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Return of an Arsenal legend – Liam Brady

There is not a lot of Arsenal news around during the international break, but we should take a little time to welcome back a former “King of Highbury”, Liam Brady. He left our very successful academy set-up a few years ago, but he is now being brought back as an ambassador for the club, which is befitting for one of our greatest ever players.

Wenger takes NO credit for Arsenal star´s resurgence

I bet there were not many Arsenal fans who saw this coming. We might have wanted Arsene Wenger to give Francis Coquelin more of a chance in previous seasons, especially as the team´s need for a defensive midfielder was often glaringly obvious and caused us to fall short of our targets.

Is the FA plan for B teams good news for Arsenal?

We all know that a big part of Arsene Wenger’s policy for Arsenal Football Club centres on youth, so you would probably think that the Frenchman would be pleased to hear about the new proposals set forward by the FA to give young players more chance to develop and break into the first team.

Arsenal miss out on two promising young transfer targets

The news for Arsenal fans does not get any better in this summer’s transfer window, which was one we were supposed to be actually looking forward to for the first time in years. While the other Premier League clubs seem to be getting lots of business done, the staff at Arsenal seem to have gone into hiding, and transfer targets seem to be passing us by.

Have Arsenal got it right while the fans are wrong?

What Arsenal need…(looking ahead) by Amitosh

With all the rumors of Higuain and Fellaini, and all the other possible transfer targets we are linked with in the past month or so, I was wondering if there is a fine line between What Fans want and What Arsenal need.

Young England star set to sign for Arsenal today

This transfer window is beginning to look like a typical Arsenal cliche, with the news that the Gunners are signing a very promising young English player and a striker from the French Second Division!

Is this proof that Arsenal are changing their Youth Policy?

You may or not have noticed that a lot of Arsenal reserve and Academy players have been released by the club or have left to join other clubs this year rather than stick around at Arsenal.

Arsenal could be in danger of losing Coquelin

Ever since Arsene Wenger took over as the manager of Arsenal Football Club back in 1996, the Frenchman has made the academy and youth development parts of the club very important. Ideally, Wenger would like to follow the Barcelona example of being able to field a whole team of players who have come through the Arsenal ranks.