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Szczesny the Arsenal Fan is going nowhere

There have been reports linking Arsenal with a number of different keepers recently, which has led to some speculation about the future of the current number one at the Emirates, Wojciech Szczesny. The Polish international was missed by Arsenal at the start of the season, but has been in great form since returning.

The reason that Arsenal have been looking at other keepers was widely believed to be for some competition and quality cover for the 22-year old. There have been rumours, however, that the real reason was that Arsene Wenger was worried about his commitment to Arsenal, although he only signed a long term contract two years ago.

Szczesny has insisted that he has no intention of leaving the club. He wants to be a part of the future Arsenal success, along with the core of players that recently signed new deals. Szczesny has been with Arsenal since he was 16, and he has become a firm fan of the club in that time.

“It feels like it’s more than me just playing and doing my best on a Saturday afternoon. I feel like I have a much bigger part to play at this club. It means that little bit more to me.

“I think there’s a lot of players in this team that are genuine Gooners. You’ve got people like Carl Jenkinson, there’s Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong, a lot of young players who really feel it’s the biggest honour they could have to play for this club.

“I think that’s very important for the future.”

Szczesny insists that all his focus at the minute is on improving his game. He is still prone to the odd mistake, but they are becoming less frequent, and he is turning into a fantastic and commanding keeper. The problem for Wenger is if he is injured, because Mannone and Fabianski are not at the same level.

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28 thoughts on “Szczesny the Arsenal Fan is going nowhere

  1. PatLloyd

    he understands what arsenal have done for him since he was 16, and for that he gives us loyalty. Reminds me of a certain ex-saints winger?? SIGN DA TING

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  2. Greg

    Szczesny is a real full blooded gunner like Jack with a fighting spirit and a great heart for arsenal FC!

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  3. landi

    we wont buy a new dcm, frimpong,diaby aneke is the answear.
    Not sure if how i react to that, i like our dcm talents and would not want to sell any of them to buy an overpriced dcm who propably isnt much better.

    And miquel to cover djorou and squillaci.

    I think he is good enough to do that, have been waiting along to get the chanse and wouldn’t want him to get upset of us getting a new back and leaving for BARCELONA who want him.

    Walcott to sign a new contract, finaly?

    Hope we get a lb (shaw), a winger (turan) or even isco and butland.
    However I dont think we will get a lb soo go for turan and butland… please make it fast toooooo

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  4. Arsenal till I die

    Are we going to sign anyone prolific? I’m getting depressed.

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  5. mighty

    Just need to improve bit more that’s all is not a bad keeper,however few singing will be great with the transfer on is 9th day in my opinion,a lb cb Dm striker.

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  6. King Henrys Mate

    He is a Top Keeper and I couldn’t see anyone replacing him. Its not just his brilliant saves and the fact he is still improving, its because of his brilliant character. He is bringing good fun and a sunny disposition to the team as well, and that’s a vital ingrediant of any good team. Apart from being a great keeper you just can’t help but like the guy.

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  7. johnverdal

    szezcsny is a fantastic young keeper but he is inconsistent
    we need to sign a experience goal keeper to challenge him and if we do im sure he will improve and become top class.
    can u name any experience keeper that can be signed?

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  8. youngold gunner


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  9. johnverdal

    @luke fisher
    we need a cdm like waynama, m’vila or strootman not a cam like fellaini

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  10. johnverdal

    i wanted to see victor wanyama at arsenal but celtic boss has put a price tag of 25 million pounds. there is no chance in hell wenger will spend that money on anyone.

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  11. aresnals lovechild

    Top keeper we don’t need the keepers we have been linked with … Cmon jack butland is birminghams number 1 n they aint exactly top of the pile in the championship .. And reina another keeper linked with us looks like a giant potato he’s greasy like fries .. So keep the loyal polish man as num 1

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  12. aresnals lovechild

    Get mvilla n a decent proven goalscorer n a lb 2 compete with gibbs 4 the position get rid of santos he aint good enough 4 the shirt .. N I’m sure we will see tropheys soon

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  13. Gooner Cape Town

    Still not even a rumour about us signing anyone!! Arsene you are a poes………..

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  14. dilla

    Starting to get sick of all these transfer rumours. Only because most of them are players that could legitimately help Arsenal and right now, Wenger is doing nothing

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  15. dunc

    It is frustrating when we can all see the types of players we need and in what positions but don’t seem to be getting them. We can get two or three of these top players that wenger keeps mentioning, we just have to pay proper money for them for once. There are players out their that we could get who would walk not only into our squad but our first team. Just pay the damn money!

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  16. gooner10

    im not to sure with buying Giorgio Chiellini and De Rossi, they are 2 great players and v. experienced, have lots of skill, physical and technically sound, with great vision on the ball.. i think wenger would rather spend £25m on a 14 year old who can run the 100m in under 10 secounds and try to teach him how to cross a ball maybe play football,and in a few years time pay him the best part of a 100k a week not to leave on a free.. sounds good to me.x

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  17. obi

    Yes shezney is good but deep down in my heart he will never be like SEAMAN, the greatest keeper of all time

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  18. Thala

    If Arsenal can hold onto all younger players , we will rule EPL and Europe in 2-3 yrs.
    wellington silva, Joel cambell, ryo, esifeld, ox, willy , jenki, gnabry, fringpong, szczesney ,akpom, henderson etc.

    Very Talented Youngsters !! we should add some like Luke Shaw, Zaha etc.
    Future is Ours !!! But at present , i am worried !!!

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  19. azi

    for gk we should get stekelenburg from roma he wants to leave, is an experienced international goalkeeper and is 31 so he has a few years left in him, roma are willing to sell him for around £4 million which is a bargain

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  20. philthompsonsnose

    Great keeper with bags of potential and I think anyone who looks like Steve Backley is a winner!

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  21. Akeem Abdulkareem Lanre

    That shouldn’t stop us from searching 4 a new goalkeeper who can keep our current number one on his toe or compete with him for the number one spot. Having a capable replacement in every depth is what is required in arsenal considering their records of injured players every season . Jack butland, marten sketelenburg & asmir begovic are the prime targets.

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  22. Dan

    Will be top drawer in a few years, but until then he needs another experienced keeper in his early thirties to learn from, right now our other 2 are s**t. We need a Reina or Skeklenburg because an experienced goalkeeper has always been a big factor in our past success, Seaman and before him Lukic. Depends how quicky Wenger wants a trophy because an experienced keeper changes the whole dynamic of a defence.

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