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Does Arsenal boss really not rate this star striker?

Arsenal have been linked with this striker for a long time, almost ever since he first came to the Premier League three years ago from the Belgian club Genk. And once Christian Benteke had revealed that he was a big fan of Arsenal and that he hoped to use his time at Aston Villa to gain a move to a really big club, a lot of us Arsenal fans were hoping that Arsene Wenger would sign him up sooner or later.

Is this free-agent defender perfect for Arsenal?

Aston Villa and Netherlands defender Ron Vlaar becomes a free agent today. What would this mean? Since he is a proven defender in the Premier League and still has a good two three seasons in him, interested clubs could start making the move.

Proud Wenger believes Arsenal can push on for the title

Every single Arsenal fan in the world was immensely proud of the way OUR team completely dominated the FA Cup Final against Aston Villa from kick off to the final whistle, but can you imagine how it must felt to be Arsene Wenger, seeing HIS team retain the trophy with such an elegant display?

Arsenal’s Marvelous Assassins now have the BELIEF!


Hello there champions! Hello there twelve time FA Cup champions! Wake up you sleepy heads! If you are still hung over from last night’s celebrations, I regret to announce that we have more drinking to do – because today is our trophy parade! Congratulations Gunners. This was a well-deserved trophy and you should all be proud of yourselves.

Arsenal v Aston Villa FA Cup Betting – Get On Big Arsenal Win!!!

So the big day is finally here and we will all be glued to our TVs in a couple of hours, except for the lucky ones that actually get to the game, or even watch it live at the Emirates. I am not so lucky but I am really confident of getting an easy win for the Gunners and will be having a few bets to give me some added excitement.