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A full analysis of which players are REALLY Arsenal class

Wenger Will Walk Before He Is Pushed by Dan Smith

There are some who believe Arsene Wenger’s position will become untenable if Arsenal lose to Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. While a defeat would certainly affect confidence which could have an impact on our hopes of a top four finish, it’s hard to believe that the board would base Wenger’s future on winning the Champions League, a competition which rightly (and you won’t hear me say that too often about the AFC’S board) should be viewed as a bonus and an adventure, not something we can realistically expect to win.

Analysis – March is make-or-break time for Arsenal

March is crunch time for Arsenal by JG

It is strange, but always the case, that there are certain parts of the season that are crucial, not only for the teams at the bottom trying to stay in the premier League, but also for teams trying to win the league.

Santos was pants but Arsenal are still in title hunt

Manchester United vs Arsenal: Analysis by SV

Right, straight to the point. We lost against United and deserved to. Robin van Pershit scored against us and the scoreline could very realistically have been worse than it was. Not a good day for Arsenal Football Club; put it that way.

The most obvious thing to come out of that match was that Santos is not good enough for our club. A part of me died inside when Santos’ name came up and he was a liability for us throughout the ninety minutes. Many called for Vermaelen to be moved out to left-back but I don’t really think that was an option. Tuesday’s game against Reading showed what can happen if you play a defence that isn’t used to playing together; and a back line of Sagna-Mertesacker-Koscielny-Vermaelen would certainly have been that.

Montpellier v Arsenal Analysis – A little lucky but winning teams NEED luck

Montpellier Analysis and Aftermath: by SV

So, that’s three points on the board for the Arsenal then. Not the cleanest of wins by any means but a win is a win nonetheless. There were ample positives and negatives to be taken from the game, but I’ll start with the former.

Analysis of the new Arsenal squad (The second XI is not bad either!)

Arsenal Squad Analysis by AH

After the disappointment of yesterday, we now know our final squad. In my opinion we are slightly better than last year providing that Giroud and Podolski can find their shooting boots. Arsenal made three very good signings – all who are proven in their respective leagues, however we also let two of our best players from last season leave and so in some ways we are back to square one.

Full Analysis of Arsenal’s fixtures Feb 2013 – May 2013 – The crucial run-in

Analysing Arsenal’s fixture list for the 2012-2013 season (pt 3) by KJ


2 Stoke (H)

9 Sunderland (A)

23 Aston Villa (H)

A relatively easy month with no big clubs to play. Sunderland away will be difficult but I expect us to get a hard fought win.


2 Tottenham (A)

9 Everton (H)

16 Swansea (A)

30 Reading (H)

Another interesting month of football. We play Tottenham at WHL which could be difficult. However, I can see us getting a result as psychologically, the balls in our court now since that thrashing at the Emirates last season.

Full Analysis of Arsenal’s fixtures Nov 2012 – Jan 2013

Analysing Arsenal’s fixture list for the 2012-2013 season (pt 2) by KJ


3 Man Utd (A)

10 Fulham (H)

17 Tottenham (H)

24 Aston Villa (A)

28 Everton (A)

This is one of the more difficult months. Man Utd away is of the same ilk as a trip to the Etihad. It will be extremely hard to get a result there but it will always offer us a tantalising game to watch.

Fulham should be a win regardless of the team.

In-Depth Analysis – How many World Class Players do Arsenal actually need?

How much world class talent are we missing? y Richard B.

I have always found it funny how stories are regurgitated in the press. Give a journalist a quote one day and for the next week or month you’ll be seeing slimmed down versions of that quote resurface to confirm or deny whatever rumour happens to be making the rounds. Once you factor in any potential translation problems and cultural differences with foreign players it really is anyone’s guess as to what the truth is.

An analysis of Arsenal’s transfer policy – And what to expect this time around

Finding the Missing Pieces by Richard B.

For a fan of any Premier League team this is probably the most awkward period of the year, but especially for Arsenalfans! The season has ended and everyone and his dog have had their say on our performances. Whilst some are more critical than others, the general consensus is that next year, starting now in terms of transfer business, the team, by which I mean the whole club, needs to work hard to be able to compete at the top of the league.

An Analysis of Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea’s final games – 7 Cup Finals!

Comparing the run-ins: by SV

We are at a stage of the season now where the ‘every game is a cup final’ attitude could not be more useful. We are in what I see as a three horse race for the 3rd and 4th spots; with the other two horses being Spuds and Chelsea. The deciding factor in the race will be, of course, how well the teams play, but another crucial factor is the teams that they will face. This article will look at exactly who Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham will have to play against between now and mid-May.

Arsenal Transfer Target Analysis: Younes Belhanda (plus videos)

Due to the request of @rubbehm yesterday, this article will give my opinion on the possible acquisition of one Younès Belhanda. I have seen Belhanda’s name crop up several times on the blogosphere; while he is clearly not as favoured as, say, Götze, it is clear that he is rated pretty highly by most who visit JustArsenal.com and other Arsenal blogs.

Before we go any further, I’d like to come clean; I have only once in my life seen Belhanda play a full game. As a result, I’m basing most of my opinions on the following videos and his excellent statistics.

Has Wenger finally fixed the Arsenal defence?

An Analysis of the new Arsenal defence by SV

I thought that I would use today to analyse a part of the Arsenal team which, surprisingly, has had some ambiguity surrounding it in the past season: the defence. I say this is surprising because Arsenal’s defence has, unfortunately, garnered a reputation of being very poor. Recently, however, the focus has shifted to other areas of the pitch. I’m not sure whether this is because the defence is improving or because the other areas are deteriorating. I would say that it is probably a mix between the two, though I think that former plays a larger role.