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Could Suarez hold the key to Arsenal’s transfer of Higuain?

Arsenal’s hopes of signing Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain may rest on the Spanish giants being able to sign Luis Suarez from Liverpool. Arsenal have been chasing Higuain for several weeks and have come very close to signing him with bids and enquiries and even a meeting in Paris with Arsene Wenger and the striker’s father.

Real Madrid are focusing their transfer efforts on signing Suarez because of his desire to leave Liverpool which he has spoken about for the second time on Uruguayan TV. Liverpool have claimed that he is going nowhere but Suarez is adamant he wants to leave and Madrid looks like his only destination at the moment.

Diaby is NOT the answer for Arsenal


I have been hearing the constant banter about how the reason we haven’t been creating chances is because Arteta is not a defensive midfielder, and we need Diaby back. Don’t get me wrong, this DOES play a massive part in the defense and attack transition because Diaby is class, which not everybody understands, and he does his job in front of his defence equally as well as he does it behind his attackers, a true box-to-box midfielder! But Diaby coming back, even if he stays fit for the rest of the season will improve the squad drastically, won’t totally solve our problems with creating chances! After all Diaby, just like Arteta, has an attacking instinct that will cause him to lose position just like Arteta when he plays alongside Jack and Cazorla.