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Arteta and the Arsenal midfield issue – another DM needed?

I know that people will always trot out that famous old football saying about it being a ‘nice problem to have’ when, like Arsenal right now, a club has a lot of competition for places in a certain area of the pitch. But a problem is a problem and the centre of midfield and who to play there is certainly a problem for Arsene Wenger right now.

Arsenal Debate – What the hell is ‘cohesion’ anyway?

Arsene’s favourite word…. by DN

If I had a pound for every time time Arsene Wenger or any of the Arsenal players said ‘cohesion’ since the end of last season I would be a very rich man, but what does it actually mean? It is definitely Arsene Wenger’s favourite word at the moment and it seems to be spreading through to the players as well.

Coquelin’s luck highlights Arsenal’s urgent need for a new DM

Today’s very narrow win over Crystal Palace has only highlighted the need for Arsenal to buy a top class backup for the DM Francis Coquelin. Last week we saw his dubious abilities of spraying the ball to begin an attack, and this week we could have easily been reduced to ten men if the referee Lee Mason had been brave enough to give him a second yellow TWICE.

The TWO changes Arsenal will make for next game?

There has been a lot of criticism for the Arsenal manager this week. It’s hardly surprising really after all the great expectations carefully built up over the last eight months were left in a pile of rubble on the Emirates pitch on Sunday.

Arsenal players not hoping but `expecting´ EPL trophy

It might only a subtle difference and may only represent a slight increase in the self belief felt by the Arsenal players at the moment, but it could well turn out to make all the difference between fans of the Gunners going a 12th summer without a Premier League trophy to celebrate and the streets of north London being turned read and white next May.

Wenger – Arsenal are definitely not buying a striker

Well that’s that then! The ‘Benzema to Arsenal’ stories have been hogging the headlines for the last month (as they do every summer) but now Arsene Wenger has finally come out and stated that he is more than happy with his current strike-force, and the Benzema rumours are purely media talk.

Arsenal captain on why Chelsea should be very worried

Mikel Arteta has just endured a very difficult year, in personal terms at least, but it did end well for the Arsenal captain as he came on as a sub against Chelsea at Wembley last Sunday to help his team mates keep up the brilliant recent run of trophy success.

Arsenal to start `one of the best´ against West Ham

I think it is safe to say that we have not really seen the best of the Arsenal and England star yet, at leasxt not on a consistent basis. But the flashes of brilliance that we have seen from young Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have been enough to suggest that he has a brilliant career ahead of him.