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Swansea vs. Arsenal review Frantic 2nd half ends 2-2

There was good news and bad news for Arsenal fans before kick-off. Aaron Ramsey, who gets loads of stick from Gooners, started on the left side of midfield. Angel Rangell, Michu and Ashley Williams were rested by Swansea. It was clear that Arsenal were placing more value on the game than their opponents.

This was clear from the start as Arsenal began with intent and were zipping the ball around well, and Giroud nearly got on the end of a good ball in after four minutes. Arsenal’s high pressing nearly cost them as Swansea broke after 10 minutes but Sagna was on hand to head clear.

Danny Graham the Swansea striker held off Mertesacker to latch on to a long ball and force a good save from Szczesny to give Arsenal something to think about. We could obviously not go all guns blazing, so the game became a bit scrappy, with Swansea working hard and giving us no space or time.

Walcott was coming into a more central area sometimes and causing some problems for Swansea, but he was not hgetting any balls in from the right for Giroud. With Ramsey on the left, that meant that we were quite narrow and easy to defend against, forcing us to try to be too intricate. If I was getting frustrated, imagine how Giroud felt.

When Arsenal did get wide with a link up between Giroud and Gibbs, the left back found Cazorla in the box and he should have scored. The former Arsenal man Bartley came closest with a header off the bar near the end of the first half, which Swansea finished strongly.

Arsenal tried to quicken the pace in the second half, and Giroud finally got a decent shot on goal. Then Ramsey should have got a penalty, nearly scored and Giroud got another chance which hit the keeper, all in a couple of minutes. Then Michu came on and we gifted him a goal within a minute. Unbelievable defending.

There was still 30 minutes to come back, but we had lost our composure. Ramsey got a great ball on to Giroud’s head but the Frenchman put it wide. Cazorla and Wilshere were trying to unlock the defence but it was not quite happening and we were running out of time. With less than 20 minutes left, Wenger made his first change, Podolski for Ramsey.

Walcott was inches away from an equalizer after a mistake by Swansea, and we were really knocking on the door. Cazorla hit a free kick straight at the wall, but it led to a corner which eventually fell to Podolski who swivelled and scored. There was still time for a winner and we wanted it.

I bet Gibbs has never scored a better goal. Giroud’s perfect flick found Gibbs who volleyed in a la Podolski. Another goal with poor defending from a corner pegged us back, though. Koscielny nearly won it in the last minute but Vorm saved.

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249 thoughts on “Swansea vs. Arsenal review Frantic 2nd half ends 2-2

  1. ksiolajidebt


    thx man so happy about the news we need somebody who has experience and can finish


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  2. true goon

    The 2nd goal was Artetas fault he should have charged down that shot an got his body behind it,thats why we need a real defensive midfielder.I just hope against hope that after this Wenger will realise that we need to get strong additions all over this squad so that players like Ramsey,Arteta,mertesacker an Giroud are pushed down the pecking order,because they should not be starting in the first team.

    AW tell Walcott to pass it sooner and STOP taking freekicks cos he’s crap at them.COYG

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  3. mo

    as striker
    Villa or jovetic
    m’villa or wanayan and strootman

    and we look at transfer in summer agn isco and more.

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    Arsenal Boards are greedy money eyed high pay no desire to win bastards arent they?

    selling our clubs best/proven players each year..

    even spuds are catching up as they try all their best to keep bale and buys other proven players (demsey,dembele,vertongen,holtby) each year to strenghten their they pay their players like chelsea or man city?? i dont think so. then why the players keep going there?? because they see the clubs (owner/management) DESIRE to win and push the club forward..

    we lack that in our beloved club Arsenal..the board seems to be soft and only money shown by cashing out proven players each year (using strict wage structure as deluding excuse)..if they do CARE for the club and the supporters then they should AT LEAST (if they dont want to splash cash on other star players like €ity or Chel$ea did), AT LEASE keep our proven players (years past) so that Arsenal can be more competetive and feared on the pitch..

    Arsenal should really change from the root..OUT koenke n gazidis..IN Dean n Usmanov

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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    AW says Ramsey was tripped…everyone else knows that Ramsey fell over his own feet……..Ramsey and is blind

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  6. Jon

    Why are we so PATHETICALLY WEAK when we take a lead. Its disgraceful how we fumble the ball about in our own area and just basically donate a goal or two to any old rubbish team.

