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Arsene Wenger reveals that Arsenal don’t need to buy a striker this summer

Every Arsenal fan and their dogs expected Arsene Wenger to buy a new striker last summer to complement (if not replace) Olivier Giroud, and that seemed to be confirmed by the Gunners interest in Luis Suarez, but nothing came of it and we got Mesut Ozil instead to calm the fans frustration.

How Arsenal forged a secret weapon out of Sanogo

It seems that everyone, including the Arsenal fans, had pretty much forgotten about Yaya Sanogo. When the Gunners signed him on a free transfer from a second division French club in the summer, it is fair to say that he did not exactly set our pulses racing and there were plenty of jokes going around about Wenger’s tendency for tightness, which just increased when he was then sidelined for months with injury.

FIFTEEN players (like Alex Song) that regret leaving Arsenal

Players Who Regret Leaving Arsenal by Dan S.

Last week Arsene Wenger was quick to squash any hope Alex Song may have had of returning to Arsenal. Song has failed to establish himself in Barcelona’s star studded midfield and was hoping that a return to the Emirates might be his solution to a lack of game time at the Spanish giants.

Arsenal to buy Reina for £25m, Fabianski to be Number One, and Spurs will win the League (And other jokes!)

It is no wonder that journalists call August the “Silly Season” as there is nothing but ridiculous stories to read in the papers. Today is the perfect example.

Anelka banned, Gallas disciplined, France disentegrating!

What on Earth is going on with the France national team. We know that they were dismal at the Euro2008 competition under Raymond Domenech, but what we don’t know is who he blackmailed to get his contract renewed afterwards!