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Szczesny – We can talk about the REAL Arsenal after another couple of wins!

The Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny has only just returned to the team after injury but it has coincided with a couple of good wins for the Gunners at last. Also the great Jack Wilshere has returned to the fold, Bacary Sagna has also fully recovered and Kieran Gibbs is also expected to return this week.

The Polish keeper thinks that the last couple of wins have put Arsenal back on track, but he won’t be happy that everything is back to normal until we get another couple of wins under our belts. He said: “We have only had a couple of good results.

“We want to get a longer run of good results and good performances and then we can start talking about the real Arsenal.

“At the moment we’ve got the momentum we just want to keep it going now. We want to show in our performances how good we are.

“You have your ups and downs and we had a tough couple of weeks recently. But we came back stronger than ever against Tottenham on Saturday. We want to enjoy that moment for as long as we can. It’s normal that we have ups and downs.”

It is probably no coincidence that Arsenal recorded just their second clean sheet since the beginning of September with Szczesny between the sticks. I am not saying that Mannone is rubbish, but it always helps to have your first choice keeper. Mannone has done well and has probably ensured that Szczesny keeps on his toes, so we have a lot to thank the Italian for. If Szczesny’s presence, and the return of Gibbs can stop the nervousness in the Gunners’ defence, there is no reason why we cannot win every game until January, and then make a serious assault on the Premier league title.

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20 thoughts on “Szczesny – We can talk about the REAL Arsenal after another couple of wins!

  1. leo

    excellent news
    New Arsenal sponsorship deal with Emirates is worth £30m a year for five years – up from £5.5m

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  2. leo

    a deal with adidas worth 22-25m a year that is great the announcement could be made official any time soon acc to the media

    Only Man U’s deal with Chevrolet worth around £51m pa, which commences next season, is bigger than Arsenal’s deal with Emirates Arsenal to launch £150m bid for Messi!

    could be possible

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  3. jamaican goonerr

    This team can compete with any team on the planet if the players are motivated and deployed in the right positions

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  4. leo

    ok i am not sure the deal is an ideal one it’s worth 150m for 5 years + stadium naming rights is extended till 2028 after some calculations i think it’s an avg deal we should signed a shirt deal with seperately jeez i think gazdis might have screwed up

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  5. lhkhnkjnj

    gazidis needs to pack his bag and leaveeeeeeeeeeeee.
    arsenal would be the best team without him kroenke and hillwood

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  6. S.H


    Yeah Gazidis screwed up that’s why he got the 650,000 bonus and we’re here talking about it. Are you kidding me!? You don’t understand the stresses he had to go through to complete such a deal. Speaking of the shirt deal, that’s all sorted out with Adidas. All angles are covered. These are well-educated business people you are talking about. They’re not stupid! Grow some logic.

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    we just need some rhythm, our defence (when santos isn’t in the side) is as good as any. Which was the only real area lacking quality in our side. COYG

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  8. gunner forever

    Admin said on post about Ramass, I mean Ramsey “we keep saying in Arsene we trust”. Who the hell trust this old man that only wants to destroy us?! Let’s not get over-excited after two sloppy wins against average teams. Old moron will fail again. He always does. WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK!!! And this means NO WENGER, NO GAZIDIS, NO KROENKE, NO HILL-WOOD, NO RAMSEY, NO SANTOS AND NO GERVINHO!!! LET’S DO SOMETHING TO SAVE OUR CLUB FROM THOSE BASTARDS!!!

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  9. Invincibles nice (1)

    Hope Szczezzers right, tough away day tomorrow, just hope we’re not tired, would have liked a sunday kick off, atlest Walcott should be raring to go and should also be devastating on counter, very important points fingers crossed

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  10. vp

    @ S H

    Can’t believe your asking someone to grow some logic in an attempt to defend a ceo who’s been remunerated for an operating loss. This is indefensible. Put it this way, if this had happened at a FTSE 100 company there would have been an outrage-remunerating failure is bad corporate governance!! and to then go on defend this by saying you then go onto talk about how hard he’s had to sweat to get these deals- well that’s what every CEO in every corporation has to do and he gets an already damn good wage for doing so!- they should only be remunerated by bonuses if, and only of there is an improvement in the company’s operations. I don’t think you understand the importance and remuneration, and how it plays into corporate strategy. So before you start criticizing other people’s views, understand the subject matter first!

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  11. vp

    @ leo
    totally agree with you mate. Don’t let plums like S H bring you down- he clearly don’t know what he’s talking about.

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  12. green gunner

    Szezesny hasn’t put a foot wrong since he got back. Was unlucky at spurs. Got down well for Defoes shot. An on form/in position vermaelan would have cleared it.
    Came out off his line confidently against Montp. As you said in your article, its good that Mannone can keep him on his toes. Keep sharp. And let’s not forget he is very young and can only get better.

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  13. gunner forever

    But before you start abusing me, let me explain my previous comment. I used to love and admire Wenger, not just trust in him. He was my idol, but now I hate him. He has completely lost the plot. I won’t deny that he WAS the best coach Arsenal ever had. We are all grateful for him for making Invincibles and all he did for this great game. But now he is blind, he ignores fans. HE, not someone else keeps selling best players without replacing them, oh yes he replays them with 12- year old boys. Open you eyes, he is not anymore the man to get us forward. As for Ramsey, he was a very impressive talent before leg break, but he is headless chicken now. We cannot wait for him for years to catch form. Whilst Gervinho and Santos I hate from first day I knew them. Kroenke, Gazidis and Hill-Wood are not human beings for me!

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  14. leo

    @s.h are you ivan gazdis in disguise the thing is currently our stadium right’s deal is extended till 2028 ie from 2021 onwards we are making a loss of around 150m till 2028 or in simple terms we will be earning 42m instead of 200m for 7 years it’s simple logic unti then stop talking crap ivan gazdis aka s.h

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  15. ned


    you are one hell of a mixed up individual who talks a ridiculous amount of Sh1t

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  16. Gunner

    Does this kid ever stop talking?????

    “All we need is a couple more wins to see the real Arsenal”?
    How about another dozen wins WS??
    Since when does 4 wins in a row constitute big things? You do not hear Manchester United talking like this???

    And another thing WS, how about some team consistency over the long term????? And from yourself?

    I can recall a few clangers that WS dropped over the past year or so. Wellbeck’s goal at old T last year is one, a chip over the top of our defense and WS stays glued to his line when he should have been out and mowing down the red shirts while collecting a routine catch??? He is a good keeper but sorry guy, it takes more than 2 wins more to say you are the real arsenal

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  17. hamid

    If we don’t buy a LB and a DMF in January, forget about the title race and hope for the fourth place. And, yeah. If Falcao comes to Chelshit, all the top teams can forget about winning anything this season. Falcao alone will bring the title to whichever prem club he comes in. Mark my words.

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