    Arsenal have no off the ball movement or creativity (other than Jack), were so predictalble to play against and our attacks are the same thing over and over again. Pass the ball to the wings, pass the ball back to the midefield then back to the wings again and provide a rubbish cross to no-one. We never make off the ball runs to worry their defence, other than Theo.

    Mertesacker is dodgy and such a pussy for a man his size. Sagna is looking like an 60 year old now for some reason and we have no creative midfielders to assist our attackers.

    A few good signings and we will look much better, a DM, a creative midfielder – winger or central it doesn’t matter and a creative striker. Will Wenger and the stingy board of wankers have the balls to invest in the team though…. probably the same story yet again like every transfer window…….. hope to no avail, disappointment again i expect πŸ™

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  7. Paul


    dont thank me thank arsene for finally screwing his head on and spending

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  8. Invincibles nice (1)


    If you think that Jenkinson is a better RB than Sagna you know f**k all about the game.

    Just another who overrates an English player, im not saying that Jenkinson is a bad player as hes a very decent one with great positional awareness, maybe too great?. He has allot of promise and is a fine deputy. Sagnas in a bit of a rut but guess what, it happens to all just like s**t. Jenkinson has a vastly surmountable ways to go before reaching the abilities of Sagna, a tall order for most players.

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  9. gunnnner

    So After A Few String Of Bad Games Its Sagna Out? Football Fans Are SO Fickle..

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  10. Graham

    @ KC

    you claim the days of going for players like Alexi Sanchez are gone. When has Arsenal ever spent that sort of money on a player? Most of Arsene’s buys have always been promising youngsters or unknowns. Tell me who we have bought for over Β£30m?

    Everyone is complaining about the lack of transfer. We are a few days in. We drew against Swansea and most of you want to crucify the manager. Manu draw against West Ham and their fans are looking forward to the reply.

    It is quite unbelievable what moany fans we have become. Nothing, and I mean nothing is ever going to please many of you.

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  11. gunner

    last season RVP helped us to get to the top 4 it was certainly was not wenger the only reason wenger let RVP goes was that RVP could see that wenger could not do the job anymore come on guys im sure u can c that wenger is getting us destroyed other club let the rubbish one goes but arsenal let the class one goes that funny

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  12. King Henry

    Closing time AW, pack up your sleeping bag and head for the exit please. I hate the fact that it is like this, I have had nothing but respect for you until now, but I am pretty sure I am not alone in being completely bewildered by your decisions and behaviour.

    Your socialist wages cost us RVP, if you’d just swallowed your pride and remembered that it was the fans that made the club, not you, and paid him the wages. Firstly Man Utd wouldn’t be sitting pretty at the top of the table, and secondly we would have won so many more matches.

    If you’d kept RVP, we could have built the rest of the squad from that platform, and it wouldn’t have taken a miracle. A strong CB, a decent back up keeper, a CDM (although for me Vermalen is nailed on for this)a proper LW and we’d have been pretty much there.

    You made a catastrophic failure and I can’t believe that any fan can find that acceptable. You are the epitomy of a megalomaniac, whose empire is crumbling, but you just cant see it, because you are so lost in the aura of your own importance.

    I am the last person that wants to see you leave in shame from the Emirates, and dont want to see the ‘Wenger Out’ banners, but I think it has gone too far. The players sense it, the fans sense it. I think you are possibly the only person who doesn’t.

    Please go with dignity.

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  13. megat

    what do you all think if arsenal squad can keep nasri, vrp, fabregas, alex song, gael clichy till now??…. sure this squad can bring any trophies to emirates….. wegner always take 5 years to develop his youngsters… but all meet failure on the halfway….
    solution~~~ change the salary structure and keep all potential players as well as man.united..replace useless players by invest on rising star players. sure there will no more regrets to us…. go gunners….

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  14. NIKK

    Too many dissidents here!

    Must follow Great chairman Wenger’s socialist philosophy with utmost obedience!

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  15. LoCkAy

    Wenger refuses to do his job… That is simple as …!!!

    The squad we have right now is not up to do the job or anything else.

    We suck IMMENSELY and it is painful to watch…

    This team has no spirit and soul… Even Cazorla has become an average player.



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  16. KC


    At 31, you can best believe that the best club on the planet would not be letting a former stalwart in its team go if he handn’t lost a step. If he was still at his best there is no way Barca would be selling him.

