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JustArsenal Admin responds to “Which side are you on?”

This morning I received a comment from an Arsenal fan saying: “……..Those who gets admin’s warnings are those that are against Wenger only, which side is our beloved admin???

WENGER OUT! Okay…. so name a replacement?

Despite my effort yesterday to try and reduce personal abuse between fellow Arsenal fans, and to highlight that we are all Gooners whether we support Arsene Wenger or not, seemed to promote a little healthy discussion in snatches but also some animosity of course.

AKB or AOB? Arsenal fans should stick together and SUPPORT the team

It seems to me that EVERY YEAR, when Arsenal are not winning every single game, the readers on JustArsenal start abusing Arsene Wenger and start calling for his head, and EVERY YEAR Wenger manages to turn it around and get the team challenging in the Top Four, and even winning the last two FA Cups, but this is quickly forgotten when we have another couple of dodgy results.

Arsenal Debate -How many fans STILL want Wenger Out?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that JustArsenal was over-run with AOB’s that were filled with hate for Arsene Wenger simply because we couldn’t win every single game we played in. The first half of his season was defined by injuries to nearly 50% of our squad, making it extremely difficult for Wenger to even pick a Starting XI that were all in their most effective positions.

Arsenal were awful – Wenger can’t motivate them any more….

What can the Arsenal fan do? Arsene will not be sacked even if we get relegated.. by KM

Well there you have it. Arsenal beaten by a terrible Monaco side 3:1 at the Emirates. Worse than the result was the performance. Not one player had any sort of character. I really saw an uninterested side. The same one I saw against Crystal Palace.

No-one likes Mourinho but he is RIGHT about Arsenal!

Mourinho’s latest swipe at Arsenal…. by KM

We all know Jose Mourinho is a drama queen, a media feeder. He creates stories for the press and never fails to create a spark, or take a swipe at Arsenal. He was asked about his relationship with Arsene Wenger and what he thinks of Arsenal and what the Chelsea boss said again had a background dig at Wenger.

Forget a new DM – Arsenal need a new manager!

Forget a new DM, a new manager and a new keeper are much more needed at Arsenal. I don’t know where to begin. Szczesny is the devil. He was worthless. Helpless. De Gea carries Man United by himself, while our keeper does everything he can to sink us. He is plain terrible.