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Wenger should be applauded for keeping Arsenal afloat for 8 years

Arsene Wenger’s brilliance

A good and stable manager is often the hallmark of an amazing football club. Arsene Wenger is now the premier league’s longest serving manager with 16 years of managing Arsenal experience under his belt. Under his brilliant leadership, the gunners have created a high level of consistency season after season. Many often forget the brilliance of Arsene Wenger due to that nine year trophy drought that we suffered. However when the trophy drought ended, many were returning to stand by Arsene. This article shall be one to dedicate to our longest serving manager and how he has single handedly ensured that Arsenal remains one of the top clubs in the world, season after season.

Arsenal are in a fantastic position and will spend money says Gazidis!

With new financial regulations coming into play next season, quite a few clubs in the Premier league and around Europe will have a lot of work to do to change and get ready for the new rules, but Arsenal are already in the perfect position and are a role model to other clubs, according to our chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

“Arsenal were operating like this a long time before football looked at it and decided that it would be a good path for football to move in to.

“Unsustainable spending and unsustainable environments don’t last forever.

Oxlade-Chamberlain: Arsene Knows Best!

The young Arsenal and England U21 striker Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain arrived at the Emirates in the summer after a year of negotiations with his old club Southampton. He immediately stamped his arrival at Arsenal in both of his first two games for the Gunners and Arsenal fans have been clamouring for Wenger to play him in the first team on a regular basis.

But the 18 year-old is quite happy to leave the decisions on his development to Wenger, and will be happy to try and take his chances when picked.

Ian Holloway – Arsene Has Done An Incredible Job but Arsenal Are Getting Left Behind

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway is well known for his off the cuff quotes and sayings, but he is actually very well respected in the footballing world despite his funny remarks. He now writes regularly for the Daily Mirror and his column this week makes for an interesting read.

He starts off by saying, “Now I don’t know enough about the machinations in the boardroom at the Emirates to say where the blame lies for the Gunners’ early-season woes. But I do know that if Arsenal don’t start competing with the other top clubs financially then they won’t be challenging for the top honours. Arsenal haven’t spent money like Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool or even Spurs. And as a consequence they are now calling on players who, with all due respect, aren’t yet ready or able to carry the mantle of a great football club.”

Arsene Wenger Worried More Players Could Leave Arsenal

After the tumultuous summer at the Emirates which saw the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy leave, Arsene Wenger fears the worst as more players could leave Arsenal next summer.

Contract talks have already begun with Robin Van Persie, Theo Walcott and Alex Song, and talks are also due to commence with Thomas Vermaelen very soon. Wenger fears that because Arsenal cannot match, or should that be refuse to pay, the wages that some clubs offer their players Arsenal will be forced to sell their players rather than them leaving for free when their current contracts expire.

Adam Kemp – Eight massive reasons to sack Wenger!

When Arsenal lost 2-1 to Barcelona in the Champions League final back in 2006 I was in tears. This was the first and only game that I succumbed to visual anguish; expect today was the second time ever that I cried over a defeat. The disappointment and anguish I have felt today will take a very long time to forget. I almost wish I was not an Arsenal fan and supported the likes of Peterborough United. At least with those clubs the expectations are realistic where success is a bonus. We were outclassed, outplayed and humiliated across the park. Did this result honestly surprise any of you? This result almost flattered Arsenal as it could have been double figures for United. Arsene Wenger has yet again failed tactically to deliver some kind of performance from the Arsenal.

Gaz’s match report – Have Arsenal lost the desire to win?

This season goes from bad to worse! by Gaz

A 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa isn’t the ideal way to end our season at the Emirates is it? But hey, theres
always next season I guess. The most disappointing thing about today’s game though, was the negative attitude our players started with. You’d have thought that with the motivation of trying to secure third place in the league, we would have put Villa under pressure from the first whistle, but yet again we lacked the required desire to achieve our objective.

The Match

Arsene Rules! – A reply to Adam Kemp

As usual Adam Kemp got our readers talking yesterday with his article asking “Is Wenger bigger than Arsenal“, well today another regular contributor, Luke Shephard, is using his Right To Reply!

The Arsene Wenger way is the right way!

Anybody who read Adam Kemp’s long and negative analysis of Arsenal and Wenger may be glad to hear I’m not going to disrespect the manager or the club overall, but praise it!

Wenger runs Arsenal for profit, not success!

Today we have another guest post from Adam Kemp, who wrote an extremely thought-provoking article last week. Today he follows that up by questioning why Arsene Wenger refuses to actually spend any of Arsenal’s well-publicised profit on world-class signings, that could actually give the Gunners a chance to compete with Chelsea and Man Utd this season. Anyway, I am sure some of you will agree and others disagree, but i’m looking forward to seeing who gets the most votes. Over to you Adam…..

What is success in football? Are Arsenal successful or are they just a good business?