    The purchase of Villa would reprsent picking at Barca’s scraps, not aggressive deal-making geared toward trophies. If Ba had been signed, a proven EPL goal-scorer in the prime of his career then, yes, you could say we were making agreessive moves in the market.

    I thought Wenger wasn’t all that impressed by players, especially strikers, after they reached age 30. Villa (who is 31) was very good in his prime but he wasn’t as good as Henry or Bergkamp, and neither of them got much love from Wenger after age 30, so this pursuit of Villa makes little sense to me.

    Ba was the best option available and we failed to get him (if we tried at all), likely becuase of a wage structure and a business model that seemingly represent both financial security and an excruciatingly slow but deliberate slide down the table and decline into mediocrity.

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  17. Gunner

    Sentiments of most are shared here! Frustrating, what has gone wrong with the defense this year? Even during the amazing 4 win run, Arsenal conceded loads of ‘cheap switch off’ type goals???

    The scary part of this cup tie is that it is ‘not’ over!!!!

    Transfer must:
    Accomplished physical CB,a tough tackling DM, and an LW, to start with.
    At RB Sagna is not fit enough and has been the source of a lot of cheap goals it’s true.However one could say the same of Vermaelen earlier on, and Mertsacker now as well???
    Gibbs is 23 now, has he got it or hasn’t he?

    With a team as unpredictable and defensively inept as this one. Swansea will still fancy their chances!!!

    They certainly know how to mix it with Arsenal, and the results suggest they should be very confident too! If Arsenal cant learn to bang bodies and take out attacks aggressively they will not be traveling to Brighton. Even if they do end up going there. With this sort of defensive quality I would not bank on them there either.

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  18. NIKK


    Chairman Wenger holds all the powers as such he will not sack himself!

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  19. King Henry


    When you pay the highest price for a season ticket in the premier, you expect to see results. We were fed the line that the move to the Emirates would fund big money transfers, and so we paid the money. Where are they?

    We are a few days in, but you know as well as I, that Wenger will not buy anyone of any significance. YOu also know that its not just about onw match, its a build of of what we have been seeing for a long time.

    What would have made us happy is if we had addressed our flaws early on, when we only required a few changes, but instead we have taken the cheap option every time, papering over the cracks, never actually facing the real issue. You buy cheap you buy twice.

    Fair enough if the board and Wenger want to stick with it and see us into middle table mediocrity, but in that case I dont think we will be attracting the nice sponsorship deals, shirt deals, TV rights, and star players. And I dont think we’ll be paying the highest season ticket prices either.

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  20. Big Gun

    I usually have a lot to say about Ramsey, and I still think he is rubbish, but he didn’t play too bad today considering most of the team were pathetic. WHERE DO THESE PLAYERS LEARN HOW TO SHOOT!!??? Open f*king goals and they can’t even be on target?? Seriously it’s mind boggling how these players are supposed to be best in the world and they cannot hit the target from meters away. Us fans have to start getting used to it – ARSENAL HAVE BECOME A MEDIOCRE TEAM. We will not win a thing this season, and most likely will not make top 4. We have replaced players like Cole (World Class) Cesc (World Class), Nasri (A twat but a good player), Song (Great player), RvP (Did you see his equalizer for United??) with the following Arteta (Average player), Gervinho (Don’t make me laugh), Giroud (I’m laughing), Cazorla (The one exception) and Podolski (Over the hill). Wenger also bought players like Chamakh, Squid, Djoure, Park etc who are absolute SH*TE earning 50-60k a week. I’d love to know where Wenger got his economics degree from because that is outrageous to buy unproven non EPL players and sign them on a 5 year contract for that much. It’s ludicrous and has backfired on him. Instead of using Djoure as a 4th backup player on 50k a week, why not promote a youngster?? We could have had Bartley as backup, he played well today but the genius Wenger went and solf him. So because of the above, we are forced to stick with these cart horses and cannot afford to bring in better players or even give our good players increases they deserve.

    Quite honestly, Szczesny, Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott and Chamberlain and maybe Rosicky are the only ones who deserve to be in the first team. I would keep Jenks simply because he has a big heart and fights for everything. The rest are just too inconsistent, average, slow, lethargic, old, and plain shit. Our defense has been the main culprit. We always seem to score goals but we always lose because we concede too many! I really thought Gibbs was going to be brilliant, but of late he has lost it. The same applies to Sagna. Since his injury he hasn’t been the same. Mertesacker – TOO SLOW. Koscienly and Vermalaen are like Laurel and Hardy. I get nervous every time the opposition cross the ball because Koss might just score an own goal. They are good at times, but also TOO INCONSISTENT and make stupid mistakes.

