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Wenger to start Ozil and Wilshere to give Arsenal upbeat finish

One game for Arsenal that does not have too much riding on it against an already relegated and woefully out of form Aston Villa side is not all that important in the grand scheme of things, but having said that we still want Arsenal to win it.

Arsenal to perform now Champions League pressure is off?

There is a quite widely held theory in the football world that Arsenal have become a team that just cannot seem to produce our best performances when it really matters and there is evidence that the proponents of this theory can point to for support, most recently the slips against the likes of Swansea and Man United that effectively ended our chances of the Premier League title.

The sooner Debuchy leaves Arsenal, the better

Yes it is easy to feel sorry for Matthieu Debuchy as he got injured soon after joining Arsenal from Newcastle, but since his return he has done himself no favours at all. He seems to think he has a God-given right to be in the starting XI and was moaning at Arsene Wenger even before the season began, as he admitted when asked if he regretted staying at the Emirates.

Wenger delighted how Arsenal passed TRIPLE test

Okay so what are the anti Arsenal brigade in the football media going to accuse the Gunners of now? For years it was the lack of a trophy, as they blithely and ignorantly ignored the fact that Arsene Wenger had no money but was still managing to beat big spending clubs around us to the Champions League places.

AudioPost: Aston Villa v Arsenal – Arsene Wenger interview

After a great win that puts Arsenal on top of the League table at last, Arsene Wenger had nothing but praise for the team. It is true that our tired players dropped off a bit in the second half but as we were already clear in front after dominating the opening half.

Wenger – Next few games can prove Arsenal’s title credentials

There are four games left for Arsenal to tackle in 2014, all of them in the Premier League, and barring a complete collapse and loss of form, the Gunners will get at least the five points that will make Arsenal the best EPL team of the calendar year, as a report in The Mirror shows that we have won 72 league points since January 1st with Man City in second with 65.