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Szczesny – Arsene Wenger told me how to save Kuyt’s penalty!

The Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has admitted that the reason he managed the fantastic penalty save that kept Arsenal in the game at Anfield on Sunday was down to some advice that he received from Arsene Wenger.

He had failed to stop his last couple of penalties, so Szczesny reveals that Wenger decided to have a quiet word with him about his technique.

Szczesny said: “The manager said I move my feet too early at penalties and I end up losing a few inches by moving my feet earlier,”

“So I said I am not going to move my feet and go as late as I can and it worked. He will try and get all the credit for that.”

The Polish international also revealed that he feels sorry for opposing goalkeepers when they have to face Robin Van Persie as he has the same problem during the Arsenal practise matches! “We get bullied in training. I am not going to lie.” he said. “It is quite embarrassing sometimes playing against him in training. As a goalkeeper sometimes there is just nothing that you can do. It is quite embarrassing but I think he has improved me as a goalkeeper.”

So it seems that he learns from both Wenger AND Robin Van Persie. Considering how cocky and confident Szczesny is, it is refreshing to realize that he will listen to advice and can still get even better…….

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37 thoughts on “Szczesny – Arsene Wenger told me how to save Kuyt’s penalty!

  1. Aurijit

    Great skills and attitude by the Pol … Wish you continue get bullied by RVP in training for years to come… cheers for the success !!!!

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  2. Gbenga

    Arsenal’s no1 shot stopper is warning all the good’s and bad’s shot stopper’s in d world that the reignning highest goal scoreer in d world is very dangerous at the moment.

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  3. GunnerG

    He’s not cocky, he’s confident and he’s a winner. exactly what we need in a GK.

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  4. Gooner C T

    The Polecat is just simply awesome and so young too. He can become a true Gunner legend.

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  5. John Legend

    Arsene Wenger the Tutor.
    AW is doing his grooming job well on our young Pole. I can imagine him getting far better than this, he is going to be the best in the world. No 1 shirt for Szcz next season please!

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  6. Sir G

    A word in season! Who says Prof. Arsene is not one of the best in the industry (Kemp?); and who says our own RVP is not Captain Very Fantastic?

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  7. Alex J

    Loving RVP and Szczesny at the moment… We need to tie these 2 down to VERY long contracts!!

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  8. arsenal4eva

    this is wut the environment will be when team av gud quality players in it…just imagine the whole team consists of quality players!…conclusion…wenger must buy top quality players and this will improve da team…

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  9. beje

    He gets bullied every practice matches by RvP but learned from it. sczceney is very good but he can still get better he is still 22 year who likes playing like a cat that tries to catch every balls. GO SZCZENEY GO SZCZENEY.

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  10. okpokam atu obim

    Szczeney and RVP are enjoying better part of their time Arsenal. I want to hope that the boys would continue to play as a team and come out with fantastic results ahead.

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  11. colario

    Wojciech Szczesny has said he was born to be a goal keeper.

    At 21 he has more than proved this. His enthusiasm on the pitch is infectious. The way he appludes his team mates, the way he organises those infront of him and his ability to stop goal certainties.

    You don’t become a great player by knowing everything as a certain Dane has found out.

    You don’t become numnber 1 by wearing a number 1 on your shirt as a certain Spaniard has discovered.

    You get to be number 1 by hard work, talent and a willingness to continually learn. Wojciech Szczesny is all this.

    In my opinion Wojciech Szczesny is already among the great players that have played for Arsenal since the arrivial of Arsene.

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  12. Awesome Gunner

    Just shows the absolute quality of Wenger. He is unreplaceble as many managers has also said. Sometimes I disagree with his decisions but when it comes to bring out the best in players he and fergusson is ranked up there and no one can come close to them.

    Most respect to him.

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  13. Alpha Gobo

    this guy is going to be Arsenal’s best goalkeeper since Seaman,its time to let Fabiaski and Alumunia to leave and bring back Manonne and promote Shea

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  14. Krush

    One thing I like abt is that he knows that he is better than the rest..I remember when he told Wenger that he better sell him or play him..

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    Im constantly scared of him getting injured though… If he does is FLAPPY-HANDS-KI of vito mannone who im not fully confident about…. On the whole, the spine of our team that is to say, szczezny, vermaelen, koscielny (im one of the people that think he is better than people think), alex song (WHERE DID HE LEARN TO PASS THAT AMAZINGLY) and obviously ROBIN VAN PERSIE whose left foot is nothing short of orgasmic

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  16. Adam_MK

    I too agree, Kozza is vastly underrated! He’s been as good, if not better than Vermaelen this season, even if he does have two own goals to his name, poor lad! He’s quick, good on the floor and in the air, and his reading of the game is that of a midfielder. Top Class CB.

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  17. Nick

    LOL, gotta love Szczesny! He’s got everything he needs to become an Arsenal legend and one of the best keepers in the world. With time and experience I expect him to be mentioned in the same breaths as Buffon, Barthez, Casillas, etc.

    News flash, getting punished in practice by one of the 3 best players in the world can only make you better. When you’ve seen the best then there’s not a lot that can surprise you.

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  18. TotallyArsenalM

    You would mention Barthez as one of the best Goalkeepers LOL! What about Schmeichel, Seaman?

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  19. Nick

    LOL! Haven’t had my coffee yet. I was running through a list in my head of greats and those I thought were overrated. Barthez being one of those overrated, although he did have his moments for France. Seaman and Schmeichel were both all timers!

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  20. budgie

    that cattermole is a right nutter, he makes joey barton look less like a dribbling idiot! hopefully when we have a better defence,szczesny have less to do. we need a clean sheet tomorrow, c”mon you gunners.

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  21. jason

    we must make sure that no one trys to pry him away from us. yet again, Arsenal develops more world class players than most other teams. Let’s try to keep this one in an Arsenal shirt!

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  22. somto

    one thing about this guy is that he doesnt like taking credits to himself and i like him for that.

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  23. Aussie Jack

    It is important he listens to others but more importantly whom he listens to.

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  24. Ringy542

    Will someone please just give this future legend the number 1 shirt already !!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Alan Martinez

    He has the right amount of confidence in himself, but is smart enough to realize that as good as he is now, he’s still got a lot to improve on. continue listening to wenger’s advice and learning from captain vantastic and you will go on to be our no. 1 keeper for years…

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  26. drockgunners

    he is outstanding player n his grown confidence will lead us to glory….,

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  27. Machine-Gunner

    If he keeps a gud head on his shoulders,
    Szczesny is the future Captain of Arsenal Football Club.

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  28. Aziz

    Top class goalkeeper and a team man. I watched how he picked Koscielny up in a consoling and encouraging way after the own goal. That was truly special and allowed Koscielny to grow in confidence as the match progressed.

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