    But the buck has to stop somewhere and that is at the manager. Wenger is the one calling the shots. End of this season I want him gone and I want fans to protest against Kroenke. This yank has exploited us for 8 long years without any sort of personal investment into the team. Look at Abromovich. If he wants a player, he f*cken signs him straight away. No fannying about. He even goes and personally meets with the players, like he did with Ba and that Brazilian kid they are signing. He has a personal touch at Chelsea, because he loves his club. I wish we had an owner like that. Not asking for millions to be spent, just someone that gives a rat’s ass and doesn’t mind investing when needed. To think we could have that with Usmanov, but some simpletons on this website would rather see Arsenal become Liverpool under Kroenke’s reign that grow a pair and start standing up for their club.

    Wenger/Kroenke OUT
    Usmanov IN

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  21. Graham

    @ King Henry

    I am not suggesting fans should not be disappointed. Moving to a new stadium will make us compete better, but it was never going to happen overnight. It was always going to take 6 to 8 years. In that time Wenger has tried to keep us competitive on very limited budget and he has done that.

    He built a team in 2008 that I believe if they had all stayed together would have won the league already but they didn’t so he had to start again.

    I believe we are now at the stage where our financial constraints should not be behind us. I think this will be evidenced in this transfer window and the summer.

    Strange how if we are a bad team our sponsorship revenue has increased significantly. Obviously the sponsors still believe in the Arsenal brand. It’s a shame many fans don’t.

    We drew with Swansea and fans are up in arms as though we should have beaten them 8-0. Swansea are a good side. We have the opportunity to win it at the Emirates so it is not a disaster. Fans should be a bit more realistic….we are not Barca and will not roll teams over. EPL teams are much more competitive now.

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  22. Graham

    I believe we are now at the stage where our financial constraints should now be behind us. I think this will be evidenced in this transfer window and the summer.

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  23. Bob2

    Never gonna win anything with Mertesacker and Podolski as starting 11. They are squad players.
    They are good players but just no great ones.
    Would either get in Man Utd, City, Chelsea or Spurs sides?
    Quality has dropped so much and we do need a BIG signing to send the message that we have ambition beyond 4th.
    We have to buy big or there will be no champions league next year.

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  24. alby

    we ve the oppprtunity to make things all rest on us to buy quality this month.we really need a good finisher,a natural winger and a real dm and finally one versatile defender who can play any position at defence effectively when called upon.fingers crossed.

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  25. KC


    I believe the quaote that sums up my post was, “the abilty to obtain the highest quality players in Europe has passed this club by. It has passed the Arsenal business model by.”

    Now I don’t beleive I mentioned Wenger in the whole post and I definitely don’t hold him fully responsible. There is mutual responsibilty for the club’s decline, not just Wenger.

    And, yes, many of the club’s gems from the past were bought young and cheap, and developed into the best in the world, Cesc, Song, Nasri, Henry, Anelka, Wilshere, and others.

    However, we also bought Overmars, Bergkamp, Campbell, and Gallas when they were amongst the best in the world at their positions. The key is that we used to by the toptier players when the marked for them was 12-20 million. Now, despite inevitable evolution of the market, we still refuse to pay more than 12-20 million. The problem is that 12-20 million could get you Bergkamp, Gallas, and Campbell in the 90’s and early 200’s, but now it won’t get you anywhere near the top echelon of players in Europe or the rest of the world.

    Our business model is unquestionalbly prudent in terms of long-term security, but it’s rigidity prohibits it from adapting successfully to the changes, in the last 7-8 years, to the financial market. That was/is my main point.

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  26. Ardi

    Poor arsenal signing good player required urgently otherwise we going down thank god wenger took off Ramsey and then we scored twice other wise with him in the pitch it would have been finished for arsenal we never won this year when Ramsey started

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  27. King Henry


    Would we have won this, the bradford game, the man Utd game, countless others if we had RVP/Ba up front, Vermalen in CDM, and Gary Cahill in CB?

    All players we either have or could have had if it wasnt for two things, Arsene Wengers bloody mindidess of plan A only, and a stupid wage structure.

