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Arsenal fans should NOT want Mesut Ozil to change

The Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is obviously a very opinionated person and does his own thing whatever other people expect him to be doing. I was quite pleased when he made it clear that Arsene Wenger needed to buy some more star players in the summer.

Wenger and the fans persuaded me to sign…..

Arsenal may have signed a bit of an unknown entity in Mohamed Elneny, but we know that with the contract extension given to Nacho Monreal we are getting a proven world class player of the first degree. The Spaniard admitted that it was difficult when he first arrived without speaking any English, but he has quickly settled and is now one of my most consistent performers every single week.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! – To ALL JustArsenal Readers!

So it’s that time of the year again – The End! And us Arsenal fans couldn’t have hoped for a better present than seeing our beloved club at the top of the Xmas tree!

Flamini – Beating Tottenham is always important!

Arsenal’s latest hero Mathieu Flamini is ecstatic about scoring both goals in the Gunners 2-1 win over Tottenham last night. It may be the first time he has scored a brace but it’s definitely not the first time he has played against Spurs, and he knows how important this fixture is, not just for him but especially for the Arsenal fans. “The two goals were for them,” he said after the game.

A majority of Arsenal fans do NOT want Wenger Out!

Despite Arsenal’s less than convincing start to the new season, it seems that only 3 out of 10 supporters who responded to a poll in the British newspaper the Daily Star think that Arsene Wenger should be sacked right now. It is no big surprise that many fans are disillusioned after the Gunners only gleamed one point from their first two home games but a big win tomorrow against Stoke may change their attitude ahead of Arsenal’s opening Champions League game in midweek.

Should Arsenal fans support the club unconditionally?

What Is Expected Of A Football Club’s Supporters/Fans? by KAF

So, here’s the thing: some people think the word “fan” or “supporter”, in football, means one who supports a club and its players and whole-heartedly accepts everything done by the clubs administrative board, coach, players and asks no question whatsoever even when it is glaring that things are going wrong or not being done properly.