  13. Nothing changed

    We know by now that Arsenal is simply not a team that shows up with 100% every game and if you don’t do that in PL you lose more often than not.

    When I saw Ramsey starting I told my mates we were in for a bad night. He was definitely not the only player to be blamed, losing is often a group effort but Ramsey brings that “loser” and “just not good enough” feel to our team. He would not make it into any of the top 5 teams IMO.

  14. Novbe

    Pls somebody put this in the dressing room at the Emirates…”you don’t play football with only your legs. You play football with your heart and your head, then your legs”. But I know who spill the eggs. It’s the same loner that bought the eggs….. Roundofapplause for the main stooge!

  15. steven wilson

    If I was Aubameyang I would be heading straight back to Dortmund and being thankful I dodged a bullet.
    If Wenger still cannot see that we have been crying out for a dominant, ball winning midfielder and a centre half who can lead and organise the defence for the past 10/12 years all hope is lost.
    Time to stop pandering to this overpaid squad and start axing underachievers.
    I’m pretty sure the fans would rather see youngsters playing for the shirt and at least giving it a right go than the same old repetitive drivel that they are being force fed week after week.

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