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  28. LoCkAy

    Wenger πŸ™

    The board πŸ™

    Kroenke πŸ™


    New management πŸ™‚

    January Market successful and efficient πŸ™‚ ( possible with those cronies in charge πŸ™ )

    The future πŸ™‚ ( because we still believe in the club ).

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  29. Big Gun

    @KC The problem with our business model is that it will put and keep Arsenal in the middle of the table. We will never see another trophy under this model again. It’s really about the way in which revenue and income is spent. We have such a large squad, primarily filled with players that cannot cut the grade, earning huge wages. You would think that someone like Wenger with an economics degree would spot this and adjust it. I would rather have a Mata or Hazard on 150k a week, than have Ramsey, Denilson, Santos also adding up to 150k a week. Mata is better than all three of those players combined and would really have been a great asset to Arsenal, I mean just look at how instrumental he is at Chelsea.

    Sure, the stadium was/is a huge financial burden, but it was promised that after a few years once it had been paid off, we would start seeing serious investment into the transfer market and competitive salaries for players. Has this happened yet? Nope. Us fans continue to pay champagne ticket prices for lemonade football. The board have us fans by the short and curlies, dangling a carrot in front of us promising this and that and fail to deliver. The whole setup is run by a yank who couldn’t give a rats ass about Football, nevermind Arsenal, a Man City supporter (Gazidis) and a old man so stubborn in his ways that if the world had to end right in front of his eyes he wouldn’t believe it.

    Time for a change.

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  30. Mudah

    I wasn’t too sad because I know its jan. So this draw will put more pressure on him (wenger) to buy,….CHANGE WE NEED

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  31. Ergs

    Today’s result bigger picture isn’t bad 2-2 away at swansea in the premier league would be a good result all away games are hard against prem opposition cup or not.
    Face facts our club doesn’t spend big or have a high gulf in wages between players.
    And there’s fukall you lot can do about it or me.
    Stop slagging Ramsey he did ok today others were poorer.
    Wer not gonna buy success so get over it!!!!
    We have never bought success ever so much has changed!!!!
    I can understand the frustration off fans on here who pay to watch us which is extiornatley high when consider how much money you spent on travel programme food etc.
    but the ones who don’t piss off and support someone else your viewings are irritating!!

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  32. qone

    sometimes i used to criticise some of our players, but i think the main reason is the board and mr. werger himself.
    the same old story always substitutions are made in the last 20 minutes or so, why?
    our players seems do not know how to press the opponents when we lose the ball. some lose the ball in midfield and it seems that nothing is wrong, they just walk and not try to get the ball back.
    other teams press us with two or even three players when we are in possession, why is it that our players dont?
    i am sorry to say but we are no longer a top club, but a mid-table club and no one is afraid facing us.
    come on you refs come on you gunners

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  33. tusky ziggy

    we could have been knocked out today…..hope wenger sign some players….this are the player we need jovetic as CF,shaw RB,mvilla DM and adrain lopez thats all

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  34. tfemi

    U fools instead of blaming d players face d fact dat we will disgrace dem in d emirates

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  35. jp

    Some of you want a new board to come in, want new backroom staff, want around 2-4 “world class” players and want Wenger to go……

    Sounds like those fans don’t want to support Arsenal as they want to change the whole club from the inside.

    They want us to be like Chelsea or Man City…, no, no and never will happen.

    On todays game the players could have played better but we will beat the at the emirates so no problem there, stop all your whining.

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  36. gary

    Awful result that says it all. Near enough our 1st XI against a weak SWANSEA team and we could only manage a draw.

    Swansea were the sort of team we would blow away 8 or 9 years ago. The sort of team the fans didn’t worry about.

    Now we have a manager saying the players were nervous against a team of Swansea’s standard. I guess we might as well send the under 19’s against Bayern then because I’m sure our boys will be so overcome with nerves.

    Typical nonsense from Wenger. Missed out on signing Ba because his ego couldn’t face accepting Giroud will never fully adapt to the EPL and Gervinho will never be even half way good enough.

    Still at least he comes up with a good excuse and talks his way in his mind to success.

    The only question is how long will the club tolerate not winning a trophy. 10 years, 15 years, 20 years or until it is just a distant memory that the old guys talk about.

    It’s January 6th. No signings, no improvement. Where is the club going because it certainly isn’t forward and financial fair play is wonderful but we never made a huge loss even during our time as a successful club spending what was then good money on good players.

