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Why Arsenal fans need to get off Ozil’s back!!

After Arsenal endured a frustrating Champions League tie against Bayern Munich, when a brilliant start turned into a 2-0 defeat that leaves the Gunners teetering on the brink of another last 16 exit, much of the blame was laid squarely at the feet of the German international Mesut Ozil.

The papers and sports websites have got their teeth right into this story of Mesut Ozil and his drop in form. They are showing pictures of him being berated by Flamini, calling him lazy and suggesting that he is on the way to being the next Andrey Arshavin. And many Arsenal fans are lapping it up.

WOW – Even Arshavin thinks Arsenal can win Premier League!!

Former Gunner backs Arsenal by AT

Following Arsenal’s flying start to the season, there has been much debate on whether Arsene Wenger’s side are genuine title contenders this season. While there are people who claim Arsenal need to make a couple more world class signings in January to be taken seriously, there are also quite a few of those whose who believe that the current Gunners’ squad is good enough to go the distance, one of whom is former Gunner Andrei Arshavin.

AKB or AOB? Arsenal fans should still stick together!

AOB and AKB groups unite- you are both correct- by Gunner Gyz

The spectacular signing of a top top top player like Mesut Ozil should unite Arsenal fans finally – right? One would think so, but not so much. It has become apparent in recent years that there are 2 factions of supporters who both claim to support the club, but they have diametrically opposed views on how to best proceed. Let me briefly outline the stances:

Arsenal fans should not dismiss the importance of releasing players

For Arsenal, player clearing is key By AondoaverK

I was tempted to entitle this article deadwood clearing, but I quickly refrained because it is disrespectful to players who have a huge desire in their hearts to contribute for Arsenal but can’t quite find the extra skill or strength or technique or pace and overall work rate to lift the club. I think it truly hurts to carry that tag. And when they eventually leave, it makes thanking them for their services sound quite perfunctory, even farcical

Arshavin complaints indicate why he flopped at Arsenal

The Russian international and club record signing Andrey Arshavin has come to the end of his Arsenal contract and is set to go back to Russia and play for his former club Zenit St. Petersburg again. At 32-years old, Arshavin may still have a few good years to offer Zenit, although if he plays like he did at Arsenal for the last few years, he may have trouble getting a game there as well.

The importance of clearing the Arsenal deadwood is huge

Your time is up! by AH

It is official that Andrey Arshavin, Sebastian Squillaci and Denilson are all no longer contracted to Arsenal, now that the 30th June has been reached. Alongside these three first team squad members, several other fringe and youth players have been released, meaning not only do we now have some free squad places in both the Premier League and Champion’s League squad sheets, but we have also freed up around £170k in wages.
It may surprise you to know that Squillaci, Arshavin and Denilson were on wages amounting to a total of around £150,000 per week, or even more, whilst the other fringe players make up a remaining £20,000. This means that this extra £170k generated for wages can now be added to the financial chest we have this transfer window, and I have taken a conservative figure.

Arsenal Debate: Which Wenger signings truly excited you (at the time)?

Flash a little leg, Arsene! by Dave

From a footballing perspective, the summer is a long, drawn out affair that saps your energy and leaves you desperate for the new season to start again. Fans of some clubs can often break up the mediocrity and dullness by getting overly excited about some shiny brand new signing. It’s a joyous occasion – waking up in the morning to the news that your club has just gone and splashed the cash on an exciting player you never expected to get. It’s like waking up beside that hot barmaid you’ve been desperately trying to flirt with for the past year; no idea how you got there but happy to bask in the glory….

Frimpong and Fabianski survive the Arsenal clear out

Arsenal are having a clear out! by AH

The full list of players leaving Arsenal Football Club through expiring contracts has been released and none of the names are really surprising, as it’s been known for quite a while, but what’s certain is that Arsenal are seriously having a clear out this summer, leaving room to improve the squad rather than use up important squad places on players you will never see play for Arsenal again.

The full list is; Arshavin, Bihmoutine, Charles-Cook, Denilson, Eastmond, Hajrovic, Henderson, Meade, Oldfield Spence-Neita, Rees, Roberts, Shea, Squillaci, Watt.

3 Arsenal deadwoods to pay Rooney’s wages?

It shows just what a drag factor Arsenal have been experiencing when you think about it. Andrey Arshavin and Sebastien Squillaci are finally out of contract this summer, while the Brazilian midfielder Denilson has agreed to terminate his Arsenal career by mutual consent. Apparently the three weekly wage bills were costing the club £85,000, £60,000 and £45,000 per week.

Should Arsenal rescue Nani from Man United?

Nani linked with Arsenal move by SS

The latest player to be linked with an early summer move to Arsenal is Manchester United’s Portuguese winger Nani. In a series of strange transfer reports, Nani is just the latest after weeks of goalkeepers, strikers and the rest of Europe being linked with the club.

Nani has been out of favour in the last two seasons at Old Trafford because of contract problems and criticism from Sir Alex Ferguson. He has not been playing regularly for United but he hasn’t been totally frozen out of the club like some players usually are.

Arsenal’s record signing struggles to find free transfer!

It is a fact of life that things do not always work out the way they are supposed to. For Arsenal and their record signing Andrey Arshavin this has certainly been the case. The Russian will be at a loose end very soon, when his contract comes to an end, but there is no queue of clubs lining up to take him on a free transfer, which shows just how far he has fallen since joining the Gunners back at the beginning of 2009.

Arsenal lumbered with more dead wood?

One of the big problems for Arsenal in recent years has been the number of players drawing nice, big salaries from the club and offering nothing on the pitch. Arsene Wenger and the club officials obviously don’t plan for this to happen, but it is a serious drain on the expenses, while at the same time driving your average Gooner up the wall and through the roof.