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  37. Graham

    @ KC

    Prior to 2004 Arsene acquired good players. In some cases he paid a lot of money. Not today’s transfer money. Following the commencement of the stadium project he recognised that he had to change his strategy and did. He began bringing in kids from all over the world so he could pick the best and possibly complement them with older players. The problem with this strategy that he did not consider was that these players would not be loyal. The previous bunch were loyal so Arsene assumed wrongly that the likes of rvp, cesc, nasri, adebayor would be loyal. Their disloyalty unravelled his long term plan and he has had to go back to the drawing table.

    When the stadium project was announced I realised that we would not be competitive for a number of years. I expected it to be 8 years, but it is going to be 6 to 7. Anyone that went to highbury and also been to the emirates can not deny the quality of the new stadium. To be quite frank Highbury was becoming a bit of a sh*t hole….very old.

    I believe if Wenger is given the backing of the owner and the board we should see quality new faces coming in in January and in the summer. I fully expect us to be competitive next season. If the quality of the transfers that I am expecting this window and in the summer do not materialise then it will confirm to me that those at the top now should all leave. Until then I will reserve my judgement

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  38. gary


    A lot of fans do appreciate this and accepted we would not be marking and major purchases for a while. However we were never told that we would have to sell our best players season on season. This seems a step to far and isn’t sensible business.

    We also never understood why it was more financially sensible to pay Denilson 40K, Diaby 50K, Bendtner and Chamakh 60K rather than pay RVP Β£120-150K.

    The stadium was expensive but our mistake was to reward mediocracy with such huge wages

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  39. Graham

    @ gary

    Don’t get me wrong. There have been errors, lots of them. Too many of our fringe players get paid far too much which is why it is so difficult to move them on.

    On your point of selling players…..Unfortunately I expected this because there was not going to be a lot of money to strengthen unless we sold. The number and the pace of the sale is what surprised me.

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  40. the truth

    WOW! You guys are incredible!!
    We win 4 in a row, wow le prof is a genius he made walcott a CF, wow the team looked so good we can beat any team. bla blah. now we draw, Wegner OUT that criple old man bla bla I cant stand Arteta, really?? everyone was kissing his ass some weeks ago, people forget this is a game and we should enjoy it and support our team.

    Yes There are some things that I recognize, Ramsey should be selled maybe consider retirement but part of his struggles are because he knows that the fans are against him not supporting him, so he plays uncomfortable in a out of the water position.
    Gervinho was a nice try but damn that failed terrible Wegener should give him to the charity or something, Mertesacker is too slow I never liked him.

    I also agree that the Wage structure is hurting us but the reason because Man U and City are keeping all their good players is because they dont care if they are in RED NUMBERS thats completely unfair they shouldnt be allowed to compete like this.

    Arsenal has always been admired because they produce they own talent, not for buying old players like Villa and im proud of that we already have a strong team, yes they cant win titles but we are under construction.

    I bet Man U will sell Van Shit for peanuts in a couple of years, just because they just bought a faster and stronger and younger player.

    I can also bet that if we win against Man City, you guys will start again, hey we can pull a chelski and win the Champions , bring Man U bla bla bla, then we will loose and everything will start again over and over.

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  41. Forde

    Ramsey was clipped , could see it on the replay , he played well! We were the better team all second half besides when Gibbs scored we fell back into our shell

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  42. Ergs

    Arsene Wenger’s philosophy is still the same instead he’s now gone Down the British route as they are more reliable and more loyal.
    Problem with this philosophy is our young guns are not so hot.

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  43. Chris Mu

    Give Jenkinson a try at CB in the replay. Bring in Toby Alderweireld from Ajax or Mapou Yanga Mbiwa from Montpellier to get what we need at CB.

    As crazy as it sounds, there’s a guy named De Rossi who could be lured out of Roma, or Etienne Capoue from Toulouse we could get for a bargain.

    Arda Turan, Jesus Navas, and Nani would all prove to be great “winger” signings. I mean after all, we did sign Santi as an intended winger and look how that played out!

    LB, no depth.
    No concreate DM. Vermaelen would be awesome, but then we’d have no one at CB.
    No true LW.

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  44. lee

    Swansea left out 4 of there best players today! What does that tell ya? Obviously no teams fear arsenal anymore. Wenger and board out. Team needs a shake up no competition for there places. Verm is no captain he never shouts or rallys the team up. And wenger never criticises players when they need to be told they played useless and fans deserve more respect for the money they pay to watch these